The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

We need to abolish national borders

Sun Myung Moon
October 4, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Chung Pyung

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han February 4, 2011

We need to abolish national borders. They were made by Satan. God should have been able to call baby in a womb "Baby", but He couldn't. There were twins there, Cain and Able.

In Korean "baby" is "aga" which stands for Abel and Cain. They must be unified. Children in women's wombs were made sons and daughters of the satanic world.


That's not a joke. Satan became humankind's father. In the satanic world we were forced to flatter Satan as our father.

People attended this father, do you understand? Say it once, "Aga." You as siblings are all babies in front of God. Before starting the fight Cain was just a baby. These babies lost their father and mother, lost their King and Master. You have to return to maternal womb again, to the position where you can be called "baby."

Otherwise you can't become God's children, heavenly princess and princesses. Princes are God's grandchildren. Children are everything, therefore children able to inherit the royal power of Heavenly Kingdom are princes and princesses. Do you understand? I am planning to talk about this on 14th.

To restore a nation and the whole world you as individuals must step forward and pull your nation and everything else behind you like a locomotive. Is it not right? Tribal messiahs are pulling their tribes, national messiahs – their nations, and the global Messiah pulls heaven and earth. Global Messiah, the Savior comes to attend God and build the liberated and unified family of the Heavenly Kingdom on earth and in heaven.

Take responsibility – we have to finish this. From now own we should distribute these books through families. How much do you say this book costs? 3000 won? We need to give it out to Ambassadors for Peace for the upcoming event.

Those who have this book will have to buy the original. It is the tool in achieving unity of Cain and Abel. Children should read this book together with their fathers. It contains everything. I also talks about the spirit world.

Everything's in there, is it not right? This time I added there everything including the explanation about 8 types of my championship. We need to publish that. As it is stated in the introduction, sons must unite and make an offering.

I need to guide them and return everything back to them. Without this there is no use in anything. Constitutional system neither in a religion nor in a nation becomes unnecessary.

There's no use in all these things. The next President will face greatest difficulties. Chung-hwan Kwak, when is the next election campaign in which our party, House of Peace and Unification can participate?

Is it in November? [The election period is determined by law.] We need to you for this purpose our tongban kyukpa activities. Women should take a lead in this.

We organized rallies for women, to women have to consolidate and take the lead. There are many unrighteous leaders. Many prominent statesman and social leaders starting from the local neighborhood level must cooperate in organization of inter-cultural marriages. Do you understand?

Women must step forward and develop tongban kyukpa activities on all levels: neighborhoods, villages, counties. Do you understand? This should be done from now on. So, Chung-hwan Kwak, you should meet people from Han Nara Party and Democratic Party and discuss plans with them.

Didn't I tell you this before? Meet presidential candidates from all parties. They shouldn't fight with each other, but work in harmony to save the country. Only then can we achieve the restoration of fatherland, global God's fatherland.

We must build God's Kingdom on earth and in heaven. To achieve them North and South Korea as well as whole of Asia should unite.

We should enter the Asian realm tribal messiahs, national messiahs and global Messiah. National Messiahs should work beyond the scope of their mission nation. Didn't we organize all continents into 12 tribes?

We need to make a map of the 12 tribes and distribute it. 12 tribes were formed from descendants of 12 sons of Jacob, but the fight arose among brothers. This is a problem of Cain and Abel.

The problem that was not dealt with in the womb is manifested in the satanic world where people hit each other. So, Abel and Cain should unite while they are still babies in the womb. Do you understand?

That's inevitable. Love of father and mother creates a baby in mother's womb. When you receive the Blessing and conceive a child you should represent sinless original Adam and Eve.

Are you confident to do that? People who cannot do it, cannot be called "child" by God. Can such people have a right of ownership or a nation? They are fake, sewage scum. You should arrange inter-cultural marriages in your own families.

Chung-hwan Kwak, you should arrange inter-cultural marriages for your descendants. Otherwise descendants who are born of you won't be able to get registered in the future. You should purify your lineage through international marriage. This is not a threat. It just must be done.

Do you understand me? God was supposed to call people "My babies" in the Garden of Eden, but He couldn't. Men should be pure in front of women. You can't make love to your wife if there is struggle in your heart, or if your mind and body are at war with one another.

Isn't that serious? I'm planning to talk about it on 14th. All 12 tribes are one family of brothers and sisters. 12 is the number of cosmic Heavenly fortune. Everyone who lives on earth and in heaven should unite with the Parents of heaven and earth.

This is a universal principle, so it's unavoidable. We need to receive God's blood. Everything was ruined by the Fall. Jesus came to get married, but he was ousted by people without even getting married and leaving a seed. Isn't that so?

So, he promised to return. What is the wedding feast of the Lamb? He was supposed to attend God while in his body, get married and give birth to sons and daughters, fruit of his love. They would be God's children and children of the True Parents, would they not?

Talking about the return to Heaven, you may be living in the midst of the Kingdom of Heaven, but if your mind and body are not united you can't actually get to Heaven. There should be unity between spouses, between father and son. If blessed children split from their parents and oppose to them, the family disappears.

Such is the law. This time is the age of the law. Vertical line can go through every individual, but a leader is different. If a leader makes relationships with enemies from 4 sides, it creates sentiment in the world of heart. He should be vertical. The heart was so devastated because of body, was it not? You, big-headed folks from the South?

You, so called, prominent people from the Southern province, may think that these are just my words, but actually such is the Principle. You should live like this. A person who fights cannot be in the vanguard of a family.

We need to teach officials about their mistakes. After 3 grave mistakes a person should be incarcerated. Do you know that in old times in Korea, there were prison rooms in houses of nobility? You are in the same position. So many people died in the conflict of Cain and Abel.

Treacherous subjects killed their kings. If you kill your relative, you ruin the country. Did you watch the movie about the prince Sado? He was imprisoned and killed by his father, king Yeongjo.

That was a fault of courtiers. That doesn't do. If the principles of creation are applied to politics there will be no need of special policies.

Those who fight cannot enter Heaven. People's mind and body are struggling. Why? And how many people are there? 6.5 billion plus billions of people in the spirit world – more than 360 trillion. 

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