The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1997


Blessing Prayer & Proclamation of the Blessing

Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon Officiators
Blessing 97
RFK Stadium
Washington, DC United States Of America
November 29, 1997

Our most beloved Heavenly Father!

Today, November 29, 1997, we have gathered at RFK Stadium in Washington, DC. We are deeply grateful that we could hold this 3.6 Million and 36 Million Couples Blessing with you, Heavenly Father, our Creator!

Dear God, we thank you that we could bring these couples together in a bond of true love with true parents in our hearts. Thank you for allowing us to have this Blessing ceremony. Here we can establish a new beginning by bequeathing the blood lineage of true parental love.

This place is the focus of the whole world: the nations represented by these chosen men and women and the entire spirit world. We are truly, truly, truly grateful that you have given your permission for this Blessing of Marriage to be held at this place. Heaven and Earth are in harmony here, and through the True Parents these true children can inherit God's family tradition.

We recall the history of humankind. We know that the first ancestors made a mistake of one moment, which gave birth to billions of sorrowful years witnessed by you, the Parent of Heaven. We also know that to reverse that mistake, saints and sages have walked the path of suffering, sacrifice and offering, leaving behind a history of woe.

Father, you sacrificially forgave the world, beginning with the family that violated Heaven's will. You unfolded the providence of salvation and promised in the Old Testament that you would send the Messiah to the Earth. The Messiah comes in the position of the second Adam, to fulfill what the first Adam's family left unfulfilled in the original Garden of Eden. The second Adam was to become True Parents by establishing true love, a true married couple, and a true family which could connect the descendants of Adam's family to God's blood lineage. This was to have been done by establishing the bond of blood by which the parents representing Heaven and the parents representing Earth could unite, centering on true love.

Jesus Christ came as the Messiah, as the second Adam, to fulfill the mission of True Parents. However, because the people did not unite with him and care for him, the mission was left unfulfilled. Although Jesus is the Messiah, he did not complete the responsibility of True Parents and did not establish a family to extend the messianic mission to the nation and the world. He had to take up the cross, leaving behind his promise to return.

God promised to send the third Adam, the Second Coming of the Lord. He comes to restore the 2,000 year history in which humankind failed to perfect the family and nation worldwide. Beginning from the position of perfected third Adam and standing in the position of the True Parents, I have formed the history of blessed families, centering on you, Heavenly Father and True Parents. This is so that we might inherit again the tradition of the heavenly blood lineage.

Today, 39.6 million couples are gathered to receive the Blessing. This is a time of glory for Heaven, pride for Earth, and liberation for humankind. We are grateful for this. Through the Blessing of marriage, Heaven and Earth are able to dwell together on Earth. Through this ceremony, God is able to establish the realm of the Sabbath on Earth and personally dwell directly with us. Also, through this ceremony, the world of angels and the world of saints and sages can dwell on Earth.

Through this, all families of the world are empowered to become your tribe by weaving together, one family after another. In this way, they are able to establish the one family and return joy to Heaven by cutting off Satan's blood lineage. We are truly grateful for your permission to have this eternal moment.

Now, by completing 39.6 million couples on Earth, and by being liberated through the grace of the Blessing, we cross the final battle line at which you can allow the Blessing, which Adam's family failed to bestow, to be given to all humankind.

Please, Heavenly Father, take direct dominion over everything from this moment on, as we press forward toward the final goal. I beg you to establish your reign of goodness. Reign from the position of both right and left, with Heaven's dominion and realm of victory at the center. Engage the entire cosmos to complete the purpose of creation.

We are grateful to carry out your will by holding the 39.6 million couple Blessing today. We have passed the turning point in the completion stage of the 3.6 million couples, having moved through the formation stage of 30,000 couples and the growth stage of 360,000 couples. Now, having blessed 36 million couples, we stand at the midpoint of the course leading to the level ground of 360 million couples. Please give your blessing upon this Ceremony, as it marks the halfway point of the final course. Please allow your endless love, heavenly tradition and blood lineage to link to all of the brides and grooms gathered here. Bless them please, so that they may become ancestors who can be truly proud for eternity.

Father, I bless these couples and offer you this sacred ceremony. I ask you please to receive this offering. Thank you very much. I bless these couples in the name of True Parents.

Amen! Amen! Amen!

Proclamation Of The Blessing

God our Father! You are the origin of all things in the universe and the source of true love. Today, together with the True Parents, you are connected from this RFK Stadium to the entire world. Through the Holy Blessing, these 3.6 million and 36 million couples want to create true God-centered families which can live eternally as models of true love. Heavenly Father, please come and personally direct this ceremony and bestow your eternal blessing of true love. Amen. Amen. Amen.


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