The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1997


The Family Federation For Cosmic Peace And Unification And The Cosmic Era Of Blessed Family

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 4, 1997
Belvedere International Training Center
Translator - Peter Kim

Father wants a volunteer to read this morning's title: Chonjoo Pyung Hwa Kajong Yonhap. Cheonjoo stands for cosmos or world; pyunghwa means peace; tongil I don't need to interpret this one and gajeong-yunhap means Family Federation, so Family Federation for World or Cosmic Peace and Unification. And also Chookbok-gajung segyehwa sheedeh. Chookbok-gajung means Blessed Family, sheedae means period or era, segye-hwa means becoming world age, or world era. So, this title means World Era for Blessed Families. This is our title today.

Even if you establish a couple, if you do not produce children then you have not formed a Blessed family. Therefore, it is important that we understand the term "Blessed family," not just Blessed couple. In a family there should be grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren.

Ordinarily, secular people do not have an understanding of "cosmos." This is like our own unique term. The cosmos includes the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven, both worlds. It means the unification of these two worlds. Since people do not understand the term cosmos Father uses the word segye or world. Internally we should understand the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification to mean the Family Federation for Cosmic Peace and Unification, the Cosmic Era of Blessed Families. This particular title has recently been given to you. The Family Federation for Cosmic Peace and Unification includes within it the meaning of the entire Unification Church down to the individual. The individual is included here, unification is included here and the church is included here. Centering upon the individual, what is the subject? (The mind.) When you have to apply yourself as an individual to this particular title, where do you belong? Cosmos? Peace? Unification? or Family Federation? Where? (Family.) "I" can be interpreted as the representative of the whole. Therefore, I can say that I represent the entire cosmos; I represent unification; I represent family federation; I represent the cosmic era. I represent the movement of the Blessed family as an individual. In terms of value, they are equal. Subject and object, plus and minus relationship is of equal value.

"I" represent the whole

"I" can represent the cosmos, peace, unification and even God, and the Kingdom of Heaven on the Earth as well as in Heaven. Do you follow? What about your eyes? This eye may represent me. Even your nose can represent you. Your ear, mouth, hand, foot and even a small cell in your arm can represent you, a human being as a whole. Man's sexual organ can represent all men. You can represent the universe. In love, what is it that comes together in order to create love? (Male and female sexual organs.) Man as a big plus and woman as a big minus [Father draws a diagram on the board]. This is the meeting point between husband and wife as a small plus and a small minus. This is big, as a whole man (a big plus); as a whole woman (a big minus) [indicating to the diagram], but when they make love, the small plus and small minus come together and become one. In this you have your limbs and billions of cells. But here [indicating to the board] this is smaller. This particular organ represents all the cells and organs of yourself. When you make love don't you think that the cells in your body become active? (Yes.) Everything in your body works toward one goal. That is what we call unification. That is where plus and minus combine together and peace is created. As a whole, when this phenomena occurs, the base for a family is established. The extension of this is the world which we refer to as man's world and woman's world. It extends further to the cosmic level. [Father continues to draw on the board] This is the very beginning point to build the Kingdom of God on Earth. That is why love is so precious.

Please remember that there is only one vertical line. There is just one central point, never two. The horizontal and vertical lines should be perpendicular. Centering on that central point, if this vertical and horizontal line begin to move around in a circular motion, then the entire universe will begin to revolve. In that center, we can find God, as well as the family of God; family of nation, family of world, family of the cosmos. That center represents everything that we can imagine. We should understand this concept clearly. No matter how small a woman may be, she should have confidence that she is the representative of the entire female world. The same is true for men. You can even think that you represent your grandmother and all your ancestors. As a woman, you represent all the mothers who went before you as well as all the wives in your time period. You should also think that you, as a woman, represent all the elder and younger sisters in the world. Any woman has a lineage. If we were able to pull her lineage out from her, don't you think that all the female ancestors would be pulled out? Stretching like a rubber band, they are not disconnected, but rather part of the same line. In our mind, we should desire to become the representative of the entire humanity and entire world. We should desire to become a queen of queens, grandmother, mother, wife, daughter, sister, the representative of all female figures.

You ugly men have the same feeling, don't you? If Father were to pull your lineage line out like a rubber band, then your father, grandfather, great grandfather, all the way back to Adam would be pulled out also.

You are the representatives of all the male and female figures throughout history. If God comes down here and sees what is happening, do you think that He would be happy to see only one tribal lineage or the lineage all the way back to Adam and Eve? (All the way back.) If you want to provide the road upon which God will travel, would you like to offer your lineage zigzagging all the way to Adam, or a straight super highway lineage back to Adam? (straight super highway.) If you want to do that, then you have to make sure that you become a good enough representative so that your entire ancestry will support you in one line! You should not live your life in a zigzag fashion. Once you build this super highway it should be straight and wide all the way to the end. It should not be both wide and narrow. Because of the fall of man, this road is sometimes upside down and really narrow in places so that one cannot pass.

The concept of "individual truth body"

Within our teaching we use the term "individual truth body." Within our body there are over forty billion cells. If each of these forty billion cells individually insists on being the best one and insists on doing whatever it wishes, can we exist as a human being? (No.) If the cells in your eyes and nose or ears and mouth begin to insist that each is better than the other, or insist on their own way, we would have trouble. If all forty billion cells claim to be the best then where can you find that kind of cell? Love organ cell. Repeat after me, love organ cell. (Love organ cell.) Wow! People might claim the Unification Church to be heretical because Reverend Moon often speaks about sexual organs, but in reality, we are not heretics. Do you feel this is real? (Yes.) If you truly understand and believe in my message, don't you think that the cells in your sexual organ will give a loud "Mansei"? Or will they feel ashamed? (MANSEI!) Even among the sexual organ cells there are plus and minus sexual organ cells. Which one is the mainstream cell among them? (Plus.) If there are only plus cells then there would be no continuation. [Laughter] The plus cells in your sexual organ should be able to say, well my representative is the minus cell. Likewise, the minus cells should claim the plus cells as their representative.

In other words, the plus cells in your sexual organ should claim that they are living for the minus cells; that it is their ultimate goal to meet with the minus cells. The minus cells should claim the same thing toward the plus cells. Once the plus and minus cells come together and become totally one, then as a combined being they will explode like a rocket. They become so powerful because they want to occupy the love center, which is God. The power of love is like that. With regard to the representative cells, do you think that two minus cells would come to be united with one plus cell or would there be only one partner? (Only one.) Yes, only one plus and one minus, not two. One partner means an absolute, unchanging being. Love concept has that kind of content.

Even this cosmic era of the blessed family concept includes all the explanations which I have just given to you. Also, the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification is included here. Now Father wants to pose a question to you. Up until this point, have we been seeking this one to one cell love life, such as the one plus and one minus sexual organ cells have? Or have we deviated and entertained different thoughts? Which is it, all the way straight or not? Our way must be the one way and the highway course; only one cell to one cell. Suppose there is one plus cell and ten minus cells appear, will you welcome them or reject them? (Reject.) Among all of these billions of cells within our sexual organ, there should be a king figure plus cell and queen figure minus cell truly centered upon God. But has our life really been supporting, strengthening and widening this super highway or have we deviated and held back? This is the question we need to ask ourselves. Suppose there is one plus king cell and ten minus queen cells appear. As only one, you cannot deal with them. In order to deal with them, you would have to have ten sets of eyes, ten sets of ears, ten noses. It is too complicated. Absolute unification can never occur under these circumstances. Do you understand?

Blessed couples, show your hands to Father. Amazingly everybody! Have you Blessed couples been living your lives up to the standard, this king and queen cell standard? Or have you lived your lives like shrimps caught in a shrimp net, helpless and unable to do anything? What kind of life experiences have you had up until this point? Do you understand what I am trying to say? This net, a woman's net, exists in order to catch a man. There is also a man's net which exists to catch a woman. You end up like shrimp caught in the fishing net. I will elaborate upon my question to you a little more. Have you been caught in one of these nets and had your activities limited because of this? Or have you been totally free from these nets and lived your lives as king and queen cells, becoming united and exploding like thunder and lightning or shooting like a rocket? What kind of life have you lived up until this point? The life of the fish net or the life of the rocket? (Rocket.) If you pull the shrimp net up, there are usually many dead shrimp found in it. Some are alive, but are weak. Similarly, how miserable people are in the world because of these nets. Even though this handsome gentleman's hair is very ugly [indicating to a member of the audience], still his hair desires to live a king and queen cell life. Don't you think that the hair would think that way? (Yes.)

How you use your sexual organs divides Heaven from Hell

If all the forty billion cells in your body were to complain against you, what would be your destination, Heaven or Hell? (Hell.) The bottom of Hell. Do you feel this is real? The dividing line between Heaven and Hell is within the sexual organ. The sexual organ is the most fearful and also the most precious place. If you follow the king and queen cell road then that will lead to the most precious place. Do you want to find the most fearful or the most precious place? (Precious.) Those who are willing to follow this most precious way, the king and queen cell way of life, show your hands to Father. The world around us is filled with free sex advocates. Do we find anyone like you out in the secular world? (No.) Do you have confidence in that? (Yes.) Thumb up or thumb down? (Thumb up.) Up until this point there may have been some zigzag lines caused by wrong doings in the past. But from this time on, since I proclaimed the Cosmic Era of Blessed Families, we have to straighten everything out.

What is the meaning of True Father? What does it mean to you? True Father means that all the cells are true king cells, the true king cells which represent all the hundreds of billions of cells. What about True Mother? True Mother means the true queen cells which represent all the existing cells. True Father represents plus and True Mother represents minus. Don't you think that they should have the same direction when they unite? (Yes.) [Father draws on the board] This upper section represents plus and minus centered upon God. The lower section represents plus and minus centered upon True Father and True Mother. When it begins to make a circular movement, it should be centered upon the central meeting point of the vertical and horizontal lines. This is the central point where all the billions and billions of cells become united representing the individual, family, society, nation and world. But if we cut this right hand side in half with the vertical line [indicating to the board], it represents the big plus and the other side the big minus. Once this big plus and minus combine into one, the entire being becomes united. Therefore the circular movement occurs.

When it comes to the meaning of True Parents, we have to trace all the way back to the one cell level. The king plus cell and queen minus cell must become absolutely one. Then from that point on as an individual, and a couple, True Parents should win the victory at each level, the cellular level, individual level, couple level, family level, national level, world level, and eventually totally one with God. That is why it is a prerequisite to establishing our blessed family in order to build the Kingdom of God. Even True Parents have to build the ideal family first. Even if your body takes a certain direction for a particular purpose, your mind knows what is happening. If it is a wrong direction, your mind may say, "you, eyes, why do you look in that direction? You, nose, why do you smell in that direction?" Your mind knows what they are looking and smelling for. Is this not true? (Yes.) Answer clearly? (YES, IT IS TRUE.) I have heard you.

Each family is like one cell in the body of humanity

Since you clearly declared that you have understood, then I have the right to erase this from the board. When it comes to completion, I am referring to world level completion and even cosmic level completion. Centering upon what? Centering upon family. Because even the Family Federation is centered upon the family. What kind of family? Whose family? (God's family.) My family. Your family. If there is even one cell among the forty million cells of a blessed couple that is complaining and demonstrating against you, then you cannot build the original family. At the cosmic level, each family is like one cell representing our body. This means that each family represents all the cosmic families. In your family life, the minds of your family members know which direction is right. If your family is heading in the wrong direction, the minds of your family members should know. If the father and mother are doing something wrong, then the children and other family members should know about it. If the elder brother is doing something wrong, then even the younger brother would know that. Then how can we take care of these problems? Because there is room for these problems to exist, God has given this kind of model: Absolute Faith, Absolute Love, and Absolute Obedience. This should be our daily motto. Our entire family should live centered upon this motto because this is the road that the Family Federation for Cosmic Peace and Unification and the Cosmic Era of Blessed Families are on.

Don't you think that God has cells? At the time of creation, don't you think that God had cells? God wanted His creation to become totally united. Therefore He made certain that He created upon the foundation of absolute faith, love and obedience. That was God's aim and target. Everything was focused upon that goal. That was the first concept. [Father writes on the board] The substantial creation is in the position of minus. God's focus, His mental unity was in the position of plus. This was displayed in His creation from the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom and humanity. We can find plus and minus relationships within all of these kingdoms. Since God created on the basis of absolute faith, love and obedience, our life must be centered upon this standard also. As plus and minus, we should uphold the absolute standard. Also, in the relationship between the spiritual and physical worlds, this absolute standard of plus and minus should be there.

The vertical oneness between the spiritual and physical worlds should be manifested in a horizontal way within ourselves. Then we can see plus and minus in a vertical way, and plus and minus in a horizontal way. These two relationships meet at the core center. In this center we can find God, Adam, Eve and the entire creation. Do you understand? Therefore, in order to solve the possible problems that might occur, God gave us this daily motto of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Without strictly following this commandment, our lives will become more complicated. This is why God gave His commandment to Adam and Eve not to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

God was to dwell in Adam and have Eve as His bride

What does the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil mean? What is it? (Love organ.) Whose organ is it? Woman's sexual organ. Good or evil fruit is dependent upon your partner when it comes to woman. If you have a relationship with the boss of the Mafia then you will produce the son of the Mafia. If you have a relationship with your king, then you will produce a prince. That is why God told Adam and Eve not to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil (woman's sexual organ). How many male figures existed in the Garden of Eden in the beginning? (Five) God, Adam, and three archangels. How many female figures were there? (One.) This was the problem. Originally God and Adam were to become totally united into one. Then Adam was to become one with Eve, the female figure. But instead, Eve became one with one of the archangel figures.

God wanted to take Eve as His bride once she grew and matured enough. But then God also realized that there were four other male figures besides Himself. Therefore, isn't it natural for God to give the warning to Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil? (Yes.) What was it then? That particular fruit meant woman's sexual organ. What kind of warning or commandment did God intend to give? Do you think that God would pay attention to a literal fruit in the Garden of Eden or to Eve's sexual organ? (Eve's sexual organ.) I don't know, you know way more than me! (Laughter)

In the secular world, usually inventions are created by one person and then utilized by others. For example, Great Britain came up with many different inventions but Germany took them and utilized them more than England did. Whoever utilizes and materializes something usually becomes the owner. Even though I may invent something, if you truly take this invention and utilize it more fully than I do, then you can become the owner. Don't you want to see your children become greater than yourself? (Yes.) Yes, every parent feels this way.

The five male figures in the Garden of Eden all paid attention to one particular woman. Therefore, a literal fruit has no place in this story. Even when it comes to Adam, he had to wait until that fruit became ripe. If he should take that fruit before it is ripened that fruit would rot. Therefore, Adam had to wait until God gave him permission to take that fruit. That means that when the fruit of good and evil ripened, God would then enter Adam and dwell within him, becoming totally one, and then take that ripened fruit. That was God's desire. As a big plus, God wanted to meet a big minus and build a relationship of marriage with a big minus as a big plus. Don't you think that God wanted to have this kind of vertical and horizontal explosion through taking His bride in a love relationship? Once that kind of explosion took place in Adam's mind and heart, it would go around in all directions centered upon God. Would that kind of explosion zigzag or would it explode centered upon God and Adam?

Because absolute settlement should be one vertical settlement, it cannot be swayed. It is centered upon one dot [indicating to the diagram Father just drew on the board]. Without establishing this absolute vertical settlement, there will always be the complications of zigzagging and swaying in different directions. Without this absolute settlement there is room for free sex. Also incest will occur between grandparents and grandchildren and even mother and son. Far too many complications would occur without this absolute settlement. There is a loss of direction and we see this zigzagging complicated phenomena taking place in America today. Sexual intercourse complications.

Homosexuals and fornicators are like dirty dung eating dogs

Is the world around us a peaceful world centered upon God, or is it all confused? (Confused.) That is what is called free sex. What is the meaning of lesbians and homosexuals? That is the place where all different kinds of dung collect. We have to end that behavior. When this kind of dirty relationship is taking place between human beings, God cannot be happy. That is what the secular world is like. As the lord of all creation, are we seeking that kind of world? (No.)

As human beings, we should mobilize our forty billion cells and clean up these dirty places. Would you women want this dirty dung filled water to be poured over you? (No.) What about men, do you want to be soaked in that kind of dirty water? (No.) Only Satan and dirty dung eating dogs go after that. God created human beings and they should stay away from it. Isn't it true? [YES!] There are certain kinds of dogs that go after dung and eat it. Therefore the name of dog (or sometimes "son of a bitch") is used to speak badly of human beings. Those people who love dung eating dogs must have some problem. Especially American people, and American leaders. If they truly love such dogs, they also become like dung eating dogs and produce that quality of life. If such dogs are around can't you smell them? Do you want to be close to them or far away? (Far away.) American people, their mind wants to get away, but their bodies are still being pulled by these dung eating dogs. That's true! Free sex activity is equivalent to this. Father gave you a figure of speech.

Without the daily motto of absolute faith, love and obedience, even God cannot solve the problems among human beings. That is why God gave us this to follow. This is the first encounter between the king and queen sexual organ cells. [Father points to a diagram on the board] At this meeting point, your mind, body and all forty billion cells are focused, pulled in and poured in there. That is what is known as first love. Based upon first love all your forty billion cells begin dancing. If you reach that level through your love, then all your forty billion cells, your blood and body will become harmonized into one. This is total unification. The husband's body belongs to the wife and the wife's body belongs to the husband. God would come to that place of His absolute partnership and become one. Absolute man and absolute woman combine into an absolute couple and then combine with God and make one body. After they become one body with God, then everything belongs to that one body place forever. Forever yours. Centering upon True Love everything becomes yours; American land is yours, everything. All human beings don't have that kind of ambition. Is that true? (Yes.)

The value of first love

Do you need this concept? (Yes.) You know the meaning. The first love intercourse becomes the unification place. On their wedding night just prior to the first lovemaking between husband and wife, they should ask each other if they have absolute faith in one another. When they ask each other, "Do you absolutely believe in me?" what should be their answer? (Yes.) Do you want to do that also? (Yes.) Don't you want to ask your spouse if he or she absolutely loves you? (Yes.) Then centering upon your absolute love, don't you want to ask your spouse if he or she wants to give you his or her absolute obedience? (Yes.) For the husband, his wife is his absolute love partner. For the wife, her husband is her absolute love partner. You need unification between husband and wife. That is why the name Unification Church emerged. Then is the name Unification Church good or bad? (Good.) What about its contents and concepts? (Great.) How great? Not gray, nobody likes the color gray. Great color. (Great!) Make sure that you pronounce the "t". Americans tend to lose the sound of "t". Make sure you say "great".

Once you reach absolute unification you can ask God to have absolute faith in you

Once you reach the level of absolute unification between husband and wife, based upon absolute faith, love and obedience, then you will have the right to ask God if He wants to have absolute faith in you. God will then come and bow to you and say, "Yes my son, my daughter, I will have absolute faith in you." Then you may reply, "What about absolute love and obedience, will you offer these to me?" Then God will bow His head and give you that. No matter how high God is, He absolutely needs His absolute love partner. As soon as God recognizes you as His absolute partner, He will come and embrace you and never let you go. God exists in eternity. Within God you will have eternity as well, because you will become one with God centered upon love. That means you will become the owner of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, in oneness with God. By doing so, we can achieve the world of eternal peace and unification. Do you follow? (Yes.)

Father's topic today is: The Cosmic Era of Blessed Families. When all five billion people of humanity truly understand this concept of Father's teaching, do you think they will want to have the family centered upon the True Love and teaching of Father, or the secular style family we see everyday? (Father's kind.) Father's teaching can establish the mainstream family system for everyone to follow. Even within this audience Father can see five different colors. Are you colored by Father's teaching or do you still maintain your own unique color? Among the brothers and sisters of the white race, do you welcome or reject black brothers and sisters? (Welcome.) Why do you welcome them? (Because we love them.) Even as the white race you need the color black and vice versa. If day represents the color white and night represents the color black, don't you think that day needs night? (Yes.) What do you need more, daytime or night time? (Both.) [Laughter] When do people ordinarily make love, during the daytime or night time? (Night time.) On Fifth Avenue in New York City people are rushing around during the daytime. However, once it becomes dark, night time, they all disappear. For what? To go home and find their love partner. To find their True Love place. This means their family. In the family the love settlement exists eternally. Then which one is more important, daytime or night time? (Night time.) You black brothers and sisters should shout Mansei! (MANSEI!)

The worldwide springtime culture is coming

[Father begins to draw on the board] In the field we see a tree growing. Does that tree exist only in the part that we see above the ground or does it also have an invisible part? (It has both.) Then the upper visible section represents daytime, and the lower section deep within the earth represents night time. Which one is more important, the root system of the tree..... (Night time.) [Laughter] Don't laugh. This is a very good example that I am giving to you. If the root system is not strong enough, it makes no difference what color your face is or how proud you may be, because within a few days you will collapse without a strong enough foundation. This Western civilization is now being crushed because it represents the culture of autumn. Therefore, when the winter culture appears, the culture of Siberia, the autumn culture will collapse, will become completely buried. As long as you have strong roots you can expect the following spring. These are the Last Days, when the Lord of the Second Advent will come to this world and give us the new Spring culture. The Spring culture is now on the Earth. These are the end times.

We are now in the month of May and everything is blooming. From now on the Unification Church will experience this kind of prosperity. Do you like that? This is the world spring culture. After the fall, we lost the world spring culture and world summer culture, becoming autumn. Now we are coming back around to springtime. During these last forty years, the Unification Church leader, Reverend Moon, was persecuted by the cold winter winds, winter winds, snowy winter. Centered upon Reverend Moon, the Unification Church leader, the so-called, bad guy! A bad or good guy? (Good.) From the satanic world's viewpoint they called me bad, but from God's perspective, I am good. Which one do you choose? (Good guy.) Without Heaven and God you cannot connect with this good guy. Even Satan's color is bad. How can we change that back to God's side? The fallen world and humankind need that kind of mission: how to belong to God's world and how to change this world back to God's world. Without that kind of world, you will be forever opposite of God's side; you belong to Satan's brood, Satan's tribe. You have to clearly understand this point.

Roots which grow deep in winter support growth in spring

Even after the severe winter wind and snow, Reverend Moon now has sprung out visibly this much [indicating to the diagram on the board]. However, his root system is strong enough to hold a tree several thousand feet high. Now that springtime has come to the Unification Church this tree will grow infinitely and unlimited. [Applause] When Father's tree grows so rapidly, don't you want to be a branch or twig on that particular tree? Then what size of branch do you want to become? A branch the size of America or a little tiny branch? (A huge branch.) If we compare America with the cosmos then it appears no bigger than your little finger.

As Unification Church Blessed couples, we need to grow our minds as big as the cosmos. Since the root is big enough to hold any size of tree, then even if any persecution hits you as a small branch, just like Father hit Mr. Kim's head, because this root system is strong, you will continue to grow. The more you get hit, the bigger tree you will become and even God will be there. Therefore, do you welcome persecution or not? (Yes.)

During the last forty years of my life, I didn't come out of the ground, I didn't want to show myself to the world. But as a root system underneath the ground, Father made sure that the roots were strong and secure. No one likes night time, so Father took the night time and made sure that there was a strong enough foundation to restore the entire world. That has been my goal these last forty years. To work in the night time in order to bring the morning! Amen. (Amen.) Did you see how Father said Amen? It means A-number-1- man! Let's do it together: A-MEN! A-MEN! A-MEN! [Applause] Father is willing to continue this for three hours, but if we continue to do it, someone might have a heart attack. [Laughter]

We are incomplete beings. Isn't that true? (Yes.) Do you think that God has hope in Reverend Moon? (Yes. Absolutely.) The vertical and horizontal lines are limitless, expanding to eternity. [Father draws on the board] This is the aim and goal for everyone and all creation. Here, plus and minus begin to grow and form families. What is the aim of this? This central point [indicating to the diagram on the board]. Above this line represents the spiritual world. From the spiritual world point of view, they have to come down to this central point. But the world of man and woman should go up to meet this central point.

As a man (plus), he continues to grow and once he reaches this point [indicating to the diagram on the board] he should realize he should not just keep going a straight line but he needs to move in the direction of the center point, because this straight line does not have the ability to create harmony. The same principle applies to woman. As soon as she reaches this point [indicating to the board], she should not keep going in the straight line but she should turn and come toward this central point. Once this minus reaches maturity there, she will automatically be pulled by this mature plus figure. While they remain in the immature stage, their pulling strength is weak. But once they reach maturity, both will have strong pulling power in order to pull each other toward the center. They both have to cover this much distance from both sides and then become one at this central point.

As human beings our goal is to build the original family

What kind of power does it take to bring them into absolute unity there? As human beings our goal is to build the original family. As a man and woman we have to become an original couple. That is why we all have to come to this central point. God's goal or aim is to find His own ideal family there. When boys and girls become mature, without being instructed they naturally find ways to come closer to one another. Didn't you ladies have such an experience? Girls appear to be very quiet and subtle and don't even look at boys. However, if there are three boys, you immediately are able to select which one you would like for your ideal partner. [Laughter] You have the ability to make that kind of comparison and choice, do you not? (Yes.) I don't know because I am not a woman. [Laughter] No matter how famous a man might be, he has to learn through woman. In this time I want to learn something too. [Laughter]

You thief-like men have the same experience, do you not? You are like thieves because you are the descendants of the Archangel. Who is stronger, man or woman? Who do you think raped whom in the Garden of Eden? Do you think Eve raped Adam or did Adam pull Eve towards him and rape her? Which one? Usually the crime of rape is tried in a court. Have you heard of any case where a woman forcibly took a man and raped him? (No.) Father never heard of such a case. How about you? (No.) The conclusion is simple: Men are in the wrong. Man is bad. When a woman pulls you for whatever purpose, do you have to follow her voluntarily with joy and happiness, or do you have to resist that pull through exerting your strength, using your foot as a brake? Even if you use your foot as a brake to resist, but someone is still able to pull you away from yourself, then that person is a robber or a thief.

In the secular world, if a man seduces a woman and she voluntarily follows that man then no crime has been committed according to secular law. Suppose a woman has a true lover, but sometimes she feels lonely. Don't you think that she will sometimes yearn for her true lover and desire that he come and take her? When you look deeply into someone's eyes you can find out what she wants. There is a way of measuring a woman by looking into her eyes. At first she might half close her eyes, not looking at you, but as soon as she feels open to you or comfortable with you, she will look fully back at you. Then if she were to become crazy about you, then her eyeballs will speak. [Laughter] That is the signal and the time for you to pull her towards you and she will voluntarily come. According to the standard of the secular world that is not a crime; it is not rape.

God, man and woman want to meet at the central point.

The same principle applies to men. When you women look at men, observe their eyes and mouth because they are in the partner position. If his eyes and mouth smile together when he looks at you that is a good sign. Then you can confidently call him and he will follow you. Even in the animal kingdom, they have certain signals to call one another.

Everyone's aim is this central point [pointing to the diagram on the board]. God, man, woman, family, everyone wants to meet at this central point. This is the way that it develops and progresses, through eight different stages. Yet in whatever stage you may be, the center is the same vertical line. On the contrary, God will begin coming downward to meet at this central point. [Father draws on the board] This is the aim of God also. The vertical and horizontal lines represent the entire cosmos. The center point is where the vertical and horizontal lines meet. That center is your family. At the point where God, man and woman meet, at this central point, there is only one thing to be done and that is the establishment of a family. This is the place of God's most favored son and daughter. They are our original ancestors, Adam and Eve, who were most favored by God.

Adam and Eve were supposed to go through this process of reaching maturity and reaching the center with God. Did God create two women and one man, or two men and one woman, or one man and one woman? (One man and one woman.) Do you think that was based upon God's eternal formula, or something God established temporarily? (Eternal formula.) Because Adam and Eve were the representatives of the entire cosmos. Suppose, within our ancestry, there were two grandmothers and one grandfather, what kind of result would we have today? Would there have been peace or fighting between these two grandmothers? (Fighting.) Would the grandfather also be involved? Surely he would have trouble too. This would certainly not be a place of happiness. Rather, it would be a hellish place, certainly not heavenly.

Lucifer was attracted to naked Eve. You must resist this temptation

When Eve was originally tempted and deceived by the Archangel, do you think she voluntarily followed him or did she resist? (Voluntarily.) Imagine if you will, Adam as a young boy in the Garden of Eden, wild and running around investigating everything and leaving Eve by herself. They were both naked and unashamed originally. As Eve's body was maturing, suddenly the archangel approached her with an evil intent in his heart. Sometimes Eve would sit in the lap of the archangel and their sexual organs would be quite close to one another. They were accustomed to seeing the animals around them mating and caring for their young. Then, in the blink of an eye, easily a relationship occurred between them. The Archangel took interest in this kind of phenomenon, so he took action. It is that easy to fall into an illicit relationship of love.

As a young, strong man, ask yourself, if you were in that situation with a pretty naked woman sitting on your lap, don't you think that you would experience the same temptation? (Yes.) As a man, in order to fulfill restoration through indemnity, no matter if a beautiful naked woman is in front of you touching your body, your love organ should not become erect. Rather, it should remain almost as if it were dead, without feeling. That is the action for indemnity. If that most beautiful woman attempts to touch and place your love organ into her, then you have to kick her about 1,000 miles away from you. If you were to kick her so hard that she landed some place far away and immediately died, do you think that God would punish you for that? (No.) Would God praise or punish you? (Praise.) That is an act of self defense. [Laughter] You are all laughing, but you should seriously be able to do that. Those of you who have the confidence to do so, raise your hands. (Yes. We can do it.) Just because you know this truth which I have taught you this morning, you have confidence. But without knowing this, you have no such confidence.

By giving one strong kick to such a woman and sending her away, you possess the entire universe. Heaven and Earth would then belong to you. Don't you want to do that then? (Yes.) If you ladies can also practice that kind of principled life, then God would come down as your husband. That is the world where you no longer need any commandment. [Pointing to the board again]

The center represents the ideal family we long for

The center represents the ideal family which God, Adam and Eve all long for. Centering upon this original ideal family, we have to expand it throughout these eight various stages: family, tribe, society, nation, world, and cosmos. No matter how much this expansion takes place, your individual family is the representative of the entire cosmos. That is how your family becomes qualified to receive God and have God dwell with you. That is where we live as God's children and the place where God's lineage can be found. Through the lineage, the parent and child relationship is established. Originally, God wanted to have this kind of family and cosmos, but due to the fall this entire foundation was lost. Therefore it has taken thousands of years in order for God to reestablish this family. Finally in the Last Days, the True Parents came and have established the original family. We now are in the time of the expansion of this True Family to the cosmic level.

Not only True Family, but also the expansion of the True Family should be free from Satan's accusation, all the way to the entire cosmos eventually. Do you truly understand the concept of indemnity from the individual level to world level? You might think you understand the concept, but in reality, do you really understand? In order for us to be able to reach the goal here [indicating to the diagram] and travel freely vertically and horizontally from the individual level to the cosmic level, we have to inherit the victorious foundation already established by True Parents. That is the only course that we have. All the women in the Unification Church have to become like the second Mother's position, a branch of True Mother. All the men are in the position of branches of the Archangel position.

Every human being has approximately forty billion cells. Men, please consider yourselves as being attached to Father's forty billion cells and carrying those cells. Likewise, women should consider yourselves to carry Mother's forty billion cells. In order to do that, you have to demonstrate your absolute faith, love and obedience to True Parents. By doing so, you will become qualified to carry Father and Mother's forty billion cells. Just like plus and minus, you have to become part of Father and Mother's cells.

In a couple of days, Father and Mother will leave for São Paulo. If you truly want to be physically with True Parents, you have to transform yourself into a small fly and sit on Father's coat tail; that way you can achieve your goal and you can even enter the airplane without showing your ticket! [Laughter] Just hang onto True Parents. That is the kind of faith, love and obedience which is known as absolute faith, love and obedience. Once you land in São Paulo, you will become absolutely free because you will have reached the goal. At the stage of completion, we do not need concepts such as absolute faith, love and obedience because you will have become totally one with them.

Hang on to True Father as if he were a big fish to reel in

Again, we do not truly understand what indemnity means. However, as long as you have an invisible rope attached to Father, then even when you are far away from Father, you can still hang onto this rope and find your way back to him. That is the key. No matter how far you cast a fishing line, once the fish strikes, then it is simply a matter of reeling it in. You are now in the position of fishermen holding the fishing rod. Father is the king fish which you have to hook and make sure that he doesn't get free. You just have to keep on reeling him in. Is that true? (Yes.) This fishing line is absolute faith, love and obedience. Even if he takes a big bite, you still have to hang on and keep on reeling him in. In this process, even if your ideal lover, your president or physical parents call you, do not even look at them. Rather kick them away and hang onto the fishing rod.

As man and woman reach maturity they naturally follow this angle, meet together and form the ideal family. Then they can travel freely to the Kingdom of Heaven where God dwells. They can also travel freely to the bottom of Hell and still it will be the Kingdom of Heaven. In other words, you are absolutely free. [Father draws on the board] This section represents man and this represents woman; a big plus and big minus. Here I am drawing a double line because between the physical and spiritual world there is free travel. There is no limitation or boundary. God is in the position of plus and humankind is in the position of minus. Spiritual world is plus and the physical world is minus. This plus and minus relationship is operating wherever we look. Once this center starts moving, then the entire cosmos will move at the same time.

The ideal family is perfect and complete from every viewpoint

Once the ideal family is established it represents the entire cosmos. This is the completion point of this right hand section, left hand section, upper and lower sections. From every angle you look, this is the point of perfection and completion. Everything turns around this core point. We have to establish such a family. This is the road that we have to follow in this cosmic era of blessed families. True Parents are the central root, central trunk, and central bud, all connecting in one direct way. You are branches and twigs centering upon this vertical, central root, trunk and bud. Since True Parents are the central bud, trunk and root, we have to hang onto True Parents and become all different sizes of branches. How big a branch you become is entirely up to you. Would you like to become a small American branch or a big branch? Which country is larger, America or China? The population of China is four or five times larger than America. Even Russia is bigger than America in that sense.

If you become one of the major branches then you will have other small branches and twigs attached to you. If you cut off that branch and plant it in the ground, it will become another tree, which means another nation. I have given you such a blessing as an individual messiah, family messiah, tribal messiah, national messiah, and eventually, the world cosmic messiah. That is the goal we have to strive towards. Amen! (Amen!) The blessed families are true parents, or messiah. True Parents have two kinds of meaning. One is the family and one is True Parents. The Old Testament True Parents are the True Messiah. The first messiah, representing the Old Testament, wanted that kind of point. Jesus came to the Earth as the second messiah, but Jesus was not able to make a family and lost everything as a consequence. He could not make the heavenly settlement on the Earth. The third messiahship is the time of the Lord of the Second Advent. That means the world victorious foundation, beginning from the family and expanding vertically and horizontally.

Now we understand the meaning of True Parents. True Parents are in the position of the third Adam, to restore the failure of the first and second Adam, and they are the True Parents of humankind. The original couple who were to become True Parents in the Old Testament era failed. And in the New Testament era, Jesus failed to establish the position of the True Parents. Therefore, in the Completed Testament era, the True Parents finally came to this world and completed this mission. That is why the concept of Blessed families has come into being and the Blessing is taking place in this world. Since True Parents have won the victory in every direction, there is no opposition or persecution whatsoever. Amen! (Amen.) Every person and every living creature are supposed to welcome True Parents. All creation is liberated. Mansei! (Mansei!)

The Blessing is creating the worldwide family system

This is why I have given you the title this morning: The Cosmic Era of the Blessed Family. This is what it means. The time of the 3.6 million couples Blessing on November 29 will be the time when vertically Heaven and Earth and the entire world horizontally, will meet together and become united. It is like the whole of humanity, without the fall, is awaiting the Blessing on November 29, 1997. It has that much value. It is equivalent to the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve making the family system. During this heavenly era you can use your power to bring your parents and relatives to the Blessing without Satan's accusation. After they receive the Blessing, they will be so grateful to you, even though you might have to somewhat pressure them to attend. This is the place where the family is being created to receive the entire universal value as one family. As I told you earlier today, if we were to pull out the entire lineage from any one woman or man, the entire ancestry would be pulled by that string.

True Parents have appeared in the Last Days. Now, through indemnity, they have won the victory and liberated Jesus and the New Testament, as well as the Old Testament all the way back to Adam and Eve. If you truly follow Father's direction and bring your relatives to the Blessing, and establish this kind of foundation, then your entire ancestry will be attached to you. Then you will be able to liberate this ancestral line. From November 29, the new era of Blessing from this physical world will be extended to the era of Blessing even in the spiritual world. Until now, even within the spiritual world there existed splits and separation. Originally the Kingdom of God was supposed to be taken by Adam and Eve who were to fulfill their responsibility to build the original ideal family. Then together with their family, they would live together with God and enter into the Kingdom of God in the spiritual world. But due to the fall of man, this did not take place. In other words the Kingdom of God is still empty. In these Last Days, as long as we are totally united with True Parents, then based upon True Parents' victory of the establishment of the true family on the horizontal level, we will have the privilege of becoming the citizens of the Kingdom of God.

The Kingdom of God is the natural extension of tribal messiahship

Just as in the time of Adam and the Old Testament era, and Jesus and the New Testament era, we are in the position to be able to restore and indemnify our ancestral line so that the entire spiritual world can be liberated. Up until now, the religions of the world have focused upon individual level salvation. But once we come out of that shell and follow True Parents we enter into the family level. The family level automatically extends to the nation, world and entire cosmos. Therefore we can build the Kingdom of God here. As Unification Church Blessed couples, if we truly fulfill the role of tribal messiahs, there is an automatic extension. That is why we can truly restore this world into the Kingdom of God. For this purpose, Father took down the HSA-UWC sign and placed a new sign: The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. Until now, unification needed Christianity. Christianity means including the Old Testament era and the New Testament era. If these are cut away, then the Completed Testament era cannot stand. Without the foundation of the Old and the New Testament era, the Completed Testament era could not find settlement. Now the era of Christianity is over. Now the Blessing time has come to this world. Christianity can no longer persecute Reverend Moon in any way.

Now is the time for salvation of the whole world at one time

The members of the Family Federation for World Peace are not just Christians. They are the sovereigns of nations and powerful leaders. Do you understand? No one can stand against this. The Christian world is following behind Reverend Moon, as well as Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. Everything is behind me, making that highway. There are no obstacles. One Blessing can liberate all the nations' people too. It is not only the way of individual salvation now. It is now the way of family salvation, tribal salvation, national salvation and worldwide salvation, all at one time. How wonderful this time is that we now live in. [Applause] Father is not speaking of concepts. This is a reality. Look at this secular world. Everywhere the families are broken down. No leader, no educator in this world can correct this. Only Reverend Moon can do this, only True Parents. God didn't touch Adam's family at the time of the fall. God could not touch them. Only True Parents are able to touch that situation. Without the power of True Parents, humanity cannot be saved eternally. Do you understand? (Yes Father.)

So remember, we are living in the cosmic era of Blessed families. Therefore our responsibility is to reach out to our immediate family members and relatives so that we can bring them to the next Blessing. Our goal is to bring 160-180 families to be blessed. This is how you can begin registration in the Kingdom of God. Centering upon this number of restored families we can then think of restoring our nation. Since we are living in this providential era, don't you want to become tribal messiahs or national messiahs? (Yes.) The period for individual salvation is over. This is the era when the family, tribe, nation and entire world can be transformed into the heavenly side. This is a turning time and a most serious time from God's perspective. From humanity's perspective it is the same kind of serious time. Without taking this kind of action you cannot connect. No matter how famous your family may be you cannot connect to the national base. Father understands this kind of thing. America has persecuted me until now. Why? Father has made the kind of highway where every nation, tribe, and family can travel, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven.

The Divine Principle is your steering wheel

Father even provided the Divine Principle, like a steering wheel for you. Are you not even able to drive a car? Father has created everything for you. The body of the automobile, wheels, steering wheel and everything has been created. If you cannot use that automobile you are lost. Everything is ready for you. Even the gasoline has been provided and Father even gave you driving lessons. Why are you unable to do it? It is all up to you now. Do you understand Father's message? (Yes.)

Over a week ago, over 140 national messiahs came to see Father. They testified to Father that as they began working in their mission nations, they came to realize that Father had prepared foundations there without their knowledge. Everything was ready for them. Everything was already prepared by Father. Now all they have to do is give their sincere effort. If in Father's place they give the message as Father does, then everyone will naturally follow. This was their testimony. There are tens and thousands of so-called movers and shakers in the world. There are all kinds of leaders and VIPs out there. We simply have to work with them. Last night Father gave a banquet and message to the Board and Faculty members of the Unification Theological Seminary and the University of Bridgeport. Over 140 of those distinguished guests gathered at East Garden. Father urged them with a strong message and they humbly accepted.

Behind Father there are many Nobel prize winners, scientists, politicians and scholars. If they were truly mobilized to push America then America would surely be pushed. No one realizes this. No one realizes the kind of mission Father is doing at the world level. Unification Church members think that Father is a strange man. They have never understood what was behind Father's actions. Even after forty years of life with True Parents, leaders and other people still fail to understand what Father is doing.

As precious Unificationists, are you willing to follow the road of perdition or the road of prosperity? (Prosperity.) The way to prosperity is by expanding the cosmic age of the family era. We have to work harder and harder. There is no time to waste. There is truly no time. We need to minimize eating, sleeping and play time. The secular world is sleeping and resting. However, this is the time for expansion and prosperity on the Earth. Don't lose this precious time. Be proud of taking this important action. Will you follow Father? (Yes.) Make a big sound. Yes or no? (Yes!) Thank you. [Applause]

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