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It's Africa's Turn, Aju! Appeal For Congo

Pamela Stein
April 7, 2007

Dear Blessed Families,

Dae Mo Nim has decided to visit the Africa this early summer, and she will be going to Congo to perform the Grace Ceremony for our brothers and sisters there. We have all benefited from the Grace Ceremony, this marvelous gift of love and redemption, bestowed upon us by our True Parents who can never forget us.

Heaven is not forgetting our brothers and sisters in Congo. Those, who all these years have lived in poverty, ravished by war and plagues, sacrificed terribly by loss of home and the innocent lives of their second gen, have not been able to travel to Chung Pyung or to America or to any locals where DMN was visiting. These are brothers and sisters who have borne the cross of indemnity longer than us, and more severely than us, and it is now their turn to receive amnesty and redemption, grace and forgiveness, welcoming remembrance into Cheon Il Guk!

When the Chung Pyung Providence began ten years ago, many of us were in great suffering and unable to imagine that we could find the way to liberate our ancestors, and join True Parents in our destiny to substantially build Cheon Il Guk. Yet somehow in faith we have all found the way to begin the ancestor liberation providence. In faith, now 10 years later, many of us have been able to actually complete the liberations and blessings allotted so far, and are able to testify that our family prosperity, health and fortune has dramatically improved over the years.

It is with this confidence and hopeful heart that I share with you the attached letter on behalf of the Congo, Africa, where Dae Mo Nim will visit this summer. I pray you can feel the gladness of this hour, the expectation of healing, and the power that you hold, brothers and sisters worldwide, to make a difference in the lives of our blessed families in Africa.

Heartfelt appeal to you and your families,
my dear friends,
Pamela Stein

Dear Blessed Central Family Members,
Dear brothers and sisters who are concerned for Africa,

Last year the Chung Pyung Providence celebrated its 10th anniversary! This has been a most significant and important effort of Heaven to help liberate and free us of the historical burden inherited from our ancestors. This period will be remembered by many of us with gratitude. We have heard or experienced for ourselves spiritual renewal and even physical healing. For many of us, our financial fortune and our health have improved and we are now able to move forward and work more freely for the peace kingdom of heaven and earth.

True Father's vision is to establish a society of interdependence, universally shared values and co-prosperity. In this context we would like to draw your attention to one particular corner of the world that has not yet received the full benefit of amnesty and God-given providential grace: Africa.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has one of the biggest blessed family communities in our movement, with around five thousand blessed families including an estimate of one thousand second generation. (To see the children, please visit:

We were very happy when finally Dae Mo Nim could visit Africa for the first time last year. We were disappointed this year, that among the few African countries she was able to visit to perform the special Grace Workshop for a New Beginning for Blessed Families, the DR Congo was not included, despite their large blessed member community.

The Congolese members had to travel to Zambia, Kenya, Ivory Coast and other African nations to participate in the Grace Ceremony. Their turnout in those countries was impressive, but the expense was a great burden for them, plus many families could not go at all and have been left out because of the expense. Those who did attend yearned to liberate their ancestors, but again they could not afford everything and had to make tough choices.

After Dae Mo Nim heard testimonies about the other nations she did not visit, and particularly of the disappointment in the Central Africa region (Congo, Angola, Central Africa Republic), she promised to make another trip to Africa, and we are ecstatic that she has decided to come to Kinshasa, DR Congo in June this year. Congo-Brazzaville, across the River, will also be able to participate in this event, as well as other countries in the region. After long years of suffering due to war, famine, poverty and tremendous economic loss, the Congo needs our helping hand in receiving Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nim.

We estimate that this heavenly visit will cost approximately $20,000 USD to cover the expenses of lodging, food and transportation for DMN and her staff, as well as ancestor liberations. This is a great opportunity for brothers and sisters all over the world to have the opportunity to help African members liberate their ancestors; especially brothers and sisters who feel an historical debt towards Africa.

In preparation for this event, brothers and sisters, we appeal to your sense of solidarity in accordance to the spirit of True Parents, to help our African members make this event successful and extraordinary. We ask you to please give at this time; we can comfort our Heavenly Father and True Parents by showing elder sibling responsibility and the loving care that our siblings in Africa deserve. Let's show heaven and earth that we are one family under God!

Let's welcome Africa into the Cheon Il Guk era!!

Please send your contribution during this 40-day time period (April 6 to May 15, 2007) to:

Checks made to "Era of Africa":
Hetlevikåsen 20
5173 Loddefjord, Norway

Reverend C. K. Chang
National Messiah, DR Congo

Mrs. Pamela Stein
Pioneer Missionary, Congo
National Messiah, Britain

Rev. Jacques Marion
Former Missionary, DR Congo

Rev. Kalamba W M Kayembe
Former National Leader, DR Congo
Current Missionary, Russia

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