The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1998

Father Addresses Members At East Garden

Claude Aubert
September 20, 1998

This report is compiled from several Internet reports, and explanations from people I was able to talk to personally. I relied most heavily on an Internet report from Rachel Carter. Damian Anderson, who attended the speech, announced that he will post more complete notes of Father's speech at a later time.

Yesterday afternoon, September 21, Father talked to a group of members at East Garden, after calling for this meeting just a few hours earlier. Many people in the audience were wondering if Father would talk about the 60 Minutes program that had aired on Sunday on CBS, and if he would comment on some of the statements made during that program made by Nansook Hong and Un Jin Moon.

First Father talked about topics such as God's heart, true love, sexual organs. Then he moved on to talk about the early church, the rumors that arose due to curfews and women wanting to hear Father's words, about the anger of husbands, fathers, brothers etc. How some had even beaten Father for taking their women away from them.

Father talked of how he had trained and disciplined himself in the area of his sexuality, how he could lie next to even a naked woman and control himself. He said that he had absolute control of his sexuality. He would explain to a woman that he was impotent and could not have sexual relations all the while controlling his sexual urges.

Father said he had never broken American or Korean laws and yet he was imprisoned and mistreated.

Father said that he never wanted to divorce and should never have had to divorce. If there had not been failures there would have been no need to divorce and start again. (He also mentioned that his first wife and her mother had been Blessed at the last Blessing).

Father said that Adam had been destroyed by a woman, Jesus was destroyed by women and now women were trying to destroy the Lord of the Second Advent, even his own true daughters!

Father mentioned that Nan Sook had come there when she was 17 (Korean age) and since then he had only really talked to her for an hour at most. He said he loved Cain children more than Abel children and Nansook saw this and grew bitter.

Father talked about how after the 360 million couples the world would begin to understand and people would come and repent and repay for all the suffering that True Family had to endure.

At the end of it all Father asked if he had succeeded in comforting the members' hearts. He asked if he could go to South America now and not worry about the members. He said "I gathered you together to support you at this time".

Then Father left for South America. For those who attended his speech a nice dinner was served, and people had some time to talk to each other.

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