The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1997


Our Responsibility In Becoming Children Of True Parents

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 16, 1997
Belvedere International Training Center
Translator -- Peter Kim

Good Morning! Is anyone able to read the title Father has written? Excluding Japanese and Korean brothers and sisters. (One brother makes an attempt) (Laughter) Repeat after me please. (Korean title is pronounced by Peter Kim) When we refer to children generally we commonly understand that children exist because of their parents. In order for a son to exist it requires both a father and a mother. When there is more than one child we refer to them as children. If parents are the origin then their children are the result. Also, if parents are in the position of the first cause, children are in the position of the second cause. The first and second cause should resemble each another. By resembling one another they have to ultimately become united based on what? Knowledge? Money? Power? No, for the sake of love. What kind of love? The kind of love which is greater and bigger than man or woman. The kind of love which is greater than man and woman combined.

The search for Ideal Love

How can man and woman become parents? Only through love. The ambition of parents' love is greater than themselves. If the ambition and goal of the parents' love is here [indicating to the board] then the ambition and goal of the children's love should reach to this goal as well. The content of the ambition of love is neither division nor separation but rather the ambition of love is unifying and harmonizing. The kind of unity that will last eternally. Everyone desires that quality of love. No matter who you may be, everyone equally desires that quality of love. Even beggars and street people. Isn't it true? (Yes) We have to understand that once we attain and practice that kind of love, we will be respected and envied by all of humanity.

Throughout human history has there been even one couple who has attained that level of love True Father has just described? No. Americans are so proud of their development culturally and technologically and consider themselves such good people; however, we cannot find even one couple practicing the love Father has described. In terms of this kind of principled love, even Americans, from the individual, family, society and national level do not pass this criterion. Therefore, isn't it fair to say that America and Americans are not really good enough? Where do you think that kind of American is presently located? Closer to Hell or Heaven? (Hell) All Americans possess a certain desire to become united. But has anyone done it? (No) What about you American Unification members? (Not yet) The concept of "not yet" continues forever. Meantime, the trend continues to go down, ever since the fall of Adam's family. How to stop this worldwide phenomenon now? This is very, very serious.

Within human history there has been rising and falling at all different levels of life, beginning with the individual level, family, society, nation and world. Now in this twentieth century, there is no place where we can find ideal love. Do you agree? (Yes) If the quality of life of humanity throughout history has been a failure, then what about God who has been trying to look after humankind? Has God also failed? (No) How can you confidently proclaim that? (Because we have True Parents) True Parents didn't just suddenly find the solution. Rather, True Parents are still working on reaching the final solution. If you take a quantum leap like that in order to respond to a question, you automatically fail. It is necessary to go step by step.

We all know that God is omnipotent and omnipresent. Then why has the human world become the way that it is? Where is God and what is He doing? When looking down upon humankind in its present state, do you think that God is happy or suffering? (Suffering) How do you know that? The reason why God has not intervened in human affairs is because there is some reason why God cannot interfere. That is why human beings could not have the hope and goal of being restored. What do you think the reason is for God's inability to intervene in human affairs? Does God need money? (No) Well, if He doesn't need money, how about knowledge and power? (No) He already has these things. Do you think that God would be pleased at seeing material things or be proud of His own knowledge that He would burst? (No) Do you think He feels so proud of being the most powerful being in the world? (No) What is it that God needs? (Love) Where can God find love? (Absolute sex) (Laughter) Where is absolute sex? God Himself has absolute sex. There should be absolute sex of both male and female. Between two men or two women absolute sex is not possible.

God has dual characteristics of male and female. Therefore, God needs both man and woman. This means that man alone and woman alone cannot achieve absolute sex. If there is a beautiful woman in front of God do you think that He will be pleased by woman alone? (No) Who else does He need then? (Man) The absolute sex of man and woman both exist in front of God. Then what else is needed? The first condition is to make their relationship into one, unification. Absolute man needs absolute woman. Absolute woman needs absolute man. Are you absolute men and women? Once you pledge to become an absolute man, no matter what kind of obstacle you may face, you should never compromise. All obstacles should absolutely dissolve in front of your determination. That is the absolute standard. If you are attacked and opposed by someone, that person will eventually become tired of opposing you if you show no sign of change.

Do you all want to become absolute women? (Yes Father) All men and women desire to become absolute. Have you become absolute men? (Not yet) (Laughter) When will you become absolute men? This is a very serious matter. It is logical that absolute men and women are necessary before absolute love can come about. All absolute women, please show your hands to Father. Father suggests that you all come and take a good look at him. (Laughter) Theoretically, if there is an absolute man, then all the women of the world will be attracted to him. Even if the 2.5 billion women of the world would be attracted by him, would this absolute man have to run away or stay still? (Laughter) It is a big problem for him. (Laughter) Even if there are 100 absolute men they would still be in trouble. There should be at least 2.5 billion absolute men. Then things would become equal.

Absolute love is forever

Regardless of nationality, position, male or female, we all desire an absolute partner. Blessed couples raise your hands. Can any of you say that you are an absolute couple? (Sometimes) Sometimes is not forever. Father's standard is not off and on. It is eternal. This is not a laughing matter. This is an extremely important issue. If there is a couple who has not reached the absolute standard yet and the wife observes her husband pursuing another woman, will she be happy? (No) Why not? Even though you may not have reached absoluteness in terms of unity and harmony, if your spouse goes after another person you absolutely do not like it. That means that you have the desire to become an absolute partner.

When wife or husband looks at you with a smiling face and bright eyes, do you want to see those loving eyes and sparkling smile only now and then, or forever? (Forever) Absolutely forever. Then you will become totally intoxicated. In the secular world can we find any couple with that standard? (No) How about the relationship between your mind and body? Do you have absolute unity or struggle? (Struggle) As children of God we are still struggling for that. Do you think God also has that kind of struggle within Himself? (No) God doesn't have that struggle but you have it. If God is in the Kingdom of Heaven and you don't resemble Him, then where are you? Now you understand what Hell means. It is easy to conclude that if we cannot find any absolute couple in this world then this is clearly a world of Hell.

This world is Hell because it lacks absolute love

This world is not Hell because of lack of power, money or knowledge. It is Hell because it lacks absolute love. It has become absolute Hell. Why has it become so? Once the fruits of a tree are ripened the farmer will gather them and store them away. That will become like a heavenly barn. However, if the fruits became rotten before they were able to ripen, they would all fall to the ground. Such fruits cannot be brought into the heavenly storage barn. That is equivalent to the fall of man. They fell from the tree before they were ripe. No matter how much we may dislike it, the fact is we are the result of fallen fruit and living in this world of Hell. This fruit of love was supposed to ripen and eventually be stored in the heavenly barn. But this did not happen. Is there a way that we can translate this world of Hell into the heavenly world? Can we accomplish it with money? (No) Does America like money or not? (It likes it) Therefore, America belongs to the satanic hell side. No matter how proud Americans may be, they cannot transform this world of Hell into the Kingdom of God on Earth.

If we have a disease in our body a doctor needs to find the cause in order to root it out and bring the cure. It is logical to conclude that our human ancestors fell because of the misuse of love. Man and woman have their respective love organs. Can man or woman alone create fornication? (No) Adultery takes place when man and woman make love together. When God watches humanity misusing their love organs do you think He would welcome them or kick them out? (Kick them out) He would absolutely kick them out. We have to clearly understand this. If you don't understand the meaning of the Fall then you are in trouble. Don't you understand that you are the rotten fruit from the result of the Fall of Man? We are still rotten and generate such an evil bad smell. We need to be burned and eliminated, even thrown in the ocean! We ourselves should have that kind of desire. Do you want to be burned in the furnace? (Yes) Sounds not so bad! Feeling not so bad!

Hell is the world of conflict, Heaven is the world of harmony

Now you understand your status. So do we deserve Hell or Heaven? (Hell) What is the world of Hell? Hell is where you live in constant conflict. Whereas Heaven is the world of harmony. What is the world that Reverend Moon and God are trying to build? The world where absolute harmony, unification and peace prevail. This is God's and True Parents' purpose. Is that clear? (Yes) What is your goal and purpose? (Make the Kingdom of Heaven) Sounds good, but how can you accomplish it? You are a fighting field person. Your mind and body are in constant conflict and disharmony. How can the world of Heaven be built on such a base? It is easy to give the good answer to Father, but are we really qualified to give such an easy answer all the time? (No) This is the problem.

The time and place we are living in today is a most dangerous, fearful time and place. We have to take this very seriously. Centering on one's self, there is always a fearful atmosphere surrounding and attacking us. How can we protect ourselves? This is how we should think. In this fearful world, danger always exists. You may yield everything you possess, but you should make certain to maintain your absolute love. This is the condition for you to join with God in the spiritual world. If you have that kind of love core, what would you do with it? We have to know that we have an objective love core and there must be a subjective love core, which is God Himself. Do you understand? You have to resonate with that kind of concept. Without this concept you cannot connect with your opposite sex absolute love atmosphere.

We struggle because we were conceived from false love

If that kind of love core has to be connected, should that occur through your body or your mind? (Mind) Why? This means that your conscience is closest to God. We all experience the struggle between our mind and body. Why do we have this struggle? We are born as a seed of love. However, within our seed of love exists the seed of love of mind and the seed of love of body. These two identities are divided and the struggle begins. Do your parents always live in perfect peace and harmony? Or do they struggle and fight sometimes? (They sometimes struggle and fight) Don't you think that your parents sometimes entertain the idea of divorce in their minds? (Yes)

In this world, parents do not have absolute unity. They are inclined to struggle and fight with one another and even think about divorce. Is such a world Heaven or Hell? (Hell) Do you imagine that your two eyes desire to divorce? (No) These eyes always have harmony and unity one with another. They follow each other. Do you think that your left nostril desires to divorce your right nostril? No. They always work in harmony with each other. Your upper and lower lips always operate in oneness and remain eternally together. Do you think that your right ear will decide not to hear anymore and let the left ear do it all? (Never) (Laugher) If there is a sound which is unclear, these two ears will mobilize the entire head in order to catch that sound. What about your hands? When you clap them together, do they protest and want divorce?

What about people? People who run to divorce courts all the time? Do their laps jump together for joy because they are divorcing? Actually our five senses do not have any concept of divorce. However, our body's desire is the problem. Our bodily desire demands that our mind follow. This bodily desire is the king of individualism. The very name America has the connotation of a nation only caring about cars. Not people, not ideals, nothing but pride in cars. Even if you own a car, you need a driver and gasoline. America is presently out of gasoline. It is falling down to the bottom of Hell. America has no power.

Satan likes extreme individualism and privacy

Where are all the American people heading? Who can liberate them from the treacherous path they are following? It is a painful situation. You Americans might feel uncomfortable because of Father's words, but this is the truth. Do you feel good? (No) Americans in general are very proud of their extreme individualism and privacy. However, this is the very thing that will reduce you to tears. Individualism and privacy are the very things which will ruin America. If men and women both hold strong individualistic concepts, how can they create harmony and unification? Satan is very happy with this situation of extreme individualism. The free world is ignorant of this. If America is truly rotten and headed for Hell, we need to be medical doctors and have the medicine to inject in them to cure their disease. (Yes) What does 'yes' mean? (We follow True Parents.) True Parents are not American citizens. When you proclaim to be followers of True Parents, the dignitaries and opinion makers of America persecute you. They call you crazy. We don't need Moonies, they say, just the opposite of God.

We Unification Church members understand the concept of the Fall do we not? (Yes) Do we love the concept of the Fall or hate it? (Hate it) Why do you hate it? Because it is the destruction of absolute sex. Do you want changeable sex or unchangeable sex? (Unchangeable sex) Most of Americans don't agree with you. You are a different breed. A breed not found in the secular world.

I am manufacturing true sons of God, many Reverend Moons

What is the title of this morning's message? Father has a very heavy schedule today. However, he has not even touched upon this title as yet. (Laughter) If he continues like this, you will all become so intoxicated that it will take all day. (Applause) What is more interesting, the content of Father's message or Father himself? (Both) I don't like that. Since True Father belongs to True Mother you cannot take True Father for your own sake. Therefore True Father is going to create another man, Reverend Moon, for women and another woman, Reverend Moon, for men. This is how you can remain with Reverend Moon for your entire lives. (Applause) This would be like a "true son producing company." (Laughter) Do you like Reverend Moon's home? (Yes) This home of Reverend Moon would be a manufacturing plant that would constantly be producing Reverend Moons. Therefore, no matter how handsome and capable any man might be, he still must pass through this factory in order to become another Reverend Moon. (Amen) Then the original Reverend Moon will give him the Blessing. Then you can have him.

Once they have passed through this manufacturing process, Father will give them the Blessing. Then together with their children Father will send them to their home towns. These second Reverend Moons become Blessed couples. Blessed couples are second Reverend Moons' production factory of true children. (Applause) Is this clear? (Yes) Centering upon the original Reverend Moon production factory, we now have branch factories throughout the world. All of them are operating to produce more Reverend Moons every minute. Do you feel good about it? (Yes) This is the kind of world that we call the Kingdom of God on Earth. The Kingdom of God is made up of 'families'. Beginning with the true family country, true tribe country, true nation country, true world country, true cosmic country, and absolute love country. Which one do you like best? (Absolute love country) Sounds good. You women answered clearly. Every family is True Parents love factory family. The original, ideal, home factory family. Your Original Factory is cause. Second, result place. Cause and result connect, make one direction. Ideal atmosphere, reaching the Kingdom of Heaven. If you have understood this clearly then Father is in the position to learn from you.

This is the third day since Father celebrated his 77th birthday. So, when Father hears that you are absolutely confident in accomplishing this goal, Father feels happy to continue to share with you. If True Parents represent the Main Factory for producing True Children, our responsibility as the children of True Parents is to be branch factories. However, in terms of value we share equal value with Father's main factory. Which is more ideal? Should our branch factories grow and become one thousand times greater than the main factory or should we remain a thousand times less? (Greater) True Parents family is in the position of the seed and the first cause. We are in the position of the second cause. The seed is one, but once it is germinated and grows into a big tree, then billions of seeds are produced. These seeds create the second cause. What is the relationship between the original seed of Reverend Moon and our seed? There is a relationship of cause and result - the first seed and the second seed. However, in terms of value they are equal.

We should fill the world with blessed couples

This year Reverend Moon, the first seed, the first cause will officiate at the Blessing ceremony of 3.6 million couples. Can you reach that? (Yes) What is it about this 3.6 million couples Blessing that encourages us so much and makes us so enthusiastic? It is the way to build the Kingdom of God on Earth. Unless this entire planet Earth is filled with Blessed couples, we cannot claim that the world has been liberated and become the Kingdom of God on Earth. Do you understand? (Yes) The 5.5 billion people of the world are all separated and divided. Therefore, we should have enough Blessed couples to fill this entire world so that parents and children can have absolute unity. On this basis God can come down and work through everyone, just like our blood veins. Whomever God is working through, that is the Kingdom of God on Earth. This is what God and True Parents want to create this year.

God needs one point where His pure lineage and ideal begins

There are many different nations in the world. [Father draws on the board] This represents all of humanity. This small circle represents Adam's original family. [indicating to the board] The size has increased as history continued. Now we are in this modern world stage. Centering upon Adam and Eve there are eight different stages. Human history has progressed in this way. What kind of central figure do you want to become? Do you want to be a central figure for your family, tribe, society, nation, world or even beyond? (Beyond the world) Like whom? Like God. God cannot enter into relationship with this fallen world because there is no true love to be found here. There needs to be one point where God's pure lineage and ideal begins and expands to where the entire world is filled with God's lineage. Then God can come and dwell with humankind.

However, if the world is invaded by Satan to this degree [indicating to the diagram on the board] then God cannot enter into this portion of the world. Therefore, the whole world needs to be surrounded by God's love. The providence of salvation is the providence of restoration. All of human history is the result of the human fall. In this fallen world the restoration has begun and eventually the whole world will be restored. In order to accomplish this God has to find the original man and woman's position. In order to restore the original man and woman the law of indemnity has to be applied. To pay the proper indemnity we have to build all the different levels in order to restore everything back to God.

The secular world has already established a firm grip on every aspect of human life. However, throughout history there has been an expansion of various religious movements, always growing and developing. Political and secular leaders always have persecuted them and tried to eliminate them. Historically, all religions have had to deal with persecution from this secular world. The purpose of religion is to reach humanity with the truth. But Satan has always built fences around the nations to prevent this. This wall or barrier begins at the individual level: the war between our mind and body. Even between husband and wife there is often a certain wall or barrier. Among children, family to family, nation to nation and in the world, these barriers always exist. Even between God and this world there is a barrier, a dividing wall. Without the Fall there would be no such barrier in existence.

The fallen world came into being through the misuse of love

God has never been able to interfere. Because this world of division came into being due to the Fall of Man through the misuse of love. There is only one man who can intervene and straighten this mess out and that is True Father, True Parents. This has been the desire and goal of every major religion. True Parents are the ones who know what God's True Love is and what Satan's fallen love is. Father stands in the position to grab hold of Satan's neck and challenge him. Satan has to admit that he is responsible for creating this fallen world.

Then if True Parents ask God if He wants the exact opposite of this fallen world, God will have to agree that He does. Who can accomplish the desire of God? This fallen world came into being through fallen parents centered upon fallen love. Therefore True Parents come centered upon True Love to build the True World. In order to accomplish this what has to be done? We have to follow True Father by walking the way of indemnity - Tan gam boki. This means restoration through indemnity. Without going through this course there is no way to go up. We will continue to fall down. It is like being in a deep well with a ladder. As we try to climb up the ladder Satan always pulls us down again. We could not establish the foundation where we have absolute unity between our mind and body.

The distance between our mind and body has become so great, from the original Adam and Eve's fallen position to this fallen world right now making one circle. That much distance exists between our mind and body. It can be an even greater distance from the individual level all the way to the cosmic level through the eight different stages. Without overcoming this we cannot return to the original position. This world has been created by false parents and false children. In order to restore this entire world back again we need True Parents and True Children. The Archangel is not in the position to have either a partner nor possessions. Do you understand? (Yes) In this archangelic world, in these Last Days there exists no concept of partnership. This is why so many couples live together as single individuals without marrying. This is the world we live in right now. They enjoy free sex in this world. But God wants to see absolute sex and absolute partnership between man and woman, not homosexuality, not lesbianism, no partnership.

Who originated the practice of free sex? Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, centering upon the Archangel. As it was sown, so it shall be reaped in the Last Days. Therefore we are witnessing this phenomenon in this fallen world now. In this society there are homosexuals and lesbians, this is Hell on Earth. The American family has been broken down through this kind of corruption. This is harvest time but Americans are so ignorant of this fact.

The pursuit of freedom without responsibility is a weapon of Satan

Not even God can harvest out of America. Just as God was unable to interfere in Adam and Eve's behavior, so He cannot harvest here now. Satan led all the way down to our time. Not even Satan wants to touch it now. This is the result of Satan's activities so God cannot interrupt. It is true that no matter how powerful a nation may be such as America, it cannot solve the present situation which the world is facing. The former Soviet Union tried their absolute best to unite the world under communism but they failed. Now the democratic world is trying in their own way to unite the world through free election systems and such. But in every corner of the world where they have tried to assert influence, it has not worked. The entire world hates those politicians because they are liars. Free sex, alcohol, drugs, and tobacco are all the weapons of Satan. Also the pursuit of freedom without responsibility is another weapon of Satan.

We clearly know that this entire world is under Satan's domination and influence. Through whom did we learn this? We learned this through True Parents who come with all the secrets of God and Satan so that we are able to protect ourselves in this decadent world. True Parents revealed all the secrets to us. Do you need True Parents? (Yes) Do you need True Parents in just one place or in every place all over the world? In one family or the whole humankind family? (Everywhere, Everybody)

We are living at the turning point or transitional period that the original mistake of Adam and Eve's Fall has resulted in this fallen world right now that we are living. So True Parents finally came to this world as a blessing to humankind. Together with True Parents we are restoring our original lineage and right of possession. After the Fall everything was lost to Satan. Now we are reversing. We are restoring the realm of heart. [Father draws a diagram on the board] The realm of heart represented by the seven generations from Adam, the tribal unit, is now being restored. Based upon that tribal foundation we will reach for the people and the nation. Therefore Father is expecting tribal messiahs to take responsibility for their own tribes.

Didn't all of you receive the Blessing? (Yes) Please remember, if True Parents are the first manufacturing plant then we are the second manufacturing plant. The meaning of receiving the Blessing is transforming the lineage and right of possession. The meaning of the providence of salvation and the providence of restoration is the state of restoration on one individual and family level to be connected to the entire world. We have to remember that had America, centered upon Christianity, united with Father as the Lord of the Second Advent right after World War II, then within seven years the entire world could have been restored. However, because of their failure Father had to begin from scratch which took forty years of wilderness course.

Korea must be unified before the world can be unified and restored

If those eight million Christians had received Father as the Lord of the Second Advent after World War II, then Father could have blessed 800 million people within one week. It would not have needed even seven years. Maybe two or three years would have been sufficient. But because of their failure everything was lost. Father lost everything from the family that was supposed to become one with Father. The Moon tribe was supposed to have been united with Father. Even the Korean peninsula, South and North was supposed to be united with Father. The entire world which was supposed to accept Father as the Lord of the Second Advent - everything was lost and Father ended up standing in the wilderness. This is why Kim Il Sung appeared and came to North Korea in the Satanic true parents position. He blocked every road and way for Father to reach the people. The reunification of the Korean peninsula is a prerequisite to the unification and restoration of the entire world.

Look at the world now. Germany is unified and most of the countries in the world are unified, but the Korean peninsula is still divided. East and west is horizontal and north and south is vertical. Vertical side is not unified. The last thing is to make a peaceful foundation. Without that land we cannot build up God's Kingdom. Everything was lost. God's Kingdom of Heaven lost. Father's hometown settlement, original hometown place. Therefore, Father initiated tribal and national messiahship.

At the time of Jesus, God sent Jesus down as the one to establish both tribal and national messiahship as the basis to build God's Kingdom on the Earth. He had no nation, no tribe, no God's True Love place. So Jesus went to Paradise, not Heaven. Heaven consists of tribes and nations, making one line to the Kingdom of Heaven. Now, Father is in God's position on the Earth. He sent out national messiahs to 185 nations of the world. Jesus was not able to establish his own family. At this time, Father is sending out Blessed couples as national messiahs. Without the family God's Kingdom cannot be built.

Christians suffered bloodshed because they lacked a national foundation

During the 2000 years of Christian history so many Christians were murdered, such a long, long time of suffering, giving their sweat and their blood. This happened because their foundation was underneath the national level. Therefore Satan was able to attack them. This is the correct viewpoint of providential history. The Lord of the Second Advent comes representing True Love and True Love connects to the True Life Seed. After the Fall God lost his blood lineage. In order to return to that original point we need to deny ourselves and demonstrate absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. No matter what difficulty Father faces, I will go in one direction forever. I don't care what persecution I need to go over, I will fulfill my purpose. That is God's love-attending place.

The conclusion of Father's message to us is that we have all learned about the restoration through indemnity from the individual level through the eight levels to the cosmic level. Is there even one moment where we have completed our restoration through indemnity from the individual to the cosmic level? (No) We may understand the word indemnity. However, do we have any degree of completion of indemnity at any level? This previous diagram [indicating to the board] shows how the fall took place from Adam's family all the way to the entire present world. Now Father is drawing another diagram to show the indemnity course. This is True Parents family [indicating to the board]; had the free world received Father as the Lord of the Second Advent, it would not have taken forty years. Rather right here [indicating on the board] is the point where Father could have expanded the true family and restored the entire world.

The period from the time of Adam and Eve to this point [indicating to the board] could be tens of millions of years. No one throughout human history clearly understood the process of restoration through indemnity. Over and over as champions of each age failed, God had to begin this restoration through indemnity course again and again. This took tens of millions of years up to this point. In Adam's family there was Eve, Cain and Abel. During World War II Great Britain, France and America represented these three figures of Adam's family. Great Britain, as an island country, represented Eve. The ocean symbolizes women. Therefore the island nation of Great Britain represented Eve who was female. Usually people from island nations desire to land on the mainland. Great Britain gave birth to America which stood in the position of Abel. France was always at war with Great Britain and even America. Therefore France stood in the position of Cain. Cain always fights Abel and also Eve.

Christianity lost the physical foundation because of the crucifixion of Jesus

Christianity actually lost the substantial body because of the crucifixion of Jesus. Therefore right after World War II Christianity had a spiritual body. If the Israelites and Judaism had accepted Jesus as the Lord, then the other major religions already prepared by God in various parts of the eastern world, could have been mobilized with the help of the spiritual world and conquered the Roman Empire without much difficulty. Because Jesus came as the bridegroom. This bridegroom's status was taken away in the Garden of Eden at the time of Adam and Eve. At the time of Jesus, this position was lost once again. Following World War II Father came as the Lord of the Second Advent as well as the bridegroom to the entire Christianity. These three nations, Great Britain, America and France should have received True Father as their bridegroom.

The axis countries of Japan, Germany and Italy represented the body of Jesus Christ. Whereas Great Britain, America and France represented the mind of Jesus. True Father came as the Lord of the Second Advent or bridegroom to the entire world in order to unite these two different worlds. In Adam's family they split. In the Last Days the True Parents have to unite them. Actually at the time following World War II world unification could have been established. The axis countries tried their best to eliminate the mind of Jesus Christ which was represented by Judaism, Jews and Christianity. Spearheaded by Hitler, millions of Jews were killed at this time. Originally, centered upon the Lord of the Second Advent, world unification should have taken place here. [indicating to the board]

Directly after 1945 Father could have held mass weddings throughout the entire world centered upon true love. This would have broken down many boundaries and walls created by Satan throughout the world. All humankind would have become God's and True Parents' children. This would have meant unification all the way to Adam and Eve's position. If only this free world had not chased Father out after World War II, then free sex and homosexuality would never have appeared in this world, not even in America.

The worldwide True Family will emerge from True Parents

Now in this battlefield, once the axis and allied countries become united, then the allied countries will be in the position of Abel and the axis countries in the position of Cain. Based upon their unification the Lord of the Second Advent will descend as the bridegroom of the entire world and he will find his bride. With True Father and True Mother forming the true family, that family will be expanded to the world level.

After the Israelites and Judaism rejected Jesus and crucified him then the history of Christianity had to go through the persecution period of the Roman Empire and throughout history. Likewise, when the axis and allied countries rejected Father after World War II, then Father had to go out to the wilderness. Their rejection meant the loss of the worldwide foundation placing Father back in Korea. This took forty years to come out to the world. Bringing Jesus' body figure to the mind figure and uniting them again. Centered upon that foundation Father is now accomplishing the worldwide dispensation.

Jesus' body was lost in Asia. Therefore the world is now returning to Asia. We live in what is known as the Pacific era. Centering upon True Parents, from the individual to the world level spiritually and physically Father's influence and power is now felt throughout the world. Now, after forty years of Father's incredible sacrificial work, the Pacific era is dawning again.

Within True Father's family there are children from two different mothers. Because of this wilderness course Father lost everything in a way. Just as Father had to go through the wilderness course when he lost his first wife through divorce, now the entire world is experiencing the same thing through the breakdown of families. It completely lost God's True Love family center. God's value system was lost.

Father had to restore 4000 years of history in 40 years

The bride culture is the world of Christian culture. The bride wants to meet the bridegroom. The Marriage of Lamb was to take place. [Father draws on the board again] Because Father was chased out into the wilderness, he had to indemnify this 4000 years of history. On eight different levels from the individual to the cosmic level. This forty years represents 4000 years of history. It was lost and Father had to restore everything. God could not help him. God could support him, but Father had to do this single-handedly. Centering on his own family, Father had to go through the eight stages.

On his individual level the blessing had to be achieved here [indicating to the board]. Then from that point on he could expand to the world. You do not have any idea what kind of course the restoration through indemnity is. This indemnity course is placed between God and Satan. Father had to juggle between God and Satan, Father had to bring God down and kick Satan away. That has been his life for forty years. But Father himself cannot live for 400 years, let alone 4000 years. Therefore, he had to indemnify this period within 40 years.

The Second World War ended in 1945, but within seven years everything could have been established. But due to the opposition of Christianity and the free world Father lost this seven year period. If we count from 1952 and add forty years, it becomes 1992. In that year, Father's 40-year course was over. In the year 1992 True Mother was elevated to equal position with True Father. We lost the foundation of Christianity which stands in the position of the bride. Through True Mother we reached the American Congress and the United Nations through True Mother's speaking tour. We also declared True Parents Day to the world. Men and women in the American Congress didn't know what they were doing, but as you know Congress passed the resolution of Parents Day.

When True Parents Day is adopted by 185 United Nations member nations, then the world will be truly united. The national messiahs who have been sent out to 185 nations are working hard to have True Parents Day resolutions passed in their mission nations which eventually will be culminated in the United Nations and then world unification will come. Amen. (Amen) (Applause)

Once we accomplish our goal of the 3.6 million couples Blessing this year successfully, then this influence will be felt all over the world in 185 nations. Then our national messiahs will have this invincible foundation to work on. They will be able to pass this resolution of True Parents Day within their own nations. Eventually this will lead to the establishment of the Women's United Nations, Youth United Nations and Student United Nations and will bring about the unification of the entire world. Amen. (Amen) (Applause)

Father is creating world organizations to bring about world unification

That is why Father is creating Abel-type world organizations. If this present United Nations does not function properly to bring about world unification, Father is preparing Abel-type organizations such as the Island Nations Federation for World Peace, Peninsular Nations Federation for World Peace and Continental Nations Federation for World Peace just in case. At the present time, the politicians, who represent the body, are dominating the world, the mind. Father, who represents the mind of the entire world, will come to lead the entire world in the right direction.

The UN has presently complicated the system and is going down. The new Abel-type organizations which Father has created can go all over the system, connecting family-system and heavenly system. All over the system we can change the blood lineage, create filial piety, make patriots, saints and holy sons and daughters connecting to True Father. We will create this kind of value. Always, Father is making that kind of preparation, that kind of foundation. We have to follow God's concept in leading the world. God cannot permit any other way. We have to lift up God's Heart. Everyone of conscience can easily understand the wonderful and amazing things Reverend Moon is doing in the world.

The eight different stages from the individual to the cosmic level could not be overcome by anyone. Father alone established victory on these eight different stages. In the midst of Satan's persecution, Father won the victory at each level. Wherever Father may go now in the world there is no more rejection. Even in America they beg Father to stay. (Applause) In Africa, they say don't go home, Reverend Moon. What Father has accomplished in South America in this one year period is tantamount to the total work Father has done in America this past twenty years.

I revealed many heavenly secrets this year in South America

Through various means of education Father revealed many secrets in South America during the past year or so. For example, Father declared to those ardent Catholics there that Jesus was supposed to get married and have many children. Father also told them that Jesus was an illegitimate son and that holy mother Mary made many mistakes. They were shocked but they could not argue with Father, because Father spoke logically. Those who studied the contents of Father's message and Mother's speech which was shared throughout the world last year, could not come up with any alternative solution.

Once it becomes a worldwide debating issue, from the elementary school student all the way to the very elderly man, all intellectuals will debate these issues. Then eventually they will go with Reverend Moon's teaching in this twentieth century. In this century of modern technology and science no one would go with the old way of teaching. Father has absolute confidence because Father has clearly proved to himself and observed what was happening in South America while he was teaching this new truth to the top leaders, scholars, theologians, both Protestant and Catholic, and leaders from every walk of life down there. Father witnessed with his own eyes that they had no challenge to offer to Father. Because logically they cannot argue with this truth. Truth is truth! Therefore Father appears in front of you this morning with absolute confidence and commitment that this world is now coming closer and closer to world unification. Amen. (Applause)

This is our task now, to go over each of these eight different stages [indicating to the board]. This is our task. Are you confident that you can do it? (Yes) But you are in ignorance of how to do it. True Parents have set the example and showed the way how to accomplish this. Now you just have to be united and connected to True Parents. During this forty-year course which Father walked to indemnify 4000 years of history, Satan has mobilized every possible means to attack Father, to block Father's way and to eliminate Father. Father, however, overcame each stage. Today Father is healthier and stronger than ever! (Applause) Does Father have a bad brain? (An absolutely good brain) (Laughter) Father knew from the beginning how much suffering and hardship God had to endure. Father's secret was his desire to do what God has done. That was Father's main secret.

From 1992 Father declared the liberation of women. In 1993 our motto was True Parents and the Completed Testament Era. In 1994 The Safe Settlement of True Parents and the Completed Testament Era. In 1995 Let's Inherit the Victorious Foundation of True Parents. In 1996 Let's be Proud of True Parents and Love True Parents. Under last year's motto, when you loved and were proud of True Parents did anyone oppose you? (No) Finally, on the worldwide level, our time has come in this year of 1997. By accomplishing the 3.6 million couples Blessing this year the entire world will become God's.

The way we can be proud of True Parents and Love True Parents is by accomplishing the 3.6. million couples Blessing. Once this 3.6 million couples Blessing is successfully accomplished, then even elementary school children will challenge their teachers saying: "When looking at this present rotten, decadent world I don't see much hope. In the world I observe two kinds of marriage; one is marriage based on one couple at a time, but they often fail. On the other hand we see that Reverend Moon has married 3.6. million couples at one time and they are all good couples. Therefore which route should I take?" (Laughter)

Suppose the teacher would respond by telling that child that Reverend Moon's way was the only hope. Do you imagine that the parents of that child would scold him for listening to his teacher's advice? If so, do you think the child would follow his teacher or his parents? (Teacher) Even the parents would encourage their young children to follow the advice of the teacher because that is the right way. Do you think that the high school and college students who are ready for marriage are going to follow this new world heavenly trend? (Yes) Once the victory of the 3.6 million couples Blessing is established, if young people decide to marry without researching the Unification Church marriage, they will not flourish. Similar to fallen leaves in the autumn, they will become fertilizer.

From the year 2000, God will occupy the world with True Love

The entire world will have to pay attention to the Unification Church wedding. Particularly teachers, professors and Ph.D. candidates will have to write their thesis on the Unification Church wedding ceremonies. Because unless they understand fully about the Blessing they will not be qualified to have the title of Ph.D. From the year 2000 centering upon True Love, God will be able to occupy the entire world.

Father now gives you the secret today, the only secret: Since True Parents already won the victories at eight different stages, our task is to overcome these eight different stages on our own. In order for us to win the same victories as True Parents we have to make sure that we hold on fast to True Parents. If True Parents go by boat, we have to hang on to their belt; if True Parents fly by Concord we still have to hold onto them even if our legs fly up in the air. (Laughter) No matter what, we have to make sure that we are united with True Parents and constantly follow in their path. Unification Church members have more wisdom than flies. If Father is flying by cosmic Concord, and we hang onto Father's belt and land at the same time with Father and the fly is sitting on our back and yet we still land where Father lands before the fly does, then we are wiser than the fly! (Laughter)

When we board a plane to go to Korea from New York, we might see a fly in the airplane and we can ask the fly "where are you going?" Then the fly might answer "I am going to Korea." (Laughter) Then the fly may say to you, "Where are you going?" and you can say, "I am going to the Kingdom of Heaven!" (Applause) Do you have a clear understanding of Father's message this morning? (Yes) If Father goes to Africa will you follow him? (Yes) If Father asks all Unification Church Members in America to go to Uruguay tomorrow, then when everyone lands in Uruguay the entire nation of Uruguay will immediately be filled with unification. Can you American women do that? (Yes) Do you have confidence? Really?

[Father addresses one American sister in the crowd] Here we have such a beautiful girl, with beautiful eyes and beautiful lips. Maybe God wants to meet her and have her become his most beloved daughter. Would you like that? (Yes) Really? (Laughter) If she happened to be a young oriental girl and Father were to address her directly in this way, at such close contact she would surely blush. But since this girl is a western sister she is still calm. That is okay. (Laughter)

The meaning of this morning's topic, Our Responsibility as the Children of True Parents corresponds with our original ancestors in the Garden of Eden. When God created Adam and Eve there was only one commandment that God gave to them. Do not eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. They needed to demonstrate absolute faith, love and obedience to that commandment from God. However, they did not. When God gave that commandment to Adam and Eve He already had the foundation of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Upon that foundation God could give that commandment in the position of subject to His objects. But Adam and Eve did not follow God's standard of absolute faith, love and obedience. Therefore God lost His love partner. We now live in the time when we have to restore the mistake of Adam and Eve. This means that we have to demonstrate absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience in order to accomplish the task that is upon our shoulders. In order to do this we have to grab hold of True Parents' belt and go with them all the way to the end. Then we will accomplish our mission: the building of the Kingdom of God on Earth. Amen. (Amen) (Applause)

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