The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1997


Cutting Off Satan’s Lineage, Which Is The Origin of this Most Evil World

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 1, 1997

While growing in the physical world, we need parental love. If the parental love is incomplete, we will grow to maturity. Restoration begins from true parental love, and it is elevated by stages.

If the fall had not happened, a true man and woman each representing God would have stood at the center of each level. Unfallen Adam’s family would have been the center of every level reaching the world. On each level, they would have been the public center. In the family, parents. In the village, the mayor. The center serves as the bridge through which the entire group reaches the higher level. That’s how we progress.

The teaching here is that the individual sacrifice for the family, the family for the tribe, and so on.

These are the last days. God cannot wait another 2000 years. He wants to bring restoration and purification around the world at once.

From now on, Father is launching this new campaign. All people from the womb forward in age, drink the holy wine to be restored. If it is not done, Satan can interfere with your family for seven generations.

The Holy Wine Ceremony, therefore, is so precious and fearful. It is the turning point dividing the paths to heaven and to hell.

The unity of mind and body defines a heavenly person. Selfishness brings disunity of mind and body. The body controls the mind, leading the person into the world of free sex.

The Blessing is the key to open the physical world and spirit world. As Father has conducted the Blessing in the physical world, he has also done so in the spirit world.

First Father blessed his own immediate relatives. Then he brought the Blessing to the Christian realm centering on Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim.

Beyond the third Adam’s course, there is no indemnity and we will be in the realm of the fourth Adam. All families are in the condition of Adam’s family in the garden.

Father will be able to embrace and bless all families and bring them into the Garden by the year 2000. Moses was 80 when he brought the Israelites out of Egypt. We are on the world level now.

Let us complete the 360 million couples blessing by end of May 1998. That is six months away. We will celebrate it in 3 locations.

The entire world will be watching and the world will be eager to join in. The world will recognize the value of blessed couples. The whole world will respect, follow and resemble blessed couples.

360 Million Couples equal 720 million adults. If we connect 4 relatives on the wife’s side and 4 more on the husband's side, plus children, the total is 3 billion, which is over half the world population.

When we reach this level, we will build a world tribe, world nation and true world.

Rebirth by holy wine is the formation stage. The growth stage is the restoration process. The completion stage is the eternal life.

There are 3 levels of Blessing for Unification Church members, church, nation and world blessing. The world level is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. We progress by investing and forgetting.

In the near future, we do not need any prayer. Instead of praying, read and study Father’s life long victorious record which is recorded in Father’s speeches. Follow Father’s standard of love with absolute faith, love and obedience.

You can cut off Satan's blood lineage day and night, wherever you may be, by giving the Blessing. (Always prepare and carry holy wine)

Establish the three generations of goodness in your family. Then we can climb up the ladder and create one world under God. This true family is the world of microcosm, in which all are equal. Without this we will not be able to make any progress in spirit world. If we achieve this, we can call our ancestors up to our level in the spirit world.

When Father takes a tour of spirit world, where will we go? We will face Father, but what if you are in chains and you cannot go to Father? You may not be able to reach Father. You will be ashamed that on earth you did not work with Father more actively. Father will not be able to liberate you there; if he tried to he would be violating his own teachings.

The most evil thing is Satan's lineage. It brings the separation of mind and body, man and woman, parents and children. Once we clean up Satan's blood lineage, this is how the new world is born.

We recite Pledge #5. This means that everyday, we bring the 360 million couples blessing. So, don’t be separated from True Parents. Drop the baggage you are carrying from the satanic world.

Just wear gym shoes. When you arrive in the new world, everything is there for you, waiting. There are no boundaries. You can have a big house, land, a hundred cows.

Study God’s words. One compact disk can contain 500 volumes of Father’s words. You can carry a library in your pocket. Father’s talk today can be sent to the world today, by Internet. This will surpass the interest people have in politicians. The physical world and the spirit world will be full of Father’s words. Even in bed you can hear Father’s words. Father knows the Internet. If it had a desire, what would it like to transmit? True love, not cheap messages. Headquarters can transmit a daily Principle exam to the world by Internet. The computer also can grade the exams, checking for the presence of the key words. The present-day school system will be outmoded. This will be a project of the University Federation for World Peace.

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