The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1997


Farewell Remarks

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Translation: Rev. Peter Kim
Unofficial Notes: Tyler Hendricks
Washington Hilton and Towers
Nov. 29, 1997

Some of you probably are seeing me for the first time, and had heard that I am a monster with horns. But as you look at me, you see I am a handsome man. You may not think I am handsome, but God thinks I am. Therefore He gives me a mission to deal with the world's problems. The organizations' representatives gave me gifts, and as you remember, our goal was 39.6 million couples, but we reached 70 million. This was by God.

In reality, there is no difference between you and me. The only difference may be that I have a direct connection to God. There have been many historians and leaders, none of whom have been successful. But if we connect to God, we can solve all the world's problems. And yet, have you seen God?

We all have love, life, conscience, and sperm or egg within us to bequeath our lineage. Have you seen any of these things? We have them, but don't see them. Where is God? How can we ask that, if we cannot see these other things but know they exist? What is God? He is the origin of love, of life and of lineage. The origin of the conscience is God, too. To find God, we must pour out every ounce of our life, love, conscience for others. Then we find God.


The purpose of religion is to find God, so religious people should be sacrificial, living for others. Why? It is because you cannot feel your own life, love lineage and conscience, and if you enjoy these by yourself, people consider you crazy. It is only in relation to your partner, that you encounter these hidden essences. In fact, they will emerge and explode with you both together. Then you become one, uniting together. You can explode and become one with your partner. You need them all mobilized in order to become one with your partner.

Will your love, life, lineage and conscience demand that your partner give their love, life, lineage and conscience to you, or will they leap out to your partner, rushing forward head first? Have you experienced that? They rush forward all together and your partner cannot resist. Amen. Once you experience these things in God, then you will always be hanging around God, glued to Him. You will have no choice in this.

The root of love, life, lineage and conscience is our parents, and our ultimate parent is God. On that point, we can be united. Even Adam and Eve will be totally united with us. I am the fruit of all the unification of my parents and ancestors. If I unite with God, then they all and the universe will follow me. Beginning with God and Adam and Eve, all the saints and sages are here. This is Godism. Godism is that God teaches us how to unify man and woman as such. Through what can we unite them? Through Godism. That is the teaching of Godism.

Do husband and wife want to be united, not separated? [Yes.] It is the same for parents and children. Once we are truly united with God, nothing can separate us as husband and wife, parents and children. Such an ideal couple goes to the Kingdom of God on Earth and Heaven. Godism is the way of the Garden of Eden with no fall.

Created for Our Partner

The worst disease is to not know God. The symptom of this disease is communism, humanism, the common liberal thinking. What is the medicine to cure this? Knowledge? Money? Power? God does not need these. What does God need? God has life, love, lineage and conscience which He cannot activate by Himself. He needs the love partner to help Him activate this force. Is the partner a monkey? Is it material?

Why are we born? Man is born for women, and woman for man. No one disagrees with this, because this is God's teaching. Universal law takes away those who disagree. Homosexuality is a problem bigger than war because its universal practice will destroy humankind in a generation.

Man and woman have nothing belonging to themselves. To whom do the woman's breasts belong? To the children. Women usually have well-developed hips and they shake them. These hips exist for the sake of their children and future generations, so that your baby in the womb will have a comfortable life there. Your womb belongs to your children.

Your face's soft skin is liked by your husband, not yourself. Also the unique organ that man doesn't have is for your husband. What is your own? Everything is there for your husband, vertically, and looked at horizontally everything is for your children. Do you menstruate for yourself, because you enjoy doing that once a month? It is so you can change your blood, and replace it with new blood. So, a woman who tries to live cut off from others will perish.

You all need your nation. A nation is born not on the basis of individuals but of families. Without Americans understanding that their nation was born on the foundation of families, this great nation will perish.

Then who owns your sexual organ? Your spouse. If anyone disagrees, show you hands and I will ask you a question. No hands. It means you all are brainwashed by Rev. Moon. Do you feel bad or good? There is only one key to your sexual organ. It is owned by your absolute, unchanging and eternal spouse.

The Human Condition

We all are broken machines, no matter how handsome we may be. God never found an ideal man, therefore, no ideal family or nation exists yet. The fall resulted in the loss of God's family and nation. If there is Satan, will he want what God and human beings want most? He will go after the treasure most valuable to God and human beings. What is it? It is God's love and human love.

The origin of God's absolute love and human love should be one point. Absolute and absolute meet at one point. The Bible calls Satan the father of fallen man. and king of the fallen world. He took everything from God; God has no possessions. What did God lose? Love.

Human beings lose love because we have two fathers. We have the wrong lineage. Lineage is the line which comes through life and love. We inherited false life and love, hence we inherited false lineage. If Adam and Eve had committed some crime other than the misuse of love, God could have married them first, then sent them out.

God lost His beloved son and daughter. The fruit is a symbol. They fell as youths. Therefore, immorality has spread all over the world among young people. This is the family of Adam all over the world, full of free sex and homosexuality. If you follow this, your country will be doomed to perish. If the first love is lost, all kinds of social crimes result.

All of us desire to reach the top. It has never been fulfilled. Have you seen free sex animals or homosexuals? This is a warning. Man's symbol belongs to his wife. If you misuse it, your are a thief. God is absolute love, absolute sex. This is Godism; it is the eternal reality. If you really understand this, then your trip here was well worth it. Without this, all the conferences are not worth anything.

Headwing Unites Left and Right

The second thought is Headwing ideology, which unites left and right. God should have been on right, but fall pushed Him to the left hand side. Adam and Eve went left instead of right. Cain was left and Abel right. So God hated Cain, although He originally wanted to work through the first son. God fell to the bottom and worked through second son.

The division of left and right in the modern world started from Jesus' crucifixion. The right hand thief was the first to go into paradise. Rev. Moon has fought communism, not to kill them but to unite them. Also he is working to uplift America, so that America can overcome communism and its residue. Communism influenced Christianity. Christianity should be the bride's position. Democracy is to show humankind the right way, centering on God through the Messiah. The right way is through good parenting, through all people having a parental heart toward others.

Developed countries must embrace the undeveloped countries. If I had been received after World War II, then the human race would be in good shape now. But Christianity rejected Rev. Moon.

Headwing will unite and lead the world. The base is our families. To take back what we lost and restore the youth. Centering on Godism and Headwing, Rev. Moon has been working his entire life to restore the true family and change the blood lineage from Satan to God. We have to reverse it. To practice Godism, invest and forget about yourself, just as God did when He created humankind. If you lose your life, you will be saved. Invest everything to recreate yourself. This is greater than a parents' love for their children.

To sacrifice for your family is filial piety. To sacrifice for your nation is to be a patriot. To sacrifice for the world is to be a saint. To sacrifice for heaven and earth is to be a divine son and daughter. This is the same message Jesus taught. I do not give in order to gain recognition. Those who practice extreme selfishness will benefit if they understand all that I have been saying. I am giving a warning. I want to liberate the young people.

The Purpose of WCSF

You can grow to become as God. God wants to bequeath to someone on His level. Living for others is Godism and Headwing. Why did Rev. Moon spend so much money on the WCSF? To educate you about this. If this succeeds, it is worth it. These meetings are set up in order to create true families and a true nation. The purpose of the Blessing is to cut off Satan's lineage. There will be no trace of hatred and immorality, and we will live with each other in peace and freedom through God's true love lineage in True Parents. The lineage was switched before the fall, so God could not intervene. It was as if a bride was on her way to meet her husband but ran away to meet Satan.

The Blessing solves problems of right and left, race, economy, culture, and so forth. This is because of God, not Rev. Moon. When you return home, inspire your nation. I am establishing many organizations for world peace, including martial arts and literature. As communism followed democracy, democracy will follow Godism and Headwing.

Please apply these ideas fully. Please work hard to build the true family, country and world. May God be with you. 


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