The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1997


God's Love Partner

This is an excerpt from the speech given on True Parents Birthday, February 13, 1997, at the World Mission Center, NYC. The interpreter was Mr. Peter Kim.

The providence of salvation is the providence of restoration which is equivalent to the process of recreation. Naturally the providence of restoration is through indemnity. The meaning of the restoration through indemnity means that we restore the original place and position which was lost because of the Fall of Man. Therefore this means the process of recreation. Humankind lost the original creation which God made. Therefore humankind has to recreate that original state. In order to do so we have to understand the principle by which God originally created.

One of the principles behind God's creation is that God needed a love partner. However in modern theology there is no such concept. We all are seeking love. We all have life. We all have lineage. In order to continue our lineage men and women contain sperms and eggs. We all have conscience within. But can we see life, love and lineage? No one can. Are you able to see your conscience? Even though they are contained within you, still you are not able to see them. We cannot see them nor touch them. Why can't we feel their existence? When we examine our body, in every square centimeter of skin there is one gravity. This kind of gravity is always upon us, but because of total balance we are unaware of this gravity. Our eyes continually blink and yet we don't notice because we are totally one with this function. If we place our hand on our heart we can feel our heart beating. With a stethoscope it sounds like a bomb exploding. However, in our daily lives we don't even notice that. Yet if Father is to touch one strand of Mr. Kim's hair he will immediately feel that. The reason being is because it breaks the balance. But because our heartbeat is in total balance with our body we don't even think about it for months at a time. Where there is perfect balance you don't feel any difference.

Whom do you resemble? (God) Well before talking about God, first of all you resemble your parents. In many ways we all resemble our parents, but we don't feel that because we are one with them. We all have love, life, lineage and conscience within. The reason we often don't feel them because we are in total balance with them. These four aspects of love, life, lineage and conscience resemble God. God Himself has love, life, lineage and conscience within Himself. But because they are in total balance within Him, then God doesn't feel them either. It is logical to assume that although God has love, life, lineage and conscience, He cannot feel the excitement, love and joy by Himself. Therefore He felt the necessity to create His love partner. God wanted to experience the powerful stimulation of love, life, lineage and conscience. Therefore He created His love partner.

God created the environment first in preparation for humankind. Without the four basic elements of sunlight, air, soil and water, nothing can exist on the earth. If we take away sunlight for example, then life cannot be sustained. If we eliminate water, then life cannot be sustained. Each one of them is necessary. If we look at this sister's head, it appears to be a solid thing, but if we look into it there is light, water, air and a element of soil. Within the environment there is always a formula of subject and object. Even within the mineral world the subject and object relationship exists. This is true within the plant, animal world and within men and women. All of us exist within the boundary of this formula. Do you understand? (Yes) The reason God created this entire world in the relationship of subject and object was because God wanted to achieve the love relationship. The love relationship requires the subject and object relationship. Without subject and object we cannot expect to find the give and take action which creates the stimulating power of love. This give and take action creates a spherical motion which exists eternally centered upon true love.

When we look at the world of creation there are many different levels of subject and object relationships that occur. If there is a higher dimensional give and take action it will always absorb the lower dimension give and take action. When we observe the plants and trees growing they are actually absorbing the nutrients from the mineral kingdom. When they absorb the nutrients from the mineral kingdom then insects and animals in turn absorb these plants. Insects eat the vegetables and birds eat the insects. Larger birds absorb the smaller birds. The same is true within the animal kingdom. Who is the king of the entire animal kingdom? Human beings. In fact human beings are the most brutal animal of all be cause they kill animals and eat them. In this case who is supposed to absorb human beings? God.

Darwin's evolutionary theory claims that the strong eats the weak. We may feel that to be brutal. If we stick with this evolutionary theory then the strong can always kill the weak and there should be no crime involved. However, that evolutionary theory does not contain the principle. The ultimate purpose of all levels of creation is the original point of God's creation of love, life, lineage and conscience. This is true even for the mineral kingdom. Every aspect of creation has the same goal, the same terminal point which is the original point of God's love, life, lineage and conscience.

However, there is a certain process to reach to that original point. Minerals cannot reach to that point all by themselves. Rather they have to go through plants by being absorbed by the plants. The plants have to be absorbed by insects and small animals. Then small animals are absorbed by larger animals. The larger animals are absorbed by human beings. Then in theory they will become part of human beings and reach that final goal through human beings. When minerals are being absorbed by the plant, the plant is in the position of plus and the mineral in the position of minus. The ultimate goal of the minerals is to reach that original point of God's love, life, lineage and conscience. In order to be absorbed by the plant world they take many different shapes of flowers, grass, trees, fruits etc. Through this they feel proud of becoming a beautiful flower or delicious fruit in order to reach that original point.

In the same way plants feel pride in becoming part of the animal kingdom which will lead them to that original goal. Within the animals they desire to be absorbed by the higher being so that they can also reach that original goal. But if there is a choice, the animals will desire to be eaten by human beings because they have the most direct access to this goal. All aspects of creation all desire to reach that original life, love, lineage and conscience place. By doing so all of these animals, plants, and minerals desire to become apart of human beings sexual organ which is the original love, life, lineage and conscience palace. How precious this place is. All these created beings are all mobilized to complete this substantial portion of the living God which is our sexual organ. There are two kinds of sexual organs: male and female.

God originally divided the sexual organ into two creating a little distance. So that there drawing together and meeting would be like an explosion. This is where the stimulating excitement would take place. This is what God wanted. Why then were we given sexual organs? Because of love, life, lineage and conscience. Without going through that particular organ we cannot expect to have love, life, lineage and conscience. We all have these four aspects within, but a woman alone cannot feel the excitement of these God given aspects. However, if the most ugly young man should appear and stimulate her assets of love, life, lineage and conscience then these assets would explode like an atom bomb in front of him. However, if the boy happened to be handsome the power of the explosion would be even greater.

In nature we can observe the same phenomena in a thunder storm. There is lightning, thunder and rain pouring down. This is like marriage in the world of weather. Even though a man by himself has the assets of love, life, lineage and conscience within nothing happens without his love partner. In order for human beings to have all of this joy and pleasure, the entire creation are all being mobilized for that purpose stage by stage. Ultimately in order to reach that ideal of God's love. The ultimate purpose of any small mineral is to become a small element of the human sexual organ. No matter how insignificant its role may be, nevertheless that is its goal. Which was easier for God to create, our five senses or our sexual organs? Until now humanity has not realized that the sexual organ is the most precious place.

Man's sexual organ does not exist for man. It exists eternally for his wife. There is absolutely only one owner eternally. Not two. The woman's sexual organ is absolutely only one, her husband. No power on earth nor in heaven can change that. Reverend Moon cannot change this. No matter how much power True Parents have they cannot change this. No matter how powerful God is He cannot change this. This is forever unchanging power.

The sexual organ is the place of the love king, life king, lineage king, conscience king. Connecting to all human history place. The owner of man's sexual organ is absolutely, eternally his wife. The owner of woman's sexual organ is absolutely, eternally her husband. No child wants to have two mothers or two fathers. They absolutely want only one. Therefore absolutely there can be no divorce. The fallen world means that this formula is completely broken down and ownership has been exchanged. Those of you who want to have divorce in your life please raise your hands? How about free sex? How about the consumption of alcohol and drugs? How about those who want to become gay or lesbian? That is the road that will drive you to the bottom of hell which is against the principle of creation.

Reverend Moon is teaching such a deep truth to mankind, and yet the Unification Church has been given many dirty labels by the world. Do you think that God is happy about that? (No) Do you think that God will come forward and destroy the Unification Church or would He help it to prosper? The reason that the Unification Church has grown and prospered in the face of the worst kind of persecution in this world is because God took the fortune from those who persecuted us in the worst way, and blessed the Unification Church with their fortune instead. That is how we have been prospering in this world.

If the people of America were to propose to Reverend Moon that he give up his position of True Parents and become the President of the United States of America. Do you think that Father would welcome such a proposal or would he spit at it? (Spit at it) The True Parents are forever absolutely only one. How can that ever be exchanged for anything. Never. Do you think that Father is happy sharing this kind of story with you? In the secular world many people oppose Father when he proclaims True Parents. But they are the ones who will decline eventually.

In the Garden of Eden the original couple, the original family was lost. Therefore we have to rediscover that original couple, and family by walking the road of indemnity. That is why in these last days Reverend Moon came to this world as True Parents and gives blessings to humankind so that their sins can be forgiven and build original couples and original family in this world once again. That is why Reverend Moon is holding a 3.6 million couples blessing this year. (Applause) You are clapping with excitement but Father feels miserable. Because when we go out to the world who recognizes the

value of the blessing? How many people. Father has overcome all the difficulties all of these years and has laid a strong enough foundation to launch this kind of providential campaign this year of 3.6 million couples blessings. That is why you are now clapping and many dignitaries in the secular world recognize it. However, Father had to pay an incredible amount of indemnity to do so.

We must understand that Adam and Eve gave birth to their children only after being chased out from the Garden of Eden. The children of Adam and Eve had nothing to do with God from their inception. These children had nothing to do with God's love, life and lineage. Therefore the world that they created was the world of hell. This is our present reality. No matter how famous you may be as a minister or theologian here today, unless we can clean up this mess there is no one who will be able to enter into the Kingdom of God. Reverend Moon has the right to proclaim that this is the absolute truth of it. Someone may declare that Reverend Moon is a dictator insisting upon his own dogma. Well, if you don't believe it, die and go to the spiritual world and see who is right.

At the time of the Garden of Evil it was Eve who began the deviation away from God. In the beginning of human history Eve committed sin. Since Eve became the first sinner we can call her a bad woman. Generally speaking is it men or women who actually push the world to the wrong direction? Generally speaking, wherever you may go it is easier to notice women who want to take it easy, eat delicious food, and wear luxurious and expensive clothing which Satan likes the most. They like to proudly walk down Fifth Avenue in New York City with their expensive clothing enticing men to look and admire them. Therefore we can generally conclude that women are the first target of Satan.

Regarding the restoration through indemnity, was Eve's behavior in the Garden of Eden good or bad? (Bad) How many male figures existed in the Garden of Eden? (Lucifer, Gabriel, Michael, Adam and God) That is correct. Five male figures. How many women? (One) Only one woman. Do you think that God felt secure to leave Eve alone in the middle of the Garden of Eden? (No) Against whom do you think you would try to protect this particular woman knowing that this woman is supposed to grow to be your spiritual spouse? When a master leaves his home to go on a journey, usually he will leave some instructions or command to the closest person to him. Either his wife or children. Certainly not his servant or his driver. That is why God gave His commandment to Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. He did not leave this commandment to the Archangel or anyone else. What is the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. It is symbolic of the woman's sexual organ.

Humankind was unaware until now that the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil meant the fruit which had the potential to become good or evil. There is no literal tree of good and evil. This is symbolic of woman's sexual organ. The commandment should have remained with woman. God's original lineage was reversed through the Fall to Satan's lineage and Satan's tradition. Eve was in the position of God's daughter and His daughter-in-law as she was supposed to become Adam's wife. Also she was supposed to be in the position of Adam's mother and God's relative. However, she lost everything because of the misuse of her sexual organ. Her original position was to stand as grandmother, mother, wife, and daughter. After the fall everything was cut down and so God's side no longer had a woman figure. Because of this failure the religions of the world generally emphasize celibacy.

God began the providence of restoration from Adam's family all the way to restore the original state of the Garden of Eden where the restored Adam and Eve could establish the original family and expand this to the tribe, nation and world. Therefore Jesus came as the Messiah, but even Jesus was unable to fulfill this mission completely. Therefore humankind is still awaiting the Lord of the Second Advent. After the Fall, Adam and Eve were split and this split is throughout history all the way down to Jesus. But at the time of Jesus, the Israelites and Judaism were supposed to become totally united centered on Jesus so that the ideal world could be built. But due to their disbelief, this mission was unaccomplished. Therefore, even after the coming of Jesus the entire world was divided into right and left wing which eventually became communism and democracy. Reverend Moon came to this world to reunite these two worlds. Now he is pushing to have humanity build one world, not a divided world. That is the goal that he has been pursuing.

Remember, you as an individual are not able to enter into the Kingdom of God. You need your family in order to enter. From this perspective should Jesus have married or not? (Yes) We lost everything at the time of Adam's family. At the time of Jesus the entire nation of Israel and Judaism should have worked together to form Jesus' family so that the entire nation and people could enter the kingdom together.

Immediately following World War II, Great Britain was in the position of the mother nation, America was in the position of Abel and France was in the position of Cain. England was an island nation, surrounded by the ocean. In a sense the island is always longing to become part of the mainland. The United States was probably the first nation to be established by the Protestants. The nation of France stood in the position of enemy nation to both England and America. However, these three enemy nations became one right after World War II. The real force to unite them was the power of Christianity. Christianity represents the bride culture.

Because of Jesus's crucifixion only spiritual salvation was accomplished. Christianity needed the substantial body, the substantial figure as Lord. On the other hand three axis nations existed at the time of World War II, these were Japan, Germany and Italy. Japan was an island nation like England. Hitler stood in the Abel position on Satan's side. He killed the Judeo-Christian world. He was the worst kind of man. After World War II, centered upon Christianity, the unification of the three allied nations came about. The reason God created the unification of the Christian world was for the sake of the coming bridegroom. England was in the position of the mother nation and she bore a son, America. France was in the position of the enemy nation, Cain's position. The mother nation and Cain and Abel combined into one.

If those allied nations had received the Lord of the Second Advent then the entire world could have been restored right there and then. However, they were waiting for the Lord to come on the clouds. The Christians were unaware of the true reality. Just as in the time of Jesus, the Israelites were waiting for Elijah to return in a fiery chariot. However, in reality John the Baptist came in the position of Elijah. The Christians made the same mistake right after World War II, they were expecting the Lord of the Second Advent to appear on the clouds. However, they should have realized that Reverend Moon came as the Lord of the Second Advent to work with them and restore this humanity. (Applause)

Reverend Moon had to come in the flesh in order to indemnify the time of Jesus. Nobody knew how to unite the communist and free world. The only one who was able to do this was Reverend Moon. However, he was rejected. Jesus wanted to embrace the right and left hand thieves, representing the right and left wing, in his time in order to build one world under God. Unfortunately this did not take place. This caused this right and left wing to be divided right there and eventually become the communist and democratic worlds. Reverend Moon's mission was to unite them together and to reveal the one world under

God. The original world which God had intended from the very beginning.

The restoration of the individual, family, tribe, nation and world was done by Father at every level making a circle of 360 degrees completing the entire circle. Through the blessing ceremony Father is accomplishing this clean up job from the individual, family, tribal, national and worldwide family. Once this 3.6 million couples blessing is accomplished within six months we can even undertaken 36 million couples blessing. (Applause) If we reach our goal this year, this blessing will become like a fad throughout the entire world. Like a heavenly wind sweeping throughout the world. Then elementary, high school and college students will begin asking their teachers the meaning of the Unification Church marriage. They will want to know is the Unification Church marriage better than secular marriages. What kind of response do you think that their teachers will give to them? (Yes)

At the beginning of human history, this evil seed was sown in the Garden of Eden. In these last days the secular world is reaping these evil fruits represented by all of the decadence of morality in this world. However, God cannot intervene directly in this, just as He was not able to intervene at the time of Adam and Eve's fall. The only person who has the right and knowledge to intervene at this juncture is True Parents. (Applause) No matter how powerful God may be, still He is not able to deal with fallen couples. Do you understand? (Yes) They represent evil parents, evil love, evil life, evil lineage and evil conscience. They cannot connect with God's original viewpoint. Therefore God cannot touch them. With the appearance of True Parents the blessing of marriage can be given and upon that foundation God is able to touch everything. Because of true love lineage. The fallen world does not connect with God's blood lineage. Through the blessing of True Parents humankind can reconnect with God's original blood lineage.

In this world there may exist those who are older than True Parents who, horizontally speaking, stand in the position of Father's elders, but once True Parents appear in this world they all become True Parents children and grandchildren downwards. Because only one line has to be established to God. Until this time two lines have existed. True Parents are needed in order to restore this satanic line and make one line to God. From God's viewpoint, fallen children exist in this world and they are supposed to be restored. The restoration through indemnity occurs through the restoration of the satanic lineage so that they are able to stand behind the heavenly lineage line and form one straight line behind True Parents. This is how they can follow True Parents into the kingdom. The last days means the crossing point of these two lines. The heavenly line goes above and the satanic line goes below.

Centering on this crossing point we can expand from the individual, family, tribal, national and worldwide level. This directional line is true love. This angle will represent individual, family, tribal, national and world levels as the angle increases. In the last days we have to totally negate ourselves. Otherwise we will never be able to join the heavenly line. Negation should occur at eight different stages. This is why most religions have encouraged individuals to leave their families, their societies and follow the path of God and live as monks and nuns. Because God have been alone up until this point and True Parents had not yet appeared. Therefore how could humanity marry and have children?

There are statistics which show that over forty percent of the priests, bishops, etc. are practicing homosexuality today. Who knows how many of them have HIV. On the contrary the Unification Church is instructing its membership to become tribal messiahs of their clans and, as blessed couples, have their relatives all receive the blessing in True Parents name. Even you prominent theologians here today cannot deny this teaching.

There are two different lines of lineage. On Satan's side there is the elder son, elder king and elder parents. This group has to be restored back in order to rejoin the heavenly lineage. Simply speaking we have to restore the secular families back to the heavenly families. This is what is needed. From God's point of view there are two different kinds of mothers and children. In order to restore them it requires that the younger son take the elder sonship, father should become the son and the son should become the father etc. This kind of reversal is needed.

Adam was in the position of head of the family. Jacob was in the position of head of the tribe. In Jacob's time, he had to implement this course of restoration which was the reverse course. In the Garden of Eden Eve cheated God's elder son, Adam and God. Through this she turned over the entire family right to Satan. Therefore at the time of Jacob, through cheating her husband and elder son Esau, Rebecca took this family right back to the elder son and God. This was the reversal of this course.

Israel means victory. What is the meaning of this victory? The reversal of the lineage from Satan back to God's side. At the time of Tamar she was married to two of Judah's sons. Both of them died without leaving children. Tamar felt the importance of the continuation of this lineage and wanted to marry the third son. However, Judah forbid it. Risking her life, Tamar deceived Judah, her father-in-law, into having a sexual relationship with her by disguising herself as a prostitute in order to continue this lineage. She conceived twins who fought in her womb to be born first. God told her that two nations were fighting in her womb. The restoration which took place at the time of Jacob between the elder and younger brother, now took place directly inside the womb of Tamar between her two sons.

Through this complicated course of restoration through indemnity, then at the time of Jesus was the time when mother Mary had to reverse the course of Tamar before she could give birth to Jesus. This is the brief history of the Old Testament era and the dawning of the New Testament era. By the time Jesus was born the Roman Empire had spread throughout the world. Therefore Jesus needed the national level foundation in order to deal with the Roman Empire. If Jesus had not died, but rather had been supported and accepted by the Israelites and Judaism, upon that foundation he could have conquered the Roman Empire within seven years. However, he was crucified.

We need to clearly understand the relationship between mother Mary and Zachariah's family. If Jacob's family was the starting point at the tribal level, then Mary and Zachariah's family were the starting point of the national level providence. In the family of Jacob, Rachel should have become the first wife, not Leah. However, Leah became the first wife. Therefore, in this regard, that particular providence failed. The mother was supposed to assist her daughters so that order could be established in the correct way. However, this was reversed. If Rachel's mother had been totally united with Rachel and had pushed Leah away, then at the tribal level Rachel could have become the first wife of Jacob. The same mistake took place at the time of Jacob, because of these two wives, just like at the time of Adam and Eve. Eve was supposed to become the first wife of Adam, but only after she had made a relationship with Satan did she become Adam's wife. This meant the order was reversed. Also within Jacob's family the order was reversed.

At the time of Jesus, on the national level, in the family of Zachariah this order had to be straightened out. The position of the original wife was taken by Elizabeth, Zachariah's wife. Elizabeth's

son was John the Baptist. However, through them alone there was no way to complete the restoration. There had to exist the younger sister's position in order to establish the heavenly lineage. Because of the Fall of Man, restoration always has to come about through the second wife, the concubine line. That has been the history of restoration.

In Jacob's family, Leah hated her younger sister Rachel and she completely dominated Jacob and produced ten children, whereas Rachel had only two children. However, Elizabeth, the wife of Zachariah actually volunteered to introduce Mary to Zachariah because of her revelation from God. She allowed Mary to stay in her family for three months. A woman doesn't become pregnant through staying overnight. If you really dig into the bible you will see this. Therefore, after three months of staying in Zachariah's household Mary became pregnant. However, Mary had the responsibility to indemnify the failure of Eve as well as the failure of Rachel and Leah. Therefore whilst she was pregnant she had to deceive her husband figure (Joseph) as well as her father figure.

Because of Mary's success in reversing the course which had failed at the time of Eve, Rebecca and Tamar, now the son she had in her womb at the national level was completely sanctified. That is why she was able to give birth to the holy son of God, Jesus. Jesus was born completely free of Satanic accusation. God controlled everything concerning his conception and birth. He was God's begotten true son. There is no way out from the restoration through indemnity. We have to go through that course. The message that Father wanted Mr. Peter Kim to read to you given this year on the Day of the Victory of Love. However, briefly Father will explain to you the meaning of the Day of the Victory of Love and we will conclude today.

Because Jesus went to the spiritual world without establishing his own family on this physical world, he has to come back again. Because Jesus did not have his family foundation here on the earth he remains in paradise, not in the kingdom of heaven. On the cross Jesus promised the right hand thief that he would be with him in paradise that day. He did not say the kingdom of heaven. Why? Because the kingdom of heaven is only open to the family level perfected people.

The meaning of the Second Advent is coming down to this earth to find his bride and establish his family. Because Jesus lost his bride in this physical world he has to return again to this physical realm. Jesus gave the keys of heaven to Peter and told him, "Whatever is bound in earth will be bound in heaven. Whatever is untied on earth will be untied in heaven." This means that this world is now completely decadent. Therefore these problems have to be solved in this realm. God has to restore his family, nation and world here in this physical world to begin with. Where did God lose His family, his tribe, his nation, his world? Right here on this earth.

Most religious leaders and Christian leaders do not clearly understand the spiritual world. The physical and spiritual world is like two palms together. Counterparts of each other which should become one. Unless we have total unity between mind and body we cannot have the spiritual and physical world united. Do you want your love partner to hold double standards? (No) Do you think that God's mind and body are separated? (No) God is absolutely one, and upon that foundation He created this entire world. Because of the Fall of Man, only human beings are still separated. Therefore we must become one between mind and body. Once we are absolutely one then, and only then, can we become united with God. That is the only hope that we have. Satan always tries to divide us. Wherever conflict exists, there Satan resides. Within Christianity there is always conflict. God cannot be with them.

Whenever you are divided one from another God is not present. The beginning point of peace is your mind and body unity. The war between the mind and body is the most fearful of all wars. We need a cease- fire. I control my body no matter how difficult the situation may be. The problem with fallen human beings is that there five senses all operate in two different ways instead of one absolute way. Do you young people here understand this clearly? (Yes) The problem is your inability to unite your minds and bodies. The mind is so sorrowful to have lost God's true love because of the fallen body. Do you American women understand? (Yes)

American and the Christian world have been my enemies. They have wanted to kill me until now. But my desire is to save this enemy. The most fearful enemy is our own body. Because our body connects to satanic love, life and lineage. We must be vigilant in controlling our bodily desires. Father has sent you all out fundraising where you must be like beggars, without any personal dignity. This is a most serious issue. In the fallen sense, the sexual organs of men and women are their worst enemy. This is because of the Fall.

In the Last Days, the children from the second wives, or the concubine lineage, will become the leaders of the world. Because of this law of restoration through indemnity the lineage of the first wife will have to go through the lineage of the second wife. That is the reversal process. Originally in Jacob's family centering upon Rachel, the second wife, she was to produce the elder son of Jacob. However, because of the conflict between Leah and Rachel, Rachel lost that right.

In order for us to feel true joy we have to comfort God who has been suffering great han throughout the course of history. The only way is to reverse the world of hell into the world of the kingdom of God. That is our mission and that is the meaning of a day such as this and the attitude we should have deep within us on such a day as this. Do you understand? Upon the victorious foundation which True Parents themselves set up, Heung Jin Nim could pass into the spiritual world. Even in the spiritual world Heung Jin Nim could travel freely between the spiritual world and the physical world based on True Parents victorious foundation here. Also he was able to expand his influence throughout the spiritual world and become king and embrace Jesus and lay a strong enough foundation. Therefore at the time of the 3.6 million couples blessing Heung Jin Nim will be able to give blessing in the spiritual world. (Applause)

In the world of the Unification Church we have no concept of death. We are living together with the spiritual world are we not? (Yes) Centered upon God's true love I give my blessing upon the Unification Church for long life, long peace, success and victory in restoring this entire world.

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