The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1997


International Leaders Meeting - November 1

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Based on unofficial notes by Dr. Tyler Hendricks from Mr. Dong Moon Joo's translation, East Garden, Saturday, November 1, 1997.

I will continue yesterday's message. There are three things to fix: blood lineage, youth problems, and family corruption. There is no way to reach the heavenly world without a bridge leading out of the world of family breakdown. Father is making the bridge. The blood lineage cleansing is important. Even if external symptoms decline temporarily, the fallen blood lineage eventually will reproduce all the elements of the satanic lifestyle. So the old lineage must be cut and engrafted into the new o

Engrafting means to cut the old tree at the root and engraft the shoot of the new tree into it. Because we originated in the satanic lineage, even if you are an Abel type person or society, you will fail. That is why salvation history took thousands of years. From Divine Principle you know the origin of fallen character, received from Satan when Eve was sixteen years old. The conscience was weaker than the power of fallen love. That is why there was the failure. If the conscience is weak, it can

This is the perennial problem. Evil love is stronger than conscience. Therefore the body wins the mind-body struggle. If you see delicious fruit, you automatically reach for it and eat. It is a fallen power which you have no power to control. Satanic blood lineage means a satanic plus was created. But even a weak conscience at least is aware of what is happening.

Is God not pitiful? In Eden there were five men (God, Adam and three archangels) and one woman. The minus was able to connect with any of the five plusses. The possibility of the fall was great, therefore, and God was very careful.

How much do you feel that God is pitiful? If Eve had not fallen, she would have become the daughter of God and the wife of God. So God lost His wife and daughter. The first day of Adam and Eve's honeymoon should have united the universe, centered on God. Who then could have separated them? When do the man and woman separate? They separate after the seed of the baby should come out from the man, then you separate. That planting is delicate, so separation is not simple.

God passed on His position to Satan. But even in that miserable a situation, He has to love that hateful son of Satan more than His own children. That is not principled, but God has to do it. Why? Because of restoration. How is it justified in Principle? The archangel would have been loved after Adam and Eve matured. So there was some condition for God to love the archangel.

God has to love and endure everything. Everything is created by love. Without love, nothing can even be considered or conceived. Satan claims that God must love him even if he destroys the world, many times over. Otherwise, Satan tells God, no one can come into Your kingdom.

Therefore God has not be able to open the heavenly kingdom. God has to hold the hands of His children entering His kingdom; until then He cannot stop loving Satan. He saw Satan's adultery but could not intervene. God can act only after Satan exercises his maximum power. We see human beings having sex with animals and so forth in the last days. We see widespread homosexuality, which everyone hates when they first hear of it. Anal sex means the holy organ is going into the most dirty area. It is t

What can God do? Beat Eve? He had no power to do that. How was the sexual organ created? By God's word? No, by His hands. The logos represents God's heart. He cannot destroy the satanic world or yank His children out of it. He must respect it as natural, or He cannot keep His authority. You have to know the details of Divine Principle.

There are two royal palaces in the world; both are Eve nations: Japan and England. But both are evil. The death of Diana covered up something that was wrong. If a royal family is immoral, they should be handled more strictly than others. Eve should serve Abel and Cain, but can we force her to do that? No. She must do it naturally. Japan has been blessed for 40 years. Her blessing came at the cost of China, America and other countries succeed doing well. Even England has distanced herself from t

God and I are really in a hurry and aggressive. But also we must be very patient. I weigh 195 pounds even at my age. I can deal with any wrestler. I was very athletic. I can reach my head with my feet. All my joints are soft and supple. Hyung Jin Nim resembles me in this. I and my children have a great artistic sense. I was number one in art class. Although I cannot exercise my worldly abilities, I am happy to be involved with the miserable course of restoration.

[Father speaks on women following him when he was a student in Japan. They saw him in their dreams; women unknown to him gave him gifts. Father wore smelly clothes to ward them off. Still they would grab his hands.]

It is terrible for a man to follow a woman. When the young woman got into bed with him, Father did not want to hurt her. So he gently told her that he would call her another time. Then she sent money every weekend, and Father just kept it. After a few weeks, he asked her where she got it. Did it come from her parents? If so, he would have to return it to her parents.

God will send temptations and difficulties, and if we overcome them, it protects us. I am ultra-patient. But members join and are not patient, and this causes problems.

In the king's palace are beautiful women. They misuse the king, who is weak and allows them to do that because he cannot leave them alone. As you get old, use your sex organ less. Three times in a day is enough; sixteen times is too much. Become one, before changing position. (Here Father was, as I recall, referring to the Cain-Abel reversal; i.e. that Cain and Abel must become one before they can reverse positions.)

Contact 780 female leaders. They are like Father's sisters, and they must be restored. You must serve them for three years placing them as queens. They can restore their husbands.

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