The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

An eternal and unchanging nation

Sun Myung Moon
October 3, 2007
Foundation Day Of The Unified Cosmic Nation

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han February 3, 2011

Please be seated. The Chinese character "jeol" in Korean name of this holiday – "Kaecheonjol" – mean? Actually means "a joint," "a knuckle that divides something." From now on we should change it to "Kaecheonguk."

It should be called Kaecheonguk, not Kaecheonil."Guk" here stands for "beginning." It means "an opening of the Heavenly Kingdom." So, the holiday they celebrate in Korean society is called Kaecheonjeol, but we call this day differently – "Kaecheonguk."

Kaecheonguk means going up, while Kaecheonjeol means going down. Since there are too many knuckles, all parts cannot become one. Guk means going up, so the further up we go the lesser the number of nations becomes. Finally there's going to be only one nation.

It will be eternal and unchanging nation. People of this world cannot imaging the greatness of this universal nation. You can't imagine how great and amazing it is. You may even forget your life on earth.

This is the opening of new heaven leading us to another world. So, stop using the word "jeol", from now on use "guk." Our life should change. Do you understand? What's the topic of the speech I gave at the inauguration of the Abel UN?

Can you see it? Read it.

(A Providential View of the Pacific Rim Era in Light of God's Will.) And what's the subtitle? Direction of the USA, UN and the Democratic World.) Direction of the democratic world. There is no owner.

(A Providential View of the Pacific Rim Era in Light of God's Will.) The speech explains the view of history. Future history depends on the direction of the free world which follows America.

Do you understand?

So far, America has been restoring the Cain-type nation. They brought everything into order. But they don't know God. Until now the General Assembly was often influenced by the Communist Party.

The UN charter doesn't include mentioning of God's Word and is not based on God. You should understand this. If we forget about our purpose of assisting Heaven's victory and just enjoy ourselves every day, it's a blasphemy.

We lived without understanding our inadequacies, without proper understanding of ourselves. We must reject the age we are soaked in and tied with. We must cut this rope and move towards the new territory – our original homeland.

Through a family we should return to the bosom of God's love, to the Master of the eternal original heavenly world. I proclaim that you cannot be related to God unless you become such sons and daughters, such citizens standing on the 3 great principles. Do you understand?

I have been giving this speech since March 17 until now. How many months have passed? I need to give it 10 times from March till December on 17th of each month. Why 17th?

I started the new history together with Heaven from the age of 16. I had to pass through 10 stages. Numbers from 1 to 9 are one-digit numbers. This means the absence of partner. The partner appears starting from number 10. The horizontal world starts.

Due to the Fall human beings lost the beginning of the horizontal world on the horizontal line. Since they fell they had to go up. Numbers from 1 to 9 represent the realm of Satan's dominion.

There was no horizontal line. Beginning and end should form a horizontal line. So we have to adjust our providential view of history using water as a standard. Water even in very small quantities tends to spread on the horizontal plane.

If the horizontal is not established, the round shape is formed. Round shape should be formed around the horizontal line. Water has tremendous adhesion. Once particles of water stick together they don't part.

Because of this adhesion, when there is even a capillary crack the water goes up along this crack. This allows water to reach tops of even highest trees through xylems. And the water doesn't drop down in one lump, it disperses.

The water's condensed in one cloud but when it falls down during the rain, it disperses and falls down in numerous drops. Because of this the water is crucial for birth and growth of all living organisms. That's why the rain is needed to water the earth.

The water is dispersed through the invisible fog, spring and summer rains, and autumn rainfalls. In these seasons it cannot be accumulated. It gets together during the winter. If there's one freezing point, even if this is just one city, soon the whole country will lump together starting from this point, no matter how big this country is.

Do you understand? Say it, "freezing point." When the temperature rises above -4 degrees Celsius, the ice begins to melt. So, when the temperature rises plants start taking in water.

Yesterday, as I was coming (by helicopter), I noticed that the temperature was -63. When we were flying over the Sea of Japan the temperature was minus 64-65 degrees.

These numbers are needed in order to adjust to number 66 in the end of the satanic world. Japan and this place are cold. How cold is it when the temperature is minus 66 degrees?

When you spit your saliva falls down and freezes. What about the sunlight? And how cold must it be there, millions of miles away in the space from where the light shines on the earth?

It's amazing that the sunlight pierces through this cold to share the warmth with the earth. Everything melts and we can live on this earth.

The earth receives this warmth. Everything adjusts itself to this energy and reaches harmony on the horizontal line. If only one step is wrong, everything will fall off the cliff and disappear. It's so dangerous.

That's human life. People are trying to achieve a prosperous life, peace and happiness, they fight, they dance, they do all kinds of things. It is so dangerous. The Earth moves so smoothly that even dust lies still on the tree tops.

No matter how cold it is we need to go to the top. Drops of water gather together when they reach the earth. Water drops falling from pine needles one by one gather together in a deep place. Then, they again start their way to the top going through ups and downs. Such is also human life.

It makes a trip of thousand miles. Your life resembles history. Your life represents the history of God's creation. You should be able to remain unchanging, so that any nation in the world would welcome you.

Water flows from a river to a sea and then gets into the ocean. It flows 4500 miles and makes one full circle in a year. Through ocean currents it makes a full circle covering distance of 4500 miles.

You may think that water also wants to return to its homeland. Ocean water is so salty, it blocks your eyes, ears and mouth. (Mother: I now must go back to my seat.)

Wait. You have a job to do. (I'd better sit down.) You're like a woman giving birth. You're so pretty. 

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