The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1997


World Era of Blessed Families (Part 2)

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

This is an excerpt from a sermon given May 4, 1997 at the Belvedere International Training Center, Tarrytown, NY. The interpreter was Mr. Peter Kim

What is the meaning of True Father? True Father means that all the cells are true king cells, the true king cells which represent all the hundreds of billions of cells. What about True Mother? True Mother means the true queen cells which represent the entire existing cells. True Father represents plus and True Mother represents minus. Don't you think that they should have the same direction when they unite? [Father draws on the board] This upper section represents plus and minus centered upon God. The lower section represents plus and minus centered upon True Father and True Mother. When it begins to make a circular movement, it should be centered upon the central meeting point of the vertical and horizontal lines. This is the central point where all the billions and billions of cells become united representing the individual, family, society, nation and world. But if we cut this right hand side in half with the vertical line [indicating to the board], it represents the big plus and the other side the big minus. Once this big plus and minus combine into one, the entire being becomes united. Therefore the circular movement occurs.

When it comes to the meaning of True Parents, we have to trace all the way back to the one cell level. The king plus cell and queen minus cell must become absolutely one. Then from that point on as an individual, and a couple, True Parents should win the victory at each level, the cellular level, individual level, couple level, family level, national level, entire world level, and eventually totally one with God. That is why it is a prerequisite to establishing our Blessed family in order to build the Kingdom of God. Even True Parents have to build the ideal family first. Even if your body takes a certain direction for a particular purpose, your mind knows what is happening. If it is a wrong direction, your mind may say, "you, eyes, why do you look in that direction? You, nose, why do you smell in that direction?" Your mind knows what they are looking and smelling for.

Since you clearly declared that you have understood, then I have the right to erase this from the board. When it comes to completion, I am referring to world level completion and even cosmic level completion. Centering upon what? Centering upon family. Because even the Family Federation is centered upon the family. What kind of family? Whose family? (God's family.) My family. Your family. If there is even one cell among the forty million cells of a Blessed couple that is complaining and demonstrating against you, then you cannot build the original family. At the cosmic level, each family is like one cell representing our body. This means that each family represents all the cosmic families. In your family life, the minds of your family members know which direction is right. If your family is heading in the wrong direction, the minds of your family members should know. If the father and mother are doing something wrong, then the children and other family members should know about it. If the elder brother is doing something wrong, then even the younger brother would know that. Then how can we take care of these problems? Because there is room for these problems to exist, God has given this kind of model: Absolute Faith, Absolute Love, and Absolute Obedience. This should be our daily motto. Our entire family should live centered upon this motto because this is the road that the Family Federation for Cosmic Peace and Unification and the Cosmic Era of Blessed Families are on.

God wanted His creation to become totally united. Therefore He made certain that He created upon the foundation of absolute faith, love and obedience. That was God's aim and target. Everything was focused upon that goal. That was the first concept. The substantial creation is in the position of minus. God's focus, His mental unity was in the position of plus. This was displayed in His creation from the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom and humanity. We can find plus and minus relationships within all of these kingdoms. Since God created on the basis of absolute faith, love and obedience, our life must be centered upon this standard also. As plus and minus, we should uphold the absolute standard. Also, in the relationship between the spiritual and physical worlds, this absolute standard of plus and minus should be there.

The vertical oneness between the spiritual and physical worlds should be manifested in a horizontal way within ourselves. Then we can see plus and minus in a vertical way, and plus and minus in a horizontal way. These two relationships meet at the core center. In this center we can find God, Adam, Eve and the entire creation. Do you understand? Therefore, in order to solve the possible problems that might occur, God gave us this daily motto of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Without strictly following this commandment, our lives will become more complicated.

What does the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil mean? What is it? (Love organ.) Whose organ is it? Woman's sexual organ. Good or evil fruit is dependent upon your partner when it comes to woman. If you have a relationship with the boss of the Mafia then you will produce the son of the Mafia. If you have a relationship with your king, then you will produce a prince. That is why God told Adam and Eve not to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil-woman's sexual organ. How many male figures existed in the Garden of Eden in the beginning? God, Adam, and three archangels. How many female figures were there? One. This was the problem. Originally God and Adam were to become totally united into one. Then Adam was to become one with Eve, the female figure. But instead, Eve became one with one of the archangel figures.

God wanted to take Eve as His bride once she grew and matured enough. But then God also realized that there were four other male figures besides Himself. Therefore, isn't it natural for God to give the warning to Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil? What was it then? That particular fruit meant woman's sexual organ. What kind of warning or commandment did God intend to give? Do you think that God would pay attention to a literal fruit in the Garden of Eden or to Eve's sexual organ?

In the secular world, usually inventions are created by one person and then utilized by others. For example, Great Britain came up with many different inventions but Germany took them and utilized them more than England did. Whoever utilizes and materializes something usually becomes the owner. Even though I may invent something, if you truly take this invention and utilize it more fully than I do, then you can become the owner. Don't you want to see your children become greater than yourself?

The five main figures in the Garden of Eden all paid attention to one particular woman. Therefore, a literal fruit has no place in this story. Even when it comes to Adam, he had to wait until that fruit became ripe. If he should take that fruit before it is ripened that fruit would rot. Therefore, Adam had to wait until God gave him permission to take that fruit. That means that when the fruit of good and evil ripened, God would then enter Adam and dwell within him, becoming totally one, and then take that ripened fruit. That was God's desire. As a big plus, God wanted to meet a big minus and build a relationship of marriage with a big minus as a big plus. Don't you think that God wanted to have this kind of vertical and horizontal explosion through taking His bride in a love relationship? Once that kind of explosion took place in Adam's mind and heart, it would go around in all directions centered upon God. Would that kind of explosion zig-zag or would it explode centered upon God and Adam?

Because absolute settlement should be one vertical settlement, it cannot be swayed. It is centered upon one spot. Without establishing this absolute vertical settlement, there will always be the complications of zig-zagging and swaying in different directions. Without this absolute settlement there is room for free sex. Also incest will occur between grandparents and grandchildren and even mother and son. Far too many complications would occur without this absolute settlement. There is a loss of direction and we see this zig-zagging complicated phenomena taking place in America today. Sexual intercourse complications. Is the world around us a peaceful world centered upon God, or is it all confused? That is what is called free sex. What is the meaning of lesbians and homosexuals? That is the place where all different dungs collect. We have to end that behavior. When this kind of dirty relationship is taking place between human beings, God cannot be happy. That is what the secular world is like. As the lord of all creation, are we seeking that kind of world?

As human beings, we should mobilize our forty billion cells and clean up these dirty places. Would you women want this dirty dung-filled water to be poured over you? What about men, do you want to be soaked in that kind of dirty water? Only Satan and dirty dung-eating dogs go after that. God created human beings and they should stay away from it. There are certain kinds of dogs that go after dung and eat it. Therefore the name of dog (or sometimes "S.O.B.") is used to speak badly of human beings. Those people who love dung-eating dogs must have some problem. Especially American people. If they truly love such dogs, they also become like dung-eating dogs and produce that quality of life. If such dogs are around they smell so bad. Do you want to be close to them or far away? American people want to get away in their minds, but their bodies are still being pulled by these dung-eating dogs. Free sex activity is equivalent to this.

Without the daily motto of absolute faith, love and obedience, even God cannot solve the problems among human beings. That is why God gave us this to follow. This is the first encounter between the king and queen sexual organ cells. [Father points to a diagram on the board] At this meeting point, your mind, body and all forty billion cells are focused, pulled in and poured in there. That is what is known as first love. Based upon first love the entire forty billion cells begin dancing. If you reach that level through your love, then your entire forty billion cells, your blood and body will become harmonized into one. This is total unification. The husband's body belongs to the wife and the wife's body belongs to the husband. God would come to that place of His absolute partnership and become one. Absolute man and absolute woman combine into an absolute couple and then combine with God and make one body. After they become one body with God, then everything belongs to that one body place forever. Forever mine. Centering upon True Love everything becomes mine; American land is mine, everything. All human beings don't have that kind of ambition.

Do you need this concept? (Yes.) You know the meaning. The first love intercourse becomes the unification place. On their wedding night just prior to the first love-making moment between husband and wife, they should ask each other if they have absolute faith in one another. When they ask each other, "Do you absolutely believe in me?" what should be their answer? (Yes.) Do you want to do that also? (Yes.) Don't you want to ask your spouse if he or she absolutely loves you? (Yes.) Then centering upon your absolute love, don't you want to ask your spouse if he or she wants to give you his/her absolute obedience? (Yes.) For the husband, his wife is his absolute love partner. For the wife, her husband is her absolute love partner. You need unification between husband and wife. That is why the name Unification Church emerged. Then is the name Unification Church good or bad?

Once you reach the level of absolute unification between husband and wife, based upon absolute faith, love and obedience, then you will have the right to ask God if He wants to have absolute faith in you. God will then come and bow to you and say, "Yes my son/daughter, I will have absolute faith in you." Then you may reply, "What about absolute love and obedience, will you offer these to me?" Then God will bow His head and give you that. No matter how high God is, He absolutely needs His absolute love partner. As soon as God recognizes you as His absolute partner, He will come and embrace you and never let you go. God exists in eternity. Within God you will have eternity as well, because you will become one with God centered upon love. That means you will become the owner of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, in oneness with God. By doing so, we can achieve the world of eternal peace and unification.

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