The Words of Sun Myung Moon From 1991

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God's Day 1991 - Midnight (1/1/91)

We must carry out our responsibilities (January 1, 1991 pdf)

Revelation in Folk Songs - "Moon, Oh Moon, you bright Moon" (January 1, 1991 pdf)

The parent in the North and the parent in the South (January 1, 1991 pdf)

Day of Victory of Love Ceremony (January 2, 1991)

After the proclamation of True Parents accumulate results (January 6, 1991 pdf)

The power of the picture of True Parents (January 16, 1991 pdf)

Conditions for Registration in the Kingdom of Heaven (January 16, 1991 pdf)

Our Ancestors Are Looking Upon Us (January 20, 1991 pdf)

The physical body and hell (February 3, 1991 pdf)

The essence of the Three Subjects Principle (February 6, 1991 pdf)

The bond with True Parents and the Spirit World (January 6, 1991 pdf)

Sunday Service - February 17, 1997 (2/17/91)

We should be grateful (February 17, 1991 pdf)

Second Blessed Couples' Conference (2/20/91)

The Birthday of Our True Parents (2/20/91)

True Parents' Birthday (2/20/91)

Blessed Couples' Conference (February 21, 1991 - entire speech)

Blessed Couples' Conference (Part 1) (2/21/91)

Blessed Couples' Conference (Part 2) (2/21/91)

Blessed Couples' Conference (Part 3) (2/21/91)

Blessed Couples Conference Grand Ballroom (unofficial notes 2/21/91)

Speech To Blessed Couples - February 21, 1991

Unification of Myself and the World ( excerpt 2/21/91)

From Death to Life (2/25/91)

The Dividing Peak Of The Dispensation Of History (3/1/91)

The Dividing Peak Of The Dispensational History (unofficial notes 3/1/91)

New Heaven And New Earth Centering On Our Pledge (3/3/91)

Business Leaders Meeting - March 9, 1991 (3/9/91)

From The Realm Of Death To The Realm Of Life (3/10/91)

Realm of Death to the Realm of Life (3/10/91)

To UTS Students - March 15, 1991

Blessing And Resurrection (3/31/91)

Liability - The Debt We Owe The Past And Liberation (4/1/91)

Bearing Fruits Of The World Of Faith And Strength (4/7/91)

Fruits of the World of Faith (4/7/91)

The Word About God (4/8/91)

The Seed And Root Of True Love Is The Blessed Family (4/14/91)

Let Us Inherit The Realm Of Victory Of Our True Parents (4/15/91) (Unofficial Notes)

Let Us Inherit The Realm Of Victory Of Our True Parents (4/15/91)

Love and Conscience (4/15/91)

Instructions (4/16/91)

The importance of life in the spirit world and life on earth (April 16, 1991 pdf)

The Tradition Of True Love (4/27/91)

A Life Devoted to Others (April 27, 1991 pdf)

The Responsibility of the Tribal Messiah (5/12/91)

The Responsibility of Tribal Messiah (5/12/91) (Unofficial Notes)

The Responsibility Of Tribal Messiahship (5/12/91)

The Dispensational Era Of The Unification Of The First, Second And Third Generations (5/19/91)

The Most Important String and Original Point in the Providential History (5/26/91) (Summary with Chinese characters from speech) 

The Most Important Stripe And The Point Of Origin In Dispensational History - Part 1 (5/26/91)

The Most Important Stripe and the Point of Origin in Dispensational History - Part One (May 26, 1991 - Belvedere, New York pdf)

The Unification Church And The Land And The Sea (6/1/91)

The Mainstripe And Point Of Origin Of Dispensational History - Part 2 (6/2/91)

The Mainstripe and Point of Origin of Dispensational History - Part II (June 2, 1991 - Belvedere pdf)

Leaders' Meeting - June 12, 1991 (6/12/91)

The Day of All Things and the Fruits of Love (6/12/91) (Slightly Different Version)

The Day Of All Things And The Fruits Of Love (6/12/91)

The Fruits Of True Love And The Day Of All Things (6/12/91)

The Fruits of True Love and the Day of All Things (unofficial notes) (6/12/91)

Instructions To Leaders (6/12/91)

Leaders' Meeting (June 12, 1991)

29th Day Of All Things (6/12/91)

Your Mission and Your Future (6/30/91)

The Ceremony Of The Declaration Of God's Eternal Blessing (7/1/91)

Prayer at the Declaration of God's Eternal Blessing (July 1, 1991 - Chil Il Jeol: 7.1. Day pdf)

Visit to Korea and Providential Action (7/1/91)

Heaven's Stance and True Parents' Special Right (July 1, 1991 pdf)

The Ceremony Of The Declaration Of God's Eternal Blessing (7/2/91)

Perfection Is a Family That Has Unified Heaven and Earth (July 14, 1991 - Excerpts pdf)

Adam's family, the original starting point of the royal palace (July 2, 1991 pdf)

Royal Family Of True Love (7/28/91)

The Royal Family of True Love (7/28/91) (Unofficial summary with a lot of things not in the official speech)

Royal Family of True Love (7/28/91) (Another Different Excerpt)

Royal Family of True Love (7/28/91) (Different Excerpt)

Royal Family of True Love (7/28/91) (Excerpt)

Royal Family Of True Love (7/28/91) (Unofficial Notes)

The world is rapidly changing due to the announcement of the Ceremony of the Settlement of the Eight Stages (July 28, 1991 pdf)

Absolute Values and the Reassessment Of the Contemporary World (August 23, 1991)

Reassessing the Contemporary World (8/23/91)

Absolute Values and the Reassessment of the Contemporary World (8/24/91)

The power of the picture of True Parents in the Last Days (August 25, 1991 pdf)

Apply Wisdom to the Realization of God's Ideal (8/26/91)

Religion's Mission for World Peace (8/27/91)

Religion’s Mission for World Peace (August 27, 1991 - Little Angels Performing Arts Center, Seoul, Korea pdf)

The Way To World Peace (8/28/91) (Slightly Different Version)

The Way To World Peace (8/28/91)

Influence the Tide of World History (9/8/91)

Speech at East Garden - September 8, 1991

Sunday Sermon And Conference Memos - September 8, 1991

Directions to Americans - September 8, 1991 (9/9/91)

Home Town (9/9/91)

The remarkable proclamation of True Parents (October 13, 1991 pdf)

The Realm of Life (10/24/91)

True Women: Foundation for Peace (11/3/91) (Unofficial Notes)

True Women: Foundation for Peace (11/3/91)

Glorious Children's Day (11/6/91)

We Need Our Natural Parents (November 6, 1991 pdf)

There will be no conflict in the future (November 24, 1991 pdf)

True Mother's Role (11/27/91)

Statement Issued On Return From North Korea (12/7/91)

The Realm Of Heavenly Liberation (12/15/91)

A Parent-Centered Ideology (December 15, 1991 pdf)

Our Mission During The Time Of World Transition (12/23/91)

Historical Debt And The Liberation Of Ourselves (12/29/91)

The Unification of the New Nation (12/31/91)

Unification Of The New Nation (12/31/91)

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