The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1997


World Era of Blessed Families

This is an excerpt from a sermon given May 4, 1997 at the Belvedere International Training Center, Tarrytown, NY. The interpreter was Mr. Peter Kim.

Even if you establish a couple, if you do not produce children then you have not formed a Blessed family. Therefore, it is important that we understand the term "Blessed family," not just Blessed couple. In a family there should be grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren.

Ordinarily, secular people do not have an understanding of "cosmos." This is like our own unique term. The cosmos includes the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven, both worlds. It means the unification of these two worlds. Since people do not understand the term cosmos Father uses the word segye or world. Internally we should understand the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification to mean the Family Federation for Cosmic Peace and Unification, the Cosmic Era of Blessed Families. This particular title has recently been given to you.

The Family Federation for Cosmic Peace and Unification includes within it the meaning of the entire Unification Church down to the individual. The individual is included here, unification is included here and the church is included here. Centering upon the individual, what is subject? (The mind.) When you have to apply yourself as an individual to this particular title, where do you belong? Cosmos? Peace? Unification? or Family Federation? Where? (Family.) "I" can be interpreted as the representative of the whole. Therefore, I can say that I represent the entire cosmos; I represent unification; I represent family federation; I represent the cosmic era. I represent the movement of the Blessed family as an individual. In terms of value, they are equal. Subject and object, plus and minus relationship is of equal value.

"I" can represent the cosmos, peace, unification and even God, and the Kingdom of Heaven on the Earth as well as in Heaven. Do you follow? What about your eyes? This eye may represent me. Even your nose can represent you. Your ear, mouth, hand, foot and even a small cell in your arm can represent you, a human being as a whole. Man's sexual organ can represent all men. You can represent the universe. In love, what is it that comes together in order to create love? (Male and female sexual organs.) Man as a big plus and woman as a big minus [Father draws a diagram on the board]. The is the meeting point between husband and wife as a small plus and a small minus. This is big, as a whole man (a big plus); as a whole woman (a big minus) [indicating to the diagram], but when they make love, the small plus and small minus come together and become one. In this you have your limbs and billions of cells. But here [indicating to the board] this is smaller. This particular organ represents the entire cells and organs of yourself. When you make love don't you think that the cells in your body become active? (Yes.) Everything in your body works toward one goal. That is what we call unification. That is where plus and minus combine together and peace is created. As a whole, when this phenomena occurs, the base for a family is established. The extension of this is the world which we refer to as man's world and woman's world. It extends further to the cosmic level. [Father continues to draw on the board] This is the very beginning point to build the Kingdom of God on Earth. That is why love is so precious.

Please remember that there is only one vertical line. There is just one central point, never two. The horizontal and vertical lines should be perpendicular. Centering on that central point, if this vertical and horizontal line begin to move around in a circular motion, then the entire universe will begin to revolve. In that center, we can find God, as well as the family of God; family of nation, family of world, family of the cosmos. That center represents everything that we can imagine. We should understand this concept clearly. No matter how small a woman may be, she should have confidence that she is the representative of the entire female world. The same is true for men. You can even think that you represent your grandmother and all your ancestors. As a woman, you represent all the mothers who went before you as well as all the wives in your time period. You should also think that you, as a woman, represent all the elder and younger sisters in the world. Any woman has a lineage. If we were able to pull her lineage out from her, don't you think that all the female ancestors would be pulled out? Stretching like a rubber band, they are not disconnected, but rather part of the same line. In our mind, we should desire to become the representative of the entire humanity and entire world. We should desire to become a queen of queens, grandmother, mother, wife, daughter, sister, the representative of all female figures.

You ugly men have the same feeling, don't you? If Father were to pull your lineage line out like a rubber band, then your father, grandfather, great grandfather, all the way back to Adam would be pulled out also.

You are the representatives of all the male and female figures throughout history. If God comes down here and sees what is happening, do you think that He would be happy to see only one tribal lineage or the lineage all the way back to Adam and Eve? (All the way back.) If you want to provide the road upon which God will travel, would you like to offer your lineage zig-zagging all the way to Adam, or a straight super highway lineage back to Adam? (straight super highway.) If you want to do that, then you have to make sure that you become a good enough representative so that your entire ancestry will support you in one line! You should not live your life in a zig-zag fashion. Once you build this super highway it should be straight and wide all the way to the end. It should not be both wide and narrow. Because of the fall of man, this road is sometimes upside down and really narrow in places so that one cannot pass.

Within our teaching we use the term "individual truth body." Within our body there are over forty billion cells. If all of these forty billion cells individually insist on being the better one and insist on doing whatever they wish, can we exist as a human being? (No.) If the cells in your eyes and nose or ears and mouth begin to insist that each is better than the other, or insist on their own way, we would have trouble. If all forty billion cells claim to be the best then where can you find that kind of cell? Love organ cell. Repeat after me, love organ cell. (Love organ cell.) Wow! People might claim the Unification Church to be heretical because Reverend Moon often speaks about sexual organs, but in reality, we are not heretics. Do you feel this is real? (Yes.) If you truly understand and believe in my message, don't you think that the cells in your sexual organ will give a loud "mansei"? Or will they feel ashamed? (MANSEI! ) Even among the sexual organ cells there are plus and minus sexual organ cells. Which one is the mainstream cell among them? (Plus.) If there are only plus cells then there would be no continuation. [Laughter] The plus cells in your sexual organ should be able to say, well my representative is the minus cell. Likewise, the minus cells should claim the plus cells as their representative.

In other words, the plus cells in your sexual organ should claim that they are living for the minus cells; that it is their ultimate goal to meet with the minus cells. The minus cells should claim the same thing toward the plus cells. Once this desire from the plus and minus cells come together and become totally one, then as a combined being they will explode like a rocket. They become so powerful because they want to occupy the love center, which is God. The power of love is like that. With regard to the representative cells, do you think that two minus cells would come to be united with one plus cell or would there be only one partner? (Only one.) Yes, only one plus and one minus, not two. One partner means an absolute, unchanging being. Love concept has that kind of content.

Even this cosmic era of the Blessed family concept includes all the explanations which I have just given to you. Also, the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification is included here. Now Father wants to pose a question to you. Up until this point, have we been seeking this one-to-one cell love life, such as the one plus and one minus sexual organ cells have? Or have we deviated and entertained different thoughts? Which is it, all the way straight or not? Our way must be the one way and the highway course; only one cell to one cell. Suppose there is one plus cell and ten minus cells appear, will you welcome them or reject them? (Reject.) Among all of these billions of cells within our sexual organ, there should be a king figure plus cell and queen figure minus cell truly centered upon God. But has our life really been supporting, strengthening and widening this super highway or have we deviated and held back? This is the question we need to ask ourselves. Suppose there is one plus king cell and ten minus queen cells appear. As only one, you cannot deal with them. In order to deal with them, you would have to have ten sets of eyes, ten sets of ears, ten noses. It is too complicated. Absolute unification can never occur under these circumstances. Do you understand?

Have you Blessed couples been living your lives up to the standard, this king and queen cell standard? Or have you lived your lives like shrimps caught in a shrimp net, helpless and unable to do anything? What kind of life experiences have you had up until this point? Do you understand what I am trying to say? This net, a woman's net, exists in order to catch a man. There is also a man's net which exists to catch a woman. You end up like shrimp caught in the fishing net. I will elaborate upon my question to you a little more. Have you been caught in one of these nets and had your activities limited because of this? Or have you been totally free from these nets and lived your lives as king and queen cells, becoming united and exploding like thunder and lightening or shooting like a rocket? What kind of life have you lived up until this point? The life of the fish net or the life of the rocket? (Rocket.) If you pull the shrimp net up, there are usually many dead shrimp found in it. Some are alive, but are weak. Similarly, how miserable people are in the world because of these nets. Even though this handsome gentleman's hair is very ugly [indicating to a member of the audience], still his hair desires to live a king and queen cell life. Don't you think that the hair would think that way? (Yes.)

If all the forty billion cells in your body were to complain against you, what would be your destination, Heaven or Hell? (Hell.) The bottom of Hell. Do you feel real? The dividing line between Heaven and Hell is within the sexual organ. The sexual organ is the most fearful and also the most precious place. If you follow the king and queen cell road then that will lead to the most precious place. Do you want to find the most fearful or the most precious place? (Precious.) Those who are willing to follow this most precious way, the king and queen cell way of life, show your hands to Father. The world around us is filled with free sex advocators. Do we find anyone like you out in the secular world? (No.) Do you have confidence in that? (Yes.) Thumb up or thumb down? (thumb up.) Up until this point there may have been some zig-zag lines caused by wrong doings in the past. But from this time on, since I proclaimed the Cosmic Era of Blessed Families, we have to straighten everything out.

What is the meaning of True Father? What does it mean to you? True Father means that all the cells are true king cells, the true king cells which represent all the hundreds of billions of cells. What about True Mother? True Mother means the true queen cells which represent the entire existing cells. True Father represents plus and True Mother represents minus. Don't you think that they should have the same direction when they unite? (Yes.) [Father draws on the board] This upper section represents plus and minus centered upon God. The lower section represents plus and minus centered upon True Father and True Mother. When it begins to make a circular movement, it should be centered upon the central meeting point of the vertical and horizontal lines. This is the central point where all the billions and billions of cells become united representing the individual, family, society, nation and world. But if we cut this right hand side in half with the vertical line [indicating to the board], it represents the big plus and the other side the big minus. Once this big plus and minus combine into one, the entire being becomes united. Therefore the circular movement occurs.

When it comes to the meaning of True Parents, we have to trace all the way back to the one cell level. The king plus cell and queen minus cell must become absolutely one. Then from that point on as an individual, and a couple, True Parents should win the victory at each level, the cellular level, individual level, couple level, family level, national level, entire world level, and eventually totally one with God. That is why it is a prerequisite to establishing our Blessed family in order to build the Kingdom of God. Even True Parents have to build the ideal family first. Even if your body takes a certain direction for a particular purpose, your mind knows what is happening. If it is a wrong direction, your mind may say, "you, eyes, why do you look in that direction? You, nose, why do you smell in that direction?" Your mind knows what they are looking and smelling for. Is this not true? (Yes.)

Since you clearly declared that you have understood, then I have the right to erase this from the board. When it comes to completion, I am referring to world level completion and even cosmic level completion. Centering upon what? Centering upon family. Because even the Family Federation is centered upon the family. What kind of family? Whose family? (God's family.) My family. Your family. If there is even one cell among the forty million cells of a Blessed couple that is complaining and demonstrating against you, then you cannot build the original family. At the cosmic level, each family is like one cell representing our body. This means that each family represents all the cosmic families. In your family life, the minds of your family members know which direction is right. If your family is heading in the wrong direction, the minds of your family members should know. If the father and mother are doing something wrong, then the children and other family members should know about it. If the elder brother is doing something wrong, then even the younger brother would know that. Then how can we take care of these problems? Because there is room for these problems to exist, God has given this kind of model: Absolute Faith, Absolute Love, and Absolute Obedience. This should be our daily motto. Our entire family should live centered upon this motto because this is the road that the Family Federation for Cosmic Peace and Unification and the Cosmic Era of Blessed Families are on.

God wanted His creation to become totally united. Therefore He made certain that He created upon the foundation of absolute faith, love and obedience. That was God's aim and target. Everything was focused upon that goal. That was the first concept. The substantial creation is in the position of minus. God's focus, His mental unity was in the position of plus. This was displayed in His creation from the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom and humanity. We can find plus and minus relationships within all of these kingdoms. Since God created on the basis of absolute faith, love and obedience, our life must be centered upon this standard also. As plus and minus, we should uphold the absolute standard. Also, in the relationship between the spiritual and physical worlds, this absolute standard of plus and minus should be there.

The vertical oneness between the spiritual and physical worlds should be manifested in a horizontal way within ourselves. Then we can see plus and minus in a vertical way, and plus and minus in a horizontal way. These two relationships meet at the core center. In this center we can find God, Adam, Eve and the entire creation. Do you understand? Therefore, in order to solve the possible problems that might occur, God gave us this daily motto of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Without strictly following this commandment, our lives will become more complicated.

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