The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Hyun Jin’s Report

Sun Myung Moon
October 5, 2007
After Hoon Dok Hae at the Peace Palace

At Hoon Dok Hae at Cheon Jeong Peace Palace on October 5, True Father said, "All of you need to hear what Hyun-jin reported to me." True Mother's personal assistant, Mrs. Wonju McDevitt, read out Hyun-jin nim's report on activities conducted during the first half of the seventh year of Cheon.Il Guk (2007) and plans for further activity from that point on. As soon as the report had been read, Father spoke. Following is most of what he said that day:

That fellow standing over there is Hyun-jin; he has many ideas and he is good at putting his effort behind those ideas. He has a very penetrating and lucid way of looking at any organization. His worldwide network of university alumni can therefore be linked up in the background and can be an influential basis that enables him to develop new contacts and gather a lot of new information. You should be aware of this.

The big problem is how, centering on Heaven, to develop a new media system and network, a new structural paradigm, starting from a new plan and design. What's in this very expansive report Hyun-jin has made is not something he can do just by himself. Because he has people around him who are receptive to his ideas, our movement is at the stage where we are completing all the foundation work and can now proceed to the next stage, a new stage where huge leaps and bounds can be accomplished in these areas. Even though the rest of the world is unaware of this, you here need to know about it.

You have to be aware that young people just sleeping and thinking that the situation they are settled in is the ideal for doing whatever they want is actually the path to a future without hope. To throw off that outer skin and jump up to a new level and to multiply your blessings, you have to move ahead, creating reciprocal relationships, whether you are on the giving end or on the receiving end. You have to move ahead, expanding a movable base. This is what we have to do from this point on-and quickly. The world has no place to go except toward us. It has already been decided.

The world is not a simple place. It is not something you can just pick up with your hands. It is a huge reality to deal with. Furthermore, behind all this, there are the aspirations of the spirit world. The people have been living and descending from the spirit world for thousands and tens of thousands of years, and they have the desire and longing to help in a specific way, once the right time comes in the earthly world. This is the way the direction of the earthly world is decided.

Many women simply follow the trends of the times, indulging in luxuries and such, but the path we have to go is the one that is focused on the direction of the will of God, the one that can approach the true path of righteousness and follow the essence and bone marrow of the mainstream of God's will. You should pay very close attention to these words, and think about the direction that standard indicates. Even if you are not aware of it, I have made effort to expanding our base for reaching out to the rest of the world.

Young people should have dreams and ambitions; they should unite with their neighbors, with their neighboring nations, with the youth of the whole world. For advancement to occur, there must be such a coming together of people, and this is why we need this movement.

This is why we also need soccer, why we need the Olympics and why we need the arts -- everything. In the world of sports, there is all the foundation we need. In Korea, in Asia, or in the world, we have a sports foundation that no one can match. That's true also for martial arts.

In the future, the flow of the global economy will not simply be maintained by international loans, or based on particular nations. In all of this, we have to go beyond the level of deciding life and death in this world over which a shadow has been cast, and gain control over our environment. If we can't gain control over it, we have to cut it off mercilessly; you should know that this is what is going on and that we have to survive in the midst of all this. In preparation for all of this, in order to prepare a firm and stable base for that survival, we have to carry out this movement, as activists, and in everything we encounter, we have to take an interest and strengthen the base that is connected to us, to you, from numerous angles. This is why we need people who can be responsible to exert influence on the national and global levels, and resolve any future crisis.

When you hear about some great idea, don't treat it as if it's just someone's dream. That fellow over there [Hyun-jin nim] has the kind of background that has influenced how things have developed, through a systematic foundation. Please give that a bit of thought.

So, that's what my son has been doing. Perhaps you thought it was me, but anyway, don't just think that things stop here with me. Do you understand? We have to expand our foundation. Expand it! It's just as when a child gets bigger and can see things over on the other side of a wall. This is something that you must do again and again. When things expand, the natural result is an ability to embrace and digest a new environment, and a foundation can be formed that benefits the whole world.

Those who invest effort and have a true philosophy will never perish but survive and live on to become owners and masters. Where in all of South Korea can you find a true owner? I've been working hard so that false owners cannot prevail, and so should you. Don't just wander around, drifting, when you are only half way to the goal. Centering on your family and on your clan, you have to break through and dig deep. Right, Hyun-jin?

Do you want to say a few words? What? You've been busily going around here and there by yourself without informing me, off around the world... But what you are doing is needed.

From where we stand now, you can see that because we have a philosophy of life, no matter what kind of world comes against us, there is no one who can knock us out. We have risen up to the highest standard. I have been bumping up against the world's leaders, the leaders of nations and with the people on the cutting edge of the information business, the media, and the world of economics. I have not been brought to ruin.

Those people think about things only within a national framework, but we pursue the goal of God's providence from a standard that transcends national boundaries and all other limitations. Not centering on South Korea or just on Asia, but centering on the future eternal nation...

You mustn't be ignorant about the spiritual kingdom. The spirit world is the headquarters, and the earth, which has received so much influence from there, may not be able to keep up with that world. Even so, all the earth has passed through the era of being colonized, and the things of the past cannot remain in the present, but become history. That's how things are changing. That time is now approaching us. You should be aware of that and not just sleep in some kind of stupor but wake yourselves up properly.

What time is it now? Forty minutes past? Hmm, we are out of time... Okay, give a big round of applause as encouragement to Hyun-jin.

Nowadays, my children understand that they have to unite centering on one text, one scripture. Right. So, all their father's work won't come to nothing after all. Now you understand. Where do the things that remain in history find root and become firmly planted? Where? Not on the earthly plane. It is firmly established at the center point between heaven and earth.

All philosophers and all the great sages of the world have passed through their own courses and established their own traditions. Those traditions may remain on earth for a certain period, but once we get to the eternal world, what we are doing will remain as a branch and not die off. It has the ability to become a huge, fundamental gateway. If we can accomplish that tradition, it can stand in place of a tradition in that eternal world of heaven, and from a separated position, from the position of a subject partner, it can be cultivated as a foundation that can stand there. That's what we have to be able to do.

You have to have confidence and then surmount all the obstacles and challenges. So, in the future we will have to have strict training for CARP members. Of course, we have the ambassadors for peace and the Peace Kingdom Police Force. Women have to become peace kingdom police officers and men have to join the Peace Kingdom Corps. Now is the time. If we want to protect the family and protect society then... The red corpuscles simply take care of themselves, but the white blood cells are there to take care of the wider environment. There needs to be that kind of protective system. You know, in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve placed too much trust in Lucifer. Lucifer was raised to be a perfect assistant to God, but in ignorance of the fact that he had been entrusted with that, he could not take measures to protect the situation.

I'm observing the leaders here to see just how far they will go. Just be aware of that. You have to be cognizant of the reality of the spirit world if you want to develop. You understand, right? You have to know this. Many, many people and groups in the secular world opposed our existence and tried to eliminate us. However, those who cannot understand the reality of the spirit world fade away and become irrelevant -- that is, if they don't submit to us. The ones who understand the reality of the spirit world take the foundation we have made and raise it.

Now, I have to get ready for my transition to the spirit world, instead of working here on the earthly plane. When I go to the spiritual world, I have to pioneer a new culture based on the path of the filial child, patriot, saint and divine son or daughter, which Adam and Eve should have offered to God in the context of the original world in which Adam and Eve hadn't fallen. I have to prepare everything so that I don't leave any remnant, any uncompleted work, to mark where I have been. Preparation. Putting everything in order. Now it's time to put the Unification Church in order, too. And now that I am headed toward that final destination in the spirit world; you shouldn't get in my way...

You here have to complete your own responsibility so that I can make a declaration within the context of my own foundation -- you have to set that condition. An official, an organization or a ministry, or the president of a nation, any of these will have some kind of assistant or secretariat. They will have administrative workers to help with everything that needs to be done and to develop the overall environment. Let's be realistic; based on what standard are you going to develop a victorious foundation -- the Korean standard, the Japanese standard, or the world standard?

From this point on, when God controls or stands as master over a situation, he can achieve what he wishes. This is the path that can fulfill God's desires. God can invest Himself toward fulfilling his hopes and pioneer things, and cause a new philosophy to emerge that can stand in the true subject position. That's just like a house, isn't it? In a house, you have a door to go through, then you go into the rooms, and you have all the minor facilities and so forth.

In doing God's work, things are laid out in a similar manner; it is God's will that people be able to develop without limitations, and that they pursue the things that God wants. Moreover, you can realize the things that God is thinking of, many times over. The ambassadors for peace are coming to Hoon Dok Hae beginning from tomorrow, right? So who is going to be in charge? I might not be here; that's the thing. It's not as if I want to take a break or anything. Of course, on the first day, I probably should be here. But if I talk about things too seriously, they might all just run away!

The ambassadors for peace actually have a very important role; they have to fulfill the responsibility of God's special secret agents. They don't have any ownership rights, actually. If they had ownership rights, they would get caught out by something. Whether they are from the East or from the West, they would get caught on something. We have to come to grips with the current era, which stands in opposition to the fulfillment of this responsibility, and move beyond it into a better future. You can't just expand activities according to your whim. The ambassadors for peace don't have the right of ownership.

You have to give the proper training to these ambassadors. A school is a school; you can't just get it all done in a few days and leave it there. Do I have to get involved, or not? [Rev. Kwak: Father, you gave the instruction, so I suppose that means you may have to be there.] Well, I also give instructions to that primary school on the hill over there, but does that mean I have to go there and do it all? A religious leader shouldn't always appear in public. Why is it the case that nothing bigger than what I have done has been done yet? If I am always involved, my authority and status gradually diminish. I go once. I go twice, and before you know it, I am just friends with the ambassadors -- there is no sense of my authority. A father cannot just be friends with all his sons. They have a different order and rank. [Father did speak to the Ambassadors for Peace the following morning.]

Because you don't understand this point, you always want me to be around and take care of things. If things degenerate to that level, it will be very hard to fix. Of course, it can be good to be close, but if you are too familiar, it can become a problem when you have to make a ruthless or dispassionate assessment of things. That's if you do things in which plain common sense comes to the fore. That's why religious leaders should rarely appear in public. 

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