The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1997


Children's Day Speech

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Belvedere International Training Center, Friday, October 31, 1997. These highlights are taken from unofficial notes made by Dr. Tyler Hendricks from Rev. Peter Kim’s Translation

The children of God cannot see God, nor can the children of Satan see Satan. Children, by definition, have parents. To be a child means to be of the parents' blood lineage.

You all know spirit world exists, but have you seen it? You have two sets of parents: visible and invisible. In spirit world you will meet your invisible parents, either in heaven or in hell.

We want to return love to our parents, not just receive it. But we do not see God or Satan. Then how do we establish the give and take of love with them? Children of God go to heaven, of Satan go to hell. Where do heaven and hell originate and divide from each other? Did it take place in the invisible or visible world? Did love begin just between people, or between people and God? Love did not originate only in man, but through the relationship between man and God or man and Satan. With whom was

A relationship was established between man and Satan when they ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge. That was a wrong turn. Man was to have had a love relationship only with God. Because Satan gave the fruit, i.e., built a love relationship with human beings, we became Satan’s children.

If man had built a relationship with God alone, there would have been no Satan. The fall was the loss of the love relationship which we should have established. Adam and Eve were chased out before they had children. Satan was involved, not God. We can conclude that the fall came from illicit love relationship. As their descendants, we all received Satanic blood.

Unification members make what kind of unity? Between east and west? between black and white? We make all kinds of unity. Unification members therefore receive persecution. We breakdown Satan's base on every level, and build up God's base. We cut off the satanic lineage.

Because of Satan's invasion, all the teenagers of the world fall, and the family system is destroyed. Only God’s side connecting to God's true love can solve it. God's true children have to do this. Thus, Satan's side is losing power. America cannot stand as a strong nation in the future because of its youth problem and homosexuality. There is no homosexuality in the animal world. It was made by Satan. Satan's armaments are drugs and free sex.

This seed was sown in the garden of Eden. To reverse it in the last days we must work with youth and the family. Our catch phrase is absolute sex, pure love. Absolute sex is for the sake of absolute love: unique, eternal, unchanging and absolute. Catholics and Protestants may link the fall to eating literal fruit, but that does not explain the lineage problem. That's why the engrafting process must take place. Jesus Christ came with the true lineage, for engrafting to God's lineage.

People of the world go after excitement centered on the body. This is caused by satanic lineage. Taking physical pleasure is like kissing Satan. God spits at this love. This is why religions call people to leave the fallen world. God has been working through the history of restoration, on advancing levels. When God reaches over 50% of the world, He can clean up the world at once.

The borderline between the theistic and atheistic worlds is the line between man and woman, between + and -. Family begins with husband and wife. This relationship is the key. Because it was not right at the start, this became the fallen world. The problem is the man/woman relationship. If there is unity there, you are blessed with eternal peace. If no there is no unity, then there will be no peace.

Adam and Eve became the worst animals. They had to be converted into the best animals. Through 25 million years of human history, God could not find one true man, one true Adam. Do we conclude that a true Adam cannot be found? It is logically a prerequisite to restore Adam before Eve. The meaning of the marriage of the lamb is that an original Adam and Eve have reached perfection and married.

If God destroys the world, He is a God of failure. He will never do that. If you find a true husband and wife, your sound of joining will be louder than lightning and thunder. Lightning and thunder is a marriage in nature. This is the essence of the ideal of creation.

The fall of a man and woman divided the world into two. To terminate the fallen world, we must return to the original place. Even within ourselves there is plus and minus, mind and body. They are created to be united, and resemble God, in whom + and - are united. We as His children have mind and body, therefore God must have mind and body. God will be happy when our mind and body are united.

But we all struggle between mind and body, hence we know that we have some connection to Satan. Then we cannot claim to be children of God. This battle of mind and body has been continuing for millions of years and could continue forever. It's a war. We have never reached a truce. Then everyone is doomed to hell. This is a world of desperation and destruction. It is hell. We should find those who will follow the one who can save this world, the Messiah, who will end the struggle of mind and body

Do you want to be on Rev. Moon's side or God's side? [Yes, this is literally what Father said.] It is an important question. After the fall, God kicked out Adam and Eve. Now can God embrace the children of fallen Adam and Eve? Even though Adam fell, he had a better conscience and lineage than we do here. Whatever qualities Adam had have been lost. So, will God embrace you, or kick you further than He kicked Adam and Eve?

In the last days, there is only misery. But Satan is blocked by the Blessing, and cannot move horizontally. So he must go up to heaven or down further to hell. He still possesses his original mind’s desire to educate mankind. So Satan is stuck, but he says to God, "You are stuck too!"

The three problems now are sexual diseases, youth problems, and family breakdown. Once they turn 180 degrees, the path to heaven is entered upon in each problem.

Terminate the satanic lineage as a teenager, because that is where the fall took place.

True Children are those who completely cut off Satan's blood lineage, stay away from youth problems, and establish true families. But they also must be 100% united with True Parents. That is accomplished through the Blessing. The three problems are solved. Such children do not need religion; they can go to heaven directly.

It takes absolute denial and negation, including denial of the English language. English has no vertical concept. Everyone, including your father, your dog, and your king, are all "you."

Only Rev. Moon can teach how to solve the mind-body struggle. We are happy to be with him because we can receive the marriage blessing from him.

Adam and Eve's mind and body were fighting. Each of us is like two people fighting with each other. The body usually wins; the body overcomes the mind's direction. This is still the pattern. Religion is the only way to reverse it. Become a martyr; sacrifice yourself. Jesus said your family members will be your enemy, preventing you from going to God. Satan is a false +. Erase it and replace it with an original --. It is a long term process.

Division between heaven and hell takes place in myself. The mind belongs to the public, the body centers on the self. America is individualistic. The public way is that love goes from the husband to the wife, from the wife to the children, from the children to the neighbors, etc. Selfish individualism will perish. American youth spread the culture of free sex and AIDS around the world. Therefore we hear Yankee go home.

Your body is the base of hell.

Your meritorious service is based on heart, not money.

This is a special True Children's Day, because next year Rev. Moon may not be here.

To reach 360 million blessed couples by the year 2000, we must bless 500,000 couples a day. We have reached 25 million worldwide as of today. We have 11 million to go to reach 36 million. Nov. 29 will be the declaration of the 3.6 million and 36 million couples blessings. Without this, we cannot solve youth problems. We must launch a campaign to protect our original love organ. Ministers who reject this are robbers.

True Children are found in the family. Victory means world level victory. The family is the training ground to love people of all kinds, the kinds who are like your parents, like your children, like your relatives. When this ethic is practiced, the world will be like one family. That is the completion of the providence of salvation.

It is not easy; you may have to give your life three times. Father did this, and now no persecution is left. Now is the time for building, for the construction of God’s Kingdom on the Earth.

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