The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Ambassador For Peace, Take The Lead - Hoon Dok Hae At Cheon Jeong Gung

Sun Myung Moon
October 2, 2007
FFWPU International
Translation of notes taken by the UC History Compilation Committee

Summary of Father's words:

From now the ambassadors for peace should take the lead. Ambassadors for peace should be the main participants for Hoon Dok Hae. Ambassadors for peace are in the position of the archangel. They are connected to the satanic world and thus know about it quite well. It must be turned upside down.

Three generations must be united. The past is represented by the grandfather. Parents are the king of the present times. Children are the fruit of the present king.

In God's providence of salvation, Christianity was the mainstream. Jesus came to the earth to serve and attend the parents, find a spouse and siblings. Jesus came and left alone. The fact that he is called, 'God's only-begotten son' is amazing. An only-begotten son is the beginning; he must find an only-begotten daughter, otherwise he has nowhere to stand on the earth.

How much I was opposed for saying that heaven was empty! That's the principle.

The blessing originally was not to be given in the spirit world. I have given the blessing in the spirit world but I must rectify what was turned upside down according to the standard of victory between Cain and Abel on earth. I'm trying to do this on earth; that's why there is a need for an Abel nation -- a religious kingdom. It's not a Christian kingdom or a democratic world. You have to understand this principle. You must make haste in bringing order to that.

In order for the lord at his second coming to convey the good news, the owner of Catholicism and Protestantism should have been found and attended the lord. For that to happen, Sung Do Kim appeared from the west and Nam Joo Baek appeared in Wonsan (the east of Korea).

Kwaksan is the origin of faith in Pyunganbuk-do. A Christian missionary that came to Pyongyang was found burned and dead at Daedong river. Missionaries from Seoncheon had built hospitals to broaden their religious foundation. There was a time when I had to carry my mother on my back to that hospital. Beyond Kwaksan to the left, used to be the land belonging to Sung-jin's mother. They were rich. That household cooperated with the missionary from Seoncheon. I have to restore that village of the Choi clan. I have to seek the historical tradition.

The people who were born there include Hyo-won Yu (first president of HSA-UWC), and his brothers, Hyo-young and Hyo-min. They had gone to school together with Sun-gil Choi and knew her well. That entire village could have been made as one. That was heaven's workings. I went to the church centering on Rev. Yong-do Lee of the New Jesuit Church until I married (the first time).

In my family, the second child was always sacrificed. Even my grandfather Shin-gook -- I named Kook-jin's son Shin-gook to connect with the ancestors.

Heaven works in astonishing ways. It had basically prophesied the path I would take. After I left my hometown I was separated from everyone. I left my wife and son and departed alone (for Pyongyang). It was because the level of faith in Pyongyang was the highest (in the nation at that time). (In Pyongyang) problems arouse in all four great religions. Spiritual people were coming there; they were more than a hundred. That's when the problems began.

Ho-bin Huh's group had made extensive preparations for fifteen years to welcome the Lord. They prepared clothes for each of the thirty-three years of Jesus' life. They even had made preparations for Jesus' marriage.

From now I must teach the history of the Unification Church and save these people. How many years have passed since the independence of Korea? I'm connecting the past spiritual history with the providential history.

Dr. Sang Hun Lee went through all the religious spheres. He formulated a theory and system centering on religion. Yet, after hearing my speeches he was astonished and became crazy (about my teachings). Dr. Lee was a medical doctor and has been everywhere, from the police academy… He worked at a hospital run by the Anglican Church Foundation before he met me. I personally taught him. The issue was how the world's politics would develop. Who would have known about the 'portion of responsibility'? That concept did not exist in any museum; nobody knew about it.

In the future, religion and ideologies will disappear. It won't be needed. An ideal kingdom of love should emerge.

I spent thirty-four years in America. I'm not done yet. There are still some things I must do through the UN.

Hoon Dok Hae concludes at around 6:50 a.m.

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