The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1973

 Table of Contents

Three Stages of Judgment (Circa 1973)

Heart (Circa 1973)

Children of the Heavenly Father (Circa 1973)

God's True Nation (Circa 1973)

Challenge and Victory (Circa 1973)

Our Leader's Sayings from "Tut-gil" (January 1973 pdf)

God's Day Midnight Address (1/1/73)

God's Day Speech (1/1/73)

God's Day Speech (1/1/73) [different version]

In 1973, let us safeguard the Unified Front (January 1, 1973 pdf)

Leader's Address on Opening Night of Training (1/15/73)

Leader's Address On Opening Night of the First International Training Session (1/15/73)

Our Fatherland (1/17/73)

Our Fatherland (January 17, 1973 pdf)

Change Of Blood Lineage (I) (1/18/73)

Change of Blood Lineage (1) (January 18, 1973 pdf)

Change Of Blood Lineage (II) (1/19/73)

Heavenly Tradition (1/20/73)

Change Of Blood Lineage (III) (1/21/73)

Our Attitude (1/22/73)

Our Desire (1/23/73)

Where Are You Bound? (1/24/73)

The Attitude Of The Evangelist (1/26/73)

The Attitude of the Evangelist (January 26, 1973 - Belvedere Estate in Tarrytown, New York pdf)

God's Grief (1/27/73)

God's Grief (January 27, 1973 pdf)

Our Life In The Kingdom Of God (1/28/73)

Our Future Path Of Advancement (1/30/73)

Young Generation (2/15/73)

Way Of Life (2/16/73)

Our Situation (2/17/73)

The Basis Of Good And Evil (2/19/73)

The Restoration Of Heart (Shim Jung) (2/20/73)

Path Of Advancement For Our Faith (2/23/73)

The Last Frontline (2/25/73)

Our Leader on Suffering, Sacrifice, Obedience and the Kingdom of Heaven (March 1973 pdf)

Our Determination To Win (3/1/73)

Before Our Father (3/2/73)

The Original I (3/3/73)

The Path Of Abel (3/4/73)

Our Goal (3/5/73) 

Our Leader's Talk At The First Director's Conference (3/5/73)

Our Shame (Instead Of Honor) (3/11/73)

Faith And Reality (3/18/73)

Faith and Reality (March 18, 1973 pdf)

The Unification Philosophy of Personality (March 19, 1973)

Our Advancement And Retreat (3/22/73)

Heart (3/30/73)

Victory Or Defeat (3/31/73)

Parents' Day Address (4/3/73)

You could Join This Movement Because of Your Ancestors (April 3, 1973 - Excerpt)

Be Serious About Your Mission (April 7, 1973)

Message To The American People (5/1/73)

Untitled Address On Training Plans (5/7/73)

Untitled Address On Training Plans (How We Run A Training Session) (5/7/73)

We Need to Prepare to Receive the Messiah (May 16, 1973 pdf)

Significance Of The Training Session (5/17/73)

To Succeed In The Will Of God And Our Responsibility (5/18/73)

On Unification Philosophy (5/19/73)

Relationship Between Men And Women (May 20, 1973)

Mind The Environment In Advancing Forward (5/25/73)

Relationship Between Men And Women (5/25/73)

How To Teach Divine Principle (5/26/73)

Jacob's Course And Our Life In Faith (5/27/73)

World Day (6/1/73)

May God Protect Us On Our Way Of Destiny (6/3/73)

Important Person (June 10, 1973)

The Starting Point Of Good And Evil (June 24, 1973)

The Starting Point of Good and Evil (June 24, 1973 pdf)

The Starting Point of Good and Evil (June 24, 1973 - Excerpt pdf)

The Significance Of July 1st, 1973 (My 21 Year Course) (7/1/73)

Fourth Directors' Conference: Evening Address: Direction to Leaders (July 4, 1973)

Concluding Remarks at the Fourth Directors' Conference (7/5/73)

How to train members and make the Kingdom of Heaven (July 6, 2012)

Single Mindedness at the Risk of Your Life (July 8, 1973 - Tokyo, Japan)

Our Leader Returns to Korea (Lynne Doerfler [Kim] - July 22, 1973 pdf)

Completion Ceremony of Ilhwa Pharmaceutical Office Building (August 3, 1973 pdf)

Becoming the Person Who First Sacrifices, Loves, Serves and Even Dies for Others (August 5, 1973 - Excerpt)

The Unification Church has Appeared to Teach How to Repent for Historical Sins (August 5, 1973 - Excerpts)

Was Jesus Able to Accomplish His Mission as the True Son of God? (August 5, 1973 - Excerpt)

The True Family will soon be moving to America (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - September 1973 pdf)

America in God's Providence (October 1973 pdf)

Christianity in Crisis (October 1, 1973)

What is evil? (October 3, 1973 - Excerpt)

You Must First Treat Others Well (October 3, 1973 - Excerpt)

Selfless Giving Will Bring Prosperity (October 3, 1973 - Excerpt)

God's Hope for Man (October 20, 1973 - Washington, D.C.)

God’s Hope for Humanity (October 20, 1973 pdf)

God’s Hope for Humanity (October 20, 1973 - Lisner Auditorium, George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA pdf)

Selfishness Ruins Everything (October 20, 1973 - Excerpt)

Live for the Sake of Others (October 20, 1973 - Excerpt)

God lives for His Counterpart (October 20, 1973 - Excerpt)

God Set the Pattern for the Universe (October 20, 1973 - Excerpt)

God's Hope for America (October 21, 1973 pdf)

A Revelation through which I Learned that God's Grief is Great (October 21, 1973 - Excerpt)

The Pilgrim Fathers risked their very lives, finding strength in their faith, which was stronger than life itself (October 21, 1973 - Excerpt)

Path of Repentance (October 21, 1973 - Excerpts from God's Hope for America)

The Future of Christianity (October 28, 1973 - New Orleans, Louisiana)

The Future of Christianity, Part I (October 28, 1973 pdf)

The Future of Christianity, Part II (October 28, 1973 pdf)

God prophesied in two contradictory ways in the Bible (October 28, 1973 - Excerpt)

How To Be A Leader (11/9/73)

On Leadership (November 9, 1973)

On Leadership (November 9, 1973 pdf)

Modern Science and Mans View of Moral Values (November 18-21, 1973 - The Second International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences)

Modern Science and Man's View of Moral Values (November 21, 1973 pdf)

Modern Science and Our View of Moral Values (November 21, 1973 - Second International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences pdf)

Forgive, Love, Unite (November 30, 1973 newspaper advertisement)

Replies to Sun Myung Moon's Watergate Declaration, Forgive, Love and Unite (November 30, 1973 pdf)

America in Crisis -- Answer to Watergate: Forgive, Love, Unite (November 30, 1973 - Full-page advertisement published in the leading newspaper in each state of the USA pdf)

The New Future of Christianity - Reverend Sun Myung Moon's 32 City 1974 Day of Hope Tour Schedule (December 1973 pdf)

Christmas In Heart (December 25, 1973)

Let Us Safeguard The Unified Front - God's Day Eve 1973 (December 31, 1973)

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