The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1997


True Father's Directions For 1997

As at each holy day leaders meeting, True Father reads instructions from his pocket notebook. Because these are laptop notes of an incomplete translation, they are assuredly incomplete.

I. The Meaning of the Blessing of True Parents: The meaning of the Blessing of True Parents is the completion of the Old Testament Age, the New Testament age, and the Completed Testament Age by the Messiah. Who is the Messiah? True Parents. They are the Messiah desired in the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages. The Completed Testament Age is the time when that desire is fulfilled. At that time you can have your homeland and settle down. Through the blessing of True Parents you can be the ones who complete all these promises. All the sacrifices of the Old Testament and New Testament ages were focused on us as their hope. That which can complete the victorious Messiahship is the victorious Blessing of True Parents!

II. The Blessed Family and the Kingdom of Heaven on the Earth: Without the blessed family God has nothing. The place where the heavenly center can settle down is the loving family. Completion is only in the family. Neither power nor knowledge but only love in the family can bring this completion. Since the family is the place where love starts, that is the only place it can be completed. You can then set out to complete the nation from the family. When all the complete families gather together, they can create a complete nation.

A. The completion of the individual occurs in the family. That is, the blessed family. In the blessed family completion occurs.

B. The 3.6 million couple Blessing will be completed through the national family. We need the 3.6 million blessing for each of us to be part of the complete world.

C. The age of the worldwide kingship and appearance of the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth. When the kingship is spread around the world continuously, then the Kingdom of Heaven will appear on earth.

III. The Age of the Kingdom of Heaven of Peaceful Unification:

A. The age of the single tribe and single lineage. This is the tribe of True Parents.

B. The Age of the Cultural Authority of Unified Language: In the ideal world there cannot be two or more languages. Think of how much harm different languages have caused. There are 1600 languages in the world. My speeches have to be translated into 1600 languages. Now we have to save the resources. This kind of multi-language publication causes so much harm. No matter how difficult it is, we must unify language. Without the ideal of True Parents' hometown, no one can imagine the ideal of unified language. If you can communicate in True Parents' language, you can communicate with heart. Will you try to strengthen or weaken unity? If you don't learn the Korean language, when you go to spiritual world your ancestors will ask you if you spoke to True Parents in Korean or English. You may say you did not have time, but they will still accuse you. If you want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you must learn Korean. Those who don't learn Korean can they enter the original Kingdom of Heaven, or not? Western members, if you don't learn

Korean, you cannot get into heaven! (To Korean national messiahs) Please teach them.

C. The Age of the Cultural Authority of True Love: You must accomplish this.

D. The Age of the Realm of Liberation and Freedom: There will be an environment created in which you can do whatever you want.

E. The Age of God's Direct Dominion. God has no body, so he has to create the Kingdom of Heaven with the children who are his substantial body. That was the first purpose of creation. The second purpose of creation is to create the world of love. Also, God wants to bequeath all his possessions to his children. Whoever is in the realm of absolute dominion will receive the absolute inheritance.

F. The Age of the All-Encompassing Blessing of All Nations: There is no one who does not receive the blessing.

G. The Age of Unifying the Spiritual World and Physical World. When the two worlds become one, then you cannot deceive other people. .The conclusive assignment is the completion of the 3.6 blessing couple Blessing. That is crucial.

IV. The Responsibilities of National Messiahs.

A. Education of children, schools

B. Hospitals. The hospital means the Moksa treatment. All nurses are being trained in this method.

C. Blessing Heads of State and Ambassadors.

D. Planting Trees

E. Agriculture, farming, ranching

F. Fish farming

G. Industrial business.

H. Sending couples to the Blessing to connect with the providence of the Blessing.

I. Tribal messiahs are a necessary foundation for the national messiah. The national messiah will bring couples to the Blessing and educate and support the tribal messiahs under them to bring couples to the blessing in order to qualify as Tribal Messiah and to restore the failure of Jesus.

J. Newspapers (by April 1997). The newspaper is responsible for educating society and the public.

K. The development of Local Reporting. Networks of information gathering for the newspapers. Do you need a newspaper absolutely?

L. Martial Arts Organization. This organization will work to eliminate social ills. You have to first find 33 people. Each department must prepare blessing candidates.

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