The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Hyun-jin has many plans for the future

Sun Myung Moon
October 5, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Chung Pyung

Sun Myung Moon February 8, 2011

Isn't it Hyun-jin there? He has many plans for the future, he is working hard and his vision is clear, so he can deal with any organization. For example, he can connect all Harvard Graduates, create close ties with various organizations, make surveys, find new information. You should know that he is in charge of the organization that can do all of this.

Harvard didn't finish the job. Important business is to create a new God-centered system and structure in media. One person cannot make big report. There are people who receive it. People in the world don't understand this, but the Unification Church has the inner content that can enable it to make a leap.

If you think you have reached an ideal standard, there's no hope in your future. We need to shake off all the foam from ourselves, build relationships with others and enlarge the foundation that will enable us to move on. That's the job we must do. This world has definitely nowhere to go, if it doesn't follow our way. That's an enormous content.

Numerous people in the spirit world are behind this. When the time comes, they will help to set the direction this earthly world moves into. Remember this: Going to luxurious bars or following fashion is just a waste of time. We should be able to follow the mainstream close to the Heavenly way.

Did you get the right direction? That's the question. We also need to make efforts to broaden our external foundation. Remember this: You, young people should be able to dream and bring together youth not only from your neighborhood but from the entire world. So, we also need sports, soccer, Olympic games.

Korea has a foundation which even the world cannot follow. We also need martial arts. Global trend is such that even national governments cannot control many things. So, we need to survive in this merciless environment.

That's why we need to be interested in sports and study martial arts. We need responsible people able to lead on the national and global levels. You may think it's just a dream, but it's not. Hyun-jin is a logical person. He's influential. Don't think that he's just my son and that's all about him.

We need to expand. If we are tall, we can watch over all walls. So we need to grow continuously. Then the foundation will follow upon which the world can benefit. People with a true philosophy who make effort will not perish; they will survive and become masters. Where's the owner of everything?

Don't roam around in between. Dig into your families and tribes and build unity there. Hyun-jin, will you say something? He's busy to go around. He doesn't even have time to report to me. Since we have our philosophy, no one can beat us.

I was not defeated by the top people in the world of information and media and in economic circles. They think within national borders, but we go beyond national level. The providence is not centered on Asia, it's centered on Heaven, on eternal Heavenly Kingdom. So we need to understand the Kingdom of Heaven.

Our headquarters is there, so we must follow that world. The time has come when things of the past cannot remain in the present. Everything will change rapidly. Remember this, and let us give a big hand to Hyun-jin. Children should gather together around one core.

Our toils were not in vain. The results will remain in history. Where will they settle? Not on earth, but in the very center of God's heart.

Our work must set the tradition that will not die in the eternal world. It will shoot out branches that will grow big. We should develop a foundation that will enable us to stand independently and represent the Kingdom of Heaven. Let's go forward with confidence.

In the future CARP members should also receive a military training. Think, what should Ambassadors for Peace, Peace Corps, and Peace Police do. Women can work in Peace Police and men in Peace Corps. The Police and the army are needed to protect family and society. They play the security role like that of white and red blood cells.

God trusted Lucifer very much. He didn't provide any protective measures, he was just watching the person in charge what stage will he go to. You can develop only if you know the reality of the spirit world. Do you understand? Many people opposed us, but those who don't understand the spirit world finally step back and disappear.

Now I must prepare for the departure to the spirit world. We need to prepare new areas as pious children, patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters who must attend God in the original world, so that no trace of evil remains on earth. The Unification Church must do it.

From now, don't object to my going to the spirit world. You must take responsibility to provide conditions for my foundation. A President has his secretariat. A foundation for victory is not just Korea and Japan, it's the whole world. God wishes us to go this way.

We should pioneer with boundless hope and subjective philosophy. Expansion also depends on subsidiary facilities. Shall we read something? Ambassadors for peace are coming from tomorrow, right? (Yes.) Who's responsible for this? (Mr. Jeong-noh Yoon: I'm preparing for this.)

Shall we make it a bit easy for them? I may meet them on the first day. If I give too serious talk they may all run away. Ambassadors for Peace are keeping secrets of all secrets. They must play the role of secret emissaries. They have no right of ownership. If this right is given to them, they will get caught in the East and in the West. So, they need to overcome this. They shouldn't think about positions they occupied in society in the past. They must renew themselves. 

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