The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1997

The 14th Day of Victory of Love

Sun Myung Moon
January 2, 1997
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han January 23, 2012

You should know that True Parents' Holy Wedding and the Blessing of families in the Unification Church did not happen by chance. Blessing means "conversion of blood lineage." Then who converts the blood lineage? The Parents have to do it.

Due to the Fall, a Fallen Eve came into being and the son of Fallen Eve came into being. There is a Cain world. There is a Cain world but there is no Abel world. There was a mother, father and son of the Cain world but for the Abel world, there is no mother, son or father. The issue is how we can convert this.

In order for Abel to stand, there must be a mother. In order for there to be a mother, there must be a father. That is why there is something called the Second Coming. Why is the Second Coming needed on this earth? He has to appoint the mother on this earth, join together the Abel children, save the Cain children and cut Satan off from the Cain world.

When going into the kingdom of heaven, we need to go in single file through a single lineage. Who goes to the kingdom of heaven first? Adam goes first. Adam goes in with his family. Adam's clan enters, then Adam's people, Adam's nation and Adam's world. That is why the Abel family must be appointed. This is the messianic thought.

Immediately after the Second World War, England, America and France united. From the time of the Fall until now, Cain and Abel have been appointed, and England, America and France were appointed as the representative bride-type nations. Through the victory of England, America and France, the Cain-type world was conquered on a national level and an Abel-type world form was made. The Second World War was when the Christian cultural realm became one in flesh and spirit and united the world centering on God.

If oneness with the Messiah had been achieved on top of this unified foundation, it would have been the end. The coming Messiah comes in the position of a parent. When the fight happens, God and Jesus must attain the authority of the victorious owner. With that authority, God and Jesus are to become one with that nation and convert the lineage. This is the final conclusion of the world of restoration.

When we look at the victorious, unified, allied nations of England, America and France, which of these nations is the center? America is the center. America is in the position of the prince of the world of the unified cultural realm that was achieved after the Second World War. In the position of the first son, America has to deal with the rest of the nations of the world as younger-sibling nations. It is possible for the first son to give orders to his younger siblings. The first son is in the highest position, where he can even give orders to his mother. What does the first son need to do on behalf of his mother and siblings? He needs to receive the Coming Lord.

Why does he need to receive the Lord? Christianity is the bride nation. The Lord is the center of Catholicism and the center of Protestantism. Up until now, Jesus was the center but now the Coming Lord, the Returning Lord, is the center. The Returning Lord does not come in the position of the son but as the parent. Christianity does not know this. What does the Returning Lord come as? He comes as the parent.

From this point of view, Christianity, which has represented the realm of the bride historically, has failed. Because Christianity failed, Teacher [referring to True Father] abandoned England, America and France, and took Japan, Germany and Italy instead. Japan, Germany and Italy stand in the position of Satan's absolute property. They are the nations that Satan loves the most. However, since Satan took England, America and France, he could not keep both. Therefore, God was forced to take Japan, Germany and Italy and surrender England, America and France to Satan.

The Returning Lord had no condition to cling onto the earth unless he abandoned the mother nation [referring to England] that had throughout her history shed blood centering on the one and only God, and instead appointed Japan, a nation of a vulgar religion that serves evil spirits, as the mother nation. You need to know this clearly. This path goes all the way to the Day of Victory of Love. Without becoming a four-position-foundation offering together with his son [referring to Heung Jin Nim], there was no way for the Returning Lord to pass over the realm of dominion based on results.

Listen. When Heung Jin died, he was wandering around the point of death. He was in a comatose state, so he would die if we took his oxygen mask off [in the hospital]. He went to a point where the doctor evaluated that there was no hope for him no matter how you looked at the situation. So there was Heung Jin, and at one side of him there was Satan and at the other side of him were True Mother, True Father and God. Until his breathing stopped, he was on heaven's side, so we had to deal with everything before he died. I had to take his oxygen mask off with my own hand. Mother had to see me do it.

At that place, we could not shed even a few tears of grief. We were not to have any lingering attachment to the offering. We were saying, "You must become an offering and go the way of God's will." We could not allow ourselves to feel even the tiniest amount of sadness in our hearts, and we could not allow tears to come forward. In other words, we couldn't let human sentiment come in the way. Heavenly sentiment had to be at the forefront.

Even when God shed tears, I had to say, "God, please don't," in order to comfort God. If I shed tears to comfort God, that could be forgiven. If I shed my own tears, then I could not stand as an offering. That was the place I went to. These are not just words. They are facts. I prepared for several days beforehand. That was the Unification Ceremony. I had to set conditions through which I could say, "You have now become one with your father. You have become one in heart through your life."

Heung Jin, as the second son of this family, is the first target of Satan's attack. I know this. The world would crumble unless the father took responsibility to establish the substance of a victorious dominance, passing all these conditions. Think of how serious the situation was. My son's dying was not even the issue. I could not even think about it. I was at a point that would determine whether heaven and earth would melt away or not.

In such a place, how could I think of the matter as something concerning my own child and go to him with tears in my eyes? That was my attitude. That was the attitude I had to possess. I could not do so alone. God had to follow me and Mother had to follow me. We had to enter the sole of death.

I had to see death, but turn around and comfort God. Mother also had to turn around and advise me, "Father! You must not be sad." Moreover, Father had to say, "God! You must not be sad." There needed to be that place of unification. That is why it was called the Unification Ceremony.

Heung Jin himself had to be put into such a unified place as a living offering. In other words, it was a place where Mother had a singular mind, Father had a singular mind and God had a singular mind. At this point, it is just the determination of the mind; there is no foundation of love. From that sole, a place where we could weep loudly, we had to stand up and create the love territory for the un-Fallen Eve to receive the Blessing.

I had to love her [referring to True Mother] instead of my son, and instead of God loving my son, Father and Mother had to attain oneness. With our dead son in front of us, we had to go beyond the realm of death and plant the way of the love of Adam and Eve consummating their marriage, where Adam and Eve do not even know about the Fall. We were in such a dumbfounding position, but we had no choice.

How could such a thing be possible? Mother could not shed tears in front of Father. Imagine how aghast she must have been. She had to pass that place. If she did not, the Unification Ceremony would break apart. The foothold of love stands above that, so Satan cannot invade there. This becomes the realm of rebirth. So it is because this factual substance of defeating death was presented that the words Day of Victory of Love came out. You understand this now, right?

Your families need to have even greater love. Through daily training, you have to find a place where you can form the tradition, starting from the bottom. You have to know that if you do not do so, you will have no path of happiness, no path of hope through which you can freely travel the ideal of love in this universe. You will have no way to explain the love of the Day of Victory of Love.

Mother, Father, Heung Jin and God became one and won. The dominance of God's ideal of creation was shown. It started from God to Father, Mother and up to Heung Jin. In this way, Heung Jin went as a living offering that could guide Jesus and the spirit world. He went as a fully dead offering. A dead offering can have complete dominion over the spirit world that receives benefits, so Heung Jin died in the position of Jesus' elder brother. Therefore, we prepared victorious territory on which people in the spirit world could marry people in the physical world.

You should work to prepare the territory of the familial ideal of love, centering on the attitude that you will firmly plant the roots of proper love at the sole of your heart with the corpses of three generations of your ancestors and three generations of your sons and daughters in front of you. This is the path that Blessed Families must go and the traditional path that Teacher established. You should understand the fact that you must go this way.

It is a serious matter. So you must not shed tears. An offering! When Abraham offered Isaac, do you think he shed tears? No. Before thinking of his son, he had to stand in the position of the head priest for the sake of liberating heaven. You are becoming the high priests of love. I have to put you in the positions of high priests as parents of the familial tradition. No one can get you out of this. God can't get you out of it, True Parents can't get you out of it, and even Satan cannot get you out of it. That's why it's the Day of Victory of Love. It means that only love will win.

You need to know that you have sacrificed numerous people as offerings in order for you to get to where you are now. You need to know that your flower needs to bloom, you need to put out your fragrance, and you need to have fruit with which you can attend the heavenly angels and God himself. There is not even one of you qualified to look at Teacher with your own eyes. Not even one of you can look at me face-to-face and call me "Father" or "Parent." I would not attend God in such a fashion.

Now the Day of Victory of Love must become your Day of Victory of Love. It is an inevitable conclusion in the course of the providence of restoration that you have the responsibility to establish the proper tradition and stand in a position relative to the nucleus. You must enter the center and connect your clan and relatives at all 360 degrees around you in order to connect the Korean people through your own clan. In other words, you need to become a representative of Father.

On the Day of Victory of Love, you must plant the proper love together with God by going lower than death, lower than the corpse in front of you. If you do not do this, then your sons and daughters who died cannot pave the way to cross to a kingdom of heaven of liberation. That is why the Seunghwa Ceremony is possible through the Day of Victory of Love. It means that the blessing is given on the earth before the spirit goes to the spirit world. What do you think now that you have heard these things? Have you become serious?

How serious a world is Teacher's world? I talk about my bones crying and about my bone marrow crying, but you never hear such things in the world. People do talk about feeling pain in their bone marrow. You need to remember the fact that you cannot erase flaws of the Fall without going through the place where your bone marrow cries, your bones cry, your flesh cries and all your senses cry.

Because we sent Heung Jin as a living offering on the Day of Victory of Love, a bridge was formed. It is a bridge to the heavenly world centering on love and centering on the family background, so even Jesus has to follow Heung Jin. He has to go through the bridge of the family, right? Heung Jin is the one and only child of True Parents who went to the heavenly world as a victorious offering after receiving True Parents' love. Therefore, he is able to govern the heavenly world with full authority.

When he went to the spirit world, he realized that he wasn't anything. He would have become someone that had died in a foreign land if I had not held this kind of ceremony before his life had ended. However, because I had set all the necessary conditions before his death, I could intervene even after his death. That is why we can perform Seunghwa Ceremonies. When people who believe in the Unification Church truly become one as three generations and perform the Seunghwa Ceremony, there is a way through which even sinners can be forgiven. Do you understand the meaning of the Day of Victory of Love?

OK, as we look forward to the hopeful world of unification of tomorrow, the kingdom of heaven on earth, you need to know how valuable it is for us to remember days like the Day of Victory of Love. Think about how you can become internally connected so that you can become part of this day's root. Please do not live thoughtlessly. Connect to the root through making relative ties or master-servant relationships, or your way to the heavenly nation will be blocked. You need to know this well. This is the conclusion. Please don't forget this day and the words I have given to you today. 

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