The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1973

Our Future Path Of Advancement

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 30, 1973
First International Training Session
Master Speaks
Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi

For two days you have been out in the city sightseeing, so I imagine you are more or less inclined to go out, but I want you to be settled here listening to me. Children feel like jumping about in the garden when there is snow. Now that you have gone out visiting some places in the snow yesterday, I hope you have done your part. This morning being cold, after the snow, you perhaps want to be snug in the house. This is a good occasion for me to talk to you.

My subject this morning is: "Our Future Path of Advancement." Whether it be in Asia or in the Occidental countries, our purpose is exactly the same always: to head for the fulfillment of God's purpose. The question is, what's the best way, and how soon can we accomplish that? In the world there are many nations, and each nation has its own goal -- but its purpose is the betterment of that country. There are also many countries in the Democratic world. Even in the freedom-loving nations in the Democratic world, they don't have unity among themselves. Even though they claim to associate with each other, they do not have many things in common. They have individual ideologies and policies, and they are headed in different directions. They have their own cultural backgrounds, their own policies -- which makes their directions different from one another. For instance, if America has the Communist nations as its enemies, the other Democratic nations may not join efforts to fight the Communist nations.

In the Communist world, however, things are different. The main purpose of the Communist nations is to fight against the imperialism which they think is being carried out in the US. Together they make an all-out effort to fight against the imperialistic US, as they call it. Soviet Russia, Red China, North Korea and other Communist nations have unity in their purpose of destroying the capitalist nations. However, the Democratic nations are not united into one force to fight against Communism. If it goes on like this, from what I gather from the world situation now, in the future, the Democratic nations will be scattered even more -- while in the Communist world, they will unite into one force and fight against the Democratic world.

In this world situation, what is our path in the Divine Principle movement going to be? We cannot go hand-in-hand with the Communist power. Anyway, we are going through the path of Democracy. But with whom are we going to join in the fight against evil? We are joined in the Democratic world, but we don't have our own nation. We are a people without a nation... but we will find one -- or erect one. All the Democratic nations are based on Christian ideology, so we have one way there in the Democratic world to follow -- the Christian path. This is a possible way to pioneer in the Democratic world.

In the Democratic world, the nations are more or less inclined to fight against Communism -- so by showing to the people of the Democratic world our Victory Over Communism, based on the Divine Principle, we may be able to pave our way through. As it now stands -- both in the Democratic and Communist worlds -- their ideologies are based on their respective philosophies. Our way to work through those worlds is to develop our own ideology, or own thought, by analyzing those two ideologies -- by criticizing. In the Christian world, too, there are many denominations separated from one another.

Unifying the denominations is a great and serious problem. What contents will we give to the unification of the denominations? We must show them new opinions, new comments, a new way of interpretation, so all the denominations will be able to join in that one understanding. For that purpose we have the Divine Principle, and with this ideology we are opening it or developing it throughout the world.

We strongly believe that all Christian denominations will be absorbed into our ideology, because it has the most lucid interpretation of the Bible. Things have not reached that point as yet in the US, but in Korea all the Christian denominations are in favor of us -- because they know that our interpretation is very enlightening in understanding the Bible. Based on the theory, they recognize that. People in society as a whole think like that, too. In view of this, we can see that our ideology is going to be the leading one in the Christian world.

In order for us to be able to manipulate all the denominations of the world we must first of all be able to influence theological scholars. To do that we have to join in the World Christian Council. We are now thinking of joining the World Christian Council within this year. It has taken ten years for Master to bring the matter to this point. With that as our foundation we will work on.

We will have to pay a high price for that, because of the persecution we will suffer, especially from the established churches. If we work hard enough to influence USChristians by 1974 it will, in turn, influence the whole world. In this way we must influence the international Christian society, and we are going to do that at the earliest possible date.

In every nation where we have missionaries, they will continue working to restore the whole nation, to lay the nationwide foundation in their respective countries. In the meantime, we are going to influence the international Christian societies -- from the top we will reach the hierarchy, from the bottom we will reach out to the majority of the Christian people.

When we think of how to reach the theological scholars, to influence them, to have them influence the world, we will join in worldwide Christian societies like the World Christian Council in the very near future. That's one of our paths of advancement. The next thing is how to go and stand in the front of others in the Democratic world. The fear of the Democratic world is the fear of Communism. In the Communist world they have a strong world unity under the same ideology, but in the Democratic world they don't have any unity as such. In the Communist world they strongly believe that they are at the stage of influencing the whole world -- and in their eyes, the Democratic world is no problem at all. With that in mind, they are now struggling to overcome the balance of power with the US-- how to make the Communist power stronger than the US, which is the leading nation in the Democratic world. The majority of people in the world are more or less inclined to belong to the power under which they think they can gain the most. In the Democratic world there are people who have the freedom of expressing their own opinions and they can do as they please. Up to the present moment, they have seen that the UShas had more power than the Communists, so they are more or less attached to the US-- but once they see that the Communist power exceeds that of the Democratic nations, they are apt to incline toward the Communist ideology.

In the military field, people of the world are inclined to think that in a few years the Communists will exceed the the US in armaments and military power. The Communist nations wait only for the day when their power can exceed that of the US; then they will be able to fight. Inwardly they are strengthening their military power all the more, while outwardly they cry for a policy of peace. What they call "peaceful measures" is only a tactic for providing a time interval for them to strengthen their military power. They will go on and propagate this until the majority of the people are confident that the Communist power excels in many ways over the Democratic power -- and they have something in mind for that goal. In the Vietnam War, too, Red China has not been quite happy with the Vietcong and the Soviet Union -- but both of them are thinking of the day when they can win the Vietnamese War... and by doing that they will show the world that the USand the Democratic world are declining. Through this cease-fire they are going to strengthen their power in the military field. If the USretreats from Vietnam, have you stopped to think what the attitude of the Asiatic nations will be? Very soon the Communist power will overcome and sweep throughout the Asiatic nations. It's more than clear that even Japan will be swept into that power. They signed the peace treaty, but we have no idea how long it will last. The Vietcong government knows that during the cease-fire they can strengthen their military power, and they are using that interval for that purpose.

As you well know, in North Korea, Kim Il-Sung has been utilizing the cease-fire period, and during that time he has been strengthening his military power to threaten all the Asiatic countries... not only South Korea, but other Asiatic countries as well. The Soviet Union is more or less on good terms with the US, and so is Red China, but they cannot control Kim Il-Sung, telling him to keep his cease-fire promise to the US. Rather, both the Soviet Union and Red China have encouraged Kim II-Sung to strengthen the military power of North Korea.

In Vietnam, the Vietcong are doing the same. Both the Soviet Union and Red China have encouraged the Vietcong government to strengthen its military power instead of advising them to dismantle the military power and be ready to make peace there. Rather, both the Soviet Union and Red China are focusing their attention on the Vietcong government, and they are watchful of each other. Once the Soviet Union sets hands on the Vietcong, the other party, Red China, will go against it. But in the Communist world, they have one very distant purpose: to annihilate capitalism. So, in doing that, both the Soviet Union and Red China -- together with the Vietcong -- will join in the fight against the South Vietnamese government. In order for them to lay the foundation to fight against South Vietnam and to absorb it under the Communist ideology, they are bound in a joint effort. Both the Soviet Union and Red China think that they have to help the Vietcong government. From this viewpoint we cannot quite safely say that in the Asiatic world the Communist threat is diminishing.

Even in the Western world, you must not be with eased heart to see that a cease-fire has been signed in Vietnam. They can open a local fight in Cuba or any of the South American countries, shifting the place. In the Communist world what they have in mind is to communize as many South American countries as possible -- and by influencing their policies to go against the Democratic world, especially the US. This time, in the near future, it will not be from the far-away countries of Asia that danger will come but from the nearer countries, such as those of South America.

In the Democratic world as a whole, the Communist power is a great threat. How to overcome this Communist power will be a serious and grave question, and there must come out an ideology to go against it in the front-line fight of the Democratic world. The ideology standing in the front-line of the Democratic world must be able to analyze and criticize the Communist ideology -- must be able to conquer and overwhelm it. Our ideology, the Divine Principle, will have to advance forward in that direction. In doing that, we have to go through the Democratic world, go beyond it, and reach the Communist world. With this purpose in mind, we organized the Victory Over Communism Federation a few years ago.

Our group is the only one of its kind; in the past few years, we have analyzed and criticized the Communist ideology, and shown a potential for defeating it. As you may know, in Japan, people are more or less pro-Communist. In that nation we opened the V. 0. C. group, and our group is the only one in Japan the Communists are afraid of. One year or more ago our group proposed holding ideological discussions with the Communist youth groups. On the university campuses and in the cultural world as well they think that the Communist power is already being defeated by the V. 0. C. group. They think they are being defeated in the theological field. That's when our group was street preaching on the V. 0. C. ideology... some Communist young people would challenge us for an ideological debate, would be defeated, and later would attack with violence. Some three years ago, in 1970, among the many mottoes the Communists set forth, the first one was to destroy the V. 0. C. group. They knew that with this strong young people's group in existence, they could not win the people to their ideology. They are still in collision with our group on the college and university campuses.

Sometime ago, when the Japanese Communists had their fiftieth anniversary of Communism in that country, they invited twelve or more strong Communist theoreticians, from many nations, and tried to have them defeat our ideology. That ended up in failure. Seen from that standpoint, it is through our ideology, as it is written in the book New Critique on Communism that: "We will be the strong theoretical organization to be able to win over Communism." Kim II-Sung of North Korea, being threatened by our group, even in So-No dialogue, he brings out the question of our association, the V. 0. C. Now the people of South Korea as a whole are in our favor because they know that only our ideology can win over Communism, while the Communist world, especially North Korea, is a great threat to the South Koreans.

Internationally, the Communist threat is focused on the Asiatic nations. In the midst of the tension of Asia and the rest of the world, the fact that we are now in the front-line of others, with the strongest ideology to fight against Communism, is a controversial thing. If in Korea and in Japan both the government and the people come to recognize the strength of the international V. 0. C. ideology, they will influence all the nations of the whole world -- and something great will happen. In Japan, the Communist political parties won more assembly members from the election, placing the liberal Democratic parties under greater threat, so that they now are more inclined to work with us. They are pushed to our side, pressured to be in favor of us. It is the general opinion that, without clasping hands with us, they cannot win over the other parties. Our Victory Over Communism activity is now strengthening for that purpose and we have already won the public opinion to our side. We can now go beyond the Democratic world or ideology.

However, our second path of advance still lies ahead. That is, to organize or systematize a thought or philosophy, based on the Divine Principle, that will win over any ideology or ism in the world. Recently, we have been able to systematize the whole ideology of the Divine Principle under the name "Unified Thought," as a philosophy. We started on that some three years ago, through giving lectures, working out the difficult points and rearranging the system of thought. We have finally made it into a unified thought, a system of philosophy. In fact, last December, we opened a public hearing with some 60 very famous university professors invited, and to our surprise, 111 professors attended that public hearing.

Back in Korea, while the government is helpless without a leading ideology strong enough to win over Communism, through our ideology we are leading the people toward overcoming Communism -- and the government can't help but be in favor of us. When we lectured the professors on our ideology, they were surprised that such a great ideology, which can surely overcome Communism, came from Korea. They were astounded. This way we can supersede that part of both the Democratic world and the Communist world.

Now the preparation period is over, and we are teaching people and giving lectures to many groups on this thought. As I said before, if we can win the favor of the government of the nation or win the public opinion of the people of one nation, then we can influence the people of the whole world from there. One thing that makes it difficult for us to advance full-stream is that we cannot quite proclaim our movement as a church on the foundation of the V. 0. C. ideology. Even though we may be able to set forth Unified Thought -- that's only a philosophy -- we cannot proclaim that we have a church based on that ideology. We must, at any cost, let the people know that Unified Thought, our philosophy, is based on our theological doctrine. Otherwise, we cannot connect the V. 0. C. movement with our church movement. So, we must, at any cost, strengthen our church movement in order to elevate to such a standard that the whole nation will support us. If we elevate the standard of the work of our church to the national level with the philosophical movement coming up to the same level, we can put them both together and make them recognized by the people. With both in conformity with each other, we can influence the whole world.

The most difficult points have lain in that, as our Master has been directing those things up to the present. Although we may have succeeded in building the Unified Thought as a philosophy -- the government can almost use that as its policy -- philosophically we may have set a standard, but without our church work reaching a certain standard, we cannot proclaim it to the world. Our God-centered ideology should be the leading ideology of the world. Then I imagine and hope that those three points are clear in your mind -- the three paths of advancement for us in the future. Do you understand? If you are confident and well-armed, well - equipped with those three things, there is nothing for you to fear. However famous the theological scholars or philosophers you may meet, you will not be defeated by them; you will be stronger than they.

Some of you may not have realized that what we have is such a strong ideology and such a strong theological theory. When our paths will be stalemated in church work, we will shift and make a detour through philosophy or Unified Thought. With that knowledge, you must be confident in doing your work here and you must be proud of being a member of the Unified Family. In the bottom of your heart you must be resolved to make the foundation of church work the main thing. National leaders know this well. Because of the collapse and corruption in the Christian world, it will be easier to work to unite the denominations in the Christian world. The top-level people, in both the theological and political fields, have been more or less against our movement. But now they are collapsing, they will be inclined to come to us and ask us for help. From now on we are going to unite the theological seminaries.

Before going to influence the politicians we have something else in mind. We have a group of people influence the policy of the nations, proclaiming that in the Democratic world, policy-making should be for the same goal. They can say that, pointing out that in the Communist world all the different nations set their purpose on the same goal, and that's what makes them strong. Then, what are we going to do? In every nation the policy makers are not only the government people. Not only the President makes the policy. The famous scholars of the nations play the role of the brain. So our thought is how to unite the leading professors in each nation... on the worldwide level again. In preparation for that, in both Korea and Japan, we have organized the World Professors' Association for Peace and Unity. We have already organized that. In the East we will have the first conference in Korea, then in China maybe, and also in Japan. In those three nations we are soon going to open conferences.

We have already laid the foundation on university campuses to make it the ruling opinion of both the students and professors that our ideology can win over any other philosophy or religious doctrine. In the past three years we have been inviting Korean professors to Japan and Japanese professors to Korea for that purpose. In the opinion of those who have been invited back and forth between Korea and Japan, the Unified Thought or Divine Principle will be the leading ideology of the world -- and without our group, they cannot cleanse the present corruption of society.

We are now in the stage to open the Asiatic Conference of Professors for Peace and Unity. After that we will have this conference opened in the US. We will then organize the World Professors' Conference Association for Peace and Unity and will make it the strongest of its kind in the whole world. In order to do that, we must first contact world-famous scholars in the US. After opening the first World Professors' Conference, we will organize something similar to the Nobel Prize fund, making it twice as famous or valuable as the Nobel Prize. Those professors who win our prize will not be confined to the USin their teaching field, but to the whole world. We will choose seven famous university cities in seven leading nations, and will have them, each in turn, teach in those universities for six months at a time. That way they will have associated themselves with the famous scholars of that nation. We will also be able to contact bright, promising young men and bring them to a certain place to educate them for a future career.

The policy-makers in the background are the professors. Even though they represent the cultural field, more than anything else we need scholars in the scientific fields -- in the political, cultural, and economic fields. That's why we opened the Unified Science Conference in Europe last month. Next time we will have the Unified Economists' Conference, and after that the World Politicians' Conference. By our organizing the World Professors' Association we will have them win the people in each field to come and join us. We will also have sub-committees of the cultural, economic and political fields in the World Professors for Peace and Unity in order to make further research in their respective fields, and increase their influence in the world with the results of their research. The scholars will set forth a subjective ideology, uniting the different fields into one. This will be the leading ideology of the world.

Back in their own countries, these scholars will influence their own national policies in a joint effort, which will enable us to direct the world policies toward the same goals. By having those world-famous scholars work toward the same direction, and by making our World Professors for Peace and Unity very conspicuous and influential, we will surely influence the policies of the whole world in the near future. In order to make it effective, we must have a very good university of our own. We must establish a university in at least seven nations: Korea, Japan, America, United Kingdom, France, Italy and Germany. Then we will organize the World Board of Directors of the Professors of Unification. The members of this board of directors will be leading professors of all those seven universities.

We will invite all the prize-winning (Tongil Prizes) professors to the international universities for the purpose of doing extensive research in their own fields. They will then teach in their universities. By visiting the seven nations in turn and by teaching in each place for six months or more, they can associate with the leading professors or scholars of the respective nations and can also pick up many ideal people. Out of the seven world-famous international universities we can create an international university brotherhood and exchange professors. The curriculum will thus have an international basis.

By the end of February, in Korea, we will take over a great university, the name of which I cannot reveal as yet, of some 6,000 students. We are going to run that university. We have been working for that since one and one-half years ago. We will develop it to a worldwide level. If we succeed, so that the people of the world will think highly of the standard of that university, we can really work on our project. There we will lay the foundation to influence the professors and have them influence the policies of their own nations. After that, beyond what the professors will be able to do by influencing the policies of the country, we will work directly with those people who, under every government now, make the policies -- the congressmen, senators and parliament members -- by organizing the World Congressmen's Association. For that purpose we are working hard in Japan.

We had our young Little Angels dancing troupe play that role, making their performance a great success in Japan, astounding the whole world. That enabled us to influence political figures in Japan, and now we will influence the congressmen of other Asiatic countries. In a while longer we can even manipulate liberal Democratic party members, who are very much in favor of us now. They can do the work of influencing congressmen in Asiatic countries for us.

The weaker nations of the Asiatic world have a fear of Japan. It is a threat for them if Japan becomes Communist. In the past few years they have seen our group in Japan working hard against Communism. But when Premier Tanaka made his visit to Red China -- as well as President Nixon -- things changed a lot. We held demonstrations against the Premier's visit to Red China. There were many who thought our young people were crazy, since the whole government was becoming pro-Communist and even the Premier was visiting Red China, so "why are they demonstrating?" they wondered. Our group kept on doing it, however, even though the government objected to it.

The people in those Asiatic nations where they have a Communist threat -- especially those around the Red Chinese borderline -- were well in favor of our group and would cheer them up spiritually, mentally. The Japanese government realized that our V. O. C. group is on good, strong terms with the powers in the Asiatic nations around the Red Chinese boundary and will be a threat to the government. Our group is on good terms with the embassy representatives of those nations. Through those representatives our group can influence the governments of those nations. It became clear to them that even though they may have to throw away the Japanese government, they cannot do without our V. O. C. group. That has been our strategy. When Free China was kicked out of the UN, we had our people go through a three-day fast against that. In Japan our young people fasted for seven days and protested against Free China's being thrown out. By doing that, Mr. Kuboki became very famous. In the meantime, the people of Japan became more and more pro-Communist -- and upon Premier Tanaka's visit to Red China, it increased even more. The people became uneasy, public opinion came to be in favor of our group, and they came to rely on us for strength against Communism.

So, through our Little Angels dancing troupe's successful performance in Japan we have laid the foundation to win the embassy personnel stationed in Japan to our side -- and through them we can influence their respective nations. They are eager to invite the Little Angels dancing troupe to their own countries. They well know that Mr. Kuboki has been the V. 0. C. champion and they want to be helped by him in their own countries. In the W. A. C. L. Conference, Mr. Kuboki, as chairman, was very successful and became very famous among the congressmen and top-level people invited from many different nations. All of them will receive Mr. Kuboki as an international guest in their homes. He can even visit the premiers of those nations.

Sometime in the future Master will have Mr. Kuboki take the Little Angels, as an international group, on tour of those nations. At first, people will be skeptical about his purpose, but he is a good speaker and will make a five-to-twenty minute talk at the beginning of the performance, explaining that he's doing it for the sake of international good will. "Korea and Japan have been enemy nations, but we transcend the past resentment. I have picked up something good out of the culture of the East, and will dig out many other culture values and introduce them to other Asiatic nations. I have done this with the Little Angels, at the expense of millions of dollars. I am doing this in order to make known the cultural background of the Asiatic nations." When he says that, he will move the hearts of the people right away.

With their record set up in other countries, the Little Angels can be invited to the premier's mansion, or the palaces of kings and queens, and will be known to the people of those nations. Before kings, queens, premiers as well as the public, Mr. Kuboki can speak the same way -- and if he should want their cooperation, they will be pleased to cooperate with him. That's more than clear. If we pick up 20 or more senators from those nations, we can organize a strong group. Out of ten nations we can gather some 200 high-level people. Mr. Kuboki will be able to invite those top-level people to Japan, and the political groups of Japan will be surprised at what he is doing.

When we have 800 or more of those people, we will open the same kind of conference in the US. With many senators backing up our conference, we can invite several hundred senators and congressmen from all over the world. On the one hand, we will have already set up the foundation through the "brain" role of the professors; on the other hand, we will have congressmen of many other nations. With those two groups, we can do a great thing. One will be the brain, the other will be the limbs -- and our work will develop. The worldwide movement under the Divine Principle will play the role of limbs under that brain, and we can make a solid foundation for the world.

As it now stands, the UN has only the brain, not the limbs with which to work. They can barely maintain a military or a political force, and they are only paying lip service and nothing else. People will protest, but will be helpless. We can say that the UN is just a head with a big mouth -- without limbs. Our strong belief is that our movement is going to play the role of the limbs -- to work and bear fruit throughout the nations of the world.

Not just in the USor in a few other nations, but all over the world, from now on, we are going to organize the mobile teams, the One World Crusade, and have it be active. Our church work in each nation will be strengthened, too, and by the time the famous university professors are invited to our countries, the One World Crusade members will work for them and, in a chartered plane, they will accompany them to that nation. Some 500 people will ride in the jumbo jet, We will mobilize the One World Crusade of that nation and the mobile unit on the international level. Together they will make that conference or rally a great success. At that conference people will stand in line to get into the hall, and the whole place will be filled up with a great audience. The professors who are invited to that conference will be very famous. We will also invite theological scholars and scholars from every field of science. If we hold these world-famous conferences in many different countries, we can do just about anything.

In holding these conferences, we need a dancing troupe, singing groups, orchestra, etc. The scene will be broadcast live on the television. While working you must find and cultivate talents in other people. You must have them ready. Should Master, on your recommendation, want to call them to be trained somewhere, you must be ready. Now I have made the Little Angels world famous. Maybe in the future I will make a Western Little Angels dancing troupe. We must approach from every angle of life; otherwise, we cannot absorb the whole population of the world. We must besiege them.

We have bought this beautiful Belvedere Estate. This is a famous estate in the New York area. The previous owner was a very famous and wealthy man -- Seagram's whiskey -- he became world famous for a very unusual thing. Once at Christmas time, several years ago, it did not snow, so this wealthy man, in order to have a white Christmas, had artificial snow fall on the entire estate. You can imagine how wealthy he was. That made him famous and made Belvedere famous throughout the state. With a certain purpose in my mind, I am going to redecorate certain rooms in the mansion. From now on I am going to invite famous New Yorkers to this house, one by one. Whenever we have a training course here I will invite them to see the young people working for this great cause and perhaps to speak to you. They will be pleased. Sometime in March more members are coming from the European countries and very possibly from Japan, too. They will come to Belvedere for training. The attention of the people will be aroused when they see more than 100 young people coming on a chartered Boeing 707 to land in this country.

From now on, if our members increase, we will have to charter jumbo jets. After two-week training, they will fly back in the chartered plane. They will be doing that once or twice a month. The whole world will be astounded. We have to train you in the USfor that purpose, too. European members will come on tourist visas -- and when the visa problem has been straightened out with your group, there will be no problem in the future.

Master is thinking of building a big hall that will accommodate 400 or more trainees; not only in New York but also in Washington, DC, Denver, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco. The jumbo jet will visit all those centers for advertising purposes. The CIA people will be astounded. When we charter the jumbo jet, if there are any seats left, young people in different countries will try to get those seats and go through whatever training will be given. We have a great hope for that project. Does it sound possible or not? In that way we shall influence the whole of the US. From what you will have done, the CIA people will know the value of what you have done here and may even propose to pay for all your travel and accommodation expenses. We'll let them know that if they wish, we can pick up very brilliant young men, maybe one or two of the trainees, and have them stay in America working for this country... they will be pleased. They will know that we are strong anti-Communist fighters and we can be the reconcilers between the blacks and whites.

If one nation in the Western world can be turned upside down in this way, I think the whole world will be influenced in three years' time. We have such vast possibilities ahead of us. It may sound incredible and you may think our Master is always saying such big things that you can't imagine how he can realize them. But I am already putting that into practice; portion by portion it is being realized. That kind of world will come before too long. So, I want you to be well-armed for that and to think of yourselves as the subjective personages in carrying it out.

From the year 1975, I am going to organize the international mobile team. In order for you to be qualified for membership in the international mobile team you must be able to speak several languages, at least English, French and Spanish. You will be working on the worldwide level. Those who are chosen for that purpose will be sent to France for the French language. I will tell the leader of the French group to learn the language and become efficient in one year. He has got to do that. Day and night, asleep or awake, he must do it, even though he may not be able to eat. For example, for someone sent to the French family, two French girls will play the role of teachers -- girls are always good at chattering -- even while he is eating, those two girls will play the role of chatterboxes, because hearing will help him. Once I have said it, I will do it. You are going to obey me, aren't you? (To European leaders) We have to set up the world tradition while I am on earth. I will be active for 20 years. During that interval I have got to pave the way to every corner of the earth. Will you be obedient to me? [YES!] Then those chosen people of the international mobile team will intermarry transcendent of nationality. They will become so famous that the people of the world will be proud of having their sons and daughters marry those internationally chosen young men and women -- and I can even marry you to kings and queens, princes and princesses. That's possible -- that's nothing to laugh at. It'll be done after we have laid the foundations of the different associations we discussed and we will influence the ambassadors in many nations when that happens.

If we mobilize some 500 international mobile team members, the whole world will be stirred up -- and no one will be ignorant of our activities. Once they see our ideology working, that we are marrying internationally, transcendent of nationality, and that these members are such promising young people, they will be attracted to our way of life. From then on, whatever you do will lead the fashion of the world. If you want to have a yellow necktie, yellow scarves, that will be the world fashion. Just imagine 500 brilliant young men, internationally organized, marching in demonstration through streets of various nations. Once I have spoken I will make it a reality. I have got to make it.

The man standing here, saying such big things and promising to make it a reality is what you call Master Moon. We have the tradition already set up; if we have money we can make it a reality. In what way are we going to make money? We, ourselves, will earn the money. In the future, maybe I will have to collect a tax of $100 per person -- we've got to pay that. There's no problem about it. It's because we are going to use that money for a good purpose, relating to your ancestry and future generations. Suppose we have ten million members. Suppose I will urge them to make 100 dollars a month per person for a years' time, for the financial restoration. Then, how much will it be? Twelve billion. Once we have made it a realization, all the nations of the world will want to work with us for sure.

Even while you are working on the mobile teams, if I command you to raise $100 a month, will you do that? You are on the way to be trained, so why don't you see if you can do that? The mobile team commander will collect the money from you and have the money deposited in the bank. If you are really resolved to do that, nothing is impossible. If you fail to do that, I will do that in your place. In what way I am going to do that you may wonder, but I have many ways in which to do it. We have a vast project set before us. I am of such disposition, such nature, that without realizing what I have spoken I cannot sleep, eat or do anything. I have got to make it a reality.

I have made David Kim Chief Commander of the mobile team, but I will watch over him to see what he can do. If he is a failure, I will be the Chief Commander of the mobile team. However great a number, I can handle them. Whether it be 2,000 or more I am resolved to turn this nation upside down by having the mobile team members do that. If I am on the mobile team commanding you, you cannot sleep, you cannot eat. In order for you to realize all those things, you must not sleep much, eat much, rest much. You must work day and night to make this great task a reality -- a success. You must move on right to the moment of death. Isn't that right? If you are resolved to do that, hold up your hand. It's easy to hold up your hand, but it's not so easy for you to work it out. If you advance forward on a future path like that, you will surely reach the goal, but if you fail, you will have fought in vain.

In order for you to realize it, you must first of all have faith in what you are doing. Next, you must have a fighting spirit, in conformity with your faith. In the course of the fight you may sometimes have to stumble, frustrated, and go through obstacles and difficulties -- but you have got to go through that way. You may have won the battle 100 times and the 101st time will be the problem. But you have got to make every battle of yours a success in order to win the final victory. The next thing you need is the wisdom of decision and then the efficiency to make it a success. Do you want our project to be realized as soon as possible -- or slowly, in the long run? Then, what would you expect out of your commander? Would you like him to push you ahead still harder while you are already running or leave you alone when you are only walking? Then, will you be able to enjoy being pushed, even after having worked really hard? Will you be hurt and complain sometimes, when you are pushed harder? Will you complain?

You must try to compete with each other, to work more, run faster. If you want to eat, if you are hungry, you would want to eat while walking, running even, because you want to make rapid advancement in your work. Master is always busy, feels utmost urgency every moment. Even in his sleep he is busy. How can he do that? He plans strategy even in his dreams. That's what makes him a busy man. Every time I see a young man, I study how to use him. Whenever I see a great, luxurious mansion I dream of the day I can bring the poor people and have them live in that great mansion. I am always busy in thinking of those things -- planning. Are you ready to help this busy man or make this busy man all the busier? Then I want you to be very busy in doing the work that I would want you to do. I am a man of such a nature that once I have said a thing I will put it into practice. Once I have set my hands on a certain thing I will see its realization. Eating, sleeping, resting -- those are of no concern to me. I actually forget to eat and forget to sleep. I have not slept earlier than 1:00 a.m., and in eating, I don't realize whether I am eating or not -- I just swallow what I am taking. You have only a small span of life -- how to use it is the question. If you go on and rest, eat and sleep, and spend much time on those things, you will not have much time left -- which means your life is short.

In the year 1965, as you may have known, I visited every corner of this country -- visiting every state, including Alaska and Hawaii. We traveled in a car, and the driver would drive at a speed of 80 miles an hour, and I would insist that he drive at the full speed: 115 miles per hour. In that case I am proud of myself for having set up the record of speed in traveling the country on the highway. In that way I could cover the 50 states in 40 short days. In that, too, I have set the record. I am the example and in my example you can do the same. I have established the record in using the people, pushing them ahead. Will it be all right with you if I go on and do that? If it is all right, hold up your hand. I am a busy man, so instead of me, Mr. Kim will be with you. He has also a special characteristic, with his eyes wide open, that will crush you. In case he will have to stare at you with those piercing eyes, don't you ever think that he is mad at you or anything, but he is doing that under the command of Master Moon. So, think that he is carrying out his mission, commanded by Master. You must be cooperative with him rather than opposing. In that case would you stare at him with that same, strong glance? Or come down to humility in obedience to him? That way we can make our path shortened.

I want you to be a good commander. I want you to be good mobile team members -- always active. You have been determined not to complain under any difficult situations. Our purpose is to shorten our path, to reach the goal at the soonest possible date. In doing that, suppose one year will be shortened, and it will cause a great thing in the world. We may calculate that approximately 36 million people die every year, all of them headed for Hell. If our goal is shortened we will have saved 36 million people before their death. They can go to Heaven instead of Hell. We must be very serious when we think of that.

If you go to other countries as missionaries, you are going to play the role of mother or father to the people of that nation. When you go out to the mobile teams, you must put yourself in the position of father or mother to the people of the nation. If you are in the parents' position and your children are dying away in the sinful world, would you eat, rest and sleep instead of going out and saving them? You know very well how you would do. While you are here getting trained and ready to go out to fight in the battlefield, there are many people in the background backing you up, pushing you forward, supporting you in many ways, and praying for your success. Remember all those people behind you. I want you to go forward, fight and make yourselves victors. By doing that you will shorten the path.

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