The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Gather Ambassadors for Peace

Sun Myung Moon
October 2, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Chung Pyung

Sun Myung Moon August 8, 2010

We need to gather Ambassadors for Peace. From now on they should step forward. Such is the time.

How many Ambassadors for Peace came here today? From now on they should be main audience here. Tell them to gather. I need to educate them. The Unification Church members should pass this place over to the angelic world.

Ambassadors for Peace are like angels. So, we should start forming their organization again from the Principle.

You cannot act alone. Together with God you should mobilize and bring down your ancestors from the spirit world. It's not only your families who are acting. Earth and the spirit world and now bound together.

Ambassadors for Peace are in the position of archangels. They are archangels restored from the fallen world, and in the fallen world standards of heaven and earth are different, so these people should be able to play this role. They were related to the nation in this fallen world, so they know the satanic world well.

We need to grasp the position to press the satanic world down. Those who were on the bottom should to up. Such a time has come.

Is Rev. Kwak here? [He's in Japan at the special seminar for Ambassadors for Peace.] Ah, so? [Rev. Hwang is Yongpyeong at the meeting with the Ambassadors for Peace.] Let our newspaper company do everything I directed by October 13th. [Yes, Father, we heard. We'll start from today.] The era is changing for Ambassadors for Peace.

However badly you want to make a career, do act at your whim. The spirit world should adjust you.

Our life is fundamentally different from lives of our children. 3 generations must become one. Ancestors, people of the present and descendants should live in harmony. A father is a king of the present. We must create a globular shape centered on father.

The past and the future, upper and lower parts influence each other, so they must be together.

Parents are king and queen of the present time, and children represent the fruit of past ancestors and present kings. These are kingships of the 2 worlds, so heaven and earth should be established on the basis of the era of grandchildren.

Everybody is interested in grandchildren, right? Your children are connected to the lineage of the satanic world, but once you receive the Blessing you enter the era of grandchildren when you can inherit past, present and future.

Citizenship of the Heavenly Kingdom starts from the age of partner centering on the horizontal line. So, people who drink liquor and have affairs with women should be gotten rid of. Peace Ambassadors! You shouldn't drink! Do you understand? You must change.

If you don't have a confidence to do that, you'd better voluntarily step back from this position. Otherwise you'll block the way of this nation.

So far, people of responsibility used their power at their own discretion, but they should go through 3 stages. You should develop by adding some positive elements. In the process of restoration you grow as you pay indemnity; top and bottom switch their positions. You go through stages of individual, family, tribe... God and Satan switch their positions – God goes to the top and Satan falls to the bottom.

So, a grandson may rise to his grandfather's position, and a son – to his father's position. An elder brother goes to the position of the younger one. That's' inevitable. There's no owner here. Only when this happens everything fits right.

Originally vibrant youth is the time when God can take His place in human soul. When husband and wife who are deeply in love embrace each other, their heart are almost bursting out. But many times couples cannot feel what felt long time ago.

When man and wife embrace each other, the two worlds intermingle and then separate. In this moment the blood of new ancestors is created. Two blood lineages mix. Man wanders freely. He knows all desires of a woman. Husband, wife and children should reach the ideal unity. Wife should be able to respect her husband. Such a family stands in the position of object partner to a nation. You need to invest everything for this.

The Principle is an undeniable truth. There's nothing illogical in it. When your lineage is connected to the Heavenly fortune you get healthier. When you go over 60 your life changes. It's difficult to live until 80. If I can live more than 100 years you can follow me. You can live long. These are not just empty words.

9 by 9 is 81, right? 20 years after the 80-year age is reached are a different generation. Heaven must find the lost 20 years.


I'm talking about multiplication. Numbers from 1 to 9 are simple. They're written with one digit. Numbers from 10 are written horizontally by 2 digits. The providence related to the number 9 is aimed at restoration of an archangel, therefore salvation so far was meant only for individuals.


We were restoring the position of an archangel. Blessing would have been given had there been no Fall. In the fallen world dominated by the archangel's lineage there can be no concept of a spouse. People betrayed God's Will, so children in Eve's womb were like bombs.


They were destructive. And look this brood filled the whole world, now there are 6.5 billion people on earth and billions more in the spirit world. That's satanic world.

Such people can't go to Heaven. Central religion in God's providence of salvation is Christianity. Why? Because it incorporates the idea of creating a family.

Jesus came on earth to attend the Heavenly Parent and restore position of parents, spouses, brothers and sisters and children.

He possessed this idea, so even though he lived and died as a lonely man, he made an amazing statement that he was God's begotten son.

He was the first in history who used the words ¡°God's begotten son¡± and who showed what the son should look like.

We lost that position of God's children because of the Fall. God's son came on earth to find God's daughter but there was not foundation for them to stand upon.

Satan created hell on earth and in heaven and its inhabitants cannot go to Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven was empty. I was severely persecuted for statements like this.

But in fact people couldn't go there, for such is the Principle. Everything should fit the Principle. That's why God was so lonely.

Archangels can't ignore God's children. Even angels have fallen and Lucifer is their representative. What was the proportion of males and females in the Garden of Eden?

God, 3 archangels -- or even 4 I you count Lucifer – and Adam. 6 men versus one woman.

So women must give birth to four children.

Heaven had to give birth to at least two women in the fallen world. We can build the bridge by completing number 6.

Number 6 is a kind of bridge. It was not established.

You should give birth to two daughters based on number 6. Even though they have not received Blessing I can bless them with my authority.

So, I transcend the scope of a nation and work with the UN raising the white flag of peace. Once the UN is established hell in the spirit world will disappear. Therefore I must give the Blessing.

Originally the Blessing is not given in the spirit world. Spirits must descend on earth. I blessed ancestors who are in the spirit world, but they had to come on earth and receive the Blessing on the foundation of victorious unity of UN, of Cain and Able centered on True Parents. I had to correct Cain and Able by switching their positions.

Ancestors have gone to the spirit world in the position of elder brothers, but now they descended on earth and their position is rectified, so the Abel nation, the religious kingdom can emerge.

Most nations abandoned monarchy for democracy, right? So they need to understand this principle. Since this is the Principle we need to hurry up to bring everything in accordance to it. Follow my words and prepare.

If only Jesus could marry at the age of 30, but he was driven out of his home. 

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