The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1997


Declaration Day Of Heavenly Parentism

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
September 1, 1997
Belvedere International Training Center
Translator – Peter Kim

What is the meaning of Chun Bu Ju Eui to you? Chun Bu Ju Eui, which was declared on September 1, 1989, means the "ism" of Heavenly Father and True Parents. Centering on the true love of God, the new family, the true family is now being established in this world. This is the start of a new era and new life centered on Heavenly Father and True Parents. This is the meaning of Chun Bu Ju Eui.

What did we celebrate yesterday? Pal Jung Sik, which as you know is the celebration day of the eight stages. As I explained yesterday, we celebrate Pal Jung Sik because True Parents won the victory on each of the eight stages. God has grieved that He could not come down to dwell with us vertically or horizontally for the 6,000-year history of restoration. Now God can come down to our level, vertically and horizontally, through True Parents. Now God can dwell with us and start His new providence. That is why the day after Pal Jung Sik I declared Chun Bu Ju Eui.

Since the declaration of Chun Bu Ju Eui, God’s providence is not just centered on individual restoration but on the basic unit of the family. Centering on the restoration of families, God could start working on the entire world. Because of that, centering on True Parents and True Family, Chun Bu Ju Eui was expanded, and finally on this foundation I could declare this year the "Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth." This is the time for expanding the family unit as True Family to the worldwide scale. That is why I started with 30,000 couples horizontally on the worldwide level as the formation stage, then blessed 360,000 couples as the growth stage on the worldwide scale, and finally this year 3.6 million couples as the perfection stage.

As we remember, at the time of Adam and Eve, God wanted to see Adam’s family being perfected, and upon that foundation the sinless perfected family would be expanded. However, because of the fall of man, that ideal of God was not fulfilled. Therefore, now that I have won the victory on all of the eight different stages, I finally could declare this year the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth. Because of this I have expanded the blessed family on the worldwide scale. Also, because of the three stages of the blessing on the worldwide level, the 3.6 million couple blessing which is the perfection stage is the watershed point. So from this point on, the blessings which will follow--36 million couples and 360 million couples -- will be somewhat easier because they are being accomplished on the downturn rather than the upturn. This is the direction the providence is going in now. The era of the global family is dawning.

Share God’s blessing with all of humanity

We have to understand that at this time wherever we go -- to any village, city or town or even nation -- it is possible to share God’s blessing with the families there even though they belong to the secular world. Because True Parents have won all the victories on the eight stages, that is why this global family era is here. Wherever you go you will be welcomed to share the blessing you carry in place of True Parents. After we accomplish the blessing of 36 million couples, what would you expect to happen? In each village in every corner of the world we will be able to hoist our flag, the flag of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. We will be able to set aside one particular day and call everyone there and give them the blessing. That time is coming.

One of the miseries of humankind up to this point is that from the individual level to the family level we had no relationship with True Parents, no relationship with God. We only had a relationship with Satan. Therefore, now is the time when Heavenly Father and True Parents are snatching you away from Satan. We are doing the same thing now by sharing the blessing. That is why we have been witnessing how individuals, families and even entire nations at times have been mobilized to oppose True Parents, to oppose our work. That is why you have seen your own parents, brothers, sisters and other relatives sometimes coming against you. As some of you experienced in the past, there were sometimes kidnappings carried out by your own physical parents, because they still belonged to Satan and you were being snatched away by heaven to the heavenly side. But True Parents alone have won all the providential battles and victories, which they are sharing here together with you out of their love.

God is always prepared to deal with us whenever a providential time period is here. When we look at the roughly 70,000,000 families in America, can we find any single family in which God can dwell comfortably and peacefully? Ordinarily American families believe that they do not need their grandparents to live together with them. Often when the children have grown up, parents feel they do not need their children to stay with them. To a certain extent even between husband and wife, they say, "I don’t need you; I can live my life by myself." Many Americans live completely, strictly centered on selfish individualism and privacy. Satan wants this. Satan knows that restoration of the four position foundation is the beginning of God’s ideal, so Satan is desperate to hold onto it and not allow it to be taken away by God.

America declined because it rejected Reverend Moon

However, ideally, according to the principle of creation, each family needs the positions of grandparents, parents, children, brothers and sisters. But Satan still wants to destroy all these relationships. Think about it. Right after World War II America, equipped with the spirit of Christianity centered on family morals, was the single most powerful country. But within forty years this bond was completely broken and torn apart. Why? Because America along with Christianity opposed Rev. Moon right after the war. They were supposed to welcome True Parents as the Messiah for humankind, but they did not. That is why this kind of tragedy is taking place in America. Right after World War II, centering on Christianity and America, it was the first time in history that the Messiah could come and take the throne. That opportunity was prepared providentially, but America and Christianity did not realize it and threw it away. Right after World War II, America centered on Christianity was getting ready for God and True Parents, because Christianity is in the position of the bride religion and bride culture. America and Christianity were ready providentially to receive the Messiah as their bridegroom and the True Parent, but failed to do that. That is why America has been declining, perishing step by step. On the individual level, the family level, and even on the national level now America is not well respected by the rest of the world.

From the viewpoint of the Kingdom of Heaven, the base of the family, tribe, nation, world and cosmos was lost. Why? Because the bridegroom, who is the central king of these bases and the Messiah, that is the True Parent, was kicked out. True Parents and God connect as one seated upon one throne. Once the Messiah sits upon that throne, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth will come about through the unification and perfection of the family, world and cosmos. That was America's God-given purpose, but instead of fulfilling the role of the bride, America chased the bridegroom out. Everything was lost. So America has been going down and down and has lost God, Godism, God’s viewpoint of the universe, the world, the nation and the family, God’s viewpoint of grandparents, parents, couples -- everything was lost. So America is a place without hope.

AIDS is the result of false love

That is why America is smitten by AIDS, which is the obvious result of the human fall. What is AIDS? AIDS is the result of false love. You can describe woman’s sexual organ as being like the mouth of a poisonous rattlesnake with sharp teeth to bite man’s sexual organ. So man’s sexual organ is going into the mouth of a rattlesnake. Then think about it; it will just be bitten. It involves two tongues, a split tongue. There should have been just one tongue, but because of the fall the tongue was split. So in the Last Days, the most fearful thing is the love organs of man and woman. Do you understand that Satan wants to break down God’s ideal four position family system?

That is why in the Last Days we see the practice of free sex, including even incest. Don’t we see in America cases in which incest is carried out by parents towards their own children? As such children grow up they come to hate the opposite sex: some women only want to stay with women, and some men only want to stay with men. That is why they become homosexual. Sometimes even a grandfather will rape his own daughter or granddaughter. There is total chaos and confusion when a grandfather sleeps with his own granddaughter, or a father or his brother or nephew sleeps with his daughter.

So how can we find absolute love? In the midst of this turmoil now God has come to do something in America. Do you think God will be able to find somewhere He can settle down, or will God have to go away from America? When God comes down to America with these kinds of chaotic families, God feels that this present time is worse than the time of Adam and Eve’s fall. It is like a third fall. So God will withdraw Himself and not stay with these fallen families in America.

What is the meaning of the fall of Adam and Eve? Adam and Eve could not establish a God-centered family because of the fall. Then at the time of Jesus Christ, centered on Judaism and the Israelites, the family ideal was supposed to be established on the national level, but it was not established. Therefore, the third time, in the Last Days at the time of the coming of the Lord of the Second Advent, God wanted to see this ideal established on the worldwide level. However, after World War II, America centered on Christianity failed to do that.

After the Fall of Adam and Eve how many years has it taken for God to reach this point? Over 6,000 years. According to the Christian calculation it is said symbolically that from Adam’s time until now is about 6,000 years, but actually it is more than 25 million years since the beginning of human history. Probably from Jacob’s time it has been 6,000 years, because that was the beginning point of restoration.

If at the time of the Lord of the Second Advent we fail we do not know how many years it will take until God’s restoration can be completed. Only because True Father, the Lord of the Second Advent, clearly understands and knows the Principle from God, it did not take that long.

The Lord of the Second Advent came after World War II

Right after World War II, the worldwide population of Christianity was about 800 million. Again, please think about it. Centered on Christianity if America, France and Great Britain, which happened to be at that time the Allied countries, were truly united with the Lord of the Second Advent and had received him as the king of kings, it would have been very easy to establish these blessed couples all at once--not just 3.6 million, 36 million or 360 million couples. Within a short time period the entire world would have been completely changed. Within seven years I could have declared Pal Jung Sik, and Chun Bu Ju Eui. All these celebration days would have been established right away.

We must remember that because of this failure, America which was representative of Protestant countries at the end of World War II in a way laid the cornerstone for the destruction of humanity by failing to receive the Lord of the Second Advent, the True Parent. Only because True Parents came has the situation of humanity not deteriorated that far yet and we still have hope. Without True Parents there is no hope on the individual, family, national or worldwide levels.

A good example of the degree to which the world is perishing and without hope is the AIDS epidemic which is threatening humanity with its sharp teeth. If the spread of this disease continues humanity is doomed to perish, because it is like a vacuum cleaner.

But the Messiah came as a single Lord of the Second Advent and has established a model man, and then on the family level a model, true family, true tribe, true nation and true world. This is the process of restoration True Parents have been carrying out, and at some time the entire world will be embraced all at once, with everyone connecting through true love. Do you understand?

What is true love?

What is true love? It is becoming absolutely one or united. Without true love unification absolutely cannot be achieved. Without God and True Parents we would never be able to have true love here in this world. That means all of you women would not be able to marry, but would have to live a life of celibacy. That is why if we study the major religions of the world they usually encourage people to leave their family and their society and live a life of celibacy. That means one has to deny and negate the secular world and keep oneself really pure in isolation. It is like turning around 180 degrees and kicking away this free sex world. Because free sex was practiced at the time of Adam and Eve through the fall of man, we have to kick this satanic world away. Because Satan planted free sex in Adam’s family, in this time of harvest standing at the end of history, the fruit being borne is free sex.

At the time of Adam and Eve, even though they practiced free sex, to begin with there were only two involved. But now people who practice free sex may get involved with hundreds or even thousands of people. It is like beginning from the point of Adam and Eve the entire world has turned around 360 degrees and returned now to the original point of the practice of free sex.

Centered on the worst kind of parents and the practice of free sex, human history began and humanity has multiplied. This standard to which all humankind is connected is the way of diminishing, the way of perishing. How miserable a situation America and the free world are in! Do you understand?

That is why America is in the position of the archangel. The archangel cannot have a partner, because it is a spiritual being. So that is why even the religion of Christianity is an archangelic religion. America as the base of this archangelic religion lost its direction for the future. That is why all of these distorted phenomena are now manifesting themselves in America. America is in a way now giving these poisonous rattlesnakes to all of the many countries of the world by sending people to those countries to influence them. What are we exporting from America? Man is in the position of archangel. That is why these American young people go abroad and plant Satan’s love seed.

Homosexuality is a consequence of incest

Again, think about it. If a child has been sexually abused by his or her father, grandfather, mother, elder sister, or whomever, such children grow up hating members of the opposite sex, which eventually leads in many cases to a person becoming homosexual or lesbian. As this population of people who had this kind of experience grew, they began to use the term "free sex" and to establish it as a fad against the norm.

Homosexuals and lesbians claim that a woman who does not like men, or a man who does not like women can marry someone of the same sex. They demonstrate claiming, "We are the real American population." This is a totally, absolutely satanic phenomenon from the viewpoint of God’s purpose of creation. Is that true? This is in reality the way in which society can only diminish and perish. How can we deny that?

How can such a society, without hope in the darkness of the dungeons of hell, welcome the morning sun? That morning sun is the Lord of the Second Advent, who comes as the king of kings of the nation, of the tribe, and of the family. He is the owner and king of kings of all grandfathers, all parents, all husbands and wives and all children. Do you understand? According to this viewpoint, through connecting to this Second Coming, we can realize individual perfection, perfection of the family and perfection of the tribe, nation, world and cosmos, and ultimately reach God.

There is only one main center, the Lord of the Second Advent, through whom perfection can be achieved in every direction on a worldwide base. Father did it. Father has established the center at the highest level in every direction; for example, in the political and diplomatic worlds, in the economic world and the cultural world. No matter how much there is denial, having passed through each of humanity’s twelve gates, once inside each of these various worlds will be both liberated and perfected. Is that true? [Yes!] But it is not an easy course.

Women should now lead the restoration providence

As a result of the fall, Eve actually ended up killing three male figures. Therefore, in order to be restored, women in Eve’s position are in the position, symbolically, to be killed by three men, or three times. At the family base Adam was killed, at the national base Jesus was killed, at the world base, symbolically speaking, the Second Advent was also killed. Three husbands were killed. Through the mistake of one woman, the family base, nation base and world base were lost.

However the time has come in the providence of restoration in which the Lord of the Second Advent has the right to snatch women away from the satanic world. Because you belong to the satanic world, the Lord of the Second Advent has the right to take you away from there.

Through the mistake of one woman, the family base, national base and world base were lost. So you American women, blessed wives, have to take all of your belongings to the world by going, for example, to Africa or some other place and devoting your life there for the sake of the people. America is a fallen field now. So instead of planting the seeds of free sex and AIDS here in America, you can pack up and go to those countries and start something fresh and new.

Because the male, archangelic figures are going around the world and destroying the women of the world, recreating the fallen atmosphere opposed to God’s viewpoint, the women have to be at the center. That is the law of indemnity.

Don’t you want to somehow live like a queen at home and make yourself really pretty and beautiful? Up until World War I there was no notion even among Westerners that the wife is the queen or master of each home and family. But after World War I women’s position was in a way escalated to that of the queen of the family. The whole purpose was to receive the Lord of the Second Advent as the bridegroom and to work with him. But this purpose was turned in the wrong direction, and instead the Second Advent owner and bridegroom was chased out by the bride, centering on America and connecting to all of the women of the world. The husband was chased out.

You American women do not know what has been happening. These men, the archangel figures, have been going around the world like a poisonous rattlesnake and breeding with millions of women in the world, but you American women are unaware of it. The Bible reveals that Adam and Eve fell because of the temptation from the snake. We see the same thing now in the Last Days. These archangel figures are going out to the world and using their split tongue and rattlesnake-like head. What other weapon does man have to swallow or eat women? That is the only one you have.

That snake head which is man’s sexual organ contains the worst kind of poison. It has to be cleaned up, even if it must be hit to do so. It is only fair. The poison of AIDS is being spread through that rattlesnake’s head throughout the world, even among Oriental women who have been really encouraged to abandon the moral standard of their own culture. When handsome looking American men appear in the rest of the world everyone looks up to them, thinking they must be rich, they must be handsome. So women usually are attracted to them, and that is the way they are destroyed.

Statistics show that by the year 2010, about one billion people will be affected by AIDS, which will be about one sixth of the world’s population. Once you have the AIDS virus it takes seven to twelve years until you become obviously infected. So think about what kind of result we can expect. We have to cut them out, otherwise the human race will become extinct within one generation. If even God could not interfere in or stop the fall of man, how can anyone expect that American legal or economic or political power can solve this problem, which is rampant now all over the world?

No power of the fallen human world can solve this problem. Even God does not touch that kind of action, but continuing in this direction we have no choice but to decline, to perish. The women of the free world do not have any route to follow. You do not have your real husbands; you do not have whatever you want.

American women are like kings; they possess every kind of property. Through divorce they take ownership of their husband’s property, and after divorcing two or three husbands a woman becomes rich.

Absolute sex is the solution to the problem of AIDS

How can this kind of action be prevented? Unless we have men and women as individuals and in groups applying themselves to stop and to prevent the practice of free sex and all the immorality of this secular world, we have no hope to save the world from this problem. The only hope is the Unification Church, because we promote absolute sex.

This absolute sex is the sledge hammer with which to hit Satan who is using tools such as cigarettes to begin enticing or seducing men and women. It is customary in the Orient for men to smoke, but women usually do not, because according to the traditional Oriental view any woman who smokes is really low class, like a prostitute. However, nowadays cigarettes, and of course alcohol and drugs, are being used by both men and women to seduce or create a certain rapport between men and women in the wrong direction. What does alcohol do to you? Once you become intoxicated the other party can usually control you easily. It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman. You can be pulled or you can pull someone else to do whatever you want to do with them. So what do people do after they become drunk with alcohol or intoxicated by drugs? Engage in free sex. As you know, America has launched wars against drugs many times, but all have failed. America should have given this responsibility to me with its full support; then I could have ended this problem a long time ago.

Since you know my teaching now, would you be sold to free sex, or would you rather give your life?

The Blessing wildfire is spreading all over the world like lightning

Now this satanic world does not have any owner or master, any leader. Therefore, the Blessing fire is now spreading like a wildfire all over the world from the east, west, north and south, burning the entire world. As the Bible says like lightning from the east to the west, every corner of the world is now feeling this lightning of Blessing fever.

Centering on the viewpoint of true love, this world is a vacant place, without air. Do you understand? Now the wind of the blessing is flowing throughout this fallen world and breaking it up. Who is the owner of this world? True Parents, their children, their tribe, and their nation; through connecting with this blood lineage of True Parents the world can be saved. Whatever it takes to break apart this fallen world, that is no problem. True love power is the greatest power, so that like the power of high voltage electricity, when we are touched by it that which is untrue is burned up by its absolute power.

As the Lord of the Second Advent I am the owner of this world of death. But I have prepared everything--the medicine and injection, even the hospital to save all of humanity. No one else has done it, therefore, the world must follow Rev. Moon. There is no other solution, no other direction or choice.

When I started the campaign for world salvation, many people in the world thought that just like the fig tree in the time of Jesus I would bear no fruit. Eventually, however, as time passes people are coming to realize that the fruit of Rev. Moon, like the clean-cut, clean action, clean idea, clean everything Unification Church members with a higher moral standard than they can even imagine, is really ripe and the right one.

People are coming to recognize the efforts of Rev. Moon

So now people are coming closer to me and are recognizing the contribution of my efforts to this world. The parents and relatives of our members in particular have started opening their eyes wider and wider because they see the reality, and the truth of my teachings. They see that in there can be found the characteristic’s of a true man and woman, true husband and wife, true family, nation, world and beyond. So that turning around 180 degrees opposite to the direction of this present world they are amazed to see within Unificationism the amazing standard of every level of true king from that of the individual king to the cosmic king. Seeing how wonderful it is they want to bow down; the same is true for you. The world outside is now changing its direction 180 degrees.

Do you like that kind of atmosphere? I don’t like it. Why? While creating this atmosphere I was persecuted with so much hatred. In response to that persecution, I went the way of indemnity. However America and the Christian world continue to deny and oppose Rev. Moon. Therefore the time has passed for unification of Christianity. The world and humankind have arrived at a more intimate level. Observing Rev. Moon and his life, many are coming to realize that for such a long time he has been the leading religious figure and champion in the world. They are amazed to see that, despite the level of opposition he has received throughout his life, Rev. Moon himself has remained unchanged.

In there is the beginning point of the eternal ideal home and ideal world, which is the place of God’s ideal. Is that true? [Yes!] No, no. Isn’t Rev. Moon the greatest swindler and thief? People in the secular world have made that kind of rumor. Is it true? [It’s a lie.] Yet there are people who want to strike and tear down Rev. Moon.

Think about the world situation. The sun is now rising in that world of darkness. lighting up every corner of it. That sun is Sun Myung Moon.

The meaning of Father’s name

In Chinese characters, sun consists of two characters, one of which means ocean and the other land. Myung represents heaven. So Father’s name has the sea, land and heaven all included. Also, sun means brightness. Myung also consists of two characters meaning sun and moon. Myung is in the position of subject, while sun is minus. The name moon represents the truth. So within my name there is the truth, heaven, the sea, the land and brightness, and also the meaning of man and woman.

In the spiritual world everything is bright and clear; in that clear, bright atmosphere nothing can be hidden or denied.

So would you like to buy Father’s name? If you had the choice to buy this particular name, then you could possess everything -- land and water to begin with, and even heaven and truth. Therefore, everything existing under God would belong to you. How much would you pay? One single man or woman could not do it; not even three. Even if all of the men and women of the world come together as the price, God would say no.

But if God finds one really, shabby looking man hiding in a corner of the street, and asks him, "What are you doing here?" and he answers, "I am a Unification Church member, and I am following True Father to save the world," then God will bring him out and lead him to True Father.

God will say, "I have concern for you, who are in a position like that of the lowest, most miserable black man or laborer, being hit because of representing the Unification Church." Originally God cannot touch this man, but His heart is such that He needs him. So God will touch him and say: "I am concerned for you; follow behind me."

So, since you know the truth, do you think you have a right to go after smoking and drinking, drugs and free sex? Now we know the identity of Satan. Satan has used smoking, drinking, drugs and free sex to destroy all of humanity. These things are Satan’s armament! Once they are used or practiced, everything breaks apart, creating Satan’s dungeon of hell on this earth.

Western men prefer oriental women

Do you understand, American men? You have a snake. The fall of one person connects with and causes the breakdown of the family, tribe, nation and world. Man’s position is fearful. American young people do not know this. American women, too. American women are proud: "We don’t need Oriental men like that kind of too small Japanese man." Nowadays all American men do not like American women, who behave like the queen of queens -- as individuals they want to become queen, as children they want to become queen, they want to be queen of the village, nation and world. That kind of queen does not want man. So Oriental women are needed who have genuine minds, who create a warm place, and who go the way of service, dedication and sacrifice. That is the model needed by the husband, family and world. Think about that. That kind of woman is the number one woman in the Orient, not the American style woman who focuses on kissing.

That is why once you know the truth and the reality and you become Unification Church members, even Western brothers prefer Oriental women as your brides, don’t you? So no one likes American women who take things for themselves as if they are queens. Now they have confessed that to you.

On the other hand, American, Western women who have lost American men have no choice but to say, "Well as a Western woman I have a lot of money, so you Oriental men who do not have much money, please come to me. Look how beautiful I am; my arms, breasts, hips, walking this way, moving fast, dressing well." That is true.

Again, in terms of acting and thinking, the Orient and the West are exactly opposite in many ways. Oriental culture is more vertical and based on spirituality, while Western culture is more horizontal and materialistic. Because the spirit is in the position of subject to the material, all the major religions originated in the Orient. Based on those teachings all of the culture and traditions of the Orient profess that we have to become children of filial piety in the home and patriots in the nation, saints on the worldwide level and divine sons and daughters on the cosmic level.

However, when we look at Western history and culture, instead of separating the body from the mind, you have in a way been dominated by bodily desire and ambition and go after material wealth. When we study your origins, particularly that of the white race which came from the Scandinavian region, your ancestors used to be pirates out on the ocean. England was a base of pirates for a while, a military site. Based on the small island of Great Britain pirates went out across the five oceans and stole goods from the lands they went to, killing the people there, then storing the things they took from those lands in their own country. That is why if you go to some museums in New York or in London there are millions of things which were confiscated or stolen from other countries in the past. This was in actuality the way your ancestors helped the world to go down the drain, but now your people are proud of those treasures they have.

Understanding Father’s character

Do you need me? How do you know I am not a charlatan or swindler? Look at me: I have small eyes, like a camera lens which can see far off, so that in looking far I am able to understand the future world. But I am seen as one who sits and waits to capture youth and property as the worst kind of swindler. Rev. Moon is such a controversial figure that whatever evil-meaning label the secular world has it has applied me. However, depending on the point of view of the beholder, it is also apparent that I have done good work. Therefore, I represent all different types of goodness. In reality, the satanic world can only give me 99 bad names, but because I have done much good work, the good labels can begin from 101 and continue infinitely.

Therefore, don’t you feel that no matter what it may take you have to buy my name? What if you have a choice between buying Father’s name only or buying the whole of me? But God has already taken me as a whole, by trading the entire, fallen cosmos. Do you understand? The fallen world belongs to me. The price God paid was the entire fallen universe, so I can claim it now.

If you have the choice to buy either a tuxedo which was worn at a wedding or a rag which has been laying on a street corner, which one do you want to buy? [The tuxedo.] You may be able to find billions of different articles of clothing, but if you have to find the tuxedo which Rev. Moon wore for his wedding, there is only one in the world. Suppose all of the people in the world come forward and wait in front of me with all of their belongings, wanting to buy my tuxedo. This is what Unification Church members are doing. You may not be able to buy the whole tuxedo, but at least you want to hold onto even one thread of it, no matter how feeble or weak it may be. Then you can still say that this small piece of thread is from Rev. Moon’s tuxedo. If you truly have one piece of thread which belonged to Rev. Moon’s tuxedo you can say that conditionally you have a small part of Rev. Moon.

So what is this small piece of the thread from Rev. Moon’s tuxedo? It is the blessing. The people in the world are now rushing forward even just to touch this tuxedo thread or to possess a small piece of it. Even if they have to cross the ocean or climb over a big mountain, they are all coming forward.

Once people have this thread, they can use this as the condition or base to make their own tuxedo and come proudly in front of me and say, "Rev. Moon, look, I am wearing the same tuxedo as you." If people say that even in front of God, then God will recognize it, and nod His head.

Wearing this tuxedo gives you a free pass to go anywhere, and you will be welcomed everywhere. Do you understand? How wonderful is its value! Wow! This word Americans have is a wonderful one, isn’t it?

That is why all of humanity is bound to receive the blessing, one way or another. Originally, this blessing from God is so precious that only after we offer everything to God, our personal belongings as well as our national level possessions, should the blessing come. But because of the history of restoration, I started the dispensation of the blessing on the church level. So we have a long way to go; next is the national level and then the worldwide level blessing. That is why after I declared Pal Jung Sik in 1989, the worldwide level celebration of Chun Bu Ju Eui, the Day of Heavenly Parentism, was declared. Humanity will have one value system under God, and will then marry centering on that value system and ideology. That is the meaning of Chun Bu Ju Eui.

The victory of the 1988 Olympics

As you remember, starting from the Korean War, which began in 1950, the world developed into a polar system in terms of communism and Christianity, or Godism and "non-Godism." By the time of the Olympics in Seoul in 1988, these two polar systems were merged in a way and became one value system. Remember, before the Seoul Olympics the communist bloc and the free world bloc did not join together even at the Olympic Games. America and many other free world countries did not attend the Moscow Olympics, but beginning with the Seoul Olympics they started to meet again.

The president of Korea at that time was Noh Tae Woo. I had already set enough conditions that Noh Tae Woo was in the position of Cain, and I was in the position of Abel. I offered every possible thing to those Olympic athletes who came to Korea in 1988. We brought tons of McCol by truckload to the athletes, and also gave them lots of fabric for suits and dresses. We also offered a number of brand new cars to the Soviet athletes, but there was one condition: if they wanted to receive this gift, they had to open the demilitarized zone at Panmunjom, or the way through to North Korea. Through these conditions the way was opened spiritually as well as physically to bring about the unification of Korea.

So many of the athletes who came to Korea in 1988 said afterward they wanted to remain in Korea. We invited those athletic champions from many fields, particularly those from the communist bloc, to the Little Angels Performing Arts Center for a beautiful banquet during which they were buried in gifts.

At that time, I also called our missionaries from around the world representing each of the countries which were participating in those Olympic Games to come to Korea. These strong young champions in the position of Abel came to the Olympic Stadium to create oneness with the athletes from their respective nations. Some of our missionaries came from nations which did not have embassies in Korea, so the athletes from those countries did not have anyone to cheer for them during competitions. But our members as the Abel type representatives went to the stadium, held their national flags and cheered for the athletes from their nations, who were surprised. Through this these representatives of Abel and Cain were becoming one.

The unification of these world level youth was the condition upon which Pal Jung Sik could be declared. Of course even if the government wanted to oppose our actions at that time, they could not do it. We shipped truck after truck of McCol from the factory and unloaded it at the Olympic Village where the athletes were staying. It was like a mountain stacked there. Even though the government discouraged them, every athlete came and took it. Some athletes later told us that they drank more than ten bottles a day. Some even took bottles to the market and sold them to make money. Then Father told them, "You have done well." Connecting everywhere; it was the setting of a condition.

Restoration is that difficult, complicated and detailed. While the world was in deep sleep I planned each step of the history of restoration and completed it. Saegae-juk Chun Bu Ju Eui means the worldwide level heavenly parentism. Externally through these conditions I could bring about unification, and by so doing communism was doomed to decline and perish. If America keeps opposing Rev. Moon, America will have the same destiny. I am still holding onto the tail of America. That is why America is still alive with its head above water. But if I let go, America will go down the drain rapidly. For this reason I have been mobilizing every possible leader here in America with whom we have connected over the years and have been working together with them. I offered many different seminars and conferences last year alone to bring unity among the Protestant churches in North America and the Catholic Church in South America.

Developments in Korea

Upon this victorious foundation, True Mother went to Korea to carry out a nationwide speaking tour. Mother spoke in eighteen major locations delivering the truth to the leaders of Korea. Upon that victorious foundation I finally could declare the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth. In other words, because of the forty years of persecution from Christianity, Korea has been rather slow and not really powerful, in terms of our church’s influence and activities. However, for the blessing campaign, I really wanted to see Korea become the number one country in the world. That is why I invested everything there, even sending True Mother three times in the last few years to tour the nation and deliver this truth, mobilizing every possible member in Korea and thus bringing the top blessing result among the nations of the world.

The goal which I had given Korea was 1.2 million couples. At one point President Hwang of the Korean Unification Church had told me that by the "eight sevens" celebration day probably the maximum they would be able to achieve would be one third, or around 400,000 couples. That was his viewpoint. Then I sent Mother to Korea to mobilize the Women’s Federation members, and the husbands followed also. So by the time Mother finished the third speaking tour in Korea, the number had risen quickly to 700,000 couples. Finally, on the eight sevens celebration day, the number of blessed couples Korea had accomplished was 1.05 million, a number which they had never imagined. Pres. Hwang is coming here in a couple of days. I expect him to report blessing 1.2 million couples. In the past our church membership in Korea was low, but because of this effort by True Parents, Korea now has the top number of blessed couples.

I had been thinking that if Korea could not reach its goal I would take this blessing to Uruguay. When we look at the geographical relationship between Korea and Uruguay, if Korea represents the north pole, Uruguay represents the south pole. There are many similarities between them. For example, during the fight for the independence of Korea from Japanese domination, forty-three Korean patriots formed the initial power to mobilize Korea. Uruguay has the same number of patriots. Among the national holidays of the two countries also there are many similarities. God worked through history in the background in this way. No one can deny that.

So although I was thinking of taking the blessing to Uruguay, because Korea became the number one country in numbers of blessed couples, Korea has set enough conditions that soon the unification between North and South Korea will be achieved. In addition, the equalization of wealth between the countries of the northern and southern hemispheres will be achieved. The resolution between east and west culturally will also be achieved.

After World War II, centering on True Parents, the Christian cultural world combined as one for the first time, making the foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven. However, that prepared foundation was lost.

True Parents have set up again that kind of flat, family based, horizontal foundation on the earth. Is that true? Within that foundation there is no race, no boundary, no nation, no individual’s name; there is no America, no culture, no political phenomenon or power. There are no concepts in there. It is the starting point of recreation. Do you understand?

If a woman has the concept that being a famous graduate of Harvard is something impressive, that is Satan’s concept connecting with her. If she is proud to be a woman like that, proud because she is living in America and it is the best place, that kind of thinking is connecting her immediately with Satan’s world. The original place of creation did not have the color of America. Is that true? [Yes.] But inside you say no. Yes, that is true. Any kind of color doesn’t want that kind of point of view.

So if Father commands you to go to Africa, that place where you go becomes your hometown. Is that true? The hometown of your African husband becomes your hometown. Such a woman can feel, "Wow, this most famous, colored man is my king. Thank you God for this blessing, this permission; forever my body will be connected with this earth." Our personality is formed on this earth. isn’t it? We need to be so thankful that we can receive this original blessing which was lost until now. How about American couples? Do you like me to talk about this kind of thing? [Yes.] Yeeeeesss! You have to have that kind of confidence, action, ownership. Otherwise God will leave you again.

Developments in Uruguay

Can you see how complicated it is? That is why I prepared the country of Uruguay a long time ago. Even eighteen years ago the best top class hotel in South America was built in Uruguay. Also a bank was obtained which has branches nationwide, and also a newspaper. I thought in case Korea could not fulfill its responsibility everything would be taken to Uruguay. I went around the entire world from Korea in the northern hemisphere all the way down to Uruguay, and came back around to Korea again and restored everything.

By re-engrafting to that kind of foundation we can proclaim the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth.

Now can you connect it together? So again, Chun Bu Ju Eui was declared centered on the True Family. Chunji bumo means the parent of heaven and earth. and chunju ahnsik-gwon means realm of cosmic sabbath. When we hear such terminology, because it is so providential, if we truly understand it we will bow down, or kneel down, and our entire body, all 40 billion cells, will shake with excitement.

From there is the starting point of the individual kingdom of heaven, the family kingdom, and the tribe, nation, world and cosmos kingdoms, connecting heaven and earth, making a one body system centering on true love. When True Parents go to the Western world, God is following too. Also all Unification members follow behind True Parents like a shadow. Is that true?

Don’t you feel when True Parents are out of America that the entire country is empty? But when we come even just to Kodiak and you know that we are there, then you feel, "Oh, the sun is rising." When we are growing up, if we come home and do not find our father or mother there, we feel no one is home. There should also be this kind of love between parents and children on the worldwide level. When the entire world feels the same way as you do about True Parents, then the time will be here when we can restore all humanity.

It is a time of big transition. If you know the significance of the time, will you just keep sitting around and taking it easy, stand up and run, or fly like lightning? Which one? [Fly like lightning!]

Those people surrounding you will be amazed and maybe even fearful thinking that lightning may hit everything. But that lightning originating in places all around the world will be gathered in one place. In there can be established the ideal country, connecting with the world of the Kingdom of Heaven, the liberation of God and of all things so that God may rest within the original, ideal house of creation. Is it true? You know well that, like True Parents, you also have to reach that ideal. Can you do it? [Yes!] I don’t believe you! Can you really do it? [Yes!] Then raise your hands! Oh, mansei, mansei. God bless you, the heavenly kingdom and the earth, forever.

Peter Kim:

This is the completion of Chun Bu Ju Eui. Please join me in prayer. Father, this morning we are sitting here to be electrified by Your thunder and lightning. Father, True Parents truly gave us the message of Chun Bu Ju Eui this morning. We are fully awakened, we are fully educated. Therefore, now it is time for us to stand up and fly like lightning so that the thunder will wake up all humanity to follow True Parents. Father, please, give us Your whip, so that we can really push ourselves in every moment of our lives to keep marching forward, no more backwards. Father, we truly want to inherit Your love, Your heart, Your strength and Your wisdom so that we can fully utilize them in our daily life as we continue our mission here in America.

This is the only hope for America to be saved, according to True Parents. Father, therefore, please let us be able to totally unite with True Parents and with the direction which True Parents have given to us this morning. Our immediate goal is reaching the blessing of 36 million couples worldwide, Father. This is our ultimate goal. We have to remember this goal during the day and night, twenty-four hours every day. Father thank You. Thank You again for the wonderful message You have given us through our True Parents this morning, and we are totally united with this message. We pray all of these things in the names of our True Parents. Amen.

Rev. Moon:

Have a brand new attitude

Today is the first day of September so we need to have a brand new attitude in our life. Centering on the family we have to create the absolute environment. The first condition we need in order to be able to start this brand new environment is we must memorize the Family Pledge in Korean.

In other words, every day when we wake up we have to recite this Family Pledge in our minds and make sure, if not all seven points of the pledge, that we pick at least one of them and determine that day to live up to the standard of that part of the pledge. Also at night before you go to bed you have to reflect upon your entire day and whether or not you have truly lived up to the teaching of the pledge. If you feel that you have not lived up to that standard, then you have to repent and determine that the next day you will invest more effort and will go forward to reach it. Just as we eat every day to nourish our bodies, we have to put more effort every day into reaching higher and higher until we reach the standard of the Family Pledge.

Those who can recite the Family Pledge from memory, show your hands. You all have a family so you repeatedly recite the Family Pledge, but if you do not memorize it, it means you are false.

This family pledge is the paradigm for the education of your family. Therefore, if you are the man of the family, you have to memorize it and understand it fully. You have to be able to teach the meaning and the value of this family pledge to all of your family as well as to your neighbors. That is your responsibility.

During this past summer, the True Family took part in a 21-day workshop during which representatives from all of the different organizations under True Parents' umbrella gave a detailed report to them about what True Parents have done up to this point in various fields, so that they can be aware of these activities in more detail. Up until now I have offered many 21-day and 40-day workshops to people from the secular world, but I had never offered this kind of opportunity to my own children. However, the time has now come for me to do this. Up until now Satan could come into the True Family freely and play around and kick them around, but the time has come that Satan should not do that any more.

Always the problem stems from woman. Particularly in this time of transition, women have had more tendency to cause this kind of problem. Even within my own family, if that kind of situation develops I will have to restore it through the reverse way. That is why I may decide that this liberation and restoration course will take place centering on the youngest son. This youngest son always comes to Mother and wants to touch her and be close to her physically, because he loves Mother so much. He feels amazement that he was born from this very mother; what a mystery! So sometimes he sneaks into Father and Mother’s bedroom even at night and tries to sleep together with us.

Meet the two new couples

There was a time of declining, but now is the time for rising. These two youngest sons are so pure, so well developed, raised and educated. In terms of the relationship of Cain and Abel, of course Young Jin Nim is older so Young Jin Nim is in the position of Cain and Hyung Jin Nim is in the position of Abel. Even regarding the sound of their names, in Korean hyung means elder brother, and Hyung Jin Nim is in the position of elder brother. You know the meaning of young in English, and Young Jin Nim is in the younger brother position. It is mysterious.

My view of the providence of restoration is that, just as before they were born these sons were contained within Father and Mother’s bodies and were then born from the same body, therefore, when they start their family life these two couples, four people, should have no problem even though they live in the same house. God’s ideal is centered on the family, on a couple. Therefore, they have to be reborn as couples.

Please keep your eye on them, on how they develop and prosper. Young Jin Nim’s fiancée, Hwa Jung Nim, may have some tendency to subjugate Young Jin Nim, but that is allowed only in the secular world, not here. On the other hand, Hyung Jin Nim’s fiancée, Yun Ah Nim, would not have that kind of tendency at all. So even though within the True Family there may be some struggles and friction among the brothers and sisters, these two youngest families will never have problems.

Please understand that from True Parents' point of view these are the last, youngest sons for True Parents to bless. The date of their holy wedding is September 6. Both 9 and 6 are satanic numbers. Upon that base True Parents will win victory and start the brand new heavenly families.

Also, these are the first couples receiving True Parents’ blessing after the declaration of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth.

Hwa Jung Nim may be a center of controversy in the future, so you have to keep your eye on her. If you feel there is some kind of advice you can offer her, you can write a letter and quietly send it to her. Hwa Jung Nim may have a character similar to American women, so she needs a more vertical center. She is still young, and so bright and exuberant that she feels as if I am on the level of her friend or husband. When we were sitting in a small place on a boat the other day, as the boat was moving like this, Hwa Jung Nim was gradually pushing me off. Of course I was amazed by that. She is the one central point of harmonizing force for all of the brothers and sisters in True Family.

Hwa Jung Nim’s family name is Yoo. In Chinese characters, the meaning of Yoo is willow tree. The main characteristic of the willow tree is that even when a small breeze comes, it moves like this, dancing like this, because the branches are very long and thin. Hwa Jung means harmonized family, so she should become the queen of harmonizing the entire True Family, moving like a small willow tree in a breeze.

Of course Hyung Jin Nim’s name is Moon, which stands for truth. Hyung means almighty, Jin means marching forward. So he is marching forward almighty, making everything perfect, with no obstacles and every gate open before him.

Of course this sister-in-law, Hwa Jung Nim and we can say younger brother-in-law, Hyung Jin Nim really match well in terms of building harmony in the family. I actually expect that the relationship between this elder sister-in-law and younger brother-in-law should become so good that Young Jin Nim and Yun Ah Nim may even become jealous about their relationship. In other words, Yun Ah Nim and Young Jin Nim have to convert their spouses to become like them, or these two should try to convert their spouses to be like the other two, to create perfect harmony.

If they truly pray together well in that kind of harmony, then God will truly come to East Garden and dwell there twenty-four hours every day. But those who do not follow these traditions will not be allowed to live at East Garden. There may be separation, but later maybe there will be a way to be received again. The same applies to you. If you do not follow the will of God, you will be cut off.

This is the time that we can truly establish settlement. Another factor in terms of their ability to build unity between the two of them is, Hwa Jung Nim is a wonderful, excellent singer and Hyung Jin Nim is an excellent dancer.

Happiness is now coming through our door here into the Unification Church. To bring that happiness in these couples will have to sing a song. Yesterday Hwa Jung Nim sang here, but I could not give her an A+. So she is going to try again. Today is the growth stage. [Hwa Jung Nim sings Keurieun Keumgang San, "Longing for Diamond Mountain," Hyung Jin Nim sings another Korean song, then True Mother asks all four to sing together.]

Make conditions for a new start

Make conditions for a new start. The following are the conditions needed for a new start:

Memorize the Family Pledge

Read Father’s Public Speeches:

View of the Principle of the Providential History of the Universe
In Search of the Origin of the Universe
The True Family and the True Universe Centering on True Love

Read The Way of God’s Will

Read Blessing and Ideal Family

You do not have to study anything else. As leaders or members you just have to memorize and fully understand the meaning of the Family Pledge, and of course continue to read the three major speeches at least the number of times as your age. Recently I said not just your own age, but if you have four family members, and grandfather and grandmother and your children, put all those ages together and that is the number of times you have to read them. Then you will memorize them.

The Way of God’s Will is the record of my lifelong devotion and fight against Satan, as well as the history of my restoration course. You will feel True Parents' heart more deeply the more you keep reading it.

And finally, Blessing and Ideal Family, which contains excerpts from volumes 1 through 40 of the 200 published volumes of Father’s speeches.

These are the materials which you have to master and fully utilize in your daily life and teach to others. These are the main resources you can fully maximize. Once you master these contents and the meaning behind them, you do not have to read any other philosophical books, but you will be able to teach any person from any field in the world.

Of course on top of this you always have to study and master the Divine Principle, as well as the Victory Over Communism book and Unification Thought. You know these three already while the others are relatively new ones.

As blessed couples you all need to study these readings, fully digest the contents therein and memorize them as much as you can. Then four times a year -- spring, summer, autumn, and winter -- we will have an examination on these contents. After we give the blessing to the 3.6 million and 36 million and 360 million couples, don’t worry about educating them as long as you master these contents and share them fully with them. Do you understand?

If a certain part of any of these readings is pointed out to you, you should be able to explain that part completely without difficulty. That means this subject matter should become your own property. I am now bequeathing this truth to all Unification Church members. Do you understand? I have taught you everything, all of the contents and every secret of God’s restoration course. Parents completely one making your one body truth viewpoint of perspective. Is this clear?

The time has come for the re-education of the entire Unification Church membership of the world. Everyone has to go through 7-day, 21-day and 40-day workshops. Since Americans are used to the environment here in America I may take you all the way to Uruguay to the remote countryside where you cannot see anything but nature. That is where you will be educated. Not just Americans, but Japanese and even members from small island countries will go to one of the Mercosur countries -- Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil or Argentina -- to be educated.

North and South America should become like one nation

Again, North and South America should become like one nation. North Americans should learn Spanish and Portuguese, which are spoken in South America, and South Americans should learn English. By doing so you will become closer and more united. Together you have to learn Korean.

South America has reached its goal of 1.2 million blessed couples, and of course you will reach your goal of 360,000 couples. Later on among the blessed families from North America and South America, the children of couples from North and South will be blessed with one another. This is the way we can unite the two parts of the American continent, just as between Korea and Japan, which are enemy countries, I initiated an exchange marriage program, and now their second generation are growing up like bamboo shoots. The second generation of these couples are more universally minded; not really Korean-minded or Japanese-minded, but harmony-minded.

A time of worldwide peace is coming. Whoever advocates just their own race and their own nationality will have to stand back. When this generation extends into third and fourth generations, each family’s pride will hinge upon how many different nationalities came to join its lineage. The more lineages connected to your family, the more proud you will become. If you have the lineages of twelve different nations in your family, all of the twelve different languages they speak will compete with one another. Then you will have to say, "Well, we have twelve different languages here, but the language which was spoken by True Parents is the original language, so we have to be united with that language, which is Korean." Then everyone will say, "Yes, sir." Why? Because Korean is the language of our home, of our hometown. Unless you and your children really master Korean, you cannot have your lineage connected to the top leaders of the world in the future.

Learning Korean is mandatory for the unification of languages

At the eight sevens celebration, I declared that from now on whenever I call a leaders' meeting worldwide, I will never use another language even through an interpreter, only Korean. If the leaders of the world cannot understand my directions and teaching they will need to have a second meeting to find out from their Korean national messiahs what was said.

Within three years, by the year 2001 which is the beginning of the new millennium, everyone in the world should master Korean by utilizing the Korean national messiah in their own country. You have to put your hearts into it. Soon the time is coming that as a genuine Unification Church member, unless you can speak and write Korean fluently you will not be able to put your foot into the land of Korea. I want to see the unification of languages all over the world. As of now, about 1,600 different languages are spoken. Who is going to unify all of these languages? I am. Once we have one single language for the entire world, it will take only one broadcasting station, radio or TV, to reach every corner of the world. In terms of publications, if there is one language it takes only one book, then everyone in the world will be able to read and learn. But right now 1,600 different books have to come out on the same contents. It is a waste of time, manpower and materials. Everything is being wasted because of the division of languages.

But the time of the world family, the global family is coming. It is inevitable. Is there any "ism" or thought in the world superior to Godism? It is the best one, so it has to unite all. In the future when scholars dig into these teachings they have to be able to read the original texts, not the translated versions. There is a big difference between them. If any scholar comes and says he or she has studied Rev. Moon’s Godism, then we have to ask which version they studied. If they studied the English translation, then they will be in the second class.

If you have the ambition that your children be married with a Korean, then you should teach them Korean to begin with. The greatest hope you have as fallen descendants is for your lineage to be connected to True Parents' lineage. Therefore, the Korean language is mandatory. If you want to master Korean it takes about three to five years, but if you really, really dig into it, it may take only one and a half years. Those who do not want to learn Korean language and culture, raise your hands. Now is your opportunity. Now those who are eager to learn it, show your hands. We have to achieve unification of these two. Once we reach that goal, wherever True Parents go there will not be any language barrier. My heart and your heart can then be fully communicated.

God is working hard, taking action, isn’t it so? This is Godism, not Rev. Moonism. No matter how proud you may be of your country, America cannot subjugate and dominate the world forever. Your phrase is "one nation under God," but we need one world under God. One nation under God is the democratic way, but one world under God is the final purpose God desires. It is humankind’s last purpose. History wants that kind of terminal point. All things wants that kind of purpose. Do you understand? Man, woman, the family, the nation and all of history want to achieve that purpose. Upon that foundation God can control everything, building the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

We have to have a brand new life starting from this very moment on. That is why we need to fulfill all these conditions. Have you written down all of them? So if I or one of your leaders meet you anywhere and ask you to recite Family Pledge Number 3, you have to be able to do it automatically. If you do well, your leader may shake your hand again, embrace you, and take you to lunch or invite you to his home for dinner. There is connecting power there. Don’t we need that kind of power? [Yes!] Of course, if you are in the position to ask someone to recite, you have to thank the person if he or she does well. Do you understand? It doesn’t matter who you are, whether you are parents or college students, even elementary school students, you all have to do it. When you recite it you have to stand in a position of attention with a salute. Don’t you think you will feel great if you are able to do that? [Yes!]

Every person in the secular world can come to understand that within Unificationism is the center which is God’s ideal family. Without hesitation we can make that proclamation. Is this a good sounding phenomenon? Mansei!

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