The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Don't Sit Still - Hoon Dok Hae at Cheon Jeong Gung

Sun Myung Moon
October 4, 2007
FFWPU International
Translation of notes taken by the UC History Compilation Committee

Summary of Father's words:

Isn't it the 4th today? Ambassadors for peace should come and gather here each day until the 14th. Let's divide the provinces (in Korea) into eight groups. Since today is the 4th we have ten days. Have everybody come as much as possible. We should also have the representatives from the five provinces in North Korea come at once.

Now that I have announced the Abel UN you should not sit still. From now you should go forth and create an explosive boom. Hyun-jin and my sons went to America; he opened the doors to churches that have over 10,000 followers. He's planning to hold a rally for thirty-thousand, fifty-thousand and a million people in the Philippines in December, bringing together the blacks and whites. This has to create a stir.

Now that the Abel UN is launched, Cain must not oppose it since they are brothers.

Everybody who is called 'ambassadors for peace' must come here and be educated again.

Ambassadors for peace have been successful in society. On that basis, that they should work on an international level for the sake of the heavenly nation. They should be like a bridge or intermediate between heaven and earth; and a link, like the equator in the tropics, for connecting north and south, or the frigid zone and tropical zone. They have the responsibility to connect the heavenly nation, become a bridge between north and south and unite it as one.

The archangel was the one who caused separation; that is why ambassadors for peace must now connect that again from within the family, to the nation and to the world. The time has come for the ambassadors for peace of the world to move to one location. I don't recognize national borders. They should be eliminated. For, Satan was the one who created national borders.

Say 'ah~' ('ah~') Say 'ah~ka~' ('ah~ka~') 'ah~ka~' refers to Abel and Cain. We should've been able to call the fetus in Eve's womb 'ah~ka~' [a-ga-: means baby in Korean] but we couldn't.

'ah~ka~' refers to the twins, Cain and Abel or Abel and Cain. These two should be made as one.

Women should not conceive Satan's children in their womb. I'm not joking.

Say 'ah~ka~'. Your brothers are all 'ah~ka~' in front of God. Before Cain quarreled (with his brother) he was a baby. You have to become the father and mother of that baby. We lost the king and owner of that baby; that is why we must find it.

You have to return to that position where you enter your mother's womb and be called a baby. Otherwise you cannot become God's children. You have to become God's princes and princesses -- princes and princesses of the direct lineage who can inherit the kingship.

I've told you what I was going to speak about on the 14th. Now is the time for each and everyone of you to go forth in leading the tradition of your nation and in restoring all nations. Tribal messiahs should lead their clan, national messiahs should lead their nation, a global messiah should lead heaven and earth. Thus, you must become global messiahs, attend heaven to become a united and liberated family in the original kingdom of heaven in heaven.

From next year each of your families should distribute this book. Rev. Sun Jo Hwang, you should hold rallies and distribute this to the ambassadors for peace. Those who have the booklet should now by the original copy. This book talks about Cain and Abel. It even covers the things about the spirit world. The part about my being champions in eight areas should be included in the speech this time.

When are they going to start canvassing an electioneering tour (in Korea)?

You should carry out tongban gyeokpa activities in line with that. You have to do tongban gyeokpa activities. Every single woman should be educated. All the women should occupy each ban, ri, tong and dong.

Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak should meet and talk with the people of the Grand National Party and Democratic Party in Korea. You should tell them to stop fighting each other and to focus on saving the nation. We have to restore the nation. Haven't we organized our members into twelve tribes? You should make a map of that.

People should receive the international and cross-cultural marriage. Children born outside of this marriage will not be able to be registered (into heaven). They must receive the international and cross-cultural marriage. This is not a threat. Today is the 4th. Japan should complete (its responsibility) within the year.

The ocean realm should be brought together. Japan is the representative of the ocean realm. Yet, it fought with Asia and America.

Japan represents Eve. That is why it should meet and marry with America. Yet, the descendants of the fall are there; that is why she cannot marry America. Japan should meet the lord of the second coming and create a kingship.

You cannot enter heaven if your mind and body are not one. You cannot enter heaven if husband and wife are not one. The world of heart is the world of the mind; that's why it is vertical.

Those who cause conflict should not come forth. Did you know that they had prisons in the houses of Yangbans in Korea in the past? Did you know that?

You don't know how many kings in Korea were killed by treacherous subjects! Those who create conflict, and those who deceive others, cannot join the lines going to heaven.

Korea will become the homeland of the world. Among the nations that can be admitted into the UN there is a nation that has only 800 people.

The Family Party for Peace and Unification is not a party that is at the bottom as some of you may think. It's a party that is high up there. Serious times are coming.

I must accomplish what I plan out to do. Now my children must become as one. It is written: "Our families, the owners of Cheon Il Guk, centering on true love." There cannot be any struggle. Clans that fight within themselves will perish. If you fight you will perish.

Father instructs Mrs. Wonju McDevitt to read peace message thirteen. After reading the speech Mrs. McDevitt prays. Father then asks Hyun-jin nim to sing and leaves the room.
Hyun-jin nim starts out by saying that we are living in the time of harvest and that we should not think of receiving blessings when we haven't done anything in preparation for the harvest. He points out that though the Unification Church began in Korea, it should now move beyond being a religion; otherwise it will not be able to stand in a central role in the world.
Hyun-jin nim then talks about how his tour of the Christian churches in America and how he met the many "famous" pastors and how he explained to them about Father's true mission -- a mission that was not about establishing the HSA-UWC or a "Unification Church Theology."
Hyun-jin nim goes on to explain his views about theology and what it should be. He criticizes our tendency of trying to imitate the Christian churches and reminds us that what's important is living for God, His will and His dream.
Hyun-jin nim always talks about a religious leader who promised him that he would bless all his followers that total almost one million. He briefly touches upon the 250,000 Global Peace Festival that will be held in the Philippines in December.
Hoon Dok Hae concludes at around 7:00 a.m.

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