The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1997


True Parents Birthday Pledge Ceremony

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
New Yorker, February 13, 1997

By sharing these rice cakes with True Parents this morning, we have to make sure that our minds and bodies become one. Also between husband and wife there should be absolute unity. Between families, nations and the world absolute unity should be obtained before sharing this precious food with True Parents. As Blessed couples we offer Pledge service with our families. After the Pledge service we are supposed to share holy food among our family members. Originally, Adam and Eve, without the Fall, were supposed to share this kind of food with their family members, centered upon God. But due to the Fall this did not take place. Therefore, as Unification Church Blessed couples, we are the ones who are doing the will of God which was originally the responsibility of Adam and Eve's family.

Through offering the Pledge service every Sunday morning and sharing the holy food, we have to learn how to become united among our family members. Then upon this foundation we have to expand this unity to the level of the tribe, nation and world. It is our mission to spread this kind of tradition to the entire world. As Unification Church Blessed couples we are supposed to be longing for each Sunday morning to arrive. Because that is the day that we can worship God and offer our Pledge to God and share this holy food. By doing so we can expand our territory and expand our tradition, centered upon God, to the whole world. This Sunday Pledge service when we bow to God was originated by True Parents. Every Sunday we offer this Pledge service together with True Parents whether we are with them physically or not. How precious it is.

As parents we have to make certain that we bequeath our tradition to our children and to their generation. Through the Sunday morning Pledge service we have to demonstrate to our children how much we respect our True Parents. Through this our children will learn how to worship and treasure True Parents so that the tradition can be handed down and inherited generation after generation. It should be our most earnest desire to keep this tradition in our family, worshipping together and offering Pledge service every Sunday morning with our family centered upon True Parents. This is a most precious tradition.

No matter what our circumstances or where we might be in our daily lives, we should always remain faithful to maintaining this kind of tradition centered upon True Parents. Even if we are unable to physically do the Sunday Pledge service because we are up in an airplane or something, we should remember that particular moment and spiritually set that kind of tradition.

On each major holiday we gather and celebrate these holy days in almost exactly the same way. Many of you fly thousands of miles in order to attend this ceremony. What is the significance? That is the question. We have to understand that when we go our separate ways and return to our missions, usually our minds and bodies are divided, people are divided, there is conflict throughout the world. However, whenever this kind of major holy day comes, we know that we have to cleanse ourselves internally and externally. Then we attend this ceremony and we build our unity and harmony horizontally as well as vertically with True Parents, centered upon God. That is the significance.

It is miraculous that through paying appropriate indemnity, we are the ones who are now in the position to build this relationship with True Parents centering on God. Through this to restore this entire world from family, tribal and world levels. But when God originally created Adam and Eve they were the ones who were meant to build the ideal family, nation and world. But because they failed, we are now in the position to pay indemnity. We have the privilege of being with True Parents to build the original world in the place of Adam and Eve. It is your greatest honor to attend these Unification Church major holy days as the representatives of your tribes and nations at this kind of ceremony.

We stand in the position to prepare ourselves for months, sometimes one whole year, through taking cold showers and other conditions in order to cleanse ourselves to be able to attend this kind of ceremony. By doing so we should be able to inherit this kind of tradition to our coming generations. It is also important for us that we should prepare our offering. Not just overnight. Rather we should take months in order to prepare our offering. Even if it means skipping meals and buying good clothes. Whatever we sacrifice in our lives we can save money out of that and prepare our offering. Then that offering will be used to develop our public missions.

In the Old Testament the laws and commandments were incredibly strict. The next stage was that of the New Testament and now we live in the age of the Completed Testament. True Parents have completely liberated us from these many restrictions and laws. Therefore, our Blessed couples are in the position of offerings. True Love is our motto. True Love is the way that we reach the Kingdom of Heaven. True Love is the means, way and purpose of our lives. Once we are centered upon True Love then all of our things become holy things. When a mother gives birth to a child, she never feels dirty when she has to touch her baby's waste. We should have that kind of heart and love towards the entire world. That is truth.

During the Old Testament era they usually shed the blood of an offering and then burned the offering. In the New Testament era through offering ourselves as children, we were waiting for the True Parents. Now that True Parents are here, we should be able to offer everything through True Parents as a holy offering. Then True Parents will offer these holy offerings to God. That is how the entire created beings will be liberated. That is the order. We must understand that the Lord of the Second Advent was supposed to come in glory. He was supposed to be received by every human being with praise. However, in reality, the Lord of the Second Advent has been receiving an incredible amount of persecution and mistreatment at the hands of this world. This is the greatest tragedy of humankind.

The countries responsible for persecuting True Parents, and in particular those countries who imprisoned True Parents, will be remembered as shameful nations in human history. Particularly countries like North and South Korea, Japan and America. Those countries are the worst places, from God's viewpoint. These countries are all now experiencing difficulties. The family breakdown is rampant in this nation of America for example. Particularly in America and Japan the problems of youth are now uncontrollable. It is equivalent to the time of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden once they fell.

True Parents came to this world in order to restore true sons and daughters, true family, for God. But instead of welcoming True Parents the central nations persecuted True Parents. These are the countries that must repent. True Parents central mission is to establish God's true sons and daughters and true family on the Earth. However, these three major providential nations have only persecuted True Parents. Now is the time when the Unification Church will be lifted up and these nations will decline into a miserable situation. The families in the nations of Korea, Japan and America are problematic now. We could say that Korea is the worst country, probably worse than the Mafia. Japan and America are also terrible. Here in America we find so much organized crime; Chinese Mafia, Korean Mafia. True Father is not an ordinary individual. Rather True Father is connected to the entire human history of thousands and thousands of years. The culminating point of the entire history of humankind is True Father. Originally the Christian culture represented the bride culture which was supposed to create the family culture. Therefore, you have to understand how precious is the position of Blessed couples. They represent the entire universe. That is why Satan has been desperately trying to eliminate True Father. It is amazing that we could have a special ceremony entitled The Safe Settlement of the Family Federation for World Peace and Declaration of Liberation of Indemnity on November 1, 1996 in Uruguay. By True Parents' declaration at this ceremony last November, Satan's efforts to destroy all Blessed couples from True Parents downward, has now been eliminated.

One major difference between Jesus and the Lord of the Second Advent is that Jesus came to establish the national level sovereignty, but True Parents represent the entire world. Therefore, blessed children are in the position of national messiahs. When they are at the national level Satan can still find reasons to criticize and attack them. But once the Lord of the Second Advent is at the worldwide level Satan cannot do any harm to him. That is why our blessed children are still vulnerable to Satan's attack as they stand at the national level only. Because of the vulnerability of this blessed children's level, True Father can still be indirectly attacked. But not directly.

Jesus was supposed to have established his family which could have supported him and assisted him to become the national level messiah. Then eventually he could have conquered Rome which represented the entire world. However, this did not happen. Because of this failure Satan put Jesus on the cross and killed him. Now, at the time of the Second Advent, True Parents have laid a strong enough foundation which Satan cannot destroy. Also True Parents have accomplished each level of their responsibility. This is why True Parents now stand at the worldwide level. Also True Parents have united the chosen nations of Korea, Japan, America and Germany and have them under their wing. That is why Satan is unable to attack True Father directly. Even if Father does not have this family level foundation, Satan still cannot destroy Father. Because Father is now standing at the worldwide level. Father has the national level already. Under God's direction Father has established this foundation over all the various denominations and Catholics as well as Protestants. They are now under Father's wing.

We have to remember that Father is the one who has been going through these eight different stages for the past forty years single-handedly. Without Father's accomplishment in this regard, nothing could have been done. Satan cannot occupy Father's position. The forty years history of the Unification Church centering upon True Father, has been the course of being hit first and then claiming ownership. This has been Father's strategy. By doing so Father has been carrying all the Blessed couples along with him. The Blessed couples families have been cut off from the Satanic root and engrafted into True Parents and are following this heavenly way. The blessing ceremony is the engrafting ceremony. It began with 3 couples, 36 couples, 72 couples, 430 couples, 777 couples, 1800 couples, 6000 couples, 6500 couples, 30,000 couples and 360,000 couples. These different stages of blessing history were created by True Father.

The Old Testament and New Testament history represented the entire spectrum of the restoration of elder sonship. Upon that foundation we can begin the restoration of Parentship. After Father won the victory over communism, then True Parents and the Completed Testament Era was declared by True Parents. Through the demise of communism, True Father harmonized the democratic world and the communist world. In fact, after the demise of communism and the destruction of democracy all that will remain will be the true family and true children system centered upon True Parents. That is what is happening now. No nation in the world is able to solve the family problems that are now rampant worldwide. Because Adam's family's corruption is now being seen in the youth and family problems of today's world. The only way to solve this is for individuals, families, tribes, nations and the world to have their center in True Parents. This can occur through blessing. The establishment of true families is the answer.

Through declaring the Family Federation for World Peace last year, a new transitional time period began. The conclusion is that True Parents are the only ones who can solve the family problems worldwide. These are now the Last Days. This is like the time when the Israelites were supposed to come out of slavery in Egypt. Because no matter how difficult their situation might have been, it was their responsibility to inform their tribal members to leave the country at the same time. That kind of responsibility is upon our shoulders right now. We have to make sure that our tribal members receive this truth. This is the time when we have to make sure that all of our tribal members participate in this year's Blessing. Even if they don't want to come, it is still your responsibility to make them come to the Blessing. Because once they participate in the Blessing their attitude will be completely changed.

Satan has been shedding the blood of God's children for thousands of years in order to prevent the establishment of the true family. But we live in the age of True Parents. This is a golden opportunity for us. We don't need to shed our blood. We just have to do our absolute best to bring our tribal members into this Blessing. If we cannot accomplish this we had better die. No matter how difficult it may be, you have to make this substantial foundation. This is the mission of Blessed couples. Especially American families. You American families are more troublesome. Even before coming to a holy ceremony such as this, some of you may wander around the night before and go and drink in a bar. Then you casually decide that you have some money and so therefore you can offer something when you come here. With that kind of miserable attitude you are certainly not worthy to come here. Is there even one of you here who has prepared yourself for months and even years, cleansing yourself from head to foot in order to be prepared to attend this holy ceremony? God has been preparing Himself for millions of years to have this kind of holy day. Can we lower God's holy standard? No, we absolutely cannot.

When doing our mission we cannot take a break when God does not take a break. Can we claim vacations when we are missionaries for God? We don't have our sovereignty yet. All families are still under Satanic control. Therefore, no matter how difficult it may be you have to liberate your family and nation. No blessed family has that unchangeable, unique, eternal site yet. You know this to be true. Therefore, how can you build the Kingdom of Heaven? Without the establishment of the true family site the nation has no foundation. This is clear. None of you are able to deny this. We need absolute families and absolute nation for God. No Blessed couples have this absolute individual, family and tribal base yet.

You cannot attend this kind of holy ceremony with the same attitude that you have when going to a drinking bar, or on vacation. Your attitude in attending this kind of ceremony should be more serious than if you were going to see your dying parents and children. Father is now clearly warning you all on this his 77th birthday. We have to realize how hypocritical our life of faith has been. When a mission is given to us we carry that mission upon our shoulders. We have to ask ourselves if we have been successful enough to push that mission even higher so that we can carry True Parents and God to an even higher position instead of being crushed by the weight of our mission. If we cannot become such people then we will eventually become extinct. Do we all have holy salt? (Yes) The world where we have to use holy salt is not the Kingdom of God. We have to create the world where we don't need holy salt. Such a world has not yet appeared. At the time of the holy matrimony of True Parents, actually True Parents could have burned the entire world except for themselves. Because the rest of the world was so stained and dirty that it didn't have to exist. Apart from True Parents there was no one else who was qualified to exist. However, True Parents could not do that. The rest of humanity had a different lineage. Through celebrating the major holy days and holy ceremonies we are still trying to turn ourselves towards the heavenly lineage of God.

We really have to seriously and clearly understand the significance of this kind of holy day. True Parents Day, True Parents Birthday, The Day of All Things, Children's Day and God's Day and all other major holy days. Father has been so serious in order to be able to announce these major holy days throughout these years. We have to live up to the expectation and standard of True Parents. However, when we look at ourselves we are in fact like garbage. Even so True Parents cannot become like us. True Parents have the responsibility to indemnify and restore the foundation that Adam and Eve destroyed by their fall. Father has been walking the path of restoration and indemnity these many years with confidence and showing his smile. That is why Satan could not attack Father.

Father has been teaching us with the body of parents, shoes of the servant, with sweat for earth, blood for heaven and tears for humankind. That has been Father's life course. By doing so Father has set the example of how to become sons and daughters of filial piety, patriots, saints and holy sons and daughters of God centered upon True Love. Without True Love nothing can be connected. Even though we know that this formula has existed, can we claim that we have really paid indemnity on the individual, family, tribal and national levels?

God gave the commandment to Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Now True Parents is giving this warning to you his children. Once a person has absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience how can anyone dare to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil? We have to understand that when God first gave the commandment to Adam and Eve He didn't give this commandment without practicing that standard Himself. God already applied this standard when He created the entire world and Adam and Eve. Upon that foundation He gave that standard to Adam and Eve so that they could become the love partner to God.

Father gave the declaration of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience in Brazil a few years ago. By so doing, Father initiated the second generation forty years course era. Through this God and Father want to make sure that through offering absolute faith, love and obedience we build the original family and world which Adam and Eve lost because of their fall in the Garden of Eden. That is the key. Just as God gave the commandment to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, in this Completed Testament era True Father is giving us warning to have absolute faith, love and obedience to God and True Parents. Without being equipped with this absolute standard of life we cannot enter the Kingdom of God.

Blessed husbands are in the position of restored Adam not Archangel. Since we are in the position of restored Adam and True Parents are in the position of God, when this kind of warning comes from True Father then no matter how difficult it may be for you to follow this direction, we absolutely must do it. As restored Adam, you must continue to restore your relatives and tribal members. There must be two different types. The Cain and Abel type or the Archangel and Satanic type. Your mission is to unite them. That kind of significant mission is upon our shoulders. We don't need 3.6 million couples Blessing. Centering upon the restored Adam's family we should be able to restore two Archangel families to make our environment there. Then the Satanic world would disappear. The Satanic world is always opposing and attacking to prevent this coming about.

From 1992 Father could finally bless 30,000 couples and by doing so now on the worldwide level this vertical journey started at the growth stage. The 360,000 couples blessing represented the growth stage. This year the 3.6 million couples will represent the world wide level. Perfection stage vertical course. By doing so Heaven and Earth will be connected. Because of this condition the entire 360 degrees to this entire world is now open. There is no blocking. There is a vertical connection between Heaven and Earth and so people in the spiritual world can receive this Blessing also. Because of this condition, at the time of the 3.6 million couples Blessing, Father will allow Heung Jin Nim to exercise Blessing in the spiritual world. This means that all those people who could not enter the Kingdom of God can now receive Blessing in the spiritual world. Then they can stand behind Heung Jin Nim so that they can eventually enter the Kingdom of God. That is the course of restoration through indemnity.

Originally, Adam was supposed to be on top and the Archangel at the bottom, but because of the Fall of Man the order became reversed. Now True Parents have made it right side up. That is why we are the ones who have to be absolutely united with True Parents with the standard of absolute faith, love and obedience. That is the only way that we can be connected to True Parents and God. Also it is the only way that we can eventually enter the Kingdom of God following True Parents. It requires a family unit to get into the Kingdom. Centering on God, morning, noon and night, loving God, talking to God, 24 hours a day. There is no other way except to follow True Parents with absolute obedience. This is my conclusion this morning. We must understand this.

True Father is now 77 years old. No one knows how hectic and busy Father's schedule was last year. Each time Father gave a heavy mission to President Joo he was struggling in his mind. However, he constantly followed Father and now after everything is done he realizes that this is the way it should have happened. Father never found one son among us who is just like Father, a son who would say, "Give me more responsibility. I will do even more than what you ask me to do." None of us really understood the course of indemnity because none of us have paid the proper indemnity in order to do our mission. That is why we have no other choice but to stand behind Father and hold onto the string which originates from Father. Some of us are 1,000 miles apart from Father but are still hanging onto this rope.

There are ardent Christians, both Catholics and Protestants, who do not know Divine Principle yet, but once they clearly understand True Father's teaching how eager and enthusiastic they will become to follow and work with True Parents. But we stand in the position to lead those people and be even ahead of them. But we are not worthy because we have not done this ourselves. Therefore, if we continue to trail behind like this, eventually the order will be reversed.

On this significant 77th birthday of True Father you are being given this warning. This is the turning point, the transitional period when we have to make sure that we give absolutely everything to God and True Parents. Following them with the standard of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Even if it requires us to sell our home and everything that we have and sacrifice our family and entire tribe to do so. We have to make sure that we are with True Father no matter what. We have to be determined and have conviction, that we will hang onto True Father until we lose our lives. Even if Father is inside an airplane to get away, we have to hang onto the airplane until our arm falls off. That kind of conviction is required. If Father were to bite us in order to loosen our grip on him, and if we were to lose our arm we still must hang on. We should put our leg around Father so we can still hang onto Father; then Father may threaten to cut off our leg. We should be ready to tell Father, "You may cut it off, but I will still be with you." If in fact Father really cuts off our leg there will be bloodshed. Then blood will spread over Father's body. That is the condition for us to say, "You see, you have shed my blood so therefore you must forgive me through this condition."

In reality no parent can cut off his son or daughter's leg and shed their blood. However, Father gives such an extreme example so that we can make sure to be truly united with him. Those who clearly realize that they have received the Blessing raise your hands. What kind of Blessing are you belonging to? True Blessing, mediocre Blessing or the worst Blessing. (Truly absolute Blessing) (Laughter) It is easy to say absolute, but then why do you laugh? It is not a laughing issue at all. By hearing True Father's words this morning can you imagine how serious True Father's life has been? It is not a children's game. Father has been building the railroad tracks and the railroad cars in order to carry all of humanity and the entire dispensation. This has been an extremely difficult life Father has lived.

We do not truly understand indemnity. Therefore we need True Father and we have to hang onto him. The second generation are not an exception to this. The second generation children in Korea who choose to go to other universities rather than to Father's Sun Moon University, will be separated from the second generation who follow Father's direction to study at the Sun Moon University. There will be a red line under their name. Their parents are responsible for this. Even if you graduate from Harvard or Yale universities Father doesn't care. Many of True Children study and graduate from Harvard, but Father directs them to go attend the Unification Theological Seminary eventually. The goal of True Children going to these Ivy League schools is so they can understand the Satanic world first. Then by doing so lay the foundation in the physical world, then go to the Unification Theological Seminary and study.

The Blessing will no longer be given by True Parents after the 3.6 million couples Blessing. The time is coming when True Parents will not bless anyone anymore. Then your children will surely complain to you because they will want to receive the Blessing from True Parents directly. When Father selected the four major national messiahs of Uraguay, Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, Father gave the Blessing to their children even though they were still very young. Also Father paid all the debts those four national messiahs had before they were chosen. Because Father wanted them to come to South America and work with Father. As a national messiah you shouldn't have any debts. Father has set up a paradigm or example which national messiahs should follow from now on.

Let us make sure that we are absolutely united with True Father. The course of indemnity is not a random formula, but rather it is extremely scientific and tight. In Father's family he was the second son. When Father was born the entire tribe of Father was incredibly attacked. All manner of accidents took place. The invisible Satan appeared and exercised physical power in order to destroy Father's family at the time of his birth. The elder brother of Father suddenly became crazy, Father's elder sister suddenly become crazy. In the year that Father was born, five out of the thirteen family members died. There is no exception to the law of indemnity.

In Father's children generation the second son died by accident. Also Heung Jin Nim died by accident. Also within the church membership, former President Eu died in the hospital. He was the second son of the three disciples. If not, the first son would just be naturally grabbed by Satan. By the same principle Ye Jin Nim and Hyo Jin Nim are on the same hook right now. We are responsible to restore that.

Satan still continues to cling to the three nations of Japan, America and Germany because Father gave them a chance to be restored. Through this Satan is continually attacking Father. We have to overcome this hurdle. All three major nations are suffering with the breakdown of families and the problem of youth. The Mafia tried to destroy Father but they have not succeeded. All those gays and lesbians will eventually realize that they need families also. They will probably be at the end of the line following Father in the future. That is Father's right. God cannot subjugate this world situation right now, and Satan doesn't have that right either. But True Parents alone have the authority and right to deal with this world's problems right now. In the original Garden of Eden Satan's evil seed was sown there. Now in the last days we have to cut them off, root them out and burn them in order to cleanse this situation. We are now harvesting evil fruits as a result of the evil that was first sown in the Garden of Eden. Now we have to engraft them onto the good tree so that good fruits can be harvested.

We have to keep our Sunday morning Pledge tradition. This is so very important and we must not forget that. Father has seen some second generation children who don't know about Sunday morning Pledge service at all. Never even heard about it. How can we say that they are from Blessed couples? True Parents have been keeping this tradition for forty, fifty, sixty years. As Blessed couples who received the Blessing from True Parents, can we comfortably sleep on Sunday morning while True Parents and other couples are doing Pledge service? Such lazy couples deserve punishment. Just think about how many thousands of years God has been waiting to celebrate this True Parents Day. The words "True Parents" are not simple words. If we research we will find it contains thousands of years of history of sweat and tears of God. The goal of creation for God was finding True Parents.

Do you consider True Parents as important as your relatives? (More important) Our life has been just for ourselves thus far. In order for us to be able to attend a holy ceremony such as this, we should do at least one day fasting a month and save that money and bring it as an offering. If this kind of offering money is collected Father will never spend it personally. That kind of offering would represent ourselves. By offering this small amount of money we are offering our entire body and mind. That kind of prayerful preparation is necessary. We should prepare ourselves for an entire year by fasting and setting all manner of conditions and then finally when this holy day ceremony comes, we offer ourselves with a prayerful bow. Our daily life is so low that we cannot even reach any level at all. But because of these seven major holy days we have the privilege to bring ourselves up to the heavenly standard. These seven major holy days represent seven different bridges that can bring us closer to the heavenly standard. Rather than on our mundane level.

We can judge ourselves as we follow these seven major holy days. Then we will see if Father is just about two steps above us or if we are 10,000 steps below Father. It is all up to ourselves. We have to sacrifice ourselves in order to come up closer to Father. In the earlier days when Father first began this movement, Father instructed the early members not to go to college. But later on Father allowed them to continue their education but he never allowed them to go to graduate school. But many of them, without Father's permission, went to graduate school anyway and got their degrees. They will be punished. Father will put a red line below their name. Wait and see what kind of end they will have to their lives. Even among the 36 couples, some of them boast that their children have Ph.D.'s. But if they did so without Father's permission they will be punished. Since the Kingdom is here with us, we have to be able to find our own course.

This is a time of fear. But for those who have prepared themselves this is a time of peace and joy. Father is now sending all the national messiahs out to their mission countries even if it means abandoning their wives and families. Some of the national messiahs are appealing to Father with the excuse that their country does not grant them a visa, so can they be taken off the list of National Messiahs.

Even though the entire world is opposing Father he never compromises himself. Rather he continually marches forward. Yet, some of the national messiahs want to give up because their small country opposes their entry! There are many different ways to get around these obstacles. For example, during Jacob's 21 year course, he came up with all kinds of tricks in order to please his uncle and accumulate his wealth. Then eventually he won the victory. By the same token, the national messiahs can find the way if they are truly desperate. Directly or indirectly. National messiahs should have better strategy than Satan has. Because they are in the position of governor or governor-general of each nation as national messiah. In these countries, if you are able to unite three former presidents then you can use their foundation and convince the incumbent president. In South America all the heads of state down there know Father. Father has laid the foundation on that level for our national messiahs.

Please understand that this kind of ceremony is a fearful place. If you are not properly prepared you will be punished. Your ancestors will come and attack you if you are not really qualified. One way that your ancestors will punish you is to take one of your children away, an accident, fire in your house, anything could happen. Eventually that kind of disaster will come upon you and your couple. Because if we truly don't understand our Parents' suffering we will be punished. Many who held critically important missions within the Unification Church died of cancer. Father's heart is going out even to those people in order to cure their disease. In order to do so Father himself experimented with the mugwort moksa treatment. Father realized that this is it. Now he is spreading this method to the entire world through the national messiahs.

On God's Day in Brazil Father declared this method of treatment and gave $1000 to each national messiah so they can buy all the necessary equipment in order to offer the mugwort moksa treatment in their nations. Imagine that there may not be any more holy day celebrations with True Parents, but rather Father gives this right over to you so that you can hold this holy day ceremony with your own tribe. In order for you to prepare yourselves for that kind of time period, Father is giving you this kind of teaching this morning. You have to understand clearly. It is a serious issue and Father is telling you the truth this morning. Father is now driving the entire universe, spiritual and physical worlds in one direction. Based upon the worldwide family scale, Father is going to give Blessing.

In order to achieve the goal of 3.6 million couples Blessing, each nation has been allocated a certain number of couples. Each nation must fulfill its responsibility in this regard. Probably the most advanced, rich nation will become the last in terms of fulfilling this responsibility. If this becomes the trend then those people who live within those countries will have to shed so much more sweat in order to achieve the goal. Father is now giving an instruction to Reverend Kwak. Since Reverend Kwak is the President of HSA International, Reverend Kwak always has to report to Father in regard to the public projects and foreign mission related matters. Then receive the decision from Father directly and then implement Father's decision. Not his own decision. From now on Father has to depart from us at the individual, family, tribal, national and worldwide level and go on in his own course to establish the restoration of kingship successfully. The King cannot meet just anyone. That time is coming. Even someone like Reverend Kwak will not be able to see Father freely in the future unless he makes an appointment and that appointment is granted. Therefore, Father does not go back to Korea now. Father left Korean Christianity and he is now working on worldwide level Protestantism and Catholicism. Father no longer is dealing with the Korean national level Christianity. But rather Father deals with them at the worldwide level; South America representing Catholicism and North America representing Protestantism. Father can no longer concern himself with the family or nation. Because Father has now completed all the necessary conditions.

Now is the time that even if Father were to hide himself in a deep mountain, sooner or later the worldwide Christianity will come and find him and beg him to lead the unification of Protestantism and Catholicism. The time is here that even if the entire North and South Korean governments turn their back on Father the entire population in the Korean peninsula 70 million people will eventually come and beg Father to lead the unification of the Korean peninsula. In terms of the conflict between the east and the western cultures, people will have to eventually come to Reverend Moon in order to solve this problem. Then from tomorrow on Father can take it easy and rest. Even if Father stops helping the South American church and other projects, eventually the world will be restored by Father. Don't you think it is time for Father to rest?

All the nations have national messiah teams. Plus Blessed couples are there. Father has bequeathed all that he has to those nations and members in the world. That means even without Father, God's Will can be accomplished in this world. If Father stops working physically here, then the entire spiritual world will come down and work directly with us. Because once Father's physical involvement ends, it means the entire spiritual world has to come down and replace that work. That kind of era is coming now. Our ancestors in the spiritual world are in the position to support restored Adam's family based upon the Blessing from Heung Jin Nim. Then they will come down and eventually have to support us in the position of restored Adam in this physical world. Therefore, if we are not strictly following the truth our ancestors will come and destroy us.

Throughout the entire world, how many of those who are above elementary school level have not yet heard about Reverend Moon at all? What do you think the percentage is? Above middle school age we can say that virtually everyone has heard about Reverend Moon in the entire world. While they do not understand the Divine Principle they are at the end of the line. But as soon as they understand Divine Principle they will become the first. If Father had never exercised his right of giving the Blessing from the beginning then the amount of opposition from the world would certainly have been less. Because of the Blessing many thousands of parents became angry that their children were matched and married by Reverend Moon. That is how the opposition began. The interracial marriages that we have conducted caused a lot of opposition as well. Father knew that no Korean or Japanese parents would agree with him on this issue. But Father did it anyway.

When the time comes for Korea and Japan to be united as one nation, from which lineage do you suppose the leader will emerge? From this kind of interracial marriage lineage, the new national leader will appear. That is the formula actually. For example, when the time comes that Great Britain and France become one nation and one leader will have to be selected. Instead of selecting a strictly British or French leader, the new leader will more likely emerge out of this new mixed lineage. The same principle can be applied to the merging of any nations.

Father knew from the beginning of the Blessing history, that in order to prepare the future world, even though there would be an incredible amount of persecution, he had to do so. Otherwise, there would be no way for Father to make preparation for the future. Here in America there are thousands of interracial couples who married outside of the Unification Church. But these couples are not actually maintaining a high standard of life. They are the ones who are practicing drug abuse, homosexuality in some cases; etc. But eventually when they recognize the value and standard of the Unification Church international, interracial couples, they will bow down and follow our couples. That will be the trend. In other words, these two extremes will meet and whatever was in between will naturally merge together.

We can now go out and declare to those international, interracial couples who do not have confidence in maintaining their married life, to come and join the Unification Church and your lives will be guaranteed. We can launch the campaign of receiving these international, interracial married couples into the Unification Church. That time is now coming. If you have a younger brother or sister who is living an immoral life, what is your responsibility? You have to do your absolute best to restore them back again. This is truly the time of blessing and grace from God. Even if you have brothers and sisters who have lived the most terrible kind of life, in this precious era, if they learn the Divine Principle they can participate in this Blessing and be forgiven. Do you understand that this 3.6 million couples Blessing has the meaning of the liberation of the families of the world. (Applause)

If we have 3.6 million couples blessed, don't you think that all kinds of types of people will make up that number? Robbers, swindlers and all kinds? A real mixed bag. If we have to deal with the individual crimes of each of these 3.6 million couples it would take tens of millions of years to cleanse them. But because of this particular time of grace and blessing, with one prayer from Father everyone will be cleansed. True Love power is the most formidable power on Earth! (Applause) Once this True Love power is activated, even the strongest and worst of satanic love will be eliminated. The church leaders who officiated at the preparatory blessing services throughout the world have reported that no matter how unprepared people may be, all of them have changed greatly after blessing. Some of the wives of these couples have admonished their husbands after the blessing saying, "True Father is my true elder brother now. If you dare to fool around again I will report you to my True Father." This is truly the time of women's liberation. (Applause) This is the way that you women can create ideal husbands.

As a woman, what position do you desire to obtain? Father's elder sister, younger sister, or grandmother? (Laughter) Which one of these positions would you feel most comfortable in with True Father? (Younger sister) How about your husbands? (Younger brother's position) Archangel's position. You husbands must understand that no matter what Father does with your wives you have to be happy. Because they are now in the position of True Father's younger sisters. When you offer yourselves completely then and only then will your wives return to you and take the position of your wives. In the Garden of Eden Eve was in the position of Adam's wife. But that wife was taken away. In the time of restoration, even if Father takes your wives away from you and even sells them, you cannot complain. The Archangel cannot have a partner. We have to understand this clearly. Therefore Father is mobilizing women from all over the world now. The women are on Father's side. They are like True Mother's younger sisters. Do you think that Father created this particular theory in order to please you or is this the theory of providential restoration? It is the formula. What is your preference, particularly you Western women. Do you want to follow your husbands, listen to your children, or be united with True Father? (United with True Father) But look at Father, his hair is a different color and his face is different. In a way he looks like swindler. (Laughter) Are you still willing to follow him? (Yes) Father ordered the Japanese movement to mobilize 22,200 blessed wives even though they have to abandon their husbands and children. Father instructed them to kick their husband and children away if they try to grab onto them. Their direction is to follow Father.

Would you Western wives do this? (Yes) Can you Western brothers accept this challenge? (Yes) Will you still be united with True Father even if Father sells your wife and children? (Yes) Satan has done all kinds of tricks on this Earth throughout history. The restoration through indemnity is a serious matter. We have to have that kind of attitude. The time is here where we need the kind of condition where we don't need men, women and children. That kind of condition is needed. The satanic world is claiming not to need husband, wife and children. But the heavenly side needs everyone.

If there is a woman who has practiced free sex for many years prior to joining the Unification Church, but after joining the church she is matched to a virgin man and they become a couple. Do you think that when they go through the Blessing that God will punish them? What do you think? No matter how dirty and terrible an environment that Satan has created up until this point, when the time comes for God to restore the entire world at once, Satan even contributed to that purpose in a way. Because the entire world will be restored at once. No matter what situation they may find themselves in. We have all heard about naked men and women streaking, running through the streets. When you happen to see a naked person streaking on the street you should not feel shameful. If he wants to show everything you should look at that. Suppose your wife is streaking on Fifth Avenue and she suddenly sees you. If you show shame at seeing her then she will have to stop streaking. That is no good. You have to even encourage her to keep on. Instead of feeling shameful you have to be happy to embrace her and show to everyone that you are doing also.

Suppose the time comes when everyone should be naked and streak down the street. Between the wife who used to live a life of free sex before the marriage, and another woman who was totally pure and shy, who would be more aggressive at streaking? If everyone has to do streaking, then the wife who does so aggressively and boldly will be more praised than the wife who is very shy and tries to hide. Because that is against the trend. There will be those who wonder why True Father, as the founder of the Unification Church would mention such things. We often hear from Father the meaning of the concave and convex relationship. When Father explains this to us do you think that God is pleased by Father's explanation of the male and female sexual organs or would God be upset? (God would be happy.)

Another way of interpreting blessing is gold plating our sexual organs with 18 karat gold. Ordinary people cannot discern whether it is pure gold or not. Do you understand? Because there is no 24 karat gold sexual organ. What about the Lord of the Second Advent's sexual organ? Do you think it is a pure 24 karat gold sexual organ or a 23.999 karat gold? Just by looking all qualities of gold appear the same until they are thoroughly tested and examined. Isn't that true? (Yes) People go with all kinds of fake gold. It is okay even if it isn't 24 karat gold. Many Western people don't care about the quality of the gold in terms of their spouse. Even gold plated sexual organ is fine for them. They don't pay attention. This is the difference between Eastern and Western people. Amateurs cannot discern just by looking if it is 18 karat gold, or 24 karat gold. Of course God is not going to stamp you as pure 24 karat gold or 18 karat gold. Only True Parents have the right to place a stamp on whether you are pure 18 or 24 karat gold. Then you can be taken as pure gold and enter into the Kingdom. However, there is a catch; even if in quality you are not 24 karat gold, at least the color should be the same. (Laughter) That means that your family must resemble True Father's life.

We must try our absolute best to become true pure 24 karat gold for the sake of your entire family and descendants. Eventually they should become 24 karat gold as well. Do you understand? (Yes) This is the life of the Blessed couples. If some couples are only 14 or 18 karat gold Father will put them in the furnace again and get 24 karat gold out from it. Make sure that you give the right and proper education to your children for the future of your generations.

If you have five children and are willing to offer them for international interracial marriage, then your descendants will be purified in a much shorter time period. Because they will have to go through much more heartache and suffering than ordinary couples. Perhaps you have five sons and your five daughters-in-law all come from enemy countries one to another. In order to harmonize and live together in one family is not easy. There is much suffering to go through. Once you digest these five different nationalities and win the victory with them it means you have conquered five nations. When Father deals with the Unification Church membership he is dealing with the five different races of the world without any discrimination. Father deals with you all on an equal basis. That is why Father can fly from one corner of the world to another at will any time. There are no boundaries for Father. That is what is known as the Kingdom of God.

On this my 77th birthday I give you this clear explanation this morning. Before celebrating this holy ceremony Father sheds many tears, feeling like the sinner of sinners, the criminal of criminals. This is Father's serious preparation. If you are not properly prepared for this particular ceremony you will be attacked by Satan in some way. Because still the law of indemnity exists and it applies to Father's life as well as our lives. When we turn 360 degrees we should not have even a speck of guilty conscience. We should be crystal clear in our conscience. Last year alone Father spent 70 million dollars for educational purposes in South America. Realistically speaking, Father lost all of that money. Father borrowed that money and spent it. Who else in this world does that kind of work? Out of the 33 nations in Central and South America can any head of state or religious leader dare to do that? Father is the only one who went that far with that kind of sacrifice. Therefore God bestowed blessings upon Father. With this blessing from God Father could lay a strong enough foundation in South America within one year, equivalent to the foundation laid in America in the last twenty years.

When Father conducted the providence in America he began from the bottom up. However, in South America Father began the providence from top to bottom. It was easier. Out of the 480 million people in South America, none of them can compete with Father in terms of offering the sacrificial life, offering love and heart for the sake of the entire South America. Eventually the entire South American people will have to follow Father and become united with him because of this True Love. Father stands in the absolute subject position in heart so eventually all creatures, all humankind will automatically have to unite with the Absolute Subject of Love. Those who work harder, and offer more will become the central persons in God's providence.

When the national messiahs go to their assigned nations they need to go down to the bottom levels and serve. If they refuse to do so and just try and maintain their position, they will fail. Only those who serve at the grassroots levels together with the local people and pour their hearts and love into their nations will become successful. They will become like fertilizer for those nations and they will become victorious. In conclusion, Father is asking, what is this year's motto? Love True Parents and Be Proud of True Parents. The fact that we established a family means we have sown a seed for the nation. The individual doesn't matter so much anymore; what matters is the family unit. Father has been harvesting the family level seeds from all different races and continents all these years. But for us, we don't even have to go out to the world. We only have to focus on our own tribes and neighbors and harvest these 160 families.

Your mission is only the territory of your relatives. How much easier it is for you compared to True Father's course. You have absolutely no excuse. Those who have the confidence to fulfill your mission of accomplishing 3.6 couples Blessing this year, show your hands. (Applause) Father wants Reverend Kwak to keep a baseball bat in his hand all the time and if he sees anyone neglecting their mission in this regard then he can freely use it. Particularly those who are sleeping and hiding, Reverend Kwak's baseball bat will fall upon you at any time. Father is ordering all of us to make our absolute commitment to Reverend Kwak to accomplish the 3.6 million couples Blessing this year.

Suppose there are two individuals: One accomplishes his or her mission by fasting everyday, eating just one meal and pushing him or herself in the difficult path. The other individual accomplishes his or her mission by taking it easy and living the life he wants. When God looks at them, to whom do you suppose God would give His sympathy? (The first one.) You all like the easy life but Father likes hard work. Therefore you have to take a good attitude from now on and take the high and difficult road in order to accomplish your mission. The easy lifestyle is no good. You have given your pledge to Father this morning that you will fulfill your responsibility of accomplishing 3.6 million couples Blessing this year. Therefore Father will take it easy and relax because he trusts you.

After we achieve this goal this year, then even if Father passes into the spiritual world, Father's will has been done. Once Father steps back from this providence and rests himself somewhere in the world, many of you will come and beg him to push you. But Father won't do it anymore once that time comes. Once this Blessing foundation is made your own physical parents will have to do the work. If the children work harder than the parents that lineage has hope. Do you think that the second generation children should work harder than the first generation parents or less hard? (Harder)

This teaching we have received this morning is the gift from True Father on the occasion of this 77th birthday to all of us. Also Father is ordering Reverend Kwak to give a speech this morning from 9 a.m. to our general membership. The very speech which Father gave on January 2 of this year which took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In that particular speech, Father went into deep explanation of the heart of restoration and what our attitude should be. Those of you who need breakfast raise your hands. Only the persons who showed their hands should go take breakfast, the rest of you should go directly to the Grand Ballroom. (Thank you Father. Applause)

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