The Words of the Stein Family

Parents Board

Dan Stein and Beverly Berndt
March 27, 2002

1. History

The DC Youth Ministry started in September of 1999, after Rev. Lee met five times in August with several volunteers. Since then, Mike & Bianca Roschini became official youth ministers in our community, and Eunha Stein joined that Youth Ministry team in October 2000, as director of the Youth Center. Up until December 2001 the team worked closely with Rev. Henri Schauffler, and created the first Washington DC Youth Center, calling themselves the "DCBC's". As many of you parents know, we have developed the Youth Ministry incredibly during this time period, establishing regular Divine Principle study groups, Youth Devotion Sunday services, regular workshops, and other creative activities. Nevertheless, we have faced several obstacles, the major ones being financial and a supportive working relationship with parents in the community. Therefore, we are currently evaluating the Youth Ministry activities and their vision in order to move on to the next level. Since December 2001, we have been working to develop the structure for the Youth Ministry. We are happy to announce some clarification as follows:

2. Structure

A. Newly Appointed Parents Board:

Under the direction of Rev. Lee, the "Parents Advisory Committee" has been redesigned and renamed. It will now be called the "Parents Board" and will work directly with the Youth Ministry Team in a synergetic subject-object relationship. This Parents Board will be in the subject position and Youth Ministry in object position by working together. This means that the Parents Board will guide Youth Ministry under the Regional Director's guidance. Therefore, whenever you have a question, suggestion or complaint, please don't go to the Youth Ministry directly. Instead, bring that issue to the Parents Board. After they discuss the matter, they will guide the Youth Ministry.

B. Officers

There was a vote of the 12 attendees, and the following officers were elected for one year. In March of 2003 we will have another election.

Co-chairpersons - Dan Stein, Beverly Berndt.

Vice-chairs - Ken Weber, Trish Wentworth

C. Board members

The four above-named officers plus three Youth Ministers (Mike & Bianca Roschuni, Eunha Stein) are joined by the following individuals who are Board Members: Judie Lejeune, Libby Henkin, Jeff Wentworth, Debra Gertz, Lynne Sofinowski, Jim Boothby, Kitty Wocjik The purpose of the Parents Board will be to act in the capacity of parents to the Youth Ministry Team, protecting, empowering, and giving guidance. The Youth Ministry will continue to have a lot of freedom and flexibility in the creation and the directing of their programs and activities while being accountable to the general guidance of the Parents Board, to whom they will report on a regular basis.

D. Meetings

Board meetings will be held once a month. Date and place will be announced. Anyone is welcome to attend, and during the meeting there will be an open forum for those parents who are interested in youth issues.

3. What you can do:

A. As you know, we are still developing a structure in our community concerning 2nd generation education and youth ministry. However, we'd like to move forward for one year with the structure mentioned above. Parents of the community are requested to address their concerns, suggestions, questions, or comments regarding the Youth Ministry activities directly to the Parents Board. Please email your comments to Dan Stein at, or contact any Parents Board member of your choice.

B. The major role of the Youth Ministry is to organize youth activities to help them connect to the vision of True Parents. Their slogan is "Educating, Training, and Empowering." If parents want to request assistance with concerns about their children, they should approach the Parents Board. Such issues are not the responsibility of the Youth Ministers.

C. One of the biggest dreams of the Youth Ministry is to have a Youth Center as a central location of Youth Ministry. We still need to make a plan how to do that, and how to support a youth center financially.

The Parents Board

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