The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1997


The 43rd Anniversary Of Foundation Day

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 1, 1997
Belvedere International Training Center
Translator - Peter Kim

Our first title this morning is simply HSA-UWC so please repeat after me: Segye Kidokyo Tongil Shillyong Hyopwe. Now, our second title is: Segye Pyunghwa Tongil Kajong Yunhap. What do you think it is? Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. Father wrote on the board: Belvedere Kajong Kyohe, meaning Belvedere Home Church. The message is really rich this morning.

Following the Principle view, as you know, since Father came to America, Father has been working his providence based on this Belvedere holy place, Belvedere Church in America. Then two years ago, Father moved to South America. His providence became centered on the South American continent. However, after working with the South American providence for a while, Father went back to Korea and has done much work during and following his providence in Korea. Father started many new projects and took care of all the work there. Now is the time, Father says, that the old church signs or church-related signs should come down and a new form should emerge.

We have entered the era of family level salvation

When it comes to the era of church and church life, the focus was on individual salvation. However, it is the time now that we have to be elevated from this individual level salvation to the family level because the family is the cornerstone or the basic unit to form and to build a nation.

When we study the human fall, what happened in the family of Adam and Eve? It was first from the individual level, then the family level that the entire family collapsed there. So when it comes to the history of the providence of restoration, restoration should go through the process of first restoring individual mind and body unity, then creating unity among the family members, and on to the tribe, society, nation and world. Because of the fall, as you know, the human race started with a false blood lineage and that false blood lineage expanded into families, tribes, societies, nations and the world. That is the everyday world we are facing now. True Parents came to this world to save humanity, so now we have to correct every wrong, we have to change this false blood lineage into the heavenly lineage and we have to expand all of this worldwide.

That is why Father said that this is the period of equalization, centering on True Parents' concept. Bad parents, false parents, appeared in this world and broke down everything-there is separation in every direction. During this time, True Parents appeared connecting everything, causing our mind and body unification that will perfect man and woman, connecting with one another and creating a perfect family. This will extend horizontally out to the world, making a unified world - opposite of this fallen world. Individuals have separated, families have separated, all over the world people are falling down and connecting with and occupying Satan's side. But now it is the time of rebirth. True Parents appeared, truly connecting the individual base, completing unification of mind and body. That kind of man and woman are connected completely, centered on their family, the perfected family. All this extends to the world, the heavenly horizontal extension; it passes all dominion and authority of the Kingdom of Heaven. The opposite way of Satan's way.

The age of religion is passing away

Therefore, the ordinary time of the religious period, the life of religion, is passing away. Up until now the purpose of the major religions was for individual salvation. That is why, not just the Unification Church sign, but all religious organization signs and church signs will come down sooner or later. Think about it, at the time of Adam and Eve, if Adam and Eve had been totally united with God in the beginning, do you think religion would have been necessary? What about the history of restoration? No. Everything was suppose to have been done at that time. Because of the Fall, all of humanity throughout all of human history has been suffering and is still suffering from what is called "fall sickness" or the sickness of the fall. When True Parents come to this world, they will bring a new serum, the serum of truth, and when we get a shot or injection, then we will get engrafted into the heavenly lineage. Just as when there is an epidemic disease, you get a shot or a vaccination, it's the same thing. That is why receiving the Blessing is the most important thing in your life.

So we, let's suppose, are in the position of restored Adam and Eve working toward the level of perfection. Centering on the Blessed couples, now the whole world has to be restructured and reorganized to meet the criteria of the Kingdom of Heaven. That is why Father has already given orders to Blessed couples to play the role of tribal messiahs. If we perform our tribal messiah roles properly, we should be able to bring 160-185 families, including our relatives, into the Blessing and by doing so we will set a condition to restore our entire tribe. And based on this tribal restoration, the nation can be built. This will restore the failure at the time of Jesus Christ, like the restoration of John the Baptist's family and Joseph's family. All the foundation will be done, then the nation will be formed.

The national messiahs in 185 countries are central to God's work

We will continue building the world, centering on God. As you know, already in 185 nations, the national messiahs are this center. So your role, your responsibility is doing tribal messiahship centering around where you live and where your mission is. Once we reach the three different levels as a messiah, a family messiah, tribal messiah, and national messiah, and fulfill our responsibility properly, then Satan cannot interfere in our work and in our life. Once all these levels are completed, and the national messiahs are totally united, and the world foundation is laid, then the national messiahs will be called world messiahs. When this world messiah level is reached, all of humanity will be in the position of the original Adam and Eve and will go through and complete the eight different stages and will be called perfected.

While we were unaware of what Father was doing, Father has laid all the necessary groundwork to dispatch these national messiahs to the world. And while in the field, if national messiahs, no matter what nations it may be, if four nations can be totally united, centering on God, then restoration of the entire world is vindicated. From four nations, the next stage will be twelve nations, then like a four-position foundation, these twelve nations will be elevated to restoration. Then restoration of the world!

We have a tendency to keep our old habits, meaning the old habits we used to have before we joined the church. And while we are still struggling with our old habits, the time-line of God's Providence has progressed so fast that it makes us dizzy now. We don't know how fast it is traveling, but soon it will be beyond our reach, so we have to be fully alert. [Father draws on the board.] This drawing represents the satanic world. There are eight different stages of the satanic, secular world. [Father continues drawing the diagram.] Even vertically, as Father shows us in this diagram, there are eight different stages. There are eight stages horizontally and eight stages vertically. It is shrinking from the worldwide level to the individual level, in eight different stages. This satanic world exists and we have to get rid of it, so it is shrinking to the point of the individual here.

Right after World War II, centering on the Lord of the Second Advent, if the Blessing from God had taken place, this process would have been completed by now. And then it would have expanded vertically, centered on God's direction, on the heavenly line, not the satanic line. It is like establishing and rebuilding the Garden of Eden again. It didn't happen. Of course, the Lord of the Second Advent would have become the True Parents to all of humanity, but because of the failure of the Allied countries and Christianity, True Parents were kicked out of this world.

True Parents, who were suppose to build this vertical original world were chased away to this satanic world level again, into the wilderness. They started from scratch, from the zero level again, to complete these eight different stages. At each stage, Father had to make Cain and Abel representatives united. Finally, True Parents won the victory on the world level. That is why, after Father won the victory in Korea, Father moved to America so that he could work with world level Christianity, centering on Catholicism and Protestantism, which represent Cain and Abel, or mind and body relationship.

The organization of the United Nations represents only the body, the minus, because it is an organization of politics. It doesn't have the plus. The United Nations represents world politics; therefore, the UN needs a woman figure. In other words, Eve and Cain and Abel, the elder son and second son figures are needed. Father is preparing this very foundation for the sake of the UN. Just like our body always puts pressure on our mind and tortures our mind, this United Nations, centered on politics, has been always putting pressure on religion and has put down religion, which represents the mind. That is why body-centered politics, such as the UN, doesn't have anything to do with God or God's original purpose. Mind and body have been separated in such a way; therefore, now in the history of restoration, the course to meet the original point has to be reversed. Once Father reaches this worldwide level victory, then Father will bring the entire world to this original point.

True Parents have been engaging in an internal and external battle

There have been two different kinds of battle, the internal battle and the external battle In the spirit world, there has been a battle between the good spirits and the evil spirits there. And also, in the physical world, Father, representing God, and True Parents' race, with the bad parents' race against us, this battle has been going on. The satanic, individual-base battle that extends to the world base level, has been continuing.

Until recently, the entire world, including the democratic world and the communistic world, all mobilized and opposed and attacked Father. However, that era is over. That represents 4,000 years. Father made the indemnity conditions and restored these 4,000 years of human history in 40 years. Like the failure of the Old Testament era, which was the first Israel, the first Messiah, and the New Testament era, which is the second Messiah era, all failed. That is why Father had to restore these 4,000 years' history of failure. So now, the spirit world and the physical world combined, together, are with Father, with True Parents. So once Father reaches the worldwide victory level, Father will embrace this entire world and reverse the course to the original point. Then the entire world will have the engrafting process, the process of rebirth, and come to the world level to build the Kingdom of God on Earth.

These eight different horizontal stages of completion will be established vertically too. So these past 40 years, for which the entire spirit world and the physical world joined together and attacked and persecuted Father, is over. At this point, Satan loses dominion of the entire world. There is a new world, nation, tribe, family and individual, because at this point, we meet with our own mind and body.

America is harvesting extreme individualism, selfishness and free sex

Americans say that America represents the free world and is the superior nation of the world. But when it comes to reality, suppose America exists alone, and the entire world disappears. America is the kingdom of extreme individualism, the kingdom of free sex. When it comes to the reality of the Fall of Man in the Garden of Eden, what was it? Adam and Eve became the ancestors of extreme individualism, selfishness, and the ancestors of free sex. Therefore, you will reap what you have sown. So, though it was spring season at that time, now in this harvest season, we will reap the same result. The Satan-side harvest representative country is America, where there is free sex; the individual nation does not have family values and tribe base, nation base and world base because everything was lost. This is reality, not a concept.

America doesn't have anywhere to go now. As American brothers and sisters, do you have enough resources and power to rule the world? You lost your grandparents, your parents, your siblings; there are no relationships. They are all complicated and lost now. Can anybody deny that? So, centering on America, there may be twelve major nations in the world that are leading world affairs. These are the countries that are repeating the very same mistakes that Adam and Eve made in the Garden of Eden at the time of the fall. How can we say "there is our tribe, our nation, and our world, centered on God?" Even your view of life and way of life, everything is based on this selfish and extreme individualism. That is why you lost everything, from the individual level to the world level. Because of free sex.

Then what else is happening? Incest is taking place in this world. Incest is not connected to God's side, but is completely connected to Satan's side. Isn't that right? Many American people are connecting to that. This is phenomenal, this is reality and the viewpoint of providential history. You have taken this concept. You have to turn back 180 degrees, otherwise, there is no hope. In there, no world, no nation, no tribe, no family, no individual exists. All collapsed, connecting to Satan's side. Satan's work means collapsing. Humankind is becoming that degraded. This is Satan's main work and viewpoint.

So when we all come back to the original point, True Parents will restore all that was lost throughout human history and establish it on a vertical level. All the different levels and views have to be reestablished, centered on God, through True Parents, from universal views, world views, your national views, your family views, your individual views, every aspect. By establishing home church in the Unification Church, we are in the position to inherit everything. Everything connects from different directions - Adam connecting to the individual viewpoint, to the viewpoint of prospective family, prospective tribe, prospective nation, prospective world base and cosmic prospective, centering on God's love prospective completely. Is that right? [Yes.]

We take things away from Satan. So, the first thing we have to accomplish is the restoration of the elder son's right. Then once Cain and Abel have reached unity, they have to be united with the mother figure. They then join the United Nations work and centered on this United Nations, which now has plus and minus, Cain and Abel, together, and through this organization, the restoration of kingship will take place. For that reason, Father has already established, as you know, Women's Federation for World Peace, Religious Federation for World Peace, and Youth Federation for World Peace; so all these federations are suppose to work with the United Nations.

When True Parents Day is recognized by the world, that is the day when the entire world will celebrate. When that kind of tradition is set, then restoration of the world will be complete. That's when we can all proclaim One World Under God! [Clapping] One World Under God, not one nation under God.

We are restoring elder sonship, parentship and kingship

America cannot take care of the United Nations. In other words, America cannot control the nations. When it comes to individuals, we consist of mind and body. The same principle applies to the organization of the United Nations. On this individual level, we lost elder sonship, and parentship and kingship. That is why, on the worldwide level, centering on the restoration of Cain and Abel, and Eve, the mother figure, we have to restore elder sonship and parentship, and kingship.

Father is told that the United Nations is in debt for about 3 billion dollars, but if the Women's Federation for World Peace, Youth Federation for World Peace, HARP and CARP, truly fulfill their purposes, then this 3 billion dollar debt can be solved. In the family of Adam there were four members: Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel. What was lost in the family of Adam should be restored before we attempt to restore the world. That is why we have to make sure that elder sonship and parentship and kingship are restored, then we can restore on the world level, centered on God. Where is the base or location or place where we can complete God's providence of restoration from the individual level to the world? Where is the very place? The Family Church, home church. This is the place. Suppose there is a nation that from the top, the president down to the government cabinet members, all the families of that nation establish this Family Church, then restoration of that particular nation comes automatically.

Suppose that by the end of August of this year, with only three months to go, our goal of reaching 3.6 million couples Blessing is completed; in other words, we have already secured more than 3.6 million couples. Father will then immediately make an announcement or proclamation to the world that from September 1, we will march toward the goal of reaching 36 million couples. If that happens, the entire world will be stirred up; all over the world there will be communications complications everywhere. "How can they be doing that? Everywhere? In all directions?" people will say! Centering on the family, we are resolving everything? "How are they able to do that"?!

The direction and purpose, that starting point, that clear starting point, with clear direction, clear purpose, clear cause and clear result is what we have. No other church, no religious organization has a clear starting point. They don't have direction that precedes the turning point either, so that in these end times they don't know where they are going in the future. They have lost direction. No place to go. Total loss of direction. This is complicated.

The Family Federation for World Peace is replacing the Unification Church.

Unification understanding is clear. Individual direction and purpose, family direction and purpose, nation, world and cosmic direction and purpose is clear. And liberation of God's starting point, direction and fulfilling the ideal creation and ideal purpose is clear. At last we will be with God and all humankind and all things will be centered on God. New Creation. One direction. Then we will embrace God and God's True Love Place. In all places we will enjoy dancing and singing. Within the tribe, nation and all over the world, we will be dancing and singing. In the Cosmic Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven there will be both dancing and singing, a most enjoyable world! That is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Isn't that right? [Yes.] I don't know, you know more than me. [Laughter] How great everything will be. Every race joined together, no problem. Color no problem. Love power is so strong. Blood lineage power is stronger then world power. Blood lineages following in the direction of unity. Because such a time has come now, it has arrived, so Father took down this sign, the first sign of the Unification Church and established the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification.

Through the course of the Old Testament and New Testament eras, we lost everything from the family to the world. The entire world was lost. That is why, since we are in the time of the world era now, Father has started from the world level down to the family level, so now we can establish the Family Church. Think about it, even though Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross 2,000 years ago, his power and influence has been felt all over the world for 2,000 years. But suppose Jesus had not died, and he had established his family and his children had started multiplying from that time. How long do you think it would have taken to restore the entire world? Not more than 600 years. Jesus' family would have been the mainstream family all over the world. Mainstream like the True Olive Tree. The fallen world wild olive tree would have been cut down at the starting place, making way for that True Olive Tree, putting new influence in there, going upward - that one True Olive Tree becoming an orchard of True Olive Trees. That True Olive Orchard where God completely combines everything and takes domination, no problem.

Centering on True Parents' Blessing, that expansion, that engrafting of the wild olive trees, cutting them down, and starting the engrafting of new branches has begun. A new branch is the new Blessing. This engrafting process takes place through receiving the Blessing. That is why the very family that we lost in the Garden of Eden will be restored on this worldwide level. No matter what America may try to do to harm the Unification Church, the Unification Church will not be destroyed. Even if Germany or the entire European continent is mobilized, there is no way for them to do harm. During one particular time, the entire Japan nation was mobilized to get rid of the Unification Church, but no way. No way means yes way. Do you like yes way? Also "yes way", in Korean pronunciation sounds like "Jesus Christ" way.

We need to go beyond religion to restore humanity

Again, the conclusion at this point is that unless we take down this sign which deals with religion, Christianity, we cannot accomplish restoration of humanity because this very sign limits the level of salvation to the individual level. So do you want to remain at the individual level or family, nation and world level providence and salvation? Just like at the time of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, now at Chung Pyung Lake where the workshops are taking place, the spirit world comes down to our physical world level and works together jointly. This is happening. And those good angels from the spirit world come down and chase the evil angels and evil spirits away. Once we establish this foundation of chasing away these evil spirits, centering on good angels and good spirits, and centering on the True Family level, then the spirit world, and couples in the spirit world will be liberated too.

Without making a family, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven

What is the basic unit of the Kingdom of God? It is the family. The Kingdom of God place is within the Blessed couples; centering on God and connecting there through the True Love foundation of the family, you get into the Kingdom of Heaven. Without making that family system, one cannot get into the Kingdom of Heaven. That was God's original creation ideal. Until now, everyone was separate, individual, everywhere there was separation, that archangel way of no spouse partnership. During this time, True Parents made the ideal family base which is victorious on the Earth and in Heaven too. The two worlds are liberated completely, centering on the marriage Blessing. Through that, centering on God, connecting and expanding the True Love family base to the nation and the world, completely connecting the original ideal family base everywhere, ultimately creating the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven, everything will be liberated. Mansei, Mansei, Mansei.

This plan, Father's plan, is not imagination; it is not a science fiction story; it is reality. It is a very logical process that Father is taking. Satan's power over the media and literature that prevents God's side from prospering must be challenged. Every power - the media world power, investigating bureau power, the worst Mafia power, all have been preventing and blocking God's power everywhere. Father recently spoke to representatives of literature from the East, the Orient. Plans are being developed to form a Federation for World Literary Writers. By utilizing these kinds of organizations, the foundation is being laid to build the new heavenly culture for the twenty-first century. We can educate and lead those young people who are growing up now for the sake of all of humanity and God's providence, through writing novels and books centered on Godism, not secularism anymore.

Therefore, please do not feel sad about the disappearance of the Unification Church sign. Now we are working on the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification level. This is a much better and even a higher level sign. And because of this, now we are so blessed that we can conduct our Family Church on this level. What era are we living in? Is it the New Testament era? No. This is the Completed Testament era. Now the Old Testament era and New Testament era which dealt with Christianity and all different religions, has passed. That is why in this era of completion, the Completed Testament era, we can deal with families. It's the family salvation way; salvation through families, beyond Christianity which represented individual salvation; this is a different and higher dimension. Isn't that true?

The family connects all humanity, transcending religion

The Family base connects all over the world, connects all humankind, automatically. The tribe church, family church, nation family church, world family church, that's all - the Kingdom of Heaven. The ideal family is there, the ideal tribe is there, the ideal nation is there, the ideal world is there, the ideal creation of God is all there, making everything complete so that at last, God is liberated too. Wow! Everything. First time for God. I will sing some kind of famous song, I will dance, I will do everything. How wonderful! God will enjoy everything, the singing groups, dancing groups, universal ballet, academic projects, everything. Liberation in every corner of the world. Do you like that? What a wonderful time has come to Earth! We will laugh with loud voices, make dancing sounds, everything, stirring up every space in the world. How wonderful a time has come to me, my family, my world, God's Kingdom of Heaven! Do you like that? [Yes.]

There has been too much work, too much persecution for the past 40 years. You don't realize that. You say, "Oh, I don't like hard work and persecution." If Father were not here, what kind of result would there have been? That is a big problem. Isn't that true? Now, we are over everything. The past as Father has described here, the persecution and hardship is over. Now Father is telling you to utilize every ounce of your energy and do your absolute best to fight and march forward. Will you do that? [Yes.] So, that is our main active purpose. Is that clear? Do you like that? [Yes.] And you like Father? [A small child yells Yes] The young are more powerful.

So should we have these goals and hopes? [Yes.] Actually, summer dawns with May and this is May. What we will see from now is nothing but prospering, everything is prospering and blooming. New life emerges, new buds come, all the birds and animals start moving about in order to gain everything. This Springtime is the time of freedom, and liberty is dawning now for the sake of the whole Unification Church movement. We should have a burning desire and new determination to follow True Parents to restore the whole world so that we can build the Kingdom of God on Earth. Amen? [Amen] One baby's voice is stronger than all your voices. That means the third generation agrees that more hope is coming to us.

The details of this transition from Unification Church to the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification has already been explained by Father through various speeches so you will get the details. However, Father wants you to understand the matter, and why this new era begins with this new name. Therefore, don't you feel obligated to go out and bring more couples to the coming Blessing? [Yes.] Beginning with whom? The very king or president of your nation you have to bring. And your grandparents, your father and mother, your children, and your grandchildren, your families. Then your entire nation will be restored at once. This is truth.

The lineage is now changing. It is like foreigners coming to America, going through certain proper procedures and becoming American citizens. It takes some work. Isn't this true? Which is more important and precious and more valuable: becoming an American citizen for a foreigner, or becoming a Blessed couple? Blessed couple card. With this Blessing card, you can go everywhere in the Kingdom on Earth. Even occupying Hell's place is no problem. There is no boundary for the Blessed couple. Free, free, so much freedom. Such a perfect place. Father, now I can sleep. I can take a rest for a long, long time, more than forty days or forty years. How wonderful! How wonderful a time for me too.

Our 43 year history parallels the Israelites' 430 years in Egypt

So, do you feel excited? This is the 43rd Anniversary of HSA-UWC Founding Day. It is the 44th year, even though it became a full 43rd year. Just like the Israelites, after 430 years, they restored the land of Canaan. This is the worldwide time, all of Christianity is the expansion of these Israelites. Therefore, now the entire world of Christianity is being restored 43 years after the HSA-UWC Founding Day. The failure of the Israelites has been restored, centered on the unity of Christianity and now this new era has begun. That is why Father gave the motto: "Let Us Be Proud of True Parents and Love True Parents" last year and this year's motto is: "Let Us Be Proud of True Parents and Love True Parents Through Accomplishing the 3.6 Million Couples Blessing." That way, we can even fly! Is that a problem or not? [No.]

Thinking of the size of America, your responsibility is 360,000 couples; that should be a piece of cake. So, is America going to become thumbs up or thumbs down? [Thumbs up.] That is what you have in your mind but in reality, which one?

Father has a question for you. Father is planning to leave the country on May 5th. He realizes that May 4th is this coming Sunday so do you invite True Father here to speak to everybody on Sunday or not? [A response of Yes and clapping.] You have a choice. Since this is the 43rd Anniversary of the Founding of HSA-UWC, do you want to have Father come to headquarters today and speak at the celebration there or do you want to wait until Sunday and see Father here, giving a new message? [Sunday.] Sunday means it is not Moonday. Is it Sunday or Moonday? Sunday and Monday combined is Reverend Moon's Day. If you combine Sunday and Moonday, it becomes the Day of Reverend Moon. That means you want Father to be in both locations today and Sunday. Monday represents Mother's Day and Sunday represents Father's Day. Then which day should follow which day? Monday should follow Sunday.

Please study the meaning of this transitional time

So again, Father says please study the detailed explanation of this particular transitional time and remember what Father has told you this morning because this is the time that you have to be aggressive to bring your immediate family members and your relatives to the next Blessing. You can do it. Please understand, you have the elder's authority, the parents' authority, kingship authority, all the way to God. That is subject position. The subject can control the object with no problem. You, as an elder brother, may use force on your younger brothers to get them into the Kingdom of Heaven. They will be thankful for their elder brother later. "You did well," they will say, "Thank you very much." After all, Satan's side is forcefully using whatever means they have to get everyone into Hell. So we must forcefully do the opposite.

Until now, your family, your tribe and your nation were against us, but now we reverse the way. A more powerful subject force is connecting us with God and True Parents. Satan's power cannot combat this original power place that is ultimately following. All must go the Blessed way, beginning with your family, your tribe and your nation; go the reverse way, the Blessing way, the saving way.

Can you do it? [Yes.] Your mind speaks first, then with your ten senses combined to do it, please swear to God. Can you show your determination through mobilizing not only your five senses, but your ten senses, showing your determination? So if you become seventy times stronger than the opposition and persecution and attack from the satanic world all these years, you can use seventy times more power than those powers in the past to bring your relatives and immediate families to the next Blessing, you are not violating heavenly law. Satan will bow down at last. Even Satan will bow down to you and say, "I want to be saved, please."

We have to root out the entire tree of Satan and throw it in the dungeon of Hell. Your relatives and compatriots should be saved and separated from Satan. Get them away from Satan. You will do it absolutely? Open your eyes wide, open your mouth, open your ears against all kinds of sight and sound and all at one time, clean up! God wants that kind of time now. That time has come to us now. You will not lose. You will do it? This is May 1. Father's message needs your determination, is that right?

Please do not feel sad because Father's message is short this morning. In the near future, it may not even take five minutes. No time. Let's do it. Amen.

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