The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1997


True God's Day

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1997
Translator - Jung Choe

What is this year's motto? Please recite this year's motto Let Us Love True Parents and Be Proud of True Parents by Accomplishing the 3.6 Million Blessing. Last year's motto was Let Us Love True Parents and Be Proud of True Parents. This theme will continue until the year 2000. Since this motto expresses our purpose of being proud of True Parents, it should not be changed until the year 2000.

I decided on this year's motto because I want you to keep in mind the 3.6 million couples Blessing. If the 3.6 million couples Blessing is accomplished this year, it will be a historical event in heaven and on earth. If this goal is completed, the next Blessing will be 36 million couples. Do you think 36 million couples and 360 million couples are easier than 3.6 million couples?

Twelve months are twice as many as six months. That indicates two of Satan's numbers, representing the formation stage and growth stage respectively. Thus if the goal of 3.6 million couples is surpassed this year, the foundation to surpass Satan's number of completion will be established on earth. If the 3.6 million couples Blessing is accomplished, the next Blessing will be 36 million couples. How long will it take to extend the Blessing to all humankind?

The unchanging family formula

Every man and woman, including Adam and Eve, has needed a family. The family formula will never change. It applies to any time and any historical situation. You should know the unchangeable truth that man and woman should be united following the ideal of Adam's family.

Adam and Eve are God's substantial, visible body. We can't see our mind, but we see our body. Likewise, when God dwells within Adam's body, God and Adam become one like mind and body. The marriage of Adam and Eve fulfills God's will because God dwells within them. Adam is the substantial object partner of God's subjective and masculine sung sang, while Eve is the substantial object partner of His hyung sang. Therefore, the marriage of Adam and Eve who are united with God is like God's marriage.

God's ideal of creation is consummated when Adam and Eve make love for the first time after receiving the Holy Blessing. This is the unity of divine love and human love and the beginning of the settlement of the family centering on God. People didn't know about this until now. Our Unificationists have to know the word and practice it.

If Adam and Eve had become one by completing true love without falling, and if they had loved their sons and daughters and raised them to become parents, their love would be the same as God's. People inherit Adam's God-centered family tradition by following the example of Adam's family. Because God is absolute, unique, unchangeable and eternal, God's love is also absolute, unique, unchangeable and eternal, and God's object of love is to be absolute, unique, unchangeable and eternal.

The nature of love

Only love can make two people become one body centering on True Love, father and son, husband and wife, and father and mother can make one body. When brothers unite centering on True Love, they become one body. Only True Love can make unity and oneness. This is not the love of receiving, but the love of giving.

True Parents are in a position to give eternally and then forget; then they give again for the sake of their children. It is the same with true spouses and true brothers. Therefore, True Love is the love of continually giving, forgetting and giving again. In the Blessed family, all relationships-such as the vertical relationship of father and son, the lateral relationship of husband and wife, and the sequential relationship of brother and brother-can be unified centering on True Love that is absolute, unique, unchangeable and eternal. The positions of up and down, right and left, and front and back, centered on yourself, all form the number seven, which is the number of completion.

Unless the domain of the number seven is formed, existence has no value and relationships will be destroyed. This is why each of us has to form relationships corresponding to up and down, right and left, and front and back. You will lose the foundation for settlement if grandparents, parents and children are not completely centering on you. This is the four position foundation which the Unification Church teaches, and it needs to be completed.

If you are asked what the completion of God's will is you should know that it is the completion of the four position foundation. All human beings need parents, an object partner, and children. The family-level four position foundation consists of the three stages of children, parents and grandparents.

The family seed

The four position foundation is like the family seed. A seed is the combined body of the past, present and future. If such a seed is planted, your family including your grandparents' couple, your parents' couple and your couple can expand horizontally to the world. If the seed of Adam's family is planted it will produce hundreds or thousands of seeds which can expand the three-generation family horizontally to the world. A seed is the fruit of the past, the starting point of the present, and the connection to the future. Common sense tells us that the seed contains the past, present and future.

If God and humankind become one and form a family in accordance with True Love, it will develop eternally according to the family formula. One seed of a pine tree can produce numerous seeds and multiply into a great number of pine trees all over the world, and every one of those pine seeds will have the same value. Likewise, if Adam's family is the seed of the human family, all families multiplied from that seed have the same value.

Although the blessing of God, Adam and the future family start from the same standard, God's position is that of the past while Adam's position is that of the present and is the starting point of the future family. What is the center of all those positions? Adam and Eve united with God. Grandparents represent the spiritual world, while sons and daughters represent the future.

Then, if all positions are unified centering on Adam and Eve, Adam would be the king of the Kingdom of God on Earth. Adam represents God and is in the position of God because he has experienced all these positions. Vertically, God's position is the past, Adam's is the present, and his sons and daughters are the future.

Grandparents dwell within the family as substitutes for God; Adam dwells in the family as a king, and his descendants will become kings of the future. In this sense, the three generations must be inseparable from one another. Thus, your father and mother are in the position of king and queen, representing the kingship of all humankind. However, since the present kingship is connected to the past, the father has to be united with the grandfather, and since kingship is linked to the future the present family members should work to develop the future.

What is God's desire? Although God loves Adam as a son, it is God's position to love His grandchild more than His son. Three generations should be connected, but because Adam's family fell God was able to love only the second generation, Adam and Eve, and not their sons and daughters.

As God's grandchildren, the children of Adam and Eve should have received two kinds of love: that of the present king and queen and that of the past king and queen. Because of the Fall they became unable to receive two kinds of love. If the three vertical stages of grandfather, father and son are not connected, there will be no place for husband and wife or elder and younger brothers to meet. Since something must pass through three points to be completed, it is logical that if God has never loved the third generation, His grandsons and granddaughters, He cannot complete His love.

The position where the elements of the four-position foundation become one is the receiving position, the position of grandson and granddaughter. A living body cannot bear a seed without receiving horizontal and vertical love. The vertical connection with eternal life gives the seed its historical significance.

What is the most necessary requirement for giving birth? It is the parents' vertical love. The relationship between grandfather, father and son form the three stages which connect past, present and future. If there is no such axis for three stages to be unified within the family, there is no central point for unifying left and right or front and back.

The family as God's dwelling

So what is God's ideal for the family? It is the place where grandparents and parents are united centering on True Love and the place where parents and their children become one. Adam and Eve were to grow and become husband and wife, relating to each other as left and right. Then they were to expand by having children and developing the relationship of front and back. When a couple is united front and back and vertically and horizontally, they are an ideal family where God can dwell.

How can God dwell in your family? Where is the central line that establishes six unified positions in the family? Within God Himself are grandparents, parents, siblings and children. God has grown from being a brother and sister to being a husband and wife, and parents.

When Adam and Eve grew into adulthood, they needed an object partner, a love partner. Oneness in love is achieved by combining concave and convex. For a man and woman to combine concave and convex means to be one. Without combining concave and convex, man and woman cannot find love or produce a lineage connected with history. When concave and convex are combined, the love of man and woman is completed. Man and woman as individuals cannot accomplish true love, even though they know what it is; therefore, they look for an eternal love.

God is absolute, unique, unchangeable and eternal. Concave and convex have to be absolutely united in a unique and eternal bond. Eternal love starts from the joining of sexual organs. Concave and convex combine to complete love, connect with the blood lineage, and create life.

Without a place where concave and convex can be combined, people are ignorant about love and life. The combination of concave and convex forms the base for forming a perfect individual, a family, a nation, an ideal world, and the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. An eternal tradition linked to history starts from there. Parents and grandparents should be completely united in upholding this ideal.

Please do not think that it is strange that I speak a great deal about the sexual organ. When you completely understand about the sexual organ, you know about perfect love, the complete life, the complete blood lineage, the perfect family, the perfect nation, the perfect kingdom of God, and the perfect God.

The problem is how to control your sexual organ. Concave exists because of convex, while convex exists because of concave. Therefore, the woman's concave part belongs to the man's convex part, while the man's convex belongs to the woman's concave part. You are not the owner of your sexual organ; you are just the manager.

How to find fulfillment

These concave and convex parts were created to find love and fit together in love. Since they are related to love, if concave and convex are combined in search of love, they can seize God's love. When they join as subject and object in the lower position, the invisible God as the higher subject unites with them centering on love.

Men and women wish for absolute, unique, unchangeable and eternal partners. On finding love, the husband and wife become one and seek God's love. Man and woman can completely unite through joining their sexual organs. This place where concave and convex are combined needs to be completely and vertically united with God, who is the subject of love. Without this unity with each other and with God, man and woman are not whole. If concave and convex are not combined, the existence of man and woman has no value and their lineage will disappear.

Once a true man and a true woman are fulfilled as individuals and as a couple, what should they do next? Marriage means to seize God, who is the subject of love, through loving Him. Men as well as women absolutely need love. They need absolute love. In the highest ideal of love, man and woman become eternally, unchangeably, uniquely and absolutely united centering on absolute love. When they get married as subject and object, they form an absolute, unique and unchangeable relationship through these attributes of God. There is no second absolute and no second uniqueness in their marriage. Unique means one. Unchangeability does not mean that two elements vary according to circumstances; it is a result of being absolutely one.

When Adam and Eve shake hands, theirs is a unique, unchangeable and eternal handshake. Nobody knew that love is based on these preconditions. In the Unification Church, those who get Blessed not only meet their object partner but also exchange an absolute, unique, unchangeable and eternal handshake and kiss. Every hug and interaction between such a couple becomes eternal, absolute, unique and unchangeable.

In each of the 360 degrees, Adam is the eternal subject partner of Eve and Eve is the eternal object partner of Adam. They are in a 100 percent perfect relationship of subject and object. If another subject tries to unite with Eve before Adam and Eve are absolutely one, Adam will strongly repel it. Therefore, to Eve, Adam is an absolute, unique, unchangeable and eternal husband and to Adam, Eve is an absolute, unchangeable and eternal wife.

If their marriage becomes absolutely united with God, they complete their purpose of creation. This is how God, Adam, Eve, their children, blood lineage, the eternal nation and the eternal Kingdom of God are completed. This is how the eternal Kingdom of God becomes ours.

The beginning point of kingship

When Adam and Eve become parents and then grandparents, the elder sonship and parentship are completed and kingship starts. Thus True Parents are the foundation for the True King.

Adam's descendants form many families, and his lineage becomes a tribe, a nation, and the world. This means that Adam's seed contains all the families, tribes and nations. It contains the world, the Kingdom of Heaven and even God's whole ideal for the creation. Moreover, you should know that because Adam's family had the potential to be substantially united with God through love, it represented Heaven and Earth.

Adam is not only the king of the family, but also the king of the tribe. Moreover, as God becomes the king of the tribe, the nation, the world, and the cosmos, He becomes parents and the owner of this expanded world. If Adam's descendants prosper, they will expand into a family, tribe, nation, and world centering on the family. In other words, Adam is the core of the outward expansion of the world.

Even though by the ten thousandth generation Adam's family is numerous, the seed of your united family has the same value as Adam's family seed. In his position as family-level king, the father has the same value as the national-level king and the world-level king and even the heavenly king. Therefore, we conclude that all families have to advance and occupy the royal palace of the heavenly kingdom. If Adam and Eve had many sons and daughters, their younger children should marry the sons and daughters of their eldest son. In this way, the ideal of kingship expands to the clan and tribal levels.

Family etiquette

Now you know how much difference there is between God's ideal family and today's fallen world. You women who live in South America, do you absolutely need your husband? (We need them.) Do you absolutely need them? (Yes!) You have only one husband, not two. Is he unique? (Yes!) Unchangeable? (Yes!) Eternal? (Yes!) Once you have made the promise of marriage, it is absolute. You should know that other people cannot interfere with the relationship between husband and wife.

I heard that Brazil has the second highest number of AIDS patients in the world. Phew! Will this country be destroyed or will it develop and advance? Where does a nation start to perish? It starts from the individual and the family. If the family is destroyed, the society and the nation perish. The fundamental problem comes from the family.

Because Adam's family was destroyed and his sons and daughters were overturned, the whole world was destroyed. In the same way, today's world has lost absolute love, and the foundation of God's eternal, unchangeable ideal family cannot help being destroyed like Adam's family.

You women should absolutely praise your husband! When all women in South America answer, "S" (yes), then all created things of South America will say, "That's right." Women should bow to their husband. (Applause.) Which husband do you want to see: one who is welcomed by his wife with a full bow, or one who cannot be trusted and who falls into free sex? Your cells are trembling all over. Love is not to be used freely as you wish. It is heavenly law that the woman's love door should be opened with the key of her real and true husband. Moreover, before you open your love door you should be an absolute woman.

Men, suppose that after you are blessed, the most beautiful woman happens to stand beside you. Do your eyes and five sensory organs turn to her? Do your hands try to hold her hand or body? There are a lot of beautiful women in the world. Don't try to get away from beauty; instead, you should train yourself so that your mind and body can ignore her attraction and you desire to touch your wife instead.

Women, suppose that after you are blessed, you happen to meet a handsome man on the street. Is your mind attracted to him? If so, you are a slut!

Like God, love is absolute, unique, unchangeable and eternal, and God has been looking for men and women with such qualities. However, there is not any house on earth in which God can dwell because the family standard was not established. There is no house in which God as the subject of sung sang and hyung sang could settle down and find the ideal woman as the object of His love.

The palace of life and love

Your sexual organ is an original palace of life and love. You should prepare palace sites extending in all 360 degrees from the true and pure original palace. That should be the palace where God can always dwell, centering on your house, and coming and going to your whole clan.

What should be like that palace? My sexual organ is the original palace of love. Please repeat after me. (My sexual organ is the original palace of love.) My sexual organ is the original palace of my blood lineage. (My sexual organ is the original palace of my blood lineage.) Only when it becomes like that, can it be the palace where God can dwell.

Because God is the King of kings and it is God who has to dwell in the palace, in order to attend God, your sexual organ should be the original palace of life, blood lineage and consciousness. Amen! Please say Amen. (Amen) What is the meaning of amen? It means that we wish that the word will be done.

Your sexual organ is absolute. You have an absolute part, the palace of your sexual organ. Although it may not look that special, if the sexual organ is used wrongly, the world, history, family and everything is destroyed. Man's sexual organ is made to be erect vertically. Vertical! Man should remain faithful to his cause rather than to woman. Because Eve did not keep her chastity, she fell and seduced Adam. This is the very problem. You have to deny this.

Then what is marriage? Through marriage, a man and a woman, who are each half, combine their sexual organs and become completed. A man becomes perfect through a woman centering on love, and he makes a woman complete. Through true love, they become complete and fulfill the unity of love. Through the joining of their sexual organs, man's blood and woman's blood united in one melting pot. From that place sons and daughters are born. You should know that that place is more precious than children, spouse or God.

Because I talk like this, I seem to be a heretic! What is that place? It is more valuable than children, spouse and parents. Without that place, even parents, spouse and children are worthless. Because it is so valuable, you should tightly lock the door of your sexual organ so that nobody can see it. It is like a valuable treasure which you should preserve throughout your life. There are only two keys to the door: the wife keeps her husband's key, and the husband keeps his wife's key.

Are you women of South America going to take the key of only one man? Free sex is when you take ten or 100 keys! An opened door through which everybody comes and goes incessantly is a door that has no lord. To act like a slut is to ruin your house of love.

The value of the Blessing

In order to remove these evils, True Parents come to Earth and celebrate a Blessing. The Blessing is the most valuable thing. The Blessed family cannot be exchanged for anything because it has a limitless, unique and eternal value.

Centering on the absolute, unique, unchangeable and eternal God, Adam's family has objective value before the subjective God. However, since everybody has a sexual organ and love is practiced through this organ, the sexual organ enables man to share his joy and sorrow together with God centering on love.

As I mentioned before, because the value of each seed is equal, regardless of whether 1,000 or 10,000 years has passed, in order for ideal families to be established, a family with the same seed as Adam's family should be made. When such a seed is found in a good father and mother, then their ancestors and even God let them match their seed with the origin. As long as they connected through the center, each of those seeds has the same value as the seed of Adam's family, even though they lie in different directions. This is the family that God wants to form.

Restoration through indemnity

Because of the fall, the providence of salvation was begun, and the providence of salvation is the providence of restoration. Nothing can be restored without paying indemnity; thus, the providence of restoration is the restoration of indemnity.

I have come to remove all historical indemnity. Even though you have met me, you also have to remove the contents of this indemnity. In order to advance, you have to remove all kinds of indemnity in your ancestry. Indemnity is removed through sacrifice.

The Unificationists of South America do not know restoration through indemnity. If you have a debt, you have to pay it. If the parents or ancestors have a debt, the descendants have to pay it. Do you know what I mean? This is restoration through indemnity.

If you fulfill restoration through indemnity as a family and as a nation, I do not need to go through such hard times. Because you don't know the way of indemnity, I have taken care of the indemnity on all eight stages from the individual level to God. Because True Parents have made the expressway of restoration through indemnity by connecting ladders of the individual, family, tribe, nation, and world, you have to follow this pattern in order to advance. Those who dislike going up the ladders of eight stages from the individual level to God and follow the Unification Church without removing indemnity will fall into hell. Even in the spirit world, there are still ladders for advancing.

True Parents are making a bridge to remove all the ladders of the eight stages, and we are climbing them for your sake. Since this is so, are you going to disobey my direction? If you try to do as you like, you will be destroyed. I will expel such a person.

The end of historical indemnity

Where are we now in the providential time line? On November 1, 1996, in Uruguay, I declared the settlement of the Family Federation for World Peace and the end of indemnity. Nothing more remains to be indemnified. After receiving persecution for 50 years, I have removed every bridge from the individual to the worldwide level and have brought it to the higher level.

The Unification Church was established on a level plane. Therefore, wherever I go, everyone, whether old or young, man or woman, should follow me, saying "Father! Father!" People should not follow me out of dislike. Instead, they should follow me with joy and a smile.

I have been persecuted my whole life. Nobody knows the story behind that persecution. I developed God's providence while receiving persecution from the worst men in the fallen world. Individuals, families, nations, and the world have opposed me, kicking and stepping on me and treating me as an enemy. Because all persecution has passed through these stages over 40 years, and the family of True Parents has been drawn up to the worldwide level; everything is leveled out and there is no more need for ladders. All the historical indemnity from Adam until now has been removed, and you should know that the foundation of hope for this world which God was expecting to be formed in Adam's family has emerged again on the worldwide level.

Who is Adam? Adam is the eldest son of the elder sons. Adam became the eldest parent after growing up as the eldest son. Based on being the royal son he became the royal parent. Finally, Adam is the king of kings. I am the son who gained the victory of eldership before all humankind as the worldwide Adam. In God's thinking, there is only one son, not two. There is absolutely one son.

Who is the True Father? He is the father of fathers, the royal father. There is only one set of True Parents, not two. Adam was the elder king of kings and True Parents are the coming king of kings.

To be a representative eldest son, True Parents should digest the democratic world and the communist world. I destroyed the communist world with the thought of victory over communism. Because I saved America which had been destined to destruction, I am the eldest son before God. Therefore, the realm of elder sonship was established.

The left wing and the right wing represent Cain and Abel in Adam's family. The right-wing was all Abel-type people and the left-wing was all Cain-type before Jesus. However, due to Jesus' failure in fulfilling the mission of True Parents, the right-side robber and the left-side robber became right-wing and left-wing respectively. This expanded to the worldwide level, and True Parents came to take the responsibility to lead the two realms.

The bride culture

The world that Jesus did not unify at the national level has to unite and receive a bride on the victorious foundation of establishing the elder sonship. Christianity is the bride religion.

Then where does the worldwide elder sonship go? To the realm of the worldwide Eve nation. The son establishes kingship after receiving a bride. Although Christianity is the bride culture, it is divided because of fighting between Cain and Abel. That is why True Mother has not fulfilled her responsibility yet. Even God cannot go to Christianity when they are fighting one another. Satan's side also claims dominion over them. Our task is to connect the victorious foundation of North America, where most people are Christians, to South America and people of a lower culture and unite them. I cannot go back without establishing the foundation to receive True Parents in the Christian realm of a lower culture. Following that, Europe should be united centering on the unity of South America and North America. Then Judaism, Christianity and Islam should be united

The terminal of the way of world restoration is the position of parents centering on the brothers who were divided into left and right in Adam's family. The terminal of the way of world restoration goes beyond the family-level fight between the children of Rachel and Leah in Jacob's family and beyond the national-level struggle in Zechariah's family and Jesus' family.

Because the right side is the right-wing and the left side is the left-wing in Satan's fallen world, you have to go to the right side to turn the world around and restore it. Who goes first in the returning process? Because Cain goes first and Abel follows him, Abel is always hit, and Satan persecutes him until the Last Days. In the Last Days as Christianity in the bride position becomes united, England as Eve, America as Abel, and France as Cain will be united centering on the position of Eve. These nations represent the Cain and Abel who were lost in Adam's family.

Christianity had lost Jesus' body, and in spite of getting spiritual salvation, Christianity suffered attack in order to find the body. Thus, World War II was caused by the attack of three nations on Satan's side (Japan, German and Italy) on England, America and France. Heavenly fortune allowed the world the opportunity to unite centering on Christian culture and receive the Lord of the Second Advent in the position of the united mind and body of Jesus. If the second Messiah had that foundation of unity, the Unification Church would not have suffered, the democratic world would not have collapsed, and humankind would not have been damaged by communism.

If the world had attended me after World War II, it would have been united within seven years, and there would have been no suffering of the Unification Church and no damage to the democratic world.

After World War II, the Christian bride culture did not receive the True Father's ideal of true love, which is the bridegroom culture. Thus, the Lord of the Second Advent was expelled to the wilderness where there was no foundation. Out of the wilderness, God and I had to rebuild the Christian bride culture that had been prepared for 4000 years. That is why the suffering course took 40 years.

God lost the providential foundation of England, America and France due to their failure. God cannot reuse what has failed, and they could be restored only through the second generation. I reestablished the realm of Eve, Archangel and Abel, choosing Japan as the Eve nation, America as the Abel nation, and Germany as the Archangel nation. The process of establishing the realm of bride nations has been miserable and tragic.

The fact that Korea in the position of Israel has opposed me on the national level for 20 years has to be restored. Because Korea and America represent the Old Testament age and the New Testament age respectively, I prepared for 20 years to restore the Christian bride culture centering on America, which is in the position of the second Israel. Since America, Japan and Germany did not receive me at the worldwide level, they became enemy nations in opposition to me.

True Mother's role

However, because the Protestant culture is in the position of the subject to lead the Christian culture to receive the Lord of Second Advent, Eve has the responsibility to save those enemy nations so that they can receive the Lord of the Second Advent. Therefore, I spent 20 years in America preparing the way to restore heavenly tradition by uniting enemy nations such as America and Japan, Japan and Germany, and Japan and Korea. During those 20 years, there was unimaginable suffering.

America, Japan and Germany have opposed me to the end. Now True Mother stands as the bride embracing Christianity and uniting these nations. Until 1992, I was alone. True Mother could not stand beside me. She could not appear until the circumstances were created to enable Catholicism and Protestantism to unite as Cain and Abel. Therefore, the Women's Federation for World Peace was established in 1992, centering on True Mother, and the movement to liberate women was proclaimed. The time of women was opened.

This happened 40 years after 1952. The bride's realm should have been completed by 1952, seven years after 1945, but because it failed it took another 40 years, from 1952 to 1992, to restore that lost foundation. After passing over that period of suffering, True Mother could emerge.

One reason why the realm of Christian culture could not receive the Lord of the Second Advent is because it was said that Jesus would come to earth on the clouds. That prediction came about because John the Baptist's failure should be indemnified when the Lord of the Second Advent comes to earth with a substantial physical body and passes through the indemnity course.

Restoring post-war failures

If the Allied nations had united with me after World War II, Mother and the True Children would not exist today. They are sons and daughters who were not supposed to be. If Korea had unified centering on Christian culture, without any persecution, the Moon clan and the Choi clan would have been the center, establishing the position of parents starting from sons and daughters. A peaceful world centered on one true family and one blood lineage would have been realized. However, I lost every foundation because of Christianity's failure.

Everybody came to Satan's side. I was alone. I went through sorrow and suffering not just because the family of Adam and Eve was lost but because I lost the whole foundation that had been prepared from before the creation. The sorrow and suffering could not be recovered by wailing.

Originally, blessings like those that are taking place now should have happened in the 1950's. The purpose of the International Wedding Ceremony of the Unification Church is to establish a heavenly nation based on blessed families. Thus, 14 years before, under the opposition of Christianity, Korean spiritual groups having the name of bride had made organizations knowing that the Lord of the Second Advent would come to earth, and they prepared to receive the Messiah. I have to indemnify all those conditions.

What did I do for 40 years? The realm of conflict between Cain and Abel was mobilized centering on my generation, and the dominion of Cain over the individual, family, tribe, nation, the world and the universe has been controlled by one person for 40 years. Do you know what I mean? I was alone! After my Holy Wedding in 1960, I restored the standard of national messiah in 14 years, something which Jesus had not fulfilled.

Based on the victorious foundation of those 14 years, I moved to America with True Mother to complete the bride realm of the Old Testament and of the New Testament, centering on the worldwide messiah. For the past 21 years, True Parents have fought to complete the bride's realm. The whole world was mobilized to kill me, because if the only Lord of the world is killed, the world will be Satan's.

Raising up True Mother

When the Holy Wedding was held, Mother was 17 years old and I was 40. Why did I marry such a young virgin of 17? Eve fell at the age of 16. Mother's course was to obey me absolutely. True Mother does not know the way of restoration.

The way of True Father is to follow the way of the Divine Principle. Who is True Father to True Mother? Because three generations of grandfather, father and brother were lost due to the fall, Mother has to be able to embrace three generations. Historically, Eve killed three husbands: Eve expelled Adam, killed Jesus and expelled the Lord of the Second Advent to the wilderness for 40 years. Therefore, the bride of the Messiah came from a lineage where for three generations there was only one daughter.

Because the Lord of the Second Advent was coming to Korea, the mission of women spanned three generations and 40 years, in preparation for the bride to meet the Lord of the Second Coming. These three women were Sung Do Kim (Jung, Soo Won's grandmother), Ho Bin Ho, and then True Mother. Those groups knew that the Lord of the Second Advent would come as a man. However, they didn't know who the Lord of the Second Advent was because nobody went to teach them. I met all those spiritual groups and had a spiritual relationship with them. However, they did not recognize me; they betrayed me, just like John the Baptist. Because God's side is hit first and then takes from Satan's side, I was opposed by those groups, but then inherited all their foundation.

Under the rule of Japanese imperialism before the liberation of Korea, I was a leader of the underground movement centering on Christianity. Based on that indemnity condition, I chose True Mother. Even though I blessed Mother, Mother could not be raised in those circumstances. She should have been a representative bride. So what is God's blessing? Because the ideal of the bride is taught to every religious body and order in Christian culture, bride candidates of all ages from 12 to 80 emerged as representatives of their groups before the Lord to come.

Thus, many women received the revelation that they were the bride of the Messiah and believed it absolutely. Those women had sleepless nights because they wanted to meet such a man as me. In the providence of restoration, I am the only qualified man.

What kind of bride should be the mother of the universe and True Mother: a virgin or a grandmother? She should be a virgin. Why? Because she should bring the harvest by receiving the bridegroom's seed.

Because the fallen Eve attracted Adam and made him fall, at the time of restoration does the Lord listen to Eve or does Eve listen to the Lord? The bride has to follow the Lord absolutely. Who chooses the bride? The bridegroom. The bride had to be restored at the age of 17, because Eve fell at the age of 16. Therefore, it is the standard of Divine Principle that a virgin younger than 20 years old has to become the bride.

If I am such a person, are you going to obey absolutely? It took 14 years to choose True Mother. Although the Holy Blessing took place, I could not restore Mother immediately because of jealousy and envy. Therefore, Mother was protected centering on Daemo Nim (great mother). Daemo Nim was accused and persecuted because women thought that she had deprived them of their fortune and had given it to her young daughter. True Mother lived separately from me for three years.

Daemo Nim was so great that she received a revelation of my daily schedule from the spiritual world and talked to True Mother every day. True Mother's greatness was in obeying my direction absolutely. During the three years of separation, every grandmother, old woman and middle aged woman opposed Mother out of jealousy. However, owing to the support of the women of the second generation, True Mother could be liberated and live with me in three and a half years.

Women who received a revelation that their daughters would be the bride came into Mother's room and put their trinkets in the room, complaining that this room was theirs. There was all kinds of jealousy at that time. True Mother had to overcome all those things. Even though I had never given them any sign of love, these women hated True Mother without having any special reason. In the midst of such a situation, the Blessed couples formed a fence to protect True Mother. Through this process, those who felt they deserved some privilege could be put in order. The way of True Mother was also expanded through the international Blessed couples.

Mother can stand at my side

By passing through the course of restoration of the individual, family, tribe, nation, country and the world until April of 1992, and proclaiming the liberation of the world centering on WFWP, True Mother was able to stand beside me.

Since coming to America, True Mother passed over the standard of the restored realm of Eve and within 20 years she could stand in a position to surpass America. Because every delegation of the bride realm is in America, True Mother addressed the American Congress and then the United Nations.

After Mother spoke at the United Nations, Parents' Day was officially established. The worldwide Christian culture became the base on which True Parents could settle down, centering on the foundation of bride. Thus, True Mother restored the lost foundation of Christianity.

The UN is like the palace of the liberal world. Thus, it should be occupied to make all 185 countries commemorate Parents Day. Now is the time to unify the kingship of the world.

Such victorious supremacy should be engrafted into Japan. This victorious supremacy also has to be engrafted into Korea.

The settlement of the family

True Mother began her lecture tour of the world, proclaiming the liberation of woman and announcing True Parents and the Completed Testament Age. Then came the settlement of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age. This was to inherit the realm of the victorious foundation of True Parents. In order for the world family to be able to settle based on the family settlement of True Parents, True Parents are teaching the world the idea of family settlement. Through this teaching came the time of international blessing.

Following the appearance of True Mother, there was a 30,000 couple international Blessing ceremony. This was the blessing of the formation stage of the worldwide level, because for the first time True Parents could conduct the Blessing on an equal level. The 360,000 international Blessing is the growth stage, and the 3.6 million international Blessing is the perfection stage. The 30,000 couple Blessing opened the way for all religions and all nations to receive the Blessing. At the 3.6 million couple Blessing, even people who do not believe can receive the Blessing on the same level.

The biggest problem of the world is the breakdown of the family and juvenile delinquency. Children follow the way of their parents. The family at the end of the world commits the same sin as Adam's family. Because God could not interfere in the fall of Adam's family, no economic, political, ideological or religious organization has been able to stop the decline of the family or end juvenile delinquency. Because false love, false life and false blood lineage were produced due to the fall, True Parents have returned to organize Adam's family and restore everything centering on true love and life. We are removing what is false according to the principle of restoration through indemnity. We are uniting the bride's realm centering on the Christian Federation for World Peace and turning it back to follow the direction of Abel.

The family-level elder sonship, parentship and kingship centered on True Parents have to be connected to the worldwide level. Thus, by removing false lineage and connecting to the Blessed family, Adam's family, Jesus, the Lord of the Second Advent, and all humankind will be completed. Therefore, the time has come for all humankind to receive the Blessing and enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The ultimate religious movement is to establish the Kingdom of Heaven by means of the Blessing.

Be proud of True Parents

This is a very important year. What is this year's motto? (Let Us Be Proud of True Parents and Love True Parents by Accomplishing the 3.6 Million Couples Blessing.) To fulfill this motto, you should love and be proud of God centering on True Parents. I love God and am proud of God. Thus, to love True Parents and be proud of True Parents is love God and be proud of God. It is a heavenly tradition.

If I am the Messiah of the world, then national messiahship is the only way to be able to be proud of True Parents. To be proud of True Parents as a national messiah, you need tribal messiahship. To be proud of True Parents as a tribal messiah in front of your descendants and before ancestors, you need family messiahship. This is the concept of the messiah and the way of True Parents.

What is the Messiah? It is True Parents. The family should be proud of their parents centering on God, following the tradition of the messiah. Because such love and pride in the family is in accordance with that love and pride in Heaven and on Earth, such a family can live in the realm of liberation as a family of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Because the national messiah receives the Blessing after fulfilling the family and tribal messiahship that Jesus had desired, the national messiah replaces the realm of Israel with the goal of unifying the whole Roman empire without Satan's accusation. The national messiahs who were sent to 185 nations are in the position to unify the Holy Roman Empire.

The Messiah and True Parents come to the world based on the family. Based on the messianic foundation that I have made, True Parents achieved the victorious family in the place of Jesus and can connect to the kingship of the world in the Roman Empire. You have to know that for certain.

Liberate Jesus' heart

Jesus' heart has to be liberated, and his will has to be accomplished. Jesus lost the whole foundation of family and nation that could control the Roman Empire. Jesus failed because Zechariah's family was not united with him. Thus, Jesus' will could not be accomplished. Because there is no way to progress without resolving Jesus' broken heart, we have to reorganize and to make a bridge to go forward.

Centering on Paraguay, 33 people have been sent all over the country, representing the 33 years of Jesus' life. Jesus lived a solitary life because he was rejected by his brothers, his father, his church and his nation. His short life must have been miserable and solitary. Thus, those 33 people represent each year of Jesus' life, and allow him to have a subject each year.

True Mother has to connect 16 nations in order to liberate Jesus' heart that had not controlled a nation; this will establish the foundation of Israel, centering on 33 people and John the Baptist's family. And then, based on those 16 nations and the associations that include congressmen and those 33 people in each nation, True Mother has to expand this foundation to Korea by way of America. Because Jesus did not find the realm of national Eve centered on six government departments, he failed to hold the Blessing Ceremony centered on 120 followers.

As tribal and national messiahs bless what Jesus could not bless on the national level, I come to bring the blessing on the worldwide level, based on the foundation of fulfilling what Jesus failed to do.

If the members of each national messiah group establish 120 Blessed couples on the national level and make 160 or 180 Blessed couples in the worldwide period of the Lord of the Second Advent, then the mission of national messiah will be finished. The Adam nation and the Eve nation will be restored if 120 people of the Eve nation each bring 180 Blessed couples; then they will be completely liberated. If the worldwide realm of liberation is accomplished, then messiah groups will also come into the realm of liberation. As national barriers are removed, the Lord of the Second Advent and messiah groups can go all over the world. The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth begins with the establishment of the realm of God's liberation.

This year, the most important thing is to accomplish the 3.6 million couples Blessing. I love God and am proud of God. I have invested all my heart, mind and energy into indemnifying every historical wrongdoing. On that foundation the Family Federation for World Peace was established and the ceremony was held to proclaim the end of indemnity. All through the world people will come to think of the Blessed family of Unification Church as the ideal family.

3.6 million couples Blessing

Equalization begins with the unification of God and True Parents and the unification between True Parents and you. This occurred at the moment of change from 1996 to 1997. Even a few minutes before the end of last year, I had removed indemnity. Because all indemnity was removed from the restoration of indemnity, from now on you need to be proud of True Parents rather than just True Father. If you are doing more than being proud of and loving God, it will be nothing to accomplish the 3.6 million couples Blessing.

Therefore our motto is, "Let Us Be Proud of True Parents and Love True Parents by Accomplishing the 3.6 Million Couples Blessing." With the 3.6 million couples Blessing will come the new realm of liberation. If all Blessed families, including the 3.6 million couples, start to talk about the Blessing there will be nobody who does not know of the Blessing.

Who made the wall of persecution? It is the swindlers of the press and political circles. I established the newspaper of righteousness. However, the press calls the Washington Times a conservative newspaper without my permission. Such propaganda makes the Washington Post the liberal newspaper. A liberal paper like New York Times is attempting some reforms because of the Washington Times.

Newspapers should stress family protection and oppose prostitution. This should be the main direction. They should oppose whatever prevents people from fulfilling their purpose. I will respond in opposition to it strongly, no matter what kind of thing it is.

Each of you should reach out to 33 people who can lead at least ten others. In other words, 33 people should lead 330, 330 people should lead 3300, 3300 people should lead 33000, etc. If this continues seven times, the total will be 33,000,000. Then, every thing will be completed. Everybody has relationships with at least ten people, including friends, parents, brothers and sisters. Therefore, if we can connect people in series, the world will be restored automatically.

If the national messiahs in 185 nations bless 185 couples, the Japanese women should bring 150 couples, and other countries 120 couples. If this blessing is carried on through two generations it will reach 480,000,000 couples. Then, the restoration of the world will be finished. If 3.6 million couples are blessed this year, the 36 million couples Blessing will be accomplished easily. Our future goal will be 360 million couples. If such a goal is fulfilled, the Blessing Ceremony should be held all over the world. Then, the heavenly nation will be established and people will be interested in the national registry.

Today, because national messiahs were especially invited to attend this meeting, I am emphasizing 33 people. Hold lectures centering on them for other important figures and connect them to our organizations. The Women's Federation for World Peace has to work centering on the Youth Federation for World Peace, which is the Cain-type association, and the Student Federation for World Peace, which is the Abel-type association. If women and young people join the Family Federation for World Peace, the men will automatically follow their wives and children because they are in the position of archangel. Western countries will follow this formula.

If a national workshop is accomplished, the nation will be restored completely to God's side.

As the 3.6 million couples Blessing approaches, world leaders will begin paying attention to me and want to meet me. The motto of our exhibition is the equalization of technology and most countries have a deep interest in inheriting technology.

If a national workshop is held centering on the cabinet members, the nation will be restored. After True Parents' Birthday this March, we will focus on seeing which country in Latin America will be the first to hold such a workshop. The national messiah groups have to accomplish this. Do you understand? Those who are confident that they can fulfill that mission, raise your hands and say mansei! (Mansei!) May God bless each of you.

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