The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Members worldwide should have the Peace Scripture

Sun Myung Moon
October 1, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Peace Palace

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han February 3, 2011

All members of the Unification Family worldwide should have the Peace Scripture by October 15. Do you understand? Did people from the Segye Times come today?

It looks like they're not here. Convey it to them. Publish this in the newspaper from today until 14th. Did you understand? You can put 1-2 messages in every issue of the newspaper, so that by 13th or 14th all of them appear in print.

I hope that all Korean people read these messages by 14th and come to the HQ of our church. However they should just go empty-handed. They should bring some gift to Heaven, something that represents their property, their life and all blessings of their country. This is like a covenant.

So disseminate this publication to everyone. Everyone should have it. It's not so expensive, is it? So you can give it to all your relatives and all who wish to have it for a donation of 25,000 Won. Do you understand?

Convey this message to the Segye Times. This should publish these messages by 13th. The fact that I gave you the Peace Messages signifies the coming of a new era. Nine is an odd number. Ten is an even number. So now we are in a different dimension. Eleven is not just a repetition of one and two.

Twenty-one is still bigger. Twenty-one is a start towards thirty. Everything goes in units based on number 10. That's why for example we mobilized 120 Christian pastors. This is a ten-fold number.

Number 10 is a part of it. If you multiply it by 10 you get 1,200. And if you multiply that by 10 you'll get 12,000. By completing that number, True Parents completed in their lifetime all conditions for the history of indemnity. All tribes should go through this process, only then can they restore a nation and go into the world.

Conditionally speaking I'm the predecessor in the family line of all tribes and all religions due to victories I won in my substantial battle.

I, as the predecessor, became the center. Then 120 Christian representatives followed. Later this number grew 10 times to become 1,200. That number represents the realm of religion, religious leaders. We should start out from family and tribe and then go to the national level. We reached national lever with the help of pastors. Jesus had to overcome the ridge of 120 nations including Roma.

If he went over a nation and Rome... All people on the earth are represented by the number 144,000. 144,000 is also divisible by 10. The Christianity teaches about the first resurrection. There is a prophecy about 144,000 people. Everything you have and all your relatives are included into this number.

There are 286 tribes in Korea. We should fulfill number 12,000 based on these clans. We can organize Hoon Dok meetings in these clans. Then we can organize Hoon Dok meetings for religious people through 120 Christian pastors. As in the Jesus' time we have to reach national level. We reached number 12,000 simultaneously.

It's not a problem to have all citizens of the nation to have a Hoon Dok meeting. So we have to gradually go over all these stages: family, tribe, people and nation...

Once we pass through the ages of individual, family, tribe, people and nation, Satan won't be able to interfere with blessed families, with a new nation that starts today.

Now our destiny is to go up, and Satan will go down. So, we'll split with him. It's inevitable. To go over the level of your tribe you need to unite religions through 120 pastors. Christianity as a center should unite 10 religions.

When that happens people from all different tribes and peoples will intermarry. Not only 1,200 people, but all tribes will be interconnected. Since 12,000 people overcame all ridges on earth and in heaven, the era of unified kingship will come on earth and in heaven.

The age of democracy is passing by. Jesus was hoping for Christian kingdom, religious kingdom. We hope for Heavenly Kingdom on earth and in heaven.

Only if such unity is achieved on earth and in heaven, the human Fall will be reversed and we can inherit the tradition of the unified world. The first day of this October is a new beginning of Cheon Il Guk.

A week ago we founded Abel UN. That signified that all nations passed that level. When we go over numbers 120, 1200, and 12000, the position of Cosmic Parent and Parents of heaven, earth and humankind is established. These are two aspects: invisible Heavenly Father and visible True Parents.

The multiplication starts from this point. Everyone who received three blessings are connected, so from now on we must inevitably invest all our effort in that direction. Do you understand? We can give out these books they brought from the newspaper company for \3,000 each, but we need to stamp all of them with the church seal, so that people remember this day.

If someone buys this book for $25,000, the record of this will be passed down to all descendants of that family.

Let all your descendants for millennia know that you received this book from me. Satan will not touch a person who understands its contents.

Satan originally was an archangel, so he was to prepare Adam for marriage so that Adam's family might achieve perfection. God could not protect Adam and Eve.

Archangel was but a servant. God could not protect His beloved son and his wife.

If He did Adam and Eve would not have fallen. Before the Blessing there were running around naked. Eve cried.

Adam was supposed to become a master of nature; he was to dominate fish, animals in the forest and all treasures on earth and in heaven.

After the marriage he was supposed to introduce everything to Eve, saying "I own this and I give it to you." Their first love for each other was supposed to put them in the position of joint ownership. However it didn't happen that way. Now our mission is to correct this.

This is especially true for those who were assigned by God. Aju. Those who are determined to practice it should express their determination by raising both hand to heaven and prepare to receive such ownership.

Receive it and embrace it. Do you understand? Respect Heaven and entrust everything to it. We should receive all things, embrace and love all things. Even when you greet people, do it this way. Receive and embrace.

Support. Receive. Embrace. We have to change even etiquette. You have to be careful even when you handle man's and woman's clothes. Man's clothes as plus should go on top, as woman's clothes as minus should go down.

If you reach harmony with this system, Satan won't interfere with you. True Parents established the new system, so heaven and earth must follow it and attend God. Do you understand?

These words are recorded lest you forget them. In your families always hold Hoon Dok meetings when you wake up in the morning. People all over the world should do it at 5 o'clock though of course there is time difference.

Originally you are supposed to hold Hoon Dok meeting at the same time with me and greet me, even if at your place this is going to be a night time, but that's too difficult.

That's why I'm telling you to do it at dawn, at 5 o'clock. You may skip your mils, but don't skip Hoon Dok Hae. These are words of life, words from the spirit world. Do you understand?

From now on you should live like that. You must know this. Wherever you go have this book with you. It's cheap, so give it to all your children. Do you understand?

Live according to God's Word. Receive guidance from the Word and stand upon it. Follow the Word and stand upon it.

When God created this world He did so on the basis of the absolute faith and absolute hope. His desire was absolute. You need faith in the future. People cannot live by words uttered by human beings.

These are animals, not people. God is a personality, so He has aspirations, desires and faith. And you are His sons and daughters.

You relationship with your Father should be based on such absolute faith. 

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