The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1997


True Father’s Words East Garden

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Based on unofficial notes by Dr. Tyler Hendricks from Peter Kim’s translation, East Garden, Saturday, November 14, 1997

When a big event comes, who will take responsibility?

In the secular world, the most critical problems are youth immorality and family breakdown. This is the world's biggest issue. In the Garden of Eden, history was created based upon the human fall. Youth immorality therefore re-appears in the last days, and, as in the Garden, neither God nor Satan can touch the problem. It is the human responsibility, and only Rev. Moon is addressing it effectively.

It is natural to conclude that once we succeed with the 3.6 million and 36 million couples blessings, the world will respect Father and seek to emulate his example. Ever since the 3 couples blessing, there has been persecution and opposition. But after the 3.6 million and 36 million, the world will change.

In general, when people hear we have blessed 3.6 million couples, they are shocked. But then they hear that we reached 36 million during the time we planned to reach 3.6 million, their jaws drop. It is unimaginable. From an infant to the oldest grandmother, no one can feature it. But we did it, and they will receive the benefit.

This victory of 40 million couples will begin a new era. It will challenge all kinds of people relating to every kind of issue. This is because every stage of human life connects with the family, and the blessing is addressing the family at the root–the husband-wife bond of eternal, godly love. So people who care about the future of the world will inevitably respond to it.

Suppose Father said we would end at 36 million. Then the world would begin to examine who these 36 million people are, as if they are separate or different. But when Father projects 360 million, then they realize this is on the scale of all humanity. They will be impressed and inspired.

360 million couples represents 360 million families. Each family connects with 8 or 9 people, including parents and single kinsfolk, so the 360 million couples blessing will touch over 3 billion people. So we are talking about more than half of humanity. Within a year after the 360 million, the world can be embraced. If we stop at 36 million, then China will not be impressed. But 360 million reaches more people than the population of China.

No political, economic or military power can change the world, because they do not address the family problem. By the same token, because it addresses the problems of the family, the blessing can turn the world around. So Father is handing the solution to the world. No intelligent person can fail to recognize this. People of wisdom and insight will rise up and support this activity.

The time will come, once this foundation is made, that the world will recognize that Rev. Moon's family is serving the world as a true elder brother, true parent and true leader. No one will be able to deny it. How wonderful. No political power can legitimately oppose it, because it is beyond politics, beyond left and right. Political power means nothing to Rev. Moon. Critics will realize they have misunderstood Rev. Moon; in any case, no one will pay attention to them, but only have sympathy for them. Have confidence and faith. Father doesn't even blink at the persecution. To hit the bulls eye, the arrowhead must go straight. We are the arrowhead. If God's will is established, Father does not need the Washington Times or any business.

Worrying about your spouse and family has nothing to do with God's dispensation. Look at Father's life. Father never loses concentration; he stays focused on the goal. Everyday he is busy. This applies to all of you. Have guts, emotional intensity and enthusiasm. You distance yourselves from God's will. You have been busy following Father, but originally you were to have prepared the foundation upon which Father could stand. Father sometimes wonders why you come here, what you have to offer. Be alert. If you are not, what you have been trying to do will be done by someone else and your position will be taken from you.

Are you ready to work for 360 million couples? What is America's goal? You have to make up your mind. Each individual must make this decision, each family. Do you want America at the bottom of the list? Father has endured so much suffering and injustice in America, and still America may be the last to bring the blessing result. Then Father has the right to leave out America.

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