The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1998

Speech to East Coast Members

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September 23, 1998

Dear brothers and sisters,

On September 21, 1998, at East Garden, True Father spoke to over 500 east coast members. Dozens of brothers and sisters drove in from Boston and DC, even many who had been to hear Father the day before. Father addressed issues relating to current media (mis)treatment of the True Family. I hope to have a complete transcript of this speech, checking the Korean, but for the interim we have my rough notes.

As Father's departure time approached, dinner was prepared, but he continued speaking until the last minute. The meeting closed with sustained applause and loud cheering, the loudest I've ever heard. East Garden was jammed with members, who cheered more when True Parents came out to their car a few minutes later and departed. As we shared a wonderful dinner prepared by the East Garden staff, there was a glowing spiritual atmosphere.

I am also including, first thing, the statement True Parents released for the 60 Minutes program.

Finally, I solicit your comments via e-mail or fax. Fax to 212-768-0791; e-mail to Please keep it brief - one paragraph is ideal. Share your feelings on or evaluation of the True Family situation, or the media or church responses to it. I expect critical views but also welcome constructive thinking and expressions of faith and encouragement.

As Father said, let us maintain absolute faith, deep commitment to build the Kingdom and, in all things, true love.

ITN, Tyler Hendricks

Statement from the Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon

"As parents, we agonize over the difficulties in the relationship between Hyo Jin and Nan Sook. We love them both deeply. We commiserate with Nan Sook and our grandchildren over the suffering arising from the tragic personal problems Hyo Jin has faced. A successful marriage requires the full commitment of both husband and wife.

As with any family, facing a situation like this is devastating for all involved, especially the children. We as parents feel a deep sense of responsibility. We are still praying fervently to God that the two of them and their family can be reconciled through forgiveness and the rebuilding of mutual trust. We would like to encourage the public and the media to give our family the time and privacy that it requires to heal."

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Speech to East Coast Members

September 21, 1998
East Garden, New York
Unofficial notes from Rev. Peter Kim's simultaneous interpretation

How many church leaders are here? What are the other missions? You are all blessed couples, right? Do you know the responsibility of blessed couples?

Who is aware of the book, Who Is He? Who among you have read the last two volumes of the Hoon Dok Hae series, on spirit world? How can you consider yourself a Unification Church members if you have not read that? Who have read Dr. Lee's book? It is based not upon theory but on his experience. Spirit world is in the position of cause. Human beings in this world are resultant beings. The purpose of the providence of restoration is to go back to the world of cause and fix it for the fallen descendents, then to come back here. Therefore, without knowing the world of cause clearly, we cannot understand the world of result.

What is the crux of spirit world? (God) Yes, God. But that is too simple. Since God is the cause and we are the objects who resemble Him, we consist of dual characteristics, and so does God. We have mind and body relations, resembling God's original nature. Our mind connects us to God. Do you feel it? Does your mind function unchangeably every day, or does it change? The body changes even more than the mind. Why? Did God create us with mind and body changeable or unchangeable? (Unchangeable) But how can you prove that? (We believe it) What you believe may be different from reality.

We know for a fact that our mind and body are changeable. Do you think this came about gradually, or through an accident? If God created us to be changeable, then He is not absolute. God is unchangeable. (He is our parent) Did you say parent? If we simply say that, it doesn't mean much. We need to dig into that statement to find its meaning. As our parent, whom does God resemble? He resembles humanity, as parents do their children. Our character distinguishes us from animals. The mind includes knowledge, emotion and will. Having these, what do we want? Truth, goodness and beauty. Our character should be full of truth, goodness and beauty.

What does truth mean? Does it change? (No) Do you know truth? (Yes) What is it? (Divine Principle) Yes, but the Divine Principle itself is a written text, not perfect truth. When we say right hand, it should be the truth of the right hand. If a finger is missing a joint, it is not perfect yet. Truth should meet a standard. The finger should be based on the perfect shape of the finger. Men have a right arm, which they might claim as a true right arm, but if you have only that, then you cannot say you are a true model human being.

We compile components to build a house, each of which should be perfect and when assembled it is a perfect house. Have we all established perfect character? (No) How would you grade yourself? We can judge ourselves, how filthy and changeable we are. Does anyone want to be changeable? Nature embodies truth, hence it is unchangeable. When changeable human beings embrace unchangeable nature, nature shakes its head and asks not to be touched. The food we eat is unchangeable nature; does it enjoy going into our mouth? (No) As changeable beings, should we consume unchangeable food? No, by consuming it, we are killers and thieves. Can we find any perfect, righteous person in the world? We judge each other as nice and honest, or cold, but is that right to do?

Those who oppose the Unification Church say it is satanic, with a lot of secrets, that I am the king of thieves and liars. After you have heard that, why do you still follow me? If the right hand itself is truth, then you might be following just because his right arm is true. (No) Why are you following? Because he is oriental and most ugly? Oriental and most handsome? As westerners, do you want the most handsome oriental man or most handsome western man? (Oriental) Those called WASPS cannot stand hearing this.

The truth never changes. The body is an individual truth body in itself, but also the head represents the whole body, then the trunk, and then the limbs each represent the body. Which is more critical? The eyes, the navel or what? What determines your sex? (The love organ) Do you have a love organ? (Yes) Is it the most fearful or most joyous part of your body? (Both) Are Americans' sexual organs changeable or unchangeable? (Changeable) Then are they true or false? (False) If so, will they end up in the trashcan or palace? (Trashcan) If you shout this out on Fifth Avenue, will they attack you or like you?

What is the headquarters of the changeable love organ? (The White House; everyone laughs) Is President Clinton the best or worst person in that realm? (Worst) Why worst? Because of the most changeable eyes or what? (Sex organ)

What is the core of virtue? Eating little food? What is it? It is having an unchangeable love organ. What is that? It is the absolute love organ. If it is absolute, should we tie it up and leave it unused, or utilize it? (Utilize it) What is better, that it is exercising or fixed? (Laughter) Speaking of the male love organ, some make a 90-degree angle, stiff, powerful and strong. A question to the ladies: do you want your husband's love organ 30, 45 or 90 degrees? (90 degrees) Rephrasing the question, only 90 degrees or over 90 degrees? (Over) Show your hands. You are shy, but should be able to raise both hands and wave them around, and fly. When you make love, do you wish to be in heaven up in the sky, or in your little hut?

The horizontal line and vertical line inside a circle both want to be as long as possible, hence to meet in the center. As object of God, human beings are horizontal. Where do they meet God? In the center. If the center point moves up the vertical axis, the circle is shrunk. Meeting in the center, the radia are equal, creating a perfect sphere. A perfect sphere is the best form to revolve without resistance. There is no noise when it spins. Its spinning is even difficult to discern with the eyes. In this spirit, we all want to become round, a perfect sphere. Then we can move without being hurt. This is the purpose of dual characteristics in every being, by which each can move. This is the formula of the universe.

We have five senses, each taking four years to form a perfect four position foundation, equaling twenty years. Then all five senses are focused in synch with each other. The power to focus them is love. Love focuses the five senses to form the sphere. We also have five spiritual senses. All ten senses should focus at one point. Our ten senses and God's ten senses should focus at one point. That one point determines peace, happiness, etc.

The variety of combinations make the beautiful creation, including color, form, action, etc. Plug the north and south poles together to light up the globe. Love, color, music, power, immediately occupies you. Sound, action, dancing, everyone together When God watches this, will He be happy or sad? (Happy) Man is the north pole, woman the south pole. The voltage comes from God. Entire cities will be glowing in God's love. Don't you think God wants to possess such a man and woman? For one day, or eternity? (Eternity) God will be steered by whatever this couple wants. That is the picture of the kingdom of God, the kingdom of heaven.

Once we are activated by this true love power, there is no change. It is like getting water from a well forever. God created Adam and Eve with unchangeable mind and body, and by their maturation, God's love power would have inserted there, and their mind and body would have lasted eternally, unchanging. This is so that the core and core can be connected forever, as if with crazy glue. On the other hand, the spark created by free sex does not connect; it is separable.

The one who sacrifices his nation for the sake of its better future is a patriot. He who sacrifices his nation for his own sake is a traitor. What of the person who proclaims himself a great Unification Church leader, and then turns into a great proponent of the position that the Unification Church is a bad place? That person is Satan. Have I ever criticized or blamed anyone? When it was the USA as plaintiff and I as the defendant, who criticized whom? The USA criticized me. Communists attack me, but in the end they said I am innocent. I was imprisoned in the 1950s and the entire government mobilized to dig up crimes they could attribute to me, but they found nothing and I was released innocent.

In Korea I was labeled a thief of women. It started from the opposition of Christianity. They knew that I brought the most powerful truth, which they feared. Once they accepted it, they knew it would unify Christianity, Catholic and Protestant, as well as all religions and the secular world. That's why the men stood against me. The women looked on at their husbands' reactions and decided to check it out. They discovered the truth and decided to follow. Then the fathers and husbands went crazy because their children and wives were following me. Threats and persecution came to me. Men with rifles and bats came at me. Which are more beautiful, oriental or western women? Oriental women's' faces are flat, which is nice, but western women have higher and lower aspects to their face, much more variety. Oriental women smile just with their face, but western women do so with their entire body. Their laugh is much louder. So, the CIA tried to tempt me by sending women agents. Those agents wrote confessions to Father about it later.

If I open my arms to embrace you, you western women will come forward, right? (Yes) Oriental women are lonely because of this, and are jealous of western women and say I am prejudiced. So some oriental women feel I teach true love but practice discrimination by shape and color of skin, so they leave the movement. True daughters see that Father cares more for western and oriental women members than them, so they do not like Father. They ask, "How can we call you our father?" It is the same feeling of lack of love as in the Garden of Eden, leading to the same feelings of jealousy. Have I proved that I love the Cain type children more than the Abel type children? (Yes) Even as I leave for South America, my children grab me and beg me to stay. I often stop overnight in New York and my children stand by to talk with me, but I cannot even give them ten or twenty minutes, because I have a public schedule lined up. Don't worry about Nan Sook's story. I never even spent one hour talking with her. Of course she came to the True Family at 17 and her life has been lonely, miserable and hard. [Note: she was 17 by Korean determination of age; 16 by western] So when she felt a lack of love from True Parents, she developed a bitter feeling. Now the time came that I made the 4.4 Commemoration [this September 8], which means I can embrace my family and enter heaven with them. If I had even spent a few hours with them, this problem would not have occurred.

Nan Sook says I cannot be the messiah because I do not love my own family. From my point of view, my heart first goes out to the members who went to South America and are suffering there. But the True Children complain that we take leaders out to buy them suits, but rarely do so for our children. I have focused on restoration of the world, so this trouble came into the family. I globalized this offering table of love for the sake of humankind. My parents and family are the offering, because they are the closest to God. In history, the closest to God are offered. Unification Church members want to piggyback on the True Family because they are on the offering table. Once the 360 million couples blessing is completed, think of how the world will respect and adore the True Family. They will have to pay back. The time is coming when all humanity will understand the suffering of the True Family for the sake of humanity. Once the foundation of all humanity being blessed, God will arrange for all humanity to pay back.

If True Family had stayed in Korea, this wouldn't have happened. It is partly a result of the culture of extreme privacy and individualism, which is evil. Does anyone disagree? (No one) In my life there have been and are many enemies trying to get rid of me. I try to forget and ignore them. But Satan expects me to fight them. If I had to deal with those billions of enemies, it would be endless. All families opposed me. It would take forever. That's why I forget it. I know that I have to restore 4,000 years in 40 years. I have no time to fight anyone. I know those world leaders who once opposed me are now friends.

The road may be twisting and rugged, but we have to reach the goal I had nothing to do with violating law, but I was put in jail. I knew that Satan wanted me to stand up and fight. If Christianity had accepted me at the start, there would have been no divorce. Upon being received by Christianity, I could have united Christians in Korea, Asia and the world. Why would I need a divorce? I violated no Korean laws, but because women followed me so fervently, their husbands plotted against me. This spread to put me in jail, but I am ashamed of nothing, because I taught those wives to be celibate. Naturally they separated from their husband. The husbands assumed they were in love with me. There were many accidents or episodes due to curfew. They would climb over their house walls and our church walls at 4 am, and they would hurt themselves or dogs would bark, and this caused persecution.

In those days, women felt as if I were their brother, fiancée, husband and father. That close spiritual feeling was typical. They experienced the four realms of heart. They could not eat or sleep. Then the spirit world showed them what I was doing. They would know where to meet me. Usually it was the males opposing, because the women neglected their housework. So persecution started because of women. I was threatened at gunpoint, beaten. Because I had to restore women from Satan's side, women of all ages. I came to restore the women's side first, so that they would serve as a bridge. So women love Father. This is a worldwide phenomenon. . . .

As long s there is a feeling of enemy, it is impossible for God to see the ideal. So He teaches, love your enemy. This swallows communism, democracy, and everything. So many enemies passed away and I forget their names. I forget forever, and only love remains. Those who live for others are in the center, taking responsibility, ownership and protection. That is the result of love power.

If it can be said of anyone, it can be said of me that I live my life for others. If anyone opposes me, what do they gain? Those who try to destroy my family will not be successful. Some anti-Moonie Jews and Christians teamed up against me. Even the Old and New Testaments together do not defeat the completed testament. If I teach religious young people the Divine Principle, they all will follow. The problem is that they have not heard it. It is that powerful. That is why the leaders oppose, so I feel pity for them. The opposition is perishing, one by one. Research shows this. 80 percent of opposers have perished or subsided. I never perished, but still am prospering. It is heavenly fate. Because I am minus to God. Even the communist world fell. The religious world is falling as well, and the secular family is falling. The core place is the real family. Smoothly going over every level to the spirit world. The True Family is the center. It is the starting and returning point of every kingship.

There are people who are working against my family and me for a selfish purpose, despite the sacrifice of myself and my family for America. If we sympathize with them, God will judge us. We should challenge those who speak unrighteously against my family. Have a strong spirit and nothing will happen. They will perish. Do not pray that they will perish; rather, have parental hearts. If your son were about to be executed for murder, you would wish there were no such law as the death penalty.

As the Unification Church founder, my life is to practice true love. Then why is there trouble in my family and was there more than one woman involved? God advocates absolute sex, and He cannot touch or intervene in fallen sex. He could not intervene in the fall. True Parents only can fix it. The restored Adam came in the place of God, so when True Parents play the role of God practicing absolute sex, think of the cross they need to carry. God has trained them in the spirit of true love. So why was there a divorce? I was trained to control myself even with the most beautiful woman tempting me in bed, even if about to make love, I can turn around and cut it off. So Father cannot think of another woman or of divorce.

Women destroyed Adam's family, Jesus' family, and now are trying to destroy my family, the family of the Lord of the Second Advent. What shall I do? It is the course of the cross. True Parents are the only ones in history to make the road carrying the cross of love. Even after 1960, my first wife still loved me. I may have set the world's record at dealing with attempted seductions. Crazy things happened. I had to put four locks on my bedroom door. A woman once tore down the door. A woman came in naked and took my blanket and said, please save me. Then, when I said no, she said, it takes only five minutes; aren't you a man? I said, I am impotent. She tried to make it work, but I made it not work. This woman was the daughter of a tycoon, very influential. I knew that I would be putting God's love organ into a trashcan. So I couldn't do it. I had the responsibility to continue the true love lineage even at the cost of divorce. As with Jacob and like Muslims today, there were different stages of wives. For Jacob to have 12 sons, he had two wives and two concubines. In the restoration history through Jacob's course, the lineage went through the second wife, the concubine. It is my responsibility to accomplish the true love lineage. This is the course of the love cross, for the sake of women.

Women killed Adam and Jesus, and are ready to kill the Lord of the Second Advent. Because of this chaos created by women, my family was destroyed and I married a second time. Korea was divided and the world suffered. Eight years elapsed before I could choose a teenage girl as my wife. It was such a heavy public mission, but I could not accuse God. The entire spirit world was against me, preventing me from going back the original way. At one point I spent 43 days fighting the entire spirit world. All the creation was against me as well. Finally God approved and the entire spirit world bowed down. Why did all of this happen? Because of the history of false marriage and the false use of the sexual organ. All of Satan's world power was against me. Finally the Cain and Abel worlds connected and made the foundation to choose a bride. This explanation can come in the last days, 2,000 years after Jesus, at the time of the Second Advent coming down. This power connects the poles and east and west. It takes off and never stops.

To build the kingdom of God, I should use the Internet technology. I predicted it many years ago and they thought I was crazy. One Christian minister laughed and opposed this prophecy, and now he realizes my predication came true and he is now deeply repenting. Similarly, you may not believe what I've said today, but God is using True Parents to create pure love and true families. At Madison Square Garden I blessed Sung Jin Nim's mother and grandmother. Those who are opposing do not understand how precious it is for me to be in this world. When they understand, they will change and follow me.

Dozens of women offered themselves as candidates to be True Mother. They are still waiting for me to hold their hand or kiss them, but I never will. They know me as cold as a rock or tree stump, a man with no feelings. But if I ask them for their honest answer as to whether I should love them or pursue the straight path of the Lord, they cry tears, bow down and say that what I am doing is right, and that that is why they like me. There are many like that.

Please remember that there are millions of opponents of the Unification Church, but we forgive and embrace them to build the true family and true kingdom on earth. I will be recognized as the eternal king eventually. Those who follow are glorious couples. Concerning the secular world, say, "I don't care!" (I DON'T CARE!)

No matter what interference, God ignores it and just loves and gives His mission to me, so that I can go through persecution and prosper. Similarly, we will ignore the flack and continue to build the kingdom of God on earth. (Applause) Even if the entire nation of America opposes me, I ignore it, because if God exists, the secular world is like dew in the morning. It will disappear. I don't care about the media. So send me to South America with a comfortable heart, by reassuring me that you will be strong to deal with this media and keep going toward the goal.

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