The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

We created 12 tribes

Sun Myung Moon
October 15, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae and Victory Celebration for the Rally to Begin the Restoration of God's Homeland

Sun Myung Moon and Dae Mo Nim September 28, 2011

Today is truly meaningful and precious day.

Dear True Parents, congratulations on your victory!

True Parents will be presented with bouquets of flowers. Regional Leader of Western Tokyo, Rev. Park Sung-hee and Chairwoman of Blessed Wives' Association, Mrs. Yukiko Tomonaka will offer the flowers.)

Go to those nations and through lottery select 12 people from each nation who can live here.

Select 12 persons from each of 194 nations and divide them into grades: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so forth.

Even if you had some merits in the past, consider that the past. Today you need to be selected to work through Abel UN and wove forward, be grateful and altruistic.

We created 12 tribes, and we assemble 120, 1200 and 12000 people – everything is based on the number 12. Report everything about it.

Current leaders are exempt from this. Select others through lottery.

If 3 persons from a certain country are selected, it's a sure thing. There is Heaven's Will for these people to be selected. If only you have this concept there will be no counter reaction. I think that's possible.

Do it after I leave. I heard today all Japanese members are leaving, right? Japan must fulfill its responsibility by the end of this year. Next we need to educate Ambassadors, from Japan and USA. So, arrange the dates.

Japan should handle the expenses. You should fulfill your responsibility towards Korea by the end of this year, no matter what difficulties you will have to face. Otherwise you will be in predicament which you won't be able to get through. Didn't I tell you that in this case I won't be able to take the responsibility?

The age is passing when I had you talking in my stead. Now I have lots of grandchildren, don't I? I need to educate my family for it to go up. I forsake my family members, that's why they had so many difficulties. That's also true for Moon clan. I need to rally Moon and Han clans and unify them.

I have many relatives in Moon and Han clans, many daughters-in-law and other in-laws. We also need to hurry with inter-cultural marriage. You all have to become one through inter-cultural marriages.

1200 or even 12000 people should be connected with your family. Very soon there will be no one who will not have received the Blessing.

So, through the Blessing we need to open the way for international marriages. Do you understand? That's what we should do from now on.

From now I'll give the Blessing only to sons and daughters of Ambassadors for Peace. You Blessed families have to do everything. It's your job to educate 120, 1200 and 12000 people and complete the Blessing.

Miscellaneous lineages should disappear. That's the purpose. Do you understand? We need to bring it in complete order. To do that you have to be ready to give up your property, rights and authority, to overcome everything. Work through the structure local neighborhoods. Create the organization in counties. Do you understand?

Prior to the election you should create women network on the level of local neighborhoods throughout the country.

It should be organized in neighborhoods, villages, counties and districts. This network should cover not just some provinces, but the whole Korea.

With that we can complete activities "Tong-ban Kyeokpa." With this we gathered some 600 thousand people.

The time to give education like in the past has passed. If Kim Yeong sam had opposed me, I could have turned the whole world upside down. We need to do it again. So, dispatch people.

In your neighborhood or village you need to be on such terms with people that you could stay overnight in their house.

We need to launch activities worldwide. If you manage to rally 12 thousand people centered on your family, you can go ahead and work in the name of the nation. Then things will move in a matter of seconds. Do you understand?

If we establish a special tradition, even small nations will be able to join the UN. I have prepared the environment for the North and South to unite.

Those who had opposed us collapsed. We have a broadcasting station in USA which is related to the Abel UN. Is that right? Chung-hwan Kwak must take overall responsibility for America. Do you understand?

Next True Children's Day will be November 11th. From that day Parents and Hyun jin's couple will start s 12-State tour in the United States.

It's good for me not to participate. If I go there directly it may draw more opposition, so we'll have more troubles to deal with.

Even if I don't go there, Mother and Hyun-jin's couple can do everything instead of me. We need to do it throughout the nation. So, you have to create a revival in 120 cities. America is a central nation in the age of the Pacific Rim civilization, so you need to show some example to America. Families of the Abel UN should also follow.

By giving inter-cultural Blessing to our relatives we can create little organizations which will help us. It's good to finish it quickly.

We already have some 180 thousand married people. You can call your relatives and make a record of who among them was educated the most.

Go beyond your nation.

History of millenniums falls into the spirit world. When I handle it on earth chaos is stirred even in the spirit world. Do you understand?

We need to deal with everything on earth. That's why we have the conference starting from today and until 18th. Primary stage of the Korean Industrial Complex is completed.

Japanese members can stay here for 4 days from today until 18th, discuss everything and later complete the organization.

Now Japan and Korea are in similar position in the realm of Abel UN, so church leaders from 194 nations can vote and be embraced by Abel UN. So, mission assignments become possible. That's a development in a leap.

Even if smallest and most insignificant nations are selected, America has to accept them, since it took the responsibility.

To complete the equalization we need to assign personnel as quickly as possible, so think about it before we leave.

We should gather people and select through lottery representatives from 194 nations, who can be like national messiahs, leaders representing authorities of those nations.

Then we can dispatch leaders to parliaments. We need to teach people there also. Our purpose is to teach people and complete the Blessing. Do you understand?

So, we inevitably need to speed up the organization. Remember this, as you stay here until 18th.

Then who can give guidance to Japanese members? Jeong-noh Yoon can do it for 3 months. Chung-hwan Kwak should guide people in Korea.

So we need to build unified system in Japan and Korea? American, Japanese and Korean members should use their money in banks to help people in the poorest nations. Abel UN should organize more such relief movements than Cain UN.

In this way we can complete the Blessing quickly. When the humankind will take a form of one nation centered on True Parents, all families of the world will be like one tribe.

Now we have to pave the way for selecting the tribes. That's an important job. Remember this and make a plan until 18th. I've talked about 4 things today. So, hold a meeting. 

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