The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1997


The Meaning Of The Day Of Victory Of Love

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 2, 1997
São Paulo, Brazil

You do not know the deep contents of God's providence. In order to have the Holy Blessing and inherit God's blessing, you should know that there must be inevitable contents. The Blessing is to change the blood lineage.

Then who has to change the blood lineage? It has to be done by True Parents. After the Fall, there was only the realm of Cain, in which the fallen father, fallen mother and fallen sons lived; there was no realm of Abel. Thus, the problem is how to turn around this realm of Cain. In order to establish Abel, there must be a restored mother. However, in order for the restored mother to emerge, there has to be a restored father. Thus, returning resurrection is necessary.

Bringing Cain to natural surrender

The reason why the Lord of the Second Advent comes on earth is to establish the true mother through whom he can bring together the sons and daughters of Abel's realm. Based on this foundation, the sons and daughters of Cain's realm have to be saved, and Cain's mother has to be cut off from Satan. The realm of Cain is different from the realm of Abel, but they cannot be sent to hell by cutting off from the realm of Abel. The realm of Cain has to follow the realm of Abel. After the realm of Abel is unified centering on Abel's parents, then Cain's parents have to follow them. And in the end, Satan also has to follow them. Therefore, in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, the world has to go in one line through the one blood lineage.

However, in the fallen world, there is no way for people to enter in one line. Thus, in order to connect them together, God had to first find Abel. The starting point is Abel. Through Abel, Cain has to surrender voluntarily, not by compulsion. We have to restore Cain by living sacrificially for Cain's sake. Based on the unity of Cain and Abel through natural surrender, all the mothers of the realm of Cain have to be restored voluntarily, not by compulsion. This is the formula of the providence of restoration.

This formula should be fulfilled by the mainstream on each level, from the individual to the family, tribe, nation and world. The central figure of the family lives for the sake of the family, the central family lives for the sake of the tribe, the central tribe lives for the sake of the nation, and the central nation lives for the sake of the world.

However, since Satan's world has already made a worldwide foundation of eight stages from the individual to the family, tribe, and so on, the realm of Abel has to restore all these foundations. If there were no satanic foundations, the Kingdom of Heaven would have been realized. The tribes of Adam's family, centering on their elder sons, would have established the nation, and the Kingdom of Heaven would have automatically been established.

Establishing Abel's foundation

If God does not find Abel's family, the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven, which is God's ideal of creation, cannot be established. The purpose of the Old Testament Age was to establish the foundation of Abel and Abel's family. Things were sacrificed for the sake of the son, the son was sacrificed for the sake of the parents, and the parents were sacrificed for the sake of God. You should know that these sacrifices are made for the sake of the larger realms of restoration.

The Unification Church and today's blessed families started from the individual level and expanded to the family, tribe, nation, and world. Just after World War II, England, America and France were unified. These three nations represented the realm of the bride which God had been establishing through Cain and Abel ever since the fall. As the mother country, England dominated the world until the son and daughter countries emerged. That continued until 1965.

The world of Abel could be established by subjugating the realm of Cain throughout history. Corresponding to the Allied nations of the realm of Abel, the nations of Japan, Germany and Italy represented the realm of Cain, forming a substantial power which united to destroy Christianity. In the First, Second and Third World Wars, Cain's side struck first, but when England, America and France were unified, Abel's side took the victory. However, from the providential viewpoint, since Christianity worldwide had only a spiritual foundation centered on Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the world wars had to take place to establish worldwide the substantial foundation of Christianity. Thus, when England, America and France were unified through World War II, the worldwide realm of the Christian culture was formed. The cultural realm of Christianity is to unify the world, centering on God.

What is the meaning of unification? Unification means that there are no longer two blood lineages or two nations. If the unified foundation becomes one with the coming Messiah, everything will be completed.

Then, whom do we have to follow? The Messiah! Who can enter the Kingdom of Heaven first? Adam and his family should enter first, and then Adam's tribe, nation, and world.

Making sacrificial offerings

The Messiah does not come from the fallen Adam's position or from the failures at the time of Jesus' position. The Messiah has to come on the united foundation. The worldwide Eve nation, Cain nation, and Abel nation have to unite. By whom was the world unified? It was done by Jesus and God. Then who should be the owner of this victorious foundation? The owner should be Jesus and God. When Jesus becomes the owner, what shall he do? Based on the unity of this victorious foundation, he and God have to change the blood lineage. This is the conclusion of the providence of restoration.

Based on one unified world, Jesus has to choose his bride. Centering on True Mother, victorious Judaism and victorious Israel have to unite. On this foundation, if the Messiah establishes the palace in which Judaism and Israel can serve Jesus and help Jesus get married, everything would be completely fulfilled.

Then what does Jesus have to do? He has to change the blood lineage. With the change of blood lineage, the whole contents of the blood offerings, which were given to Satan, are indemnified and completed. All blood offerings from the Old Testament Age until now were sacrificed because of Satan. However, if the purpose of the sacrifice was not completely fulfilled, the indemnity condition has to be fulfilled through a higher condition of sacrifice. Therefore, after the incomplete offerings of the Old Testament Age, Jesus' blood was sacrificed in the New Testament Age. If the son's sacrifice was not offered properly, the parents have to dedicate the sacrificial offering. For instance, if the son did not fulfill the sacrificial way, the mother has to do it, and if the mother did not fulfill completely, the father has to complete it at last. This is the way of indemnity.

Then, if the family palace centered on Jesus is completed, the blessing can be fulfilled all over the world through Jesus. What is the content of the blessing? It is the condition of the sacrifice of the Old Testament Age, the condition of the son of the New Testament Age, and the condition for the mother, father, family and nation. Therefore, because all these conditions were sacrificed, the Blessing has to take place on the foundation that all these conditions are resurrected. Do you understand?

Why did Christianity have a history of sacrificial offerings and blood offerings? It was for the parents to come. When True Parents come, they should not shed blood. True Parents should come on the completion stage. Since Adam and Eve fell at the completion stage of the growth period, which was the national level, Jesus came on the national level. However, Jesus did not become the national Messiah. Therefore, the time of the worldwide Messiah was still to come.

However, even though the Lord of the Second Advent comes to this world and gives the blessing at the worldwide level, that does not change the whole world. Because the fall happened at the completion stage of the growth period, the Lord of the Second Advent had to start from that stage. Thus, a seven-year course remained.

This seven-year course was the period from 1945 to 1952. Why is it a seven-year course? From the viewpoint of the Principle, this seven-year course is the time to finish the indirect dominion of the completion stage and accomplish the five percent responsibility, opening the way to the direct dominion. This standard becomes the worldwide foundation for the blessing. However, for Christianity to receive me does not mean the start of the completed stage of the completion period of the providence. If Christianity receives me, the completion stage of the growth period can be organized, as well as the nation which Jesus lost. Then, the worldwide realm of Cain, which was blessed with Israel (the realm of Abel), has to be connected to the worldwide realm of blessing. Within seven years, all these things had to be completed. However, because Christianity did not receive me, these things could not be fulfilled, and they were postponed to the time of returning resurrection.

Changing the blood lineage

However, the time of sacrifice was not finished. In the Old Testament Age things were sacrificed, and in the New Testament Age God's children shed blood as offerings. However, as True Parents remove the realm of Satan's blood lineage and bring the two realms of Abel and Cain into one realm of Abel through the change of blood lineage, Satan's blood lineage changes to the blood lineage centered on God and True Parents. The Blessing is the very change of blood lineage.

Why does the blood lineage need to be changed? The fall resulted in two courses. The fallen mother and son emerged, and the true mother and son have to be restored. Do you understand? Then what is the change of blood lineage? Those who are born from the Cain-type mother have to be engrafted into the Abel-type mother and her son. You should know this clearly. No matter how much effort you make, you cannot change your blood lineage by yourself. Because I gained the victory in the satanic world, the blood lineage can be changed based on True Parents' victorious tradition. Unless the blood lineage is changed, no one can join God's blood lineage. Do you understand?

Thus we can conclude that to change the blood lineage, one must pass through the door of love of two mothers. Do you know what I mean? From the horizontal viewpoint, this is why Leah and Rachel fought each other in Jacob's family. Jacob worked for seven years to get Rachel, who was Leah's younger sister. Then who should be his legal wife? It should be Rachel. However, Leah became his legal wife. Fallen circumstances today are exactly the same as the situation in Jacob's family. How can God let Rachel be received? The relationship between the two mothers has to be reversed, and that requires the family foundation to be established.

In order to become the victor who can establish the realm of the chosen nation, centered on Jacob, the blood lineage had to be changed. Therefore, the Bible contains stories about the providence of restoration taking place through women such as Rebecca, Tamar, and Mary. In the Garden of Eden, when Eve deceived Adam and God, she fell. Likewise, Rebecca had to delude her elder son and her husband. This is restoration through indemnity. Restoration through indemnity is a necessary principle.

Tamar's role

Then what did Tamar do? Since Tamar was the wife of Rebecca's grandson, she could observe his grandmother Rebecca. Even though she did not know the deep providential meaning, she came to have a strong determination that if she received a revelation from God she would fulfill it at the risk of her life.

Tamar did not know that God's will would be fulfilled through her. Nevertheless, she absolutely obeyed God's direction. She showed absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience to God. Even though she did not know God's providence, she placed the right of the chosen people of Israel before her faith and love for the grandfather and grandmother. She absolutely loved and obeyed the God of Abraham and Isaac. There was no self-consciousness in her. Because she served the grandmother with absolute obedience, she was influenced by Rebecca's tradition. Through God's providence, her husband died; both the first and second husbands passed away. According to the tradition of Israel, the third son ought to have been given to the daughter-in-law, but he was not given to her. The only way to preserve the blood lineage was through her father-in-law, but since that was not permitted, she had to seduce him at the risk of her life.

What kind of position did Eve have in the Garden of Eden? She was both daughter and wife. Therefore, if the third son, who was supposed to be an object partner of the daughter-in-law, was not permitted to do so, she had to turn to the father. Therefore, Tamar put on make-up like a prostitute and seduced her father-in-law along the road. She bore twin sons, who became the first ancestors of Israel. This was the purification of the blood lineage.

Because Eve deceived the elder son and the father in Adam's family, this had to be restored through providential history. At the time of their birth, one of the twins, Zerah, stretched out his hand to be born first, but he pulled it back into the womb, and the second son, Perez, was born first, taking the position of the elder brother. In reality, this was when the people of Israel received the right to be chosen people. The blood lineage was restored in the mother's womb. Do you understand?

However, even though the Messiah came to the people of Israel, they had to go through a suffering course under the Roman Empire. Through their 2,000-year suffering course, the pure blood lineage of Israel was contaminated by the fallen environment; therefore, it had to be cleansed again.

Therefore, at the time of Jesus, Mary was in the position of Eve in the providence of restoration. Just as Eve led Adam astray, who was her husband and God's elder son, Mary misled her husband, Joseph, and her father. Her father had a dream that his daughter, who was engaged to Joseph, would have a happy family, but this was completely destroyed by Mary's providential act.

The way of restoration cannot be separated from indemnity. Do you understand? Today's Unificationists know the word indemnity, but they did not go the way of indemnity. Because I have passed through the entire indemnity course, unless you unite with me, you cannot pass through it. No matter what kind of position you may have, you have to unite with me.

The roles of Leah and Rachel

Mary was not united with Elizabeth in Zechariah's family, just as Leah and Rachel did not unite in Jacob's family. As you know, Leah and Rachel did not exchange providential positions; Rachel was deprived of the position of elder mother and Jacob's legal wife. Therefore, God's providential history could not move into the original realm. Jacob had ten sons from Leah and the servants and two sons from Rachel. However, because Leah and Rachel did not unite with each other, Jacob's descendants were divided into the nations of Israel and Judea. Thus, enemies in the family became enemies on the national level. Moreover, this expanded to the worldwide level, forming the democratic world and the communist world. Thus, enemy brothers became enemies on the worldwide scale. As the history of restoration has moved to the worldwide level, it became more and more difficult. Do you understand?

From Jacob's family, the world inherited two maternal blood lineages. Then who had to fulfill the history of restoration first? This was the responsibility of Jacob and Rebecca. Then Leah's two mothers (her physical mother and her mother-in-law, Rebecca) had to unite and follow Jacob. Even though their families were broken, they should have united with Jacob and helped him reverse the positions of Leah (the legal wife) and Rachel (the concubine). This is also our destiny in the history of restoration. Once Leah's position was corrected, the ten elder brothers and the youngest brother, Benjamin, had to follow Joseph, who was supposed to be Abel. If the ten brothers were united with Leah, they could be restored. Thus the order of love was supposed to be established centered on Leah and then connected with Rachel as the center. This was the responsibility of Jacob, Rebecca and Leah's mother.

However, since Leah and Rachel fought with each other, the nations of Israel and Judea became enemies. God sent many prophets to restore the wrong relationship, but both religious leaders and politicians opposed them. In order to accomplish restoration through indemnity, this historical fight between Leah and Rachel expanded to the worldwide level.

In the Last Days, the fight between the legal wife and the concubine appears in the form of free sex, which is destroying the world. Men are willing to enjoy illicit love and seek concubines instead of their wife. This is taking place because Jacob's family did not restore the order of love.

Mary's role

At the time of Jesus, the same situation as in Jacob's family reoccurred. Mother Mary had to restore the position of Rachel and Leah. Zechariah's family was the extension of Jacob's family. Zechariah appeared as an ancestor who could change the blood lineage of the whole nation through his family. Elizabeth was the legal wife of Zechariah and the mother of John the Baptist. However, according to God's revelation, Mary was put between Zechariah and Elizabeth as a kind of concubine. In the secular world, such a woman may be called a whore.

However, whose concubine was Mary? Zechariah was the husband of her cousin on her mother's side. How could she take away her relative's husband? It is impossible. However, because Zechariah and Elizabeth knew this providential fact through revelation and through Mary's explanation, Elizabeth welcomed Mary. Elizabeth's attitude was the reverse of that of Rachel and Leah, who tried to kill each other out of jealousy. Mary received the revelation that she would conceive the Messiah. Elizabeth also knew about Mary's situation and helped her accomplish God's will. Elizabeth guided Mary to her husband's room. Do you understand? She surrendered her husband to her younger relative.

What did Mary do in Zechariah's house for three months? They all lived together. It was difficult to conceive in just one or two days. When Mary returned to her house, she was pregnant. Since Elizabeth loved her younger relative, she handed over her husband to her. Even though her mind and heart were terribly painful and her body was like death, Elizabeth could overcome such a situation with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience.

Mary also had absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. These were the contents which God had revealed in Adam's family. Unless the tradition of absolute faith, love and obedience is established, God's will cannot be realized. Do you understand?

Thus, with absolute faith and love, Mary also loved her elder relative, Elizabeth. As Mary loved Elizabeth, she came to love Elizabeth's son and Elizabeth's husband. So, Mary deserved to be loved by Zechariah, Elizabeth and John the Baptist. However, John the Baptist did not fulfill his responsibility.

All of them seemed to be enemies of love. For Elizabeth, Mary and Mary's son were enemies of love. For Mary's husband, Zechariah and John the Baptist were enemies. However, restoration cannot take place based on enemy feelings. Thus you should know that if you have enemy feelings, the realm of Unification will disappear. In Zechariah's family, Elizabeth would have enemy feelings toward Mary, who deprived her of her husband. How much she must have suffered! In the end, she could not overcome this difficulty and maintain her love towards Mary.

It was easy for Mary to fulfill her mission, because she took over the position of elder sister and her son. However, the position of the legal wife was the most difficult. Do you understand?

In Zechariah's family, two blood lineages had to become one. Through this unity, the right of elder son was to be restored and the younger brother and older brother should have exchanged positions. Likewise, the mothers had to exchange positions, and the elder sister and younger sister had to exchange positions. Moreover, Zechariah had to deny his old satanic blood lineage so Jesus could have the blood lineage as the Lord. How difficult all that was!

Because of the two maternal blood lineages in Jacob's family, the nations of Israel and Judea came into being. Moreover, these two blood lineages expanded their conflict to the worldwide level. Therefore, in order to resolve the problem of blood lineage, God's providence had to go back to the family level. Because Cain was divided in Adam's family, the father's blood lineage and the mother's blood lineage were divided in Jacob's family.

Two blood lineages begin to emerge

Adam's family bore Satan's blood lineage. After the restoration of blood lineage, centering on mind and body, Jesus had to indemnify all the historical and providential contents from the past through his present time. He engaged in a serious fight to understand these providential contents. Even though God knows the contents of indemnity, He cannot reveal them. Satan also knows the contents of indemnity, but Satan cannot teach them. God could not say that the problem was the fallen blood lineage, which has to be cut off because the fall took place in the realm of incompleteness centered on illicit love. The same is true with Satan.

In the future, these things should become known. After Adam and Eve learned the truth, Adam's family and tribe had to know it. However, because of the fall there were no such tribes. Satan cannot teach this truth either. Who has to teach it? In the providence of restoration, the Messiah has to come and replace the false life and false blood lineage.

Because Christianity lost Jesus' body, it had only the spiritual foundation. Christians shed blood because Satan continuously claims Jesus' body as his. Unless Christianity gains the victory by shedding blood, there is no way that Jesus' body can be found. The war which indemnified this whole historical process was World War II.

The world wars

Why did World War II break out? Since Christianity offers spiritual salvation, the spiritual world cannot have a relationship with the substantial world. The Holy Spirit, which is the maternal God, comes and works between heaven and earth. Since Satan claims supremacy in this realm between Heaven and Earth, religious people have to penetrate it; unless one has a heart that goes beyond erotic love, one cannot penetrate this realm and meet Jesus.

Moreover, because Satan's world could not be liberated, people can devote themselves to prayer and connect to the spiritual world, but when they stop their devotion, the spiritual standard disappears. If you repeat this ten million times, the spiritual world comes closer, starting first from one point and gradually broadening until equalization finally happens. What is the time of equalization? It involves Cain, Abel, and the enemy world. It involves idealism and materialism. The material realm and the realm of thought were indemnified centering on World Wars I, II and III.

During World War II, Japan, Germany and Italy all had similar characteristics; they were satanic countries and followed various religions. England stood for monotheism, and America was a country to which England gave birth. Inheriting the Anglo-Saxon line, America was in the position of son, while England was in the position of mother. However, in the providence of restoration, the son, America, became the central country. Why? Because the son was in the providential position to receive the Messiah. Since Jesus did not establish a nation centered on him, the Messiah has to come a second time.

At the Second Advent, America had to take responsibility for the mother and the satanic things during World War II. After the victory, Christianity could be established on that victorious foundation. Therefore, America received the blessing. Then what kind of position does America have? America is in the position of the son who restores the right of the elder son on God's side. Do you understand?

There may be many countries, but there is only one center. America stood as the son on the worldwide foundation. As the elder son, America had to take care of the younger brother countries. In addition, it had to go up to the highest position and subjugate even the mother. However, ultimately, America had to receive the Messiah. Why should America receive the Messiah? Christianity is the bride which waits for the bridegroom. The realm of the bride waited for Jesus, and now at the Second Coming the realm of the bride waits for the Lord of the Second Advent.

Who is the Lord of the Second Advent? People did not know that he would come as the son and the parent. Christianity did not know that. The purpose of providential history was to find the children by offering things and to establish the parents by sacrificing the children. The Unification Church has made the foundation for God to dwell on Earth through the sacrifice of True Parents, which is the ideal of creation. Actually, the representative family of the world begins with Adam's family. The representative family of the world begins by carrying out all the contents of Heaven and Earth.

Equalization through the Blessing

At the Second Coming, the central family has to establish kingship, parentship and elder sonship. The holy blessing ceremony of the Unification Church is to establish the blood lineage of True Parents, which is the worldwide foundation to build kingship, parentship and elder sonship. The Holy Blessing Ceremony is the way to overcome everything and go beyond nation, race, culture, religion and tradition. Therefore, the international Holy Blessing Ceremony took place, and Satan was unable to find any condition to make false accusations. On the contrary, Satan cannot help but admit its value. Do you understand?

If you pass over the place, there is no son, no wife. In that place where God has blessed, there is no longer a country of origin. You should forget everything. After receiving the Blessing, if people ask, "Which university did that person graduate from?" or "Did he graduate from high school?" I will be upset with them. If people have that concept, the Blessing is a contradiction. The Blessing is equalization. The Blessing places people in the position of Adam and Eve. If the man or woman has some difficulty relating to the sexual organ, that can be a problem. But if he or she has no problem with concave and convex, that is all in the Blessing.

Once people receive the Blessing, there is neither family nor tradition, but only root. There is no father, mother, uncle or cousin. If you have a true father, mother and family, they will not oppose you at the time of the tribal blessing. If they oppose you, they are on Satan's side. Don't think of Satan's side as your side. Religions have ordered people to leave their home, to cut off from their old way of life and to go out like beggars leading very sacrificial lives. Be a person whom no one is concerned about. Don't have even your father or mother follow you. Go to the place where you alone can overcome.

There is no one behind you. What kind of life have you had until now? There is nothing to be proud of in the Unification Church, which has been under persecution. No matter what kind of career a person has or his level of university education, it has no meaning. I did not want to have even the name of Unification Church. You should know that. The elder Unificationists received the Blessing in the midst of persecution. They were not blessed after being liberated from persecution. In this sense, every authority belongs to me. Humankind's only purpose and desire is for the True Parents to come. Christianity did not know that. Unificationists need unity with True Parents which is greater than the faith which Christians have in Jesus. You should know this clearly.

Absolute faith, love and obedience

Do not complain about your position compared with your past career. No matter which country you may receive as national messiah, you have to be thankful for it. If Adam and Eve were ordered to live in a desert or on a mountain, they had to be able to survive there. Because of God, people can survive. That is the essence of absolute faith. What is next? Absolute love. And then? Absolute obedience. You should know that without absolute love, it is impossible to change the blood lineage.

What was the most important commandment in the Garden of Eden? Absolute faith, absolute love, absolute obedience. What is the meaning of God's commandment? It means not to eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. What is the fruit? It is the woman's sexual organ. Look around at that time. In the Garden of Eden, there was one woman and five men, the three archangels, Adam and God. Therefore, God warned Eve to be careful of men. That is, she had to protect her sexual organ absolutely. If she had absolute faith, how could she have believed the archangel?

Therefore, you should know how serious it was when God gave the commandment to Eve. The fruit means the woman's sexual organ. When it has a sexual relationship with a good man, it bears a good child. On the other hand, when it has a sexual relationship with someone from the Mafia, it bears the son of the Mafia. It can bear the fruit of good or evil.

In Korean, there is a term, "Do not eat." The term "having fruit" usually means that a woman seduces a man into having a sexual relationship. "Having fruit," in Korean, has a meaning that comes from revelation. When we interpret these words providentially, they are liberated.

Then what should the Lord of the Second Advent do at the time of the Blessing? Because the offerings of the Old Testament Age and the New Testament Age failed, in the Completed Testament Age, True Parents themselves became the sacrificial offering. Even if True Parents are sacrificed ten million times, they have to make the foundation for God to dwell on earth. If you died ten million times without accomplishing God's ideal, the way of resurrection will be opened when God's ideal is realized on earth. You have to go with such a spirit. Do you understand?

What is your situation? You cannot do as you like. If you do as you like, you cannot go the way of restoration. I have heard that people claim that every action between man and woman is permitted except sexual intercourse. Who taught such things? It should be disclosed. When God's nation is established, everything will be disclosed. In the spiritual world, such people will be kicked out. When the angels investigate, such people will be separated from the holy place.

Such people have to be disclosed before the 3.6 million couples Blessing. What foolish words these are! How can you say that everything between man and woman is fine as long as you do not pass over the limitation? In the Garden of Eden, could a man or woman deal with this without passing over the limitation? It is a great concern what will become of such people and their blood lineage. Even if they go to pioneer a desert, they are still the biggest trouble, because they are spiritual beings. This cannot be easily removed completely.

Offering a living sacrifice

England, America and France had to receive me and unite with me, but they sent me out to the wilderness. For thousands and thousands of years, God has been preparing the providence of salvation in order to establish the ideal of purifying the family through the change of blood lineage by the Messiah. But how can I change the blood lineage when they expelled me? You should be the sacrificial offerings so True Parents can overcome this.

You blessed families cannot be separated from each other. Make an offering. However, offerings have to be divided. Therefore, when it was an important time, husbands were divided from wives, sons and daughters. Only when you obey the will, can the way be opened for your sons and daughters to be saved. That is the sacrificial offering.

From this viewpoint, the Unification Church has failed and all Christianity, which represented the realm of the bride, has also failed. Because the Allied nations failed, I abandoned them. Instead of them, I took Japan, Germany and Italy, which were on the side of Satan, because Satan took England, America and France. God could not give two realms to Satan. Therefore, God took Japan, Germany and Italy instead. Without establishing Japan, which is a superstitious country, as a maternal country, there would be no condition for the Lord of the Second Advent to dwell on earth.

I was expelled to the wilderness. Therefore, for the sake of God's side, faithful groups appeared to oppose absolutely the way of England, America and France. Denominations divided. Heretical groups appeared in opposition to traditional Christianity. As many heretics appear, I have to find the way for a new orthodoxy to come out of them which can remain until the end. This is stunning news. Therefore, I could not cheer mansei when the time of liberation came. You should know the way you have to go. This continues until the day of Ae Seung Il, the Day of Victory of Love.

You all disliked offering your family, however. Without becoming a sacrificial offering as a four-position foundation for the Son's sake and God's sake, no one can go beyond the indirect dominion. In order to enter the direct dominion, you have to gain the victory by offering your sons and daughters. This is the formula for entering the direct dominion. Do you understand?

While we are eating and living in the satanic world, we have to be sacrificial offerings until the end. Therefore, there cannot be any objection when Adam's country, Eve's country and Cain's country are mobilized. However, since the level of tribal messiahship failed, sacrificial families of four-position foundations have to be offered at the national level. This is the course which the national messiahs have to pass through. Nations which can contribute sacrificial families are needed.

In order to do that, you have to restore the things which Jesus failed to do, centering on 33 people and then 780 people. In western countries, the wife precedes her husband. The time has come when the wife has all the authority in the family, and the sons and daughters do not believe their father but their mother. Therefore, if a wife divorces her husband, she can take all the children. If women are restored, the family standards of elder sonship and second sonship can be restored on the horizontal level. Therefore, True Parents have fulfilled the restoration through indemnity for parentship, elder sonship, and second sonship. By doing so, True Parents have pulled all of history towards the plane. Do you understand?

After pulling up the women's level centering on True Father, all women become part of True Parents' body. In other words, the women of the world are part of True Mother's body. Whose body do all the men of the world belong to? Are they parts of True Father's body? No. Every man is part of the archangel's body.

Who is the owner? At the time of Adam, three persons fell. After the Fall, the archangel and Eve united and expelled the owner. However, at the Second Coming, Eve is to separate from the archangel, unite with her sons and daughters, and love True Parents absolutely, more than anybody else. These are not my words; they are the Principle viewpoint. You have to know this clearly. With whom should women and their children unite? They must unite with the true Messiah. Therefore, in the Last Days, there are three figures: Eve, the archangel and Adam. Since Eve and the archangel united in the Garden of Eden and expelled her legal husband, at the time of restoration, Eve becomes united with the Lord of the Second Advent and has to expel the archangel by restoration through indemnity. By denying her present husband and the external, satanic environment, she has to contribute to the history of True Parents by herself.

The condition upon which you can receive the Blessing is to deny yourselves, because after the fall of Adam at the age of 16, Satan multiplied all humankind centering on fallen Adam's body. Thus, on the foundation of the original positions of Adam, Eve and the archangel, the Blessing can be given.

Who is your father? Your father is the archangel. Who is your mother? If she follows her husband, she becomes the archangel's wife, and her sons and daughters become the archangel's sons and daughters. However, because God cannot destroy everybody, He engrafts them to the restored Eve by true love.

After women, wives and mothers joined the Unification Church, when they met me they had an extreme longing to possess and love me more than anyone. Without having such an idea, those women could not find the position of Eve. How serious such a time was! Before I chose True Mother, all the women who had met me over the previous fourteen years came to have this kind of idea.

You do not know how hard such a way was. I changed dirty water into clean water and connected it to a spring where clean water flowed, but the water became like sewer water. The Blessed family has been living in a sewer until now. You should know this clearly. If it were not for True Parents, the world would be Satan's world where one could not establish even the condition of restoration.

Because the Blessed families centered on True Parents fell, how can the condition of restoration be established? You should know that you are standing in this horrible period. Do you understand? Because of such a situation, it was Japan, Germany and Italy which I chose the second time. I had lost the bride that was first destined and chose a second one. Therefore, True Mother appears and has to deny the first bride, the first son, the first tribe, the first nation, the first world.

Protecting Father's sons

I could not take just one course, because the providence relating to my family has to do with two blood lineages centering on God. My elder sons are standing in opposing positions because you did not protect them. The elder sons, Sung Jin and Hyo Jin, and the elder daughter, Ye Jin, are standing in opposing positions. They should surrender voluntarily. It is the responsibility of the blessed families to protect True Children and consider them more precious than their own children and blood lineage. You are a castle wall protecting them from Satan's attack. In spite of that, the three elder couples did not complete this responsibility.

I entrusted the care of Sung Jin to Won Pil's couple. They had to love him more than their own children. I entrusted the care of Hee Jin to another couple. They also had to love him more than their children. No matter how many children they may have had, even at the sacrifice of their own children they had to protect Hee Jin. Not to have done that brings judgment by the Principle. Moreover, I put Hyo Jin under Young Whi Kim's care. Did you love him like that? Satan went in and out as he liked.

Therefore, problems happened in my family. My second son, Hee Jin, died. Moreover, our second daughter, Hae Jin, also died eight days after she was born.

I was the second son in my father's family. So, to take me from my physical father, Satan used all kinds of methods. My elder brother and elder sister became insane. Out of thirteen brothers and sisters, five people died within one year. Dogs and horses belonging to my household died. Satan used his whole authority to destroy my father's family. However, from this miserable and difficult situation, my official way had to start.

Even in the most difficult situation, the providence of restoration has to go forward. There is no exception in the law of indemnity. Thus, Adam's nation, Eve's nation, and the archangel's nation, which I appointed, cannot be in peace.

National responsibilities

Now, Korea is held under Satan's dominion. There is no foundation to unify North and South Korea without unity between North and South America. I do not go to Korea. I abandoned Korea, and instead of Korea I am unifying Christianity in North and South America and opening the time of Blessing for the family. Because Christianity did not bring about the blessed realm by unifying North and South America centering on Jesus and Christian culture, North and South America have to be blessed.

The Blessing gives rise to a kind of confusion which has never been seen in human history. This confusion is the confusion within family relationships. Today, the most serious problems are family breakdown and juvenile corruption, which are the fruits born of the destruction of Adam's family and the corruption of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Owing to the standard of the Principle, God could not interfere in the fall of Adam and Eve. This standard is also applied to Satan. That is, even though today's fallen world has been developed by Satan, Satan cannot return the fallen world to God's world according to his will. God and Satan cannot transform the fallen world into the world of goodness. Who made this fallen world? Those who committed sin have to atone for their sin. Because false parents made false love and false blood lineage, True Parents have to come and bring the secret of God and Satan. Do you understand what I mean?

After True Parents came, they had to inherit the two worlds, which are the democratic world and the communistic world, and embrace them. Because Jesus did not embrace them, the left wing and the right wing were divided and have been fighting each other. They should be united. Therefore, True Parents had to embrace materialism - communism and the Soviet Union - and the democratic world. Providentially, the former Soviet Union is now in a position superior to the United States. The second generation of the former Soviet Union is receiving the providential will. Just as the first generation fell in the wilderness, but the second generation could go into the land of Canaan, even though the Soviet Union collapsed in the wilderness their second generation is entering the land of Canaan and has to pioneer the founding spirit of a country. The second generation is different from the first generation. It is interesting.

Kim Jong Il, who is the first son of Kim Il Sung, the former leader of North Korea, is the second generation. He will follow me under any circumstances because heavenly fortune is moving. Do you understand? Now that Kim Il Sung went to the spirit world, he may say, "Hey, Hey! Kim Jong Il! Follow Rev. Moon."

Since Japan did not complete her responsibility, I made the Island Country Federation. If I do not help Japan, the ship of Japan is destined to sink. Therefore, I am preparing the new system by creating the Island Country Federation, the Peninsular Country Federation, and the six great countries federation.

Japan did not fulfill its responsibility completely. Ten missionaries went to each of 160 countries, 1600 missionaries in all. If Japan had become the country of elder sonship by fulfilling the responsibility of tribal messiah, all countries of the world would follow it. However, because Japan did not complete this mission, 120 Japanese women now have to be sent to 185 countries.

The Blessed families in Korea have failed. When I become the perfect subject by passing from the national level to the worldwide level through fighting on the forefront, the perfect object partner is formed automatically.

Mother made an acceptable offering

Whatever I say will be accomplished. I do not follow your opinions. I never listen to your suggestions and opinions. I must not listen to you. This is because you have to show absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience, which is the way of completion and the way of the heavenly principle.

Do you remember saying previously, "When I looked back on my public way, I came to recognize how difficult it is to take responsibility for a church"? (Yes!) You did not know that it was the way of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. The Unification Church, which has no such tradition and has become accustomed to a habitual faith, has no hope for the future. Moreover, by criticizing the situation of the church and blaming the senior Blessed couples according to their own perspective, the junior blessed couples and the present Blessed couples will destroy hope and desire.

Those who judge according to their own perspective will most likely fail to benefit at the time of bearing fruit. I know everyone who complains. At the time of providential change, they will recognize that they were wrong. They will say "True Father! We will believe absolutely. We love True Parents absolutely." Then, are you ready to sacrifice your children? Do you understand? You should be able to sacrifice three generations.

What did Eve do? First Eve killed the first Adam, her husband. The second Eve also killed Adam, her husband. The third Eve expelled the third Adam, her husband, to the wilderness. So, what True Mother has to do is to restore Eve's mistake. Heung Jin fell into a coma. Because he was in a coma, he would die when the oxygen mask was removed. Heung Jin's situation was so hopeless that even medical doctors gave up.

Centering on Heung Jin, there were two sides: Satan's side and God's side (True Mother, True Father, and God). Before he passed away, he was still on God's side. So, before Heung Jin died, every providential condition should be completed. I had to remove his oxygen mask with my hand. True Mother had to watch that scene without shedding sorrowful tears. If she had an attachment to the offering, the offering would have been taken away by Satan. The sorrowful mind and heart to liberate God had to override that attachment.

Human emotion should not be first; God's heart should be first. When God cries, one has to be able to console God's heart by saying, "God, please do not cry." Whoever cries with such a heart instead of God will be forgiven. Do you understand? If one sheds personal tears, the offering cannot be a sacrificial one. We are going to the position where God cries. These are not just words but reality.

A few days before Heung Jin's death, I had to prepare the ceremony of unification. "Son, you became one with me," I said. "You set the condition of becoming one with me heartistically and on a worldwide level. Also, you are the second son of my family. You are the first target of Satan's attack. Even through providential history, you are the target of Satan's attack." I know that. However, I have to be responsible and establish the supreme victory by passing all conditions. Otherwise, the whole universe and God's providential history would be destroyed.

Please, think how serious it is! I cannot think of the death of a son as the major problem when heaven and earth are carving down in my heart. How can anyone imagine that parents will not cry when they think about their son's death! But I had to be in that situation. When I go into such a situation, I cannot go alone. God must follow me. Mother must follow me. So, we must go down to the bottom of hell. In the face of my son's death, I had to console God. Mother had to admonish me not to grieve at our son's death. Also, I had to say, "God, you should not be grieving." We had to have a unified heart. On the foundation of the unified heart, the ceremony of unification could be held. Do you understand? Chung Hwan Kwak, you must know this clearly.

Heung Jin was put in the unified position and became the living offering. With this offering, God, True Father, and True Mother became one in heart. But this was only the determination of mind. There was not yet a foundation of love. Within the depths of grief, the base of love had to be established upon which the unfallen Eve could receive the blessing. Do you understand what I mean? Mother had to love me instead of loving the son. Mother had to become one with me instead of loving God. By doing so, Mother and I had to become one body. In front of our dying son, transcending the realm of death, Mother had to sow the love of Adam and Eve who did not know the fall. What a stunning place it was! Do you understand this clearly?

Is it possible for this to happen? Mother could not shed tears before me. How stunned Mother would feel! She had to pass over such a situation. If not, the ceremony of unification would fall apart. Because such a base of love happened through Heung Jin, before Satan, the sacrifice was resurrected. Thus, because love gained the victory over death, the term Ae Seung Il (Day of Victory of Love) was created.

In your family, you have to live with such love. Through practicing love every day, you can find your true self which can establish the tradition of love and the way of happiness and hope, through which the ideal love of the universe can be delivered. You should know this clearly.

Because True Mother, True Father, Heung Jin, and God became united, Ae Seung Il was established and the ideal of creation became supreme. Based on this foundation, Heung Jin went to the spiritual world as the living sacrifice capable of leading Jesus and the spiritual world. So far, all offerings went to the spiritual world as dead sacrifices. Do you understand? Because Heung Jin went to the spiritual world as a living sacrifice, he can guide the dead sacrifices and bring benefit to the spiritual world, standing in the position of Jesus' elder brother. Therefore, the foundation for the "marriage" of the spiritual world and the physical world was prepared. Do you understand?

Become rooted in original love

The Blessed family should establish the family ideal of love centering on the mind, rooted in the original love, even from the depths of mourning before the dead bodies of three generations of ancestors and three generations of descendants. You should know that the way of the Blessed family is to follow the tradition which True Parents taught.

Do you understand the meaning of Ae Seung Il? (Yes!) It means to go through a serious problem without shedding tears. When Abraham offered Isaac did he shed tears? No! When he thought of his son, he had to stand in the position of a priest to liberate God. He had to stand as the priest of love and family tradition. Neither God, True Parents, nor Satan can prevent him. That is Ae Seung Il. Only love gains the victory.

Let's think about your families. How distant is your family from the victory of Ae Seung Il? You should know about yourselves well even though I do not teach about it. You have to know about Ae Seung Il, Chung Hwan Kwak. ( Yes!)

Because the time has come, I am teaching about this. The 3.6 million blessed couples will be the center to unify the heavenly sovereignties. It is an anchor which can remove all evil things contaminated by traditional habits of this world of death which is dominated by Satan.

Even though I push you out centering on the anchor, the rope of the anchor has to be strong enough to sustain you. The rope has to be your family and tribe. Because I was worried about your disconnecting from the anchor, I bound your tribes and the national messiahs. Satan cannot contend with the position of the national messiah. That is the position of the indirect dominion.

After separating from Satan in the completed stage of the growth period, by receiving the Blessing in the direct dominion and having children, blessed couples are accepted by God and True Parents. That is, through the change of the blood lineage, they are accepted as absolute beings by God and True Parents.

The change of the blood lineage cannot be done without the standard of the Principle. That is True Mother's responsibility. Where is True Mother? Centering on True Father, many women are enemies. There have been brides in the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age, and the Completed Testament Age. Those bride realms formed the four great religions. Today, the teachings of Christianity are taught even in Buddhism and Confucianism. Therefore, two main currents have emerged which represent the realm of the bride; they have to be united centering on True Mother. Do you understand? Theoretically, isn't it right?

Two worlds are united centering on elder sonship, parentship, and kingship. Centering on the tradition of absolute love, two unified worlds should become a vertical axis and the world has to turn around centering on that axis.

What is the meaning of the theory that God is the vertical parent and Adam is the horizontal parent? It is the ideal of unity. Without unity, one cannot feel the joy of love and accomplish the ideal of unification. Those teachings were proclaimed by True Mother and True Father at the foundation of the Family Federation for World Peace. What is the meaning of the "View of the Principle of the Providential History of Salvation"? Its content teaches the relationship between people's ancestors and God, the Israelites, the Lord of Second Advent and the world. It explains the relationship between the individual, family, nation, world, and heaven and earth centering on True Parents. All Unification members have to read "View of the Principle of the Providential History of Salvation" thousands of times and memorize it so that they can be able to recite it either in their dreams or in their daily lives. You should know how many tears God has shed for the sake of the will.

This opportunity centers on 1997

Within this year, all contents of the failure from Adam, Jesus, to all ancestors have to be cleansed. All the ancestors in the spiritual world and their descendants are expecting the True Parents and Messiah to liberate them and bring God's worldwide blessing. Then, how can True Parents accomplish God's will? God's will cannot be accomplished just by exerting one's mind. A bridge has to be built. If the bridge is destroyed, they have to build a brick bridge. If the brick bridge falls, then, a stone bridge. If the stone bridge fails, then, a wooden bridge. If the wooden bridge fails, then a leather bridge. No matter what happens, people have to cross the bridge. Once they cross a bridge, the bridge becomes useless.

This year is that bridge

I ordered that to be finished by June 4. I cannot explain it because God's secret must not be disclosed. I alone have to resolve that in relationship with God and Satan. The heavenly plan cannot be discussed with anyone. If the providential contents could be discussed, the providence of restoration would be very easy.

Restoration of Sung Jin and Sung Jin's mother

What True Mother has to do is to love the enemy, including True Mother's enemy and the enemy of Mother's son. My family includes Sung Jin's mother and Sung Jin. Because Sung Jin's mother was divorced seven years before True Mother's marriage, True Mother does not know her. However, True Mother has to love her and her son.

Even though Sung Jin's mother is divorced, she and Sung Jin are in the position of mother and son in the realm of Cain. Because there is a Cain-type mother, there has to be a Cain-type father, who is God. Because Christianity did not unite and receive me, there are two blood ties in my family. However, they should be united.

I have educated True Mother indirectly until now. True Mother has supported Sung Jin and his mother to make their lives more convenient, moving them into a different house twice. True Mother is very great. Even though God predestined True Mother, she is a great Mother. I respect her very much. In order to buy them a new house, True Mother had to raise money. If Sung Jin had han towards True Mother due to his mother's difficult situation, it would be a serious problem. Because their house was small, True Mother bought a new house twice.

Even though True Mother bought a house, I cannot blame her for doing that. I alone looked around the house which she bought. It was before the Olympic Games in 1988. Since this was the national transition period to find the realm of the worldwide second son, I had to establish such a condition. After looking around the house alone, I asked True Mother to accompany me there within that year. In secular terms, how bad would she have felt? However, after True Mother had been there, she said, "I thought that the house would be a good one in Seoul, but I felt sorry because it was not." When I heard that, I told True Mother that she was great.

Therefore, they should be united. However, you don't know how unfilial Sung Jin was to True Mother. Even though True Mother wanted to invite him to some celebration such as a birthday party, he was not willing to come. It is not his own mind; his circumstances and condition are holding him back. He has to surrender voluntarily. It is not so easy. Therefore, if Sung Jin's mother curses True Mother, who bears many children and lives in comfort, it will influence Sung Jin and will raise a serious problem. When Heung Jin had his accident, thankfully Sung Jin's mother said, "How can it be possible for such a thing to happen to the good Mother?"

Those two blood ties have to be arranged. The restoration of indemnity cannot be done without establishing the indemnity condition. When Sung Jin's mother dies, she has to come to that point of saying that she wants to hand over all her fortune to True Mother. Mother's responsibility is to have Sung Jin's mother surrender voluntarily. Thus, she may say that even though she is dying, she wants True Mother to serve and attend True Father more than she wished in her earthly life, and to bless True Children. It is not an easy thing. It is a very difficult thing.

The role of Mrs. Won Pok Choi

Sung Jin's mother divorced me. Therefore, instead of Sung Jin's mother, Won Pok Choi came out from the Choi clan and abandoned her husband and children to follow me. In spite of all the opposition of her tribe, she had to prepare for the way of True Mother and had to serve True Mother as her own mother and her daughter. Without serving True Mother like a daughter, daughter-in-law, mother, and grandmother, restoration is impossible. Do you understand what I am saying? Thus, True Father, True Mother, and the eldest son stand as one line, and then all people have to follow the eldest son.

Joon Ho Seuk! Did your elder brother commit suicide? (We don't know if he was murdered or committed suicide.) In providential history, such tragic events also happen. In the spiritual world, how much suffering does he have? He was a lovely son in his family, who graduated from Seoul National University. How much did Mrs. Choi's children miss their mother? In this sense, I am an unforgivable sinner. However, because I have to restore the way of heaven, it was necessary. Due to the fall, humankind lost the portion of responsibility. Therefore, only I can restore the disordered world.

Then, how hard is it to fulfill Mother's responsibility? True Mother could take care of the church internally, but when I went out, I accompanied Mrs. Choi, who was in the position to prepare the way of True Mother. I taught True Mother about the official way to go in the future through Mrs. Choi. Moreover, grandmother Hong (Daemo-Nim) received a revelation from the spiritual world and coached True Mother how to adjust to my way. In the midst of trouble, grandmother Hong played an important role for liberating True Mother and bear again True Mother's mind and body. No one in the Unification Church knew about that. Even the former president of the church, Mr. Eu, did not know that.

After the Holy Wedding Ceremony, I directed grandmother Hong to use the back door of the church. There were over twelve groups which were competing with each other to be True Mother. It was my responsibility to put the competition in order. You do not know how difficult it was to raise True Mother. Do you understand? True Mother was not chosen without the Principle. You should not follow me with a sorrowful mind.

Because of this process, I could not raise True Mother until 1992. Because women are talkative, a woman has a great possibility to disclose providential secrets. Therefore, after accomplishing all things for forty years, from 1952 until 1992, with the liberation of women, True Mother could stand beside me with equal qualification. From that time, I began a three to four-year course of handing over my authority to True Mother. I am going such a way now until this year.

By this year, everything has to be done. Do you understand? Therefore, I am in such a hurry. If we go through this year without accomplishing this, problems will occur. Thus, the foundation for the settlement of the Family Federation for World Peace has to be prepared, and it has to be connected to the proclamation ceremony of the completion of indemnity. Otherwise, I cannot bless the whole world beyond the nation, the 3.6 million couples. Do you understand?

Reversing blood lineage through the Blessing

To follow this way, you have to take a course of reversing two mothers' blood ties, through the ceremony of the change of blood lineage. By whose name does this take place? Mine. The seed of a baby comes from the father, not from the mother. However, the baby seed has to be able to settle down and connect with the parents; therefore, the ceremony to change blood lineage is done with the name of True Parents. That ceremony is also the ceremony of restoration through the archangel, True Mother, and True Father. The Holy Wine Ceremony is the conditional ceremony in which Adam and Eve find their first love, and as Adam gives the wine cup to the woman it is the same as love. You should know that the Holy Wine contains such conditional elements. It is a serious problem.

The 3.6 million couples Blessing will be the twelfth Blessing ceremony. The Blessing ceremony started from the first and second Holy Wedding ceremonies, 3 couples, 36 couples, 72 couples, 120 couples, 430 couples, 777 couples, 1800 couples, 8000 couples, 6500 couples, 30,000 couples, 360,000 couples, and 3.6 million couples. The 3.6 million couples Blessing is the last. The earth takes twelve months to revolve 360 degrees. By connecting 3.6 million Blessed couples centering on the number 12, the whole world is destined to follow the Blessing. No one can prevent the direction of the worldwide providence. It is the time of the blessing for the worldwide liberation. This is the formula course.

The 36 couples made mistakes. No one knows, if Joon Ho Seuk enters the 36 couples. It is the blessing that such a person receives. Do you understand? Without the ties of love, the blood lineage cannot be changed. In the Last Days, the Lord of the Second Advent has to take such a course. The Holy Wine is the conditional element which connects the traditional blood ties and distinguishes the first and last through unifying two sons who are connected to the love of two mothers. Do you understand?

Jin Moon Kim, you should know that if your family has two mothers, the second mother becomes the main stream. You do not remember what I said before. The grandfather becomes the grandson, the mother becomes the daughter, and the wife becomes the subject. Everything is reversed. This is a revolution. Without being willing to sacrifice three generations, this cannot turn around. You have to sacrifice grandfather, father, and elder brother.

However, the grandmother, mother, and elder sister should remain. Therefore, if a war breaks out and the enemy country is defeated, women are taken to the other country. Armies save women's lives, but kill men. You should make a strong determination to be able to sacrifice grandfather, father, and elder brother.

In the Unification Church, before the tribal messiah emerges, you cannot celebrate your sixtieth birthday anniversary or birthday party in your family or clan. I did not celebrate my birthday for three years. For my birthday, I ate a plain meal and lived with a mourning heart for three years. Can you understand this? It cannot be done without love.

Moreover, why did I establish God's Day on January 1, 1968? It was impossible before True Mother to make the foundation for all women who are determined to love God and True Parents by uniting all women. Do you understand what I mean? (Yes!) The queen must not be jealous of the king's love for the ladies of the palace. The way of the queen is to guide the way of the king whom she loves.

In the same way, by loving all women of the world, True Mother has to set up the condition to become the first representative in introducing to all women the way to love only True Parents and God. True Mother has to love every woman as her blood sister and even bear the cross of the Messiah instead of God in order to save them. In one's mind, there should be nothing which prevents one from going the way of the cross, throughout the north, south, east and west. Once such a base was established, God's Day could be founded. You should know that clearly. It is not for fun or a game.

Because the way of restoration is like that, 6,000 years was the period of God's sorrow and painful heart. If it were not for me, the painful period would be a hell of thousands of millions of years. I know everything. However, even though I do not teach them, when the time is fulfilled, everyone will know the way they should go. If a person goes a wrong way, conflict results. I know that Principle. That is the heavenly fortune and the fortune of our nation.

Raising up righteous people

Without setting indemnity conditions and applying the Principle, nothing can be established. Until the establishment of God's Day, there was a lot of tragic history. In order to found God's Day, I went though the way of servant of servant and had to pass over the way of death.

True Parents' Day and Children's Day also were established under such indemnity conditions. Therefore, even though you were not aware of it, in the providential transition period, the righteous members of Unification Church had to be sacrificed. If there are no such righteous people in the Unification Church, many righteous Christians or other religious people are sacrificed in order to fit the program. For you to be led to this precious position, many sacrifices have been made. Thus, you have to bear the fruits to be able to invite God and the angels.

No one is qualified to see True Parents with his own eyes. No one can see True Parents directly and greet True Parents directly. True Parents did not serve God in such a manner. True Parents served God with absolute, unchanging and unique faith.

True Parents sent national messiahs all over the world. However, even if two-thirds of them are sacrificed, it will not be sufficient to indemnify your responsibility. On the contrary, you should be grateful that your family is not hurt. Do you understand? If it were not for True Parents, everything would be destroyed. Therefore, you should have united with True Parents absolutely, but you did not do so.

Starting from today, I will seldom have time to make a speech. I already taught you the public way. From now, God's Day and True Parents' Day have to become your days. Moreover, Ae Seung Il also has to become your day. The Blessed families as the descendants of True Parents have the responsibility to establish the heavenly tradition and develop it by connecting their tribe and nation to the central tradition of True Parents through the Blessing. This is the necessary formula of the providence of restoration. You should be the second Rev. Moon. Do you understand? (Yes!)

Accomplishing the worldwide Blessing

The Blessing of 3.6 million couples is not a difficult problem because God has prepared for the Blessing. The 33 representatives of the Korean independence movement are very similar to the 33 representatives of the Uruguayan independence movement. Moreover, every memorial day in Uruguay coincides with Korea's, according to the month. It is an amazing fact that God prepared for Uruguay.

Why? As I said before, the life of Jesus was miserable. He had a mother but no father. Even though he had a mother, he could not talk with her. Jesus came to make a family, but there was no foundation to be able to discuss the Blessing.

Since Eve fell at the age of 16, Jesus talked to mother Mary about his marriage at the age of 17. When Jesus was 17 years old, he talked about his marriage for the first time, and again after ten years, at the age of 27. After three years, he talked about it a third time. However, since his request was not accepted, he had to leave his house. Before Jesus, every woman in his family was in the position of Eve.

This is the era of free sex-grandmother and grandson, mother and son, brother and sister. In the history of restoration, the way has to be reversed. In the Last Days, divorce has become prevalent and the integrity of love has been lowered. This is one reason for establishing one central figure. However, since America, which has formed the world of death in these Last Days, lost the central figure, the Messiah, America will be destroyed within forty years.

Without True Parents, the Messiah, there is no real husband, wife, mother, grandmother and grandfather. Therefore, centering on Jesus, the blood lineage of grandmother, mother, and sister has to be produced. Their blood lineages have to be united.

The bonds of the blood lineage centering on Jesus become the condition for cutting off Satan. There are the four stages of daughter, sister, mother, and grandmother. In order to remove Satan, the blood lineage has to be cut off. Who has to relate with the Messiah? The younger sister of John the Baptist has to relate with the Messiah. In order to destroy Satan's blood lineage completely, free sex and divorce prevailed. Thus, in Satan's world all is breaking up because Satan does not have his own possessions. Satan established worldwide dominion by destroying families and causing the juvenile delinquency and family break-up which started in Adam's family. That is the final point of Satan's way.

Centering on the Blessing of the individual and family, the Blessing will go beyond the tribe and nation and expand to the world. If the realm of the worldwide Blessing is formed, Korea cannot but follow that level. The Holy Blessing Ceremony is the way to put the world in order through the family path.

Are you going to fulfill the responsibility or not? (We will do it.) In order to overcome the tragic position of the sacrifice of three generations, we have to accomplish the realm of the worldwide Blessing. If you do not fulfill this now, you have nothing to do with me. In a sense, when the nationwide Blessing is accomplished, there may be a way to be forgiven. At that time, you have to pass over the three stages of the worldwide level. Then, a time of special amnesty will come. Do you understand?

Those people who thought that as long as a man and woman do not have a sexual relationship, and that everything else is permitted must hold the Holy Wine Ceremony again. You have to cross over with pure blood ties. Do you understand? If there is such a fellow, warn him. Who on earth taught like that? You cannot deal with any woman other than your wife. Do you understand?

Women are always a problem. How miserable my life has been! I love purity. However, in order to remove all kinds of evil and impurity and be clean, I could not help going the way of mourning and death. I have to make True Mother's second body.

Likewise, God's Day was established on such a serious position of True Mother and True Father centering on the way of True Love. Before God's Day was founded, the liberation of God had to be accomplished, so True Parents prepared the conditional foundation of the male world and the female world on which God could come and go freely.

True Parents' Day is the same. True Mother had to go through such a way. Ae Seung Il is also the same. In front of three dead bodies, True Parents had to go into the deepest realm of death and wailing, and plant the seeds of the original love for God. Without that, the Kingdom of God, which can liberate sons and daughters, cannot be established. Therefore, since Ae Seung Il was established, the Seung Hwa ceremony was possible. That is, we receive the Blessing first on earth and go to the spiritual world.

How serious this is! The love and pride of True Parents is the accomplishment of the 3.6 million couples Blessing! You neither loved True Parents nor were proud of them. You have to pass over this peak. Through this, the time will come to liberate and bless you, and hold a ceremonial feast. If the 3.6 million couples Blessing is accomplished, 3.6 billion couples will be achieved within one year.

We have to assimilate the press in order to fulfill this purpose. That is why I founded a newspaper publishing company. You have to hurry up. The news of our Blessing has to be spread all over the world. Did you advertise it this time? We need to advertise!

Are you advertising it now? (Yes!) If you do not report about the Blessing to all people, you will be accused by them, and the responsibility of True Parents cannot be completed.

In the way of restoration, the history of True Parents is the way to liberate the traces of every enemy blood tie. We should remove everything from Adam's family to Jesus' family. Thus, a plane is formed. On the plane, as the 3.6 million couples Blessing is established, Adam's family, tribe, nation, country, and the world will be woven together at one time. As the spiritual world participates, centering on God and True Parents, it enters the position of the younger brother, the archangel. Heaven and earth should be liberated by receiving the Blessing following their descendants.

The bridge of love

If a person has a loving object partner who is in hell, he will go there and bring her out. The issue is true love. If a wife who lived for the sake of others went to hell, her husband can bring her from there. Satan has no right over her. Then, heaven and earth will be cleansed. The ideal of creation will be completed. All nations will go into the Kingdom of Heaven, and liberated people will bear good sons and daughters who can enter the Kingdom of Heaven directly.

The realm of the worldwide Blessing is the position of unfallen Adam and Eve reaching their completion. Theoretically, no one can deny my speech. Let us think about my accomplishments. In order to deal with such massive contents, I founded many organizations and have worked in accordance with the actual world. The fact that I overcame many crises and accomplished up to the worldwide level is cause for praise and eternal admiration.

However, you have dealt with this providential history at your convenience. Such sin cannot be forgiven by applying the law of individual indemnity but by setting the standard of living for the sake of others; I am bearing the cross and trying to indemnify sin. Do you understand? How serious is the world of True Parents! Have you ever heard your bone marrow cry? Only if all your senses are involved in crying can the fallen traces be erased.

Heung Jin was a living sacrifice

Since Heung Jin was sent as a living sacrifice, he is a bridge. Because Heung Jin is the bridge of the spiritual world centered on love and the family foundation, Jesus has to follow Heung Jin. Don't you have to go through the bridge of the family? Heung Jin is the only person who went to the spiritual world as the victorious sacrifice who was loved by True Parents as their son. Thus, he can control the spiritual world with full authority. Heung Jin would have gone to the spiritual world as just an ordinary person who died away from home. However, because True Parents established all conditions through this ceremony before his life was cut off, Satan could not interfere after his death. This is how the Seung Hwa ceremony came about. When Unificationists of three generations become truly united and hold the Seung Hwa ceremony, even a sinner can be forgiven. Do you understand the meaning of Ae Seung Il? (Yes!)

True Mother must not feel sad at that place. She must not shed tears. A few years ago, we went to the grave of my physical parents in North Korea. My elder sister and younger brother were wailing, saying that the son for whom their mother was waiting had finally come. However, in such a sorrowful place as my parents' grave, I could not shed tears even though pain was cutting my heart. Because I came here to fulfill my responsibility, I could not shed tears before fulfilling my mission. Otherwise, all the sorrowful spirits who died in North Korea could not be liberated. I made a promise that I would come back when I am liberated and hold a ceremonial feast there to liberate spirits who have han. Therefore, I am in a hurry for liberation. The liberation of South and North is necessary. Liberation is impossible without controlling the current history of the world centering on the unification of South and North Korea.

To show that he will support my will, Kim Jong Il sent a gift to True Parents this time. In order to celebrate the fifth anniversary of True Parents' visit, 500 officers gathered together to show their praise and admiration for Rev. Moon just as they did to Kim Il Sung. People are not doing things just because of their own minds. Something is turning around.

It is right that the second generation is coming from heaven. The second generation of the Soviet Union is like that. They are the second generation of the country which was evil. The young women from the second generation of Japan have to become sacrifices. By whom? Adam has to take off the trace of Eve's fall. Japanese women went to every country to fulfill the responsibility of a mother. Therefore, Japan will not be destroyed. Reports on the good works of these women will eventually affect the thinking of the Japanese government.

Now, you should know how precious it is to keep Ae Seung Il while seeing the future of hope, the world of unity, and the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Think how to connect to the contents so that you can be a root. Do not live at your own convenience. Your lives should be connected to the root. Moreover, you should know that unless you make bonds of relatives and of master and servant, your way to go to the spiritual world will be blocked. Do you understand? This is the conclusion. Do not forget today, and please keep my speech in mind.

God Bless you!

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