The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1997


The Way Of The Martial Arts Federation For World Peace

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March. 26th, 1997
Washington Hilton Hotel
Translated by Mr. Peter Hyo Yul Kim

Closing remarks at the inaugural meeting of the Martial Arts Federation for World Peace

I am grateful that with your cooperation this convention has been very successful. We have a saying in Korea that getting started is half the job done. Therefore, please do not get discouraged but think that the rest will follow naturally. Originally I planned to lecture for three hours, however time is ticking away so I have less than one hour to talk.

We have to understand what humankind needs and desires most. Nobody in history knew this. In a true man, mind and body become united. What about you? Does this apply to you? Both men and women desire mind-body unity.

When we look at human history, our ancestors, Adam and Eve split. Because their mind and body divided, human history is a history of division. Originally there should have been one nation under Adam and Eves supervision and rule. However, because of their division there have been many different nations. There are hundreds of nations, with differing cultures and traditions.

If God exists, what kind of nation and world would He create? It would be a world of unification, without division or separation. A human body has over 40 billion cells. Wherever we go, whatever we do, these 40 billion cells work together in harmony. Gods world is the same. God Himself has absolute mind-body unity. The teachings of major religions all emphasize mind-body unity, because this is how we resemble God. Because we do not have mind-body unity we cannot see peace. The concept of peace entails more than one person; there should be a horizontal alliance between at least two or three people. That is what we call peace.

Then why did division start? Because of the human fall. Why did the fall cause such division? Because of Satan, human beings started with false love, not with the true love that comes from God. Our physical body has become the vessel of Satan; it is like Satan's military base. So where does hell begin? With our physical body. This is why our mind and body are fighting.

Why has our body become the vessel of Satan and the starting point of hell? It is because of false love. Because of this false love we inherit false lineage. Because Adam and Eve fell at the growth stage, God never had a chance to build His original true love relationship with human beings. Humankind has been dealing with satanic love, which is false love. At the fall, the power of false love was stronger than the power of our conscience; that is why the fall took place. Therefore, humankind has been attached to the power of fallen love. That is why even now men and women are driven by bodily desire.

The importance of religion

Satan is above our mind. In other words, our physical body, which represents satanic power, is above our mind. So there is a gap between mind and body. We must fill the gap. Therefore, when we push this mind to transcend bodily desires, God can come down and dwell with us. In order to achieve that goal we must deny our body. Because of the fall, humankind needed the major religions. Those religious doctrines all emphasize pushing down our bodily desire. That was the responsibility of religions. They also emphasize abstinence and celibacy. That is why in Buddhism and Catholicism there are nuns, priests and monks who practice abstinence, although they do not know the original reason.

There are only two ways to secure mind-body unity. One way is to negate and keep pressing down your bodily desires. The second way is to focus absolutely on the connection with God and love God more than your children or your parents. Then you will be connected to God and your bodily desire will be negated. This is the reason that among all the world religions, Christianity is a major power.

Religious doctrines emphasize voluntary service for others. Satan wants to go up, but serving others makes us go down. Religions teach us to be humble and patient and not to resist others. In that sense, resisting is linked to the satanic world. To be humble is the opposite of being arrogant. Religions also emphasize a sacrificial life. By practicing a sacrificial life you will become more humble. Religions teach the value of making offerings, and martyrs offered their blood. That is why Jesus said that those who seek to gain their life will lose it and those who are willing to lose their life for Jesus' sake will find it. This statement sounds somewhat contradictory, but it means that if you live your life just for your own sake then you will die spiritually, even though you remain physically alive. But if you give up your life for the sake of others, even if you lose your physical life, you will live with God in eternity.

Religions also emphasize fasting. Have you experienced fasting? Kindness, humility, fasting, sacrifice, and martyrdom hit our body, don't they? You martial artists do not think of such things, do you? You train and then go after food and drink, saying, "I need more, more food, more energy." Our bodily desires, which represent Satan's side, are diminished by things like fasting and making ourselves humble. As our bodily desires keep going down, our mind comes up and we get closer to God and Gods love comes upon us. Gods love dwells upon the foundations of kindness, humility, fasting, sacrifice, and martyrdom.

Christianity teaches the relationship between parents and children. Since Jesus is described as the bridegroom, Christianity also teaches the relationship between bridegroom and bride. Christianity teaches the relationship among brothers. Jesus called himself our brother, indicating that we are all one family centered on God. Then, what is the purpose of pushing down our bodily desires? It is to unite mind and body and then unite with a spouse who has the same mind-body unity; it is to find our love partner. So first, we have to unite mind and body and second, we have to find our spouse.

Experiencing mind-body unity

Do you like love? (Yes!) How much? Is your love greater than the universe? We all seek love, but the love we inherited all the way from Adam and Eve is satanic love. In our blood lineage there is separation between mind and body. If there is a division of mind and body in our spouse, that means four entities are fighting. That is the reality of the fallen, satanic world. We should destroy this problem and eliminate this division. If such elimination had come about a long time ago, the process of restoration would have been much simpler. Suppose there were only two people in this world to be restored: it would have been much easier for God to restore them instead of restoring millions of people.

Do you all feel qualified to enter the Kingdom of God? You cannot enter as long as there is a division between your mind and body or between you and your spouse. God does not exist where there is division. God has nothing to do with such divisions. The first criterion for God to be involved with you is absolute unity between mind and body centering on true love. Our bodily desires, which are on the satanic side, have been higher than our mind. By pressing our body down further, our mind comes up and then we achieve mind-body unity.

When I watched your martial arts demonstrations tonight I saw many of you trying to reach the unification of spirit and body. As you know, the moment of the unification of your spirit and body is the moment of unification of your mind and body. When you perform certain demonstrations, you achieve that goal. Once you reach mind-body unity you can break whatever object you are trying to break, because once you become one you generate great power. Once you reach that moment of unity between mind and body and spirit, then you feel like your breathing has stopped and you can do whatever you want.

In my experience, the moment my spiritual five senses are opened I can see the entire spirit world freely. What enables me to see the spirit world? The power of love. You cannot see the point upon which your mind and body unite. However, you must know that is where strength, energy, and power are generated. Once you reach absolute mind-body unity, miracles take place. All kinds of miracles will happen, such as healing. It is not difficult to see miracles.

What kind of love do you need? True love? Can you say what true love is? True love is love which unites you and your love partner absolutely and inseparably for eternity. Have you and your spouse achieved that? Once you reach that goal as husband and wife, God will come down to you and be united with you absolutely and immediately. Once God comes down upon you and is united with you, you can do many miracles. If you open your arms you can make people repent. Whatever you wish will happen. Don't you think that would be more interesting and more fun than breaking bricks and boards? If you can perform such miracles you can revive the dead. This is possible only when you can utilize the power of true love. The more you practice true love the greater it becomes. Those who want to possess true love show your hands. But there is a precondition: if you want to obtain true love you have to keep pressing your body down to the zero point. Can you do that? If you cannot do that you will go to hell. He

I am a religious leader and somewhat controversial. The world has been criticizing and persecuting me in every possible way, but I didn't perish. Just as you have been training in how to defend yourself and how to attack your opponent, Satan has been attacking me and persecuting me all these years, but I always defended myself and found my way out. Whenever I close my eyes I can go up to God and God comes down to me. We freely travel together. True love provides that power and ability. Because I possess such true love, there is no boundary when I reach the spirit world. The Kingdom of Heaven is where people of no boundary and no limitation live. Don't you think it will be good?

It is getting late. You heard enough messages tonight, didn't you?

Overcoming bodily desires

You should know one thing. You are all strong people; your bodies are well built and well trained. But in your daily life, will you follow your bodily desires, or will you make sure that your body follows your mind? Which way? You are a physically strong man, which way will you choose? People are being led by their bodily desire every day. Your body always says, "Well, your beloved wife is waiting for you at home, but she doesn't know where you are going so you can go and buy a drink and spend some time with your girlfriend." You don't care if your infant children are waiting for you at home and crying for you, you just follow your bodily desire. If you really do that do you think your mind is happy?

Originally, God created humankind so that our mind would lead our bodily desires. But in this world the order is reversed. That is why everybody goes to hell. However, if this becomes right side up, you will all go to the Kingdom of Heaven. You must know this clearly!

You are martial arts specialists, grand masters. Even if you don't have all the logic and reasoning for this at least you must know one thing: our physical body is the most fearful, treacherous vessel of Satan. Unless we rid our bodies of this fallen, satanic nature, God cannot come down to us. Just as God could not interfere in the fall, God cannot enter our physical body. Satan can be described as Gods love enemy. Nobody knew this fact. We inherited Satan's blood lineage. Human beings were supposed to multiply from Gods lineage and become Gods children, but instead we received Satan's blood lineage and became Satan's children. This is why God cannot interfere.

How did the fall happen? Because of our eyes, nose, ear, mouth, or hand? Through the misuse of the sexual organ, through false love, the human fall took place! Because of false love, human beings became false parents, giving false love, life, lineage and conscience. They became one with Satan instead of one with God. No one became absolutely one with God. They all united in opposition to God.

What kind of world are you living in now? It is hell! Nobody knew that. I have been fighting all my life to eliminate Satan's lineage from humanity. Yet the world's religious leaders and their followers have been opposing and persecuting me until now. In particular, Christianity has been opposing me, America has been opposing me and Russia has been opposing me. From the individual level to the family, tribe, society, nation and world, the entire world has been attacking me all these years. But I didn't pause. Nobody supported me. Satan and his children attacked me.

(At this moment, one of the participants presented a medal to Father.) Since you are presenting this to me, I will receive this. You are thinking of me as a champion. Thank you.

Who is the most famous or popular person in this world? It is me. What am I famous for? The world has been crying, "Reverend Moon is the worst devil, the worst person in this world. Let us kill him. Let us chase him out and eliminate him." That has been the cry. Even if I am an aged man, I am still strong. For that reason, nobody can conquer me! Do you feel good now that you have finally met me? (Yes!) But I don't like the fact that I met you tonight. I am standing on top of the cliff and you are standing at the bottom. So I have to use my strength to pull you up. That is why I don't like you. There are over a thousand people here tonight. If I have to pull everybody up, each of you will say, "Me first! Me first!" All five billion people will ask to be pulled up first.

But you are special people. You are grand masters, so shall I give special consideration to you and extend my hand to you first? To whom shall I extend my hand first? Those who are asking to be helped first are destined for hell. So, instead of asking for help you have to prepare yourself by attaching a hook with a rope onto your belt and then hook it onto my belt. That way we cannot be separated. That is how it is meant to be. If you hook onto everything that belongs to me, including the truth that I teach, saying "This is mine, absolutely mine; I wont let it get away from me; I will stick with the truth even to eternity," then there is hope. Only when you take such action will you be liberated.

So you know that no matter what, you must achieve the goal of absolute mind-body unity. This body has been a thief, a historic burglar. Satan, who is an enemy of God, corrupted and murdered countless people; Satan corrupted Christianity and made it shed blood. This body and Satan have murdered, sacrificed, martyred and shed blood throughout human history. This is why we have to capture this body and Satan.

So how did I say the human fall took place? How did it happen? [Through the sexual organ.] How do you know if I am lying? A person who looks like a swindler has a long nose. How do you prove that I am not lying? You have to ask your mind and listen to your mind. When you deal with somebody, don't depend only on your physical senses but use your intuition. If you cannot distinguish the difference, think of yourself as a stream of water in a quiet forest and then, just like radar, your mind will capture the mind of another person, analyze it and let you know. Your mind will play the role of radar.

Suppose you are to go home to take care of your children and meet your wife, but your body is leading you to a bar. Then ask your mind which direction to take, and it will tell you clearly. If there is a beautiful woman right next to you, your body keeps getting closer to her and is attracted to her; then ask your mind if you have to go with her or stay away from her; your mind will tell you to stay away from her. No matter who you are, when you do something wrong you always hear the inner voice of your conscience, don't you? Your mind always tells you the truth. Is it true? If you know that your wife is waiting to meet you at 5:00 p.m. but your body goes to a bar, don't you feel guilty? Yes or no? [Yes.]

Who is the owner of myself? Not my body but my conscience. The conscience is the eternal owner, the eternal subject. You do not know that. You should know how valuable it is. Your conscience protects you more closely than your parents, your teachers, your king or your president. Your conscience is the closest being to you. You must know that. Your mind is in the subject position, and the conscience is even closer than God is. However because of the fall, our minds function became weaker than our bodily desires. I am not lying to you. I have experienced this and I am telling you this. I have dealt with many people in the spiritual world and I gave the same truth to them. Do you understand? Now you are learning to conquer your bodily desire.

Achieving true love

Once your mind and body become one, Gods love will automatically be upon you. True love has magnetic power. Gods love is powerful like a magnet. People with mind-body unity always become the subject anywhere they go. Those who are subject have a magnetic power and can create unity wherever they go. Don't you think so? The concept is becoming reality. Once you reach mind-body unity, you don't have to make effort to bring God down to your level and become one with you. God will automatically become one with you.

[To a Christian minister:] Do you have absolute mind-body unity? [I am trying.] When does the trying end? When will you complete it? Trying means that you are in the middle position. Trying by itself cannot accomplish the purpose. No matter how difficult it may be, we must make unity between mind and body. [To a professor:] No matter how famous you may be, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven until your mind and body are united. [I am trying.] God does not like only trying. If you are trying, that means you still belong to Satan. This is the logical conclusion. Do you understand? Lets think about the second method.

You must love God with your mind and body united. You have to conquer Gods vertical love. God is the vertical central figure. There is only one point where God can settle in you, and that is at a 90-degree angle. However, because of the fall, humankind could not connect with God at a 90-degree angle; the angle has varied. People's minds are not vertically oriented; the problem is that people are horizontally oriented. How can we adjust the mind to the original direction? In order to go toward the original direction, you must prepare for the pain of re-creation. Otherwise, there is no way to be saved. This is very logical.

Unification Church doctrine is very scientific and logical. The role of religion in this world now is diminishing. However, the young people of the Unification Church are alive and working. When Gods true love comes down and reaches our level, it ignites a spark like a lightning. Once that happens all satanic elements will be eliminated from us and we will automatically become one with God and Gods true love. Don't you want to invite that kind of true love to come to you? [Yes.] Those who want true love raise your hands.

American women who have a weight problem restrict their bodies because they want to diet, not because they want to conquer bodily desires in order to make mind-body unity. If anyone does this for the purpose of chasing Satan out from herself, she will receive blessing, but I don't see anyone doing that in America. This is why religious people have healthy bodies even if they don't diet. Because people eat like pigs, Satan will take their bodies and they will die early. They are punished. Because they ate like pigs, their bodies become large and heavy, and they will die sooner. They will go to hell sooner than others will. So you must understand this truth clearly.

When you go to the spiritual world, you will meet me. When you see me in the spirit world you will say "Oh Reverend Moon, I met you on such and such a day in such and such a year at the Martial Arts Convention at the Hilton Hotel. Therefore, no matter what my status, please help me and take me to a good place in the spirit world." What kind of answer should I provide? Even if I am walking side by side with you, you will not be able to follow me. The atmosphere of the spirit world is love. Love is like the air in that realm. Therefore, if you are not really on the same level with my love you cannot deal with me.

I can see nobody here who does not long for true love. Am I right? What is true love? What is the essence of true love? [Father picks a few flowers from the vase and throws them to the audience.] True love is giving and forgetting about it, and then giving again. It means giving forever and forgetting forever. True love means giving everything. Even if God disappears because of giving He will still give. Once you give everything of yourself for the sake of your spouse or object, then you are in a vacuum. You belong to the person to whom you have given. When there is absolute low pressure, suddenly the higher pressure comes and fills in the vacuum, making equilibrium. Isn't it true? [Yes!] Gods love works in such a way.

Living for the sake of others

For hundreds and millions of years, God has been giving and providing everything, but God never tried to remember it. He forgets. If God remembered what He has given to humankind the giving would stop. Therefore, God forgets and keeps giving. This is how motion occurs. There is one absolute law in this world that whoever most lives for the sake of others will become the central person in the family, community, and society. The one who gives most will be the central person because that person resembles God, who has been giving for the sake of humanity all these millions of years.

Among your family members, whoever sacrifices and devotes himself or herself most for the other family members will be the central person in the family. Such children are called filial sons and daughters. Such citizens of a nation are called patriots. Saints give everything and sacrifice themselves for the sake of the world. Those who try to save the world even at the cost of their nation are saints. A holy son is one who observes the palace law of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven, as well as the heavenly law of both the spiritual and the physical worlds. The one who practices and lives for the sake of these four laws will be called a holy son.

The universal truth is that the one who lives for the sake of others will become the central figure. For example, you are all martial arts masters. There is a limited time for demonstrations. If everybody tries to go first, can we call them people who live for others? Suppose one grand master who is qualified to give a demonstration yields his turn to other people one time, a second time, and a third time and without complaining or feeling sorry, by the fourth time everybody will come and say, "You go first." Don't you think so? This is the very principle by which I have been living my entire life. Even though the entire world has been criticizing me and opposing me I know this is true. This is absolute truth and this is why I have been following it. In the end, the entire world could turn and give me its support and recognition.

God is the absolute being who gives eternally; that is why He is the eternal center of the cosmos. This is the true conclusion. Do you understand? The one who eternally lives for the sake of others becomes the eternal owner and eternal central figure. On the contrary, what is the definition of the devil? The devil is the being who keeps living for himself, taking from others, and asking others to do things for his own sake. The devil will become smaller and eventually disappear, while those who live for the sake of others, such as God, will become bigger and bigger. This is very logical and principled.

Some black brothers and sisters have been severely persecuted and attacked by white people because of racism. They have animosity and anger within themselves, and they seek revenge, but that is not the right way. The same applies to people of any color. Orientals, Hispanics, Italians, Blacks and others are continuously entering the United States. If Americans live for the sake of these people, America will be raised up, but if Americans do not live for the sake of others America will decline.

Whoever attacks first will naturally be defeated. As we learned from World Wars I and II, the side which attacked first was defeated in the end. Also in World War III, the side which attacked first will be defeated in the end. This is the truth. This is the formula in the providence of God. Isn't it true? [Yes.] I don't think so. [Still the audience answers, Yes.] If you are so sure, then you must answer yes with a voice loud enough to awaken God.

Well, I am so intoxicated by my own talk that I forgot about my cold. That is why I am getting sicker. Isn't it a good thing that I can help you enter the Kingdom of Heaven by sacrificing myself for all of you? The same applies to you. You shouldn't complain about a situation when everyone is complaining. You shouldn't despair in a situation where everyone despairs. Don't waste your energy for nothing. That is the kind of life I am living. If you don't worry, you will live a long life. This is the way to resemble God.

Changing the direction of your life

Don't you want to become the true children of God? [Yes!] Have you thought about the difference between your love toward your children to whom you gave birth and your love towards God, as you become His true children? Which is greater, the first love or second love? [Second love.] How many times greater love do you have for God than for your children? Which is greater: the love between secular parents and children or the love of true children toward God? If the second love is greater than the first love, how many times greater is it? [Infinitely greater.] Good answer. Remember what Jesus said: "Whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother, and sister, and mother."

More than anyone or anything, you must love God. Do you understand? This is the fallen world. The love in this secular world is connected to the fall. The love in the original, unfallen world is much more valuable than the love in the fallen world. The love in the original world gradually increases but the love in the satanic world gradually declines and ends up in hell.

The world where we are living is the kingdom of hell on earth. You must know this. You must stamp out this world. You have to reverse the course 180 degrees. After listening to my speech, can you reverse your life course 180 degrees? What if I say not to drink anymore? Why do you think I will say not to drink? Satan has used alcohol as a weapon to control humanity and destroy human beings. Smoking also. Of course, give up drug abuse and free sex, for these are clearly Satan's weapons. You have to understand why you should not touch those things. Unless you are given a clear reason for not smoking, drinking, or abusing drugs it is not easy to do that. It is not fair.

You are thinking and feeling different things after hearing my teaching this evening, right? Or is there no change? This is what is called a brainwashing session. Shall I brainwash you a little bit more? (Applause.)

Just as Jesus Christ taught us, those who seek to gain their life will lose it and those who are willing to lose their life for his sake will gain it. By the same token, if you truly live for the sake of the entire world, for the sake of others, even if you lose your life God will come down and revive you. If I teach you this truth will you still call me a bad guy? [No!] No means K. N. O. W. You know. I am revealing facts based on my personal experience.

Bringing people to the Blessing

Human beings deal with four different directions - north, south, east, and west. Suppose you lose your life three times yet are willing to give your life again, because in order to make a circle you need four points - north, east, south and west. So even if you lose your life three times, God will give you a fourth life. Women throughout the world caused Adam to fall; women destroyed Jesus family and destroyed the world of the Lord of Second Advent. Women in the world caused the death of the first Adam, crucified the second Adam, and almost destroyed the third Adam, the Lord of the Second Advent. Women are in the position of Eve. Eve destroyed three husbands. So we must not trust women. (The audience laughs.) Don't laugh. There are reasons. It would take hours to fully explain why I am saying this.

[To a member of the audience:] If you are a true husband, even though your wife attacks you three times, you should be able to say that you cannot abandon her and you will live and die for her sake. If you can do this, you will be able to live. If you can do this, you will become a true husband, guaranteed by God. Even if a man is attacked by his wife three times, if he returns to his wife still smiling we can call him a true man. In this way, you can sit on Gods shoulder. Don't you remember when Jesus Christ was pierced by the Roman soldiers spear, instead of cursing them he prayed to God, "Father forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." He forgave the Roman soldiers. Why did Jesus do that? He did it in order to enter the position of God and eliminate Satan.

Don't you think America is in the position of enemy to me? It incarcerated me although I didn't commit any sin. Yes, in that sense America is in the position of enemy to me. I came to America offering everything, sacrificing, and providing everything: my wealth, my power and almost everything for the sake of this nation. If I keep doing this, eventually the entire nation and the American people will recognize what I have done for the sake of their nation and their people; then they will all follow me. Again the universal principle is that those who love more than anybody else will become the central person working for the sake of others. Do you understand clearly? [Yes!] Thank you!

In order to find Gods love, you should live for the sake of others. Then, what do you want to have today? You want to have Gods love. In order to do that, you should bring yourselves into the position of Gods sons and daughters. Wouldn't it be nice if the son and daughter were to become a couple? If you are truly determined and united and are willing to offer more love to God, then God will offer love to you. When a couple lives for the sake of each other more than living for the sake of God, God will instantly come down to their position and become one with the couple. Is this the correct answer or the wrong answer? [Correct answer] That is the way we can conquer God.

Those who do not want God to dwell within them show me your hands. (No-one raised their hands.) Then, anyone who desires this, show me your hands. (Everyone raised their hands.)

This means you will take my advice tonight? [Yes!] If you truly do that you can register in the Kingdom of Heaven. You will be registered fairly in the Kingdom of Heaven. Then God will have me bless you and make you His sons and daughters. How would you like that? (Applause.) Do you want to participate in that and become a good couple?

Well I am told that there are about 200 million people in the world being trained in various martial arts. If you bring all those 200 million people for this marriage blessing to Washington, D.C., we will have a big problem, because we have the capacity for only 3.6 million couples. Therefore, I am allocating for you only 1.2 million people. Can you do it or not? [No-one answers.] If you cant do it, then there is a big chasm between you and me. The problem is that you are not totally one with me yet. When will you be one with me? When?

You cannot meet me in person any time you wish. I am in a higher position than you are in many different aspects. Why don't you promise me that you will receive the blessing? My most precious gift to you tonight is this advice: to come to the marriage blessing in Washington, D.C., this November. If you do not take my advice, when you come to the spiritual world you will all wail with regret: "If we had listened to Reverend Moon, we wouldn't be in this situation." Because I know that you will be in grief, I am giving this advice to you.

Developing the Martial Arts Federation

Well, it is getting late. So I am going to tell you my plan for the Martial Arts Federation for World Peace. Did you expect to find out about this Marital Arts Federation for World Peace? [Yes.] Do you want to sit still and have me support this Martial Arts Federation for World Peace? If nobody else comes with support I may turn my back on this. If I support the Martial Arts Federation for World Peace three times, what do you think you should offer? Some parents do not trust you and they do not send their children to you to be trained because you might abuse the students obedience for your financial purpose. I know that students follow your directions well. If you begin to tell your students to bring extra money for you to support yourself, this will cause a big problem and you will be kicked out from your town.

You wont be able to do such things for your own financial support, but if any one wants your strength for money, you can be easily sold. This is because your financial situations are difficult. In a tough situation, even some martial arts experts can be bought and manipulated by rich people. Their power, strength, and skills can be abused and misused. There is no secret in the world, and once you get caught as a supporter of gangsters, you lose your life. Well, you grand masters are better off. However, first and second-degree black belts open schools and have a hard time, resulting in some problems. Although you have influence over these young people, you cannot be totally responsible for their lives, can you? Even the nation cannot be responsible. Only God can. I understand God clearly. That is why I am giving you this advice tonight. I am not here to make money from you. Even for this convention we spent about $1.5 million. What about you, has anybody offered even $1,000? Have you offer

You cant take the responsibility, can you? So, I have a plan to solve these problems. When I went to South America I saw many young people in poor conditions. Some of them become gangsters and do all kinds of bad things. Some of them become thieves and robbers. In one state of Brazil, I am planing to help young people who do not have proper schooling or job skills. I am planning to do the same in 33 South American nations. That is why we are constructing buildings to accommodate them and give them proper training and education. In order to support the Martial Arts Federation for World Peace, I am planning to build a huge martial arts center in each continent. In those continental centers, students and teachers could be trained at the same time. Both students and teachers can pursue their academic studies as well as martial arts training. Teachers can be trained as martial arts specialists or grand masters on different levels. Some will qualify as elementary school martial arts grand master

Although ninth-degree grand masters may build a training center, not anyone can build one. It will depend on their efforts and their skills. If they keep training hard they can keep going up the ladder and become college-level grand masters. This will be like a degree program. For example, if you reach the third-degree black belt level you will be qualified to teach elementary level children. With a sixth-degree black belt certificate you may teach middle and high school kids. A ninth-degree black belt may teach college students. You will be able to take care of your family financially because you will have a set income. With a BA, MA, or Ph.D. degree, you should be able to work with the local police and religious leaders. Religious leaders are in charge of people in a spiritual sense, and you can give a vision to people of the right way of life.

In conclusion, make sure that you are united with the spirit of this convention, and make unity between your mind and body. I am absolutely sure that I can block evil and liberate God, something no one in the world can do. This is why I am instigating you to take up the task. You must know this. As long as you follow what I have taught tonight, the future of the Martial Arts Federation for World Peace will be prosperous.

If you grand masters do not follow my suggestion tonight, then I will begin to mobilize the grand masters from Korea to support these efforts for the sake of the world. I have that kind of foundation. So, support me, become one with me, and lets become victorious. I like a victor. How about you? Don't you like to become victors?

It is getting late. It is almost midnight. After finishing this gathering I will have to drive five or six hours to New York. My wife, Mrs. Moon, is giving a nationwide public speaking tour in Korea, so I have to go to New York to hear my wife's speech. Even if it is sad to say good-bye, I have to go. Good night. Thank you very much.

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