The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1997


True Day Of All Things And The Initiator Of Harmony

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere International Training Center
June 5, 1997
Translator: Mr. Peter Kim

Is there any non-Korean volunteer to read the title of Father's message this morning? How about Japanese members? Can you read it? Then everyone repeat after me. Man Mul Ui Nal [Man Mul Ui Nal] This means the Day of All Things. And Hwa Dong Ui Dui [Hwa Dong Ui Dui]. Okay, one more time, Man Mul Ui Nal Kwa [Man Mul Ui Nal Kwa] Hwa Dong Ui Dui [Hwa Dong Ui Dui]. Okay, now you know the meaning of Man Mul Ui Nal. Kwa means And. What do you think Hwa Dong means? [Harmony] Harmony, that’s right. Ui means Of. Dui means what? You heard this word from Father a thousand times. Of course harmony, but it has some action in it, to make harmony. Dui means owner, literally owner. So what do you think it means? It means the initiator or starter of harmony. But the meaning is owner. True Day of All Things and the Initiator of Harmony. Do you understand the meaning? (Yes)

Those who want to have a rich and happy life show your hands to Father. (Laughter) Another try. If you are half-hearted in your response to happiness, then happiness will look at you and turn away. Suppose your loving spouse were to call you after a long separation, would you respond half-heartedly? (Laughter) No. You would instantly jump up and run to her. The qualification of leading a happy life is to always be smiling. What is the next stage of excitement from smiling? Singing, dancing, jumping and flying. Whatever causes excitement. Father asks you again, when you meet your loving spouse are you going to jump and run to your spouse or just sit still and say hello? (Laughter) You naturally want to give your spouse the strongest hug possible in greeting. Singing and dancing together in excitement. [Laughter]

Everyone wants happiness, but in order to have a happy life your eyes should smile. There are some who always have smiling eyes. What about your nose. Is your nose smiling sometimes? (Laughter) Father has just witnessed that when this handsome gentleman sitting here was laughing, his nose was smiling also. (Laughter) Your eyes follow your mood. When you smile and laugh your eyes also smile. There are variations to each individual's smile. Do your body and hands remain still when you are excited and happy? Do your hands tend to go up or down when you are happy? (Up) The reason why we tend to raise our hands is because we want to bring our ancestors and even God to our level and enjoy ourselves together.

When you desperately call your lover do you put your head up or down? (Up) All the way up so that your forehead becomes flat and God can come down and sit on it. Whilst you have God sitting on your forehead you will be able to dance with Him. It always requires balance. Imagine that God is now standing on your forehead and dancing with you. When you lift your left leg God has to balance His body which is now connected to your body. Therefore He has to lift His right leg. [Father demonstrates] (Laughter. Applause) If God were to stand still and demonstrate His dignity then there is no fun.

Do you think God has had a happy day? In the process of creation, God created all things first. Upon that foundation, God created our original ancestors, Adam and Eve. But because of their Fall, God lost everything. He lost His children and all things. Even though God has five senses, He has had no one to talk with, see with, smell with, hear with. God has been lonely all the time. Therefore, has God been happy or unhappy? (Unhappy) Those who believe in an unhappy God, are you unhappy people? That is why the religious believers have been walking the path of tears and suffering. Some people claim that the teaching of Divine Principle is excellent, but once they step inside they have to go through suffering. From God's point of view, is this the correct course or the incorrect course for us to go the path of suffering and indemnity. (The correct course) Does that mean Reverend Moon is good or bad? (A good man)

Father has a tight schedule today and still he hasn't really begun his message to you. Father feels sorry that he was thirty minutes late this morning. The reason for this was Father ate breakfast and took a nap. (Laughter) You are laughing so this means in reality you know what happened. So your laughter is telling Father that you understand and he need not be sorry. If some feel that Father is a bad time keeper they don't understand what was going on. Father already called in that he would be a little bit late. (YES) [One member of the audience shouts] Only you heard, no one else? (Laughter)

The differences between men and women

Sitting as you are now, observe your body and look around. What do you see? (Brothers and sisters) The man looks at woman and the woman looks at man. Brothers see sisters wearing beautiful butterfly-like clothing. (Laughter) The sisters see the brothers wearing dark suits and looking handsome. The dark suits look like crows. Who is happier, man or woman? If we were to take brothers and sisters gathered here out to the slave markets, whom do you think would be chosen first? (Women) That means sisters may be sold but brothers will remain unsold. Then who is happier? Sisters may be prettier than the brothers, but on the other hand you get sold. The brothers may be uglier than the sisters, but they are lucky just the same. That is why throughout the world, regardless of east or west, women get sold to men, even through marriage.

Who is in the position of subject, husband or wife? (Husband) Especially you American women, answer which one is subject. You know clearly. (Men) Women. (Men) The meaning of 'woman' is warning to men. (Laughter) [Father writes on the board] This 'm' represents man and 'w' represents woman. When they are placed together they are inseparable. Together they create a whole human being. But on this diagram which one is up? (Man) How about here? Which side is plus, up or down? (Up) Even within the English alphabet the 'm' is on the top and 'w' on the bottom. But some American women claim that women should be subject.

The concept and reality should become one. There should be no separation between them. Which is more precious, the visible or invisible world? (Invisible world) Based upon pragmatism there is no value in the unseen. In general America is enjoying material wealth. But because of this America is losing the concept of God. Therefore man is in the position of subject. If this is the formula, should the husband follow the wife or the wife follow the husband? (Woman should follow man) Who is in the position of subject? (Man) Is it easier to buy a woman or a man? (Woman) Father is showing you how women's eyes move following the diamond necklace, ring and earrings. But men don't care.

Some American women might believe that Reverend Moon always puts women down. They might come and sit here and listen to Father's explanation and eventually change their attitude. They will come to realize that Father is not a woman basher, but rather he truly promotes women's values. Don't you think that will happen? (Yes) If there is fair competition in the Olympic Games, could a woman beat a man? (No) No matter how many competitions might exist within the Olympic Games, woman cannot win over man. Do you feel badly? (No) Even if you feel badly, there is no other choice. Because this is the truth. Even if we have an eating competition still women cannot eat more than men. Women usually eat one-third of what men eat. Usually is the husband taller than the wife? (Yes) If the wife is much taller than the husband that isn't good. If she is too tall maybe crows and pigeons will come and nest in her hair. She will look like a telephone pole.

American women have guts and are brave

Before coming to America, Father heard that American women have guts and are brave. Therefore Father imagined that they must be taller than men. But when Father saw them he realized that they are smaller than men. Also in walking, a woman would have to take several steps to cover the distance a man does in one stride. If you have to cover several kilometers, man would probably have to take one hundred steps. Whereas a woman would have to take seven hundred steps. Who tires more easily? (Woman) Therefore who is pulling whom? (Wife is pulling on husband) You western women have guts. (Laughter) You answered clearly to Father which is very courageous. (Laughter)

Those of you who are gathered here in front of Father today, show your hands who believe that women are in the position of subject. Especially you American women. Someone may twist reality and claim that Reverend Moon is brainwashing all the women in order to sell them. For the last forty years people have been criticizing and labeling Father in such a bad way. But after forty years their accusations and criticism has just disappeared. Because they have become tired of it. After forty years of attacking the Unification Church and Reverend Moon they thought surely the Unification Church will have disappeared by now. Instead Father has established the Kingdom of God and is dancing there already. (Laughter) (Applause) All the accusers will realize that Father is on the top and dancing in the kingdom. How wonderful it is.

We are indebted to the natural world

Do you feel great? (Yes) If you don't feel great Father will stop right here. (NO) No. KNOW. (Laughter) When we look around at the color of the carpet, your clothing, the ceiling and everything, where does it all come from? (God) [Father is writing on the board] All things. Today is the Day of All Things, God's creation. What about your body, especially woman's body that can even bear a child? Where does it come from? All things. What about your beautiful house, where does it come from? You are so proud of your machinery and equipment but where do they originate from? All things. What about your precious car? Everything originates from all things. Do we have anything to be really proud of? We are all indebted to all things. If we truly want to be proud of ourselves we need to pay our debts first. Even when we have breakfast, if we truly understand the reality, can we easily pick up our utensils and eat the food? Where does that food originate? What about all the meals you eat three times in a day. Do you think they are happy to be absorbed by you or are they crying? Therefore if we truly don't understand the meaning of all things, we are like thieves and robbers.

What is the definition of a thief? Taking someone's property and keeping it as your own. In other words whatever we consume comes from all things. But we fail to remember that fact and regard everything as our own. Therefore we may be regarded as thieves. Your eyes, nose, and mouth all originate from all things. Today is the thirty fifth Day of All Things. When we celebrate the thirty sixth Day of All Things we will have gone over the hill. Because the number thirty six is the multiplication of three times twelve. Thirty six and twelve can be divided by three. If you add three and six it makes nine. Actually nine is a satanic number. Because if you write the number nine quickly it looks like a snake or Satan. If you write nine with the mouth part open it means you are ready to take everything for free, like Satan takes everything. Therefore nine is Satan's number. However, number ten represents one and zero which means God says okay vertically.

Originally Father didn't intend to talk about these things. Do we have anything that truly belongs to us? (No) When a new baby is born it originated from the mother's egg and the father's sperm. The baby doesn't have anything of its own. But love connects into one and conception occurs. We ourselves do not exist. I am nothing but the extension of my father and mother. My father who gave sperm and life and my mother who gave her egg in order to create me. I don't have anything of my own. I can only be proud of my father and mother's love and the sperm and egg I received from them. That is the origin of my life. That is why we cannot deny our father or mother. Neither can we deny our existence. Unless we become children of filial piety we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. All things have come through that stage. Therefore we should be able to love all things just as God does.

What do you have to be proud of?

In the animal world does extreme individualism exist? (No) Yes. (No) Yes. (NO) You know better than I do. Thank you. Do you understand Father? (Yes) Therefore, America has nothing to be proud of. Does this beautiful land, trees and grass belong to America or to God? (God) GOD. What is there for America to be proud of? If anyone thinks this wealth belongs to them, this creation belongs to them, they are thieves. Which means that they are doomed to lose. Now we understand the true meaning of the Day of All Things. When you look at Reverend Moon walking here, this is not really Reverend Moon. But rather it is a mass of all kinds of all things. It is like a tree stump and rock walking. Is that true? (Yes) I ask is that true? (YES) In Korean, yes means Jesus Christ. Because in Korean we say Yesu.

Is there anything we can truly be proud of? (No) Those of you with pretty faces may think you can be proud of that face and sell it? Such a sister is a thief not a true owner. If you want to say 'beautiful woman' that doesn't only refer to the face. But that woman should have everything in balance, pretty face, pretty feet and pretty well balanced hands. Also her hips and chest should be properly developed. If you truly want to label someone as a beautiful woman then you have to draw her as a naked model and conclude whether or not she is beautifully proportioned.

When you try to select a well ripened watermelon at the market, you cannot determine whether it is ripe, delicious and sweet or not simply by looking at the skin alone. Even when the shape is a little odd, if it is ripe inside then that is the water melon you want. Is this not true? (Yes) Usually when a woman has a pretty face she has defects some other place. Either her hips are too small or her feet or hands are too big. (Laughter) Something is not balanced. Therefore don't marry any woman judging by her face alone. (Laughter) (Applause) Even if your wife is not so pretty, her heart might be well balanced. Therefore her entire appearance is well balanced. Then you can guarantee to have beautiful children. (Applause) That is true. In the morning when the wives apply their make-up, do they concentrate on their faces or go down to their feet? (Face) Suppose a woman applies make-up to her entire body every day. Then she will become a museum item. Because there has been no woman like that in history.

What if you are given the choice between a woman who covers her face with make-up or another woman who takes care of her entire body every day spending several hours? Which would you choose? If such a woman truly exists don't you want to go and take a look at her? There are people who would even pay for that. Originally when the time comes for you to pick your spouse you should be able to look at your spouse naked and see how balanced he or she is.

Skin color is an adaptation to the environment

Originally the white race who have deep blue eyes, brown hair and high noses originate in the North Pole. Your ancestors came from the Arctic area, the North Pole, always surrounded by white snow. They longed for blue colored water. In biology classes at school didn't you learn that animals can adjust their skin color to their environment? By the same token the white race came about through this environment.

While in South America recently, Father caught a fish called baku. While catching that fish the color of the skin of that particular fish was more yellowish whilst in the water. But as soon as the fish was brought out of the water it turned black. Why? The fish itself tried to protect itself. Even low level fish are able to do that. Therefore, human beings can adapt to their environment. Therefore the white race who originate from the Arctic area have nothing to be proud of. You should go back to the Arctic. (Laughter) That is true.

If you are in the North Pole certainly you cannot do farming. The weather conditions would not allow for it. What else can you do? You simply have to hunt whatever you can in order to survive. Those hunters who always go after blood may kill each other in order to take the animals that have been killed. White people have a long high nose with narrow nostrils. The reason for this is that the air can warm up whilst traveling up through your nostrils. Whereas people living in the tropics have short noses and wide open nostrils. This is the correct explanation by Reverend Moon. I only speak the truth. Amen. (Amen)

The white race of hunters enslaved their black brothers and sisters

In human history the people from the Arctic region stayed around Scandinavia. When they ran out of food then moved down towards England and Ireland and became pirates. England was a place where pirates went and hid their treasures. They were a strong nation of hunters. Eventually Great Britain had the strongest empire upon which they claimed the sun would never set.

These white people went to Africa and sold their black brothers and sisters into slavery. They colonized those countries and killed thousands of innocent people. But the world is not the world of the white race is it? (No) When the sun sets it goes down. History proves that the time of white domination of other races has ended. Why is it in general that the white race doesn't like the black race? Historically speaking, due to the brutality of the white race the relationship between black and white people has become that of enemies. The historical facts demonstrate that the white race did not do so much good for the sake of the black race. America is like a battlefield between the white and black races to a certain degree. Isn't that true? (Yes)

Asians have round flat noses and wide faces. They look like a rice paddy. (Laughter) The round nose indicates they want to become rich. (Laughter) If your face is round and big and your nose is small and flat it will be like a soccer field. (Laughter) The culture of Asian people stems from farming. When there is not enough rain farmers stand and look up towards heaven or they sit down and pray for rain. They are ever hanging onto God's grace. That is why the major religions all came out from the Orient. Four great saints are from the Orient.

The oriental race will mediate between white and black

Black race always go after the tropical fruits from their region. The white race from the Arctic region always hunt and kill animals. The oriental race are always farming and waiting for God's grace. Amongst these three categories which one tends to have more desire to reach towards God and receive His grace? (The Orientals) That is why the saints came out from the Orient. If the battle between white and black brothers and sisters still exists in the world today, who is going to be the mediator between them? These mediators should come from God-loving people. The first Messiah came from the orient. Also the Lord of the Second Advent will come out of the oriental race. Amen. (Applause) Some people may say that Father is promoting himself through this. Father is very famous in this country of America. But is Father famous in a good or a bad sense? Who in fact is good and who is bad between America and Father? (Father is good) Who won the battle between America and Reverend Moon? (Reverend Moon)

It is said that whoever comes to America becomes assimilated within five years. The famous term "melting pot" is always used to describe America. However, Reverend Moon came to America over twenty five years ago but he has not become Americanized at all. Rather he has caused America to become Moonized. Day by day the size of Reverend Moon's followers will grow rapidly. (Amen) (Applause) [Father writes on the board] Amen means number one man. We seem to have been laughing away our first hour or so here.

Humans stand in the position of initiator of harmony between God and all things

Human beings stand in the position of initiator of harmony between God and all things. There should be cause and effect. How can we move this? We need a center. The right hand reaches God and the left hand holds onto all things. You spin around and all of heaven and earth will spin together. As long as you keep your grip upon God and all things, God's eye and all things will move around together with you in the same direction as your eyes. If you truly revolve around in this way God will want to spin around one million times per hour with you. Even if you spin around with God one million times per hour, do you think the axis should be turned around or there should be one center point that you spin around? When anything spins fast it gets uplifted and flies away. Therefore you need a strong anchor.

When you show your hand to indicate your desire for something do you show your right or left hand? (Right hand) Right hand. Make sure to keep this kind of balance. Stay with God and keep a grip on all things. This is the way you can keep your balance and turn around together. It is natural for everyone to be right handed. Those who are left handed show your hand to Father. If you were in Asia you would have a difficult time to marry. Try to correct it. Even when you write try to change to the right hand. There is a common understanding in Asia that the woman stands on the left hand side of her husband. The Asians learn the beauty of combination through mastering the use of chopsticks. Even your five senses have the subject and object relationship built in. Why? Because the entire universe exists in this way.

The structure of the Korean language has this reciprocal subject and object relationship built into it. When we try to explain a person's gait we say wi chim wi chim. We say it twice in a more balanced way by repeating the word. Also in English when we want to indicate a person's pace or speed we can say, slowly, slowly. Rather than just slowly. It makes a reciprocal balanced relationship. In Korean we say bali, bali. All of this indicates the Oriental philosophy and way of thinking. Therefore Asia is the place where such philosophy and spiritual teaching usually comes from. Reverend Moon came from Korea, which is part of Asia. (Mansei) Who did mansei? Do you like Reverend Moon? (Yes) How long did it take for you to like Reverend Moon, just one day, or a month or several years? [One day] [Laughter].

For twenty or thirty years before coming to this country Father was praying for and loving this country America. He has been investing himself for the sake of this country. What about you? Have you thought about Reverend Moon in this way. You are sitting in front of Reverend Moon on this particular day. However, some day maybe one-third of you might disappear. [No] Please remember that on this Day of All Things that we are indebted to all things. Even one strand of your hair is indebted to all things. Nothing is our own. We are in debt to all things for everything. Therefore we should be able to say to the world that the extension of myself is everything on this earth. The soil, the trees, the mountains etc. In this way we should be able to demonstrate our appreciation to the world. By doing so we should come to the realization that all things of creation are sacrificing every ounce of themselves in order to support and maintain my life. How then can I repay my debt?

All things are waiting to meet the owner who can love them as God loves them

We can label human beings as the ones who have killed the most animals in human history. How then can we eliminate this debt? Are we good or evil beings? Evil beings. (Evil beings) When you shout out like that all forty billion cells of your body all nodded in agreement. How can we be forgiven? By offering our love to all things. Because if we truly understand the reality, the entire universe is more precious than our own children. More precious than anything else. All things are waiting to meet the owner who can love them as God loves them. They are longing for that true owner who can care and love them like God and True Parents. Because all things want to be treated with appreciation by the true children of God. Once we reach that level all things will be happy to be absorbed by human beings.

The purpose of the existence of all things is to be absorbed by the owner of true love in this world. When they are taken and absorbed by this true love owner they will be happy and look forward to that. The cells of the mineral kingdom are absorbed by plants. The cells and elements of plants are absorbed by animals and eventually animals are there to be taken and absorbed by human beings. [Father draws a diagram on the board] What do they look like? Man and woman. Where do you think all the cells and minerals from the mineral, plant and animal kingdom go to? What part of the human body absorbs them? What is the final destination that all things desires? [Sexual organ] That is true. Human sexual organs is what God poured most effort into. Isn't this true? Some may still think that as the founder of the Unification Church Father should not refer to the sexual organ in public. (Laughter) Ordinarily Christian ministers don't refer to sexual organs in their sermon.

God created human sexual organs to be a most holy sacred place

God created human sexual organs to be a most holy place, a sacred place, not what it has become since the Fall of Adam. Do you understand? It is supposed to be a holy palace. Love palace refers to the sexual organ in God's original plan. This is the truth. All the cells from the mineral, plant and animal kingdom all want to eventually arrive at human beings sexual organ and be apart of it. But they cannot travel directly there. Therefore, minerals have to be absorbed by plants, plants by animals and animals by man. In this way they can eventually reach their destination. Under the universal law of existence the higher level of creation absorbs the lower levels of creation. Charles Darwin's evolution theory states that the strong eat the weak. According to Darwin's evolution theory we are the worst people. But it is actually not so. It is a natural universal law. If we take Darwin's evolution theory literally then God is the worst kind of being. Because God planned creation in a certain way. When love is involved there is no evil. Even mother birds sacrifice their own lives for the sake of their babies. How about you American mothers? (Yes Father) Sound is good. However, your content is not so good.

A promiscuous woman may hate the father of her child

In our world today, many teenage mothers abandon their newborn babies in garbage cans. That is even worse than animals. The practice of free sex is absolutely not acceptable. If people practice free sex, it means a woman might bear a child from a man whom she hates. Consequently she throws that child away. They do not take responsibility for their actions. Do you understand? All things are awaiting your appreciation and your love. When you relate with all things in your daily lives, you should feel in your heart, this is what is providing everything for my husband, my children and myself. Then express that deep appreciation. That kind of love is what all things are longing to receive. If we truly reach that level in dealing with all things, then you will feel like dividing one third of food you have and share it with all things again. If you truly have that kind of heart you will never become sick. The universe will protect you. You will live a healthy life.

Is Father always healthy? (Yes) One time at the age of eight years Father had to lay down because of sickness. But since that time he never got sick. (Applause) Father's heart is always the same. When he first stepped onto America soil Father declared to the universe he loved America more than anyone else ever has. The person who loves the most will become the true owner. Since Reverend Moon offers everything and loves America more than anyone else in human history, automatically those who oppose Father without knowing that reality will eventually surrender.

Whoever offers more love will become the final winner.

Whoever offers more love will become the final winner. The ones who offer more love resemble God. Therefore God will protect them and make those people victors and owners. (Applause) Those of you who love Reverend Moon raise your hands. Have you been bribed? (No)

Father often invites world level dignitaries for various activities. Then Father is criticized and accused of bribing them to come. But in reality they come and contribute. (Applause) We need to truly hang onto God and place a grip on all things and make a perfect circular movement. Then we need to become the harmonizing point between husband and wife, parents and children, heaven and earth and truly become the initiators of harmony. That is how the Kingdom of God on Earth will be built. On this Day of All Things we can know that all things are truly waiting for true love, and the true center of harmony. Amen. (Amen) This doesn't mean you have to go to Argentina and buy a farm and raise cattle. You can simply buy a pet dog or cat and share your love with them. If you have one animal at home you should feel that it represents many species of animals. [Father draws on the board] What is this, a goat or a dog? (Laughter)

Just as there are three stages of growth, keep three animals at home. Whatever kind of animal. [Father continues to draw on the board] Even this lady bug Father draws could be your pet. One way of taking care of them and sharing your love for them is whenever you prepare a meal for your children, take a portion of it and share it with your animals. Then they will really happily grow. By doing so practically, realistically you will develop your own concept of sharing love with them while sharing love with your own children. Pay more attention to your pet animal. By sharing your love with one lady bug, this one bug represents the entire insect kingdom. If you have your own pet lady bug at home on a cool fall night when the moon is high and bright millions of insects will come around and create this natural insect orchestra. How beautiful! If truly these insects come together to create a natural orchestra you can control their tone through using a small stick to beat and create a rhythm. If it is high pitched then follow that pitch. If it is low pitched do the same. How wonderful and happy that situation would be.

The birds, frogs and insects make a wonderful orchestra

Father came to realize that the frogs on the South American continent create such a wonderful orchestra. Father is accustomed to the singing of frogs in Korea. However, there is no comparison. In South America there are scores of different species of frogs and they create all different melodies. Father takes off his shoe and together with this frog orchestra he keeps time with their beat. (Laughter) That is true. It was so wonderful. You don't get tired of Father's sermon do you? (No) If you truly have enjoyed this, even if we construct a metal door to keep you out you would somehow get in. Do you follow Father? (Yes)

In South America Father goes out fishing and sits on a small stool for twelve hours sometimes. Sitting still by the riverside, If he makes too much noise the fish will swim away. Therefore, Father has to sit quietly doing nothing staring at the water and the fishing pole. Then from the trees and bushes around one bird begins to chirp. Then gradually as time passes these birds attract other birds. Then they become ten and sometimes hundreds and they begin singing together. That is really beautiful. You will never know how sweet it is.

The bird orchestra is truly more interesting than fishing. (Laughter) Certain birds' song isn't necessarily pleasant. They sound as if they are shouting. That is the way that particular bird calls its lover and children. Therefore one should be able to enjoy it also. When Father is communicating with nature to that degree do you think Father feels tired? Sometimes Father will experiment by shouting out loud. Then immediately all the hundreds of birds stops singing. (Laughter) After a few minutes one courageous bird begins chirping again and they all follow. (Laughter)

People become tired sitting hour upon hour. But these birds never seem to tire of singing together. Why not? Because their song is the song of love. They are dancing by flying from one branch to another. They always move and demonstrate to one another. If the female bird flies and the male doesn't follow she will chirp as if to say, "come on, what are you doing?" (Laughter) Then the male bird follows her. Father learned a lesson from that give and take with nature. If anyone can truly communicate with nature and enjoy this give and take, such people will never consider divorce. (Applause) Because if you truly observe nature you will realize the pair system.

Give and take between pairs is always in operation in nature. Even between flies when the male and female sit together and there is one portion of food, the male fly always indicates to the female to take it. (Laughter) Unless you have the experience of prison life you will never understand what Father is going to say now. But when flies are buzzing around you can attract them by placing your saliva on your finger and offer it. Usually one fly lands and tastes the human saliva. Then another partner will come and enjoy together. Then immediately you can close your fingers and catch two flies at one time. (Laughter)

Because you have nothing to do in the prison, once you catch these two flies you cut off one piece of their wings so they cannot fly away. Then set them free, they crawl around the floor but always together in a pair. If you feed them they will remain with you making a friendship. This is true. In reality in the world human beings are worst than animals. Therefore is this Day of All Things which we celebrate here as the Family Federation for World Peace a good or bad day? (Good day) Amen. Amen. Amen. That is the sound which all the animals and plants who have lived and died and those which will come into existence in the future long to hear. Wherever Reverend Moon goes this heavenly fate and fortune goes with him. Therefore, don't we feel empty whenever Father leaves from America? (Yes)

Brothers and sisters long for True Father

Whenever Father remains in America the Korean brothers and sisters are praying every night in a prayer vigil and counting the days. As soon as Father arrives they are so happy. Also in South America brothers and sisters who are a thousand miles away try their best to come to see Father. People who don't understand the Divine Principle might feel that their husbands are normal and doing well. Their children are growing well so why are they attracted by Reverend Moon. That is why they misunderstand Father through this. According to the Christian tradition it is normal for the pastor to give a sermon for less than one hour. But here today Father has been speaking for more than two hours so far. In the outside world, if you became bored you would find an excuse to get out. But here, even though you need the bathroom you try to hold it because Father is sharing with you giving out so much power and energy. That is why you are considered crazy. Do you truly like Father? (YES) Father is asking the brothers this question. Because if all of you sisters respond then True Mother might feel sad. (Laughter) But of course Mother will be only happy to hear that you all love Father. That is why Father loves her. (Amen) (Applause) Just like God, whatever I do, wherever I look I offer my love so my life is totally centered upon the give and take relationship of love. This is my life. Amen. (Applause) The original palace of Amen is the Kingdom of God in Heaven. That is our destination. Amen. (Amen) From there we can inherit everything from God. AMEN. (AMEN)

Please join me in prayer.

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