The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Those archangels also need partners

Sun Myung Moon
September 30, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Peace Palace

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han January 22, 2011

(CARP members came to Hoon Dok Hae.)


Are you from CARP? You look quite old. (CARP members came together with their parents.)


Did you come with your parents?


Is the number of parents same as the number of students? (We have many students here as well as leaders.)

But I don't see young people? (Look over there, they are all young.) Those who are old should sit behind CARP members.


These old ladies sit in front, therefore you see no young people here.


Today we will read Message #11.

Messages 11 and 12 describe the way for Cain realm and angelic world to go.

Messages 7th through 10th talk about the path of indemnity trodden by the religious realm and Messages 10 and 11 deal with the absolute sexual morals.

Since ancestors in the angelic world have received Blessing, now they cannot go back without completing everything on earth. So, they come down on earth and attend you as representatives of True Parents. Cain killed Abel, therefore now instead you take the position of ancestors, the position of elder brother. Then ancestors can attend you as representatives of God and True Parents; they can attend you as their elder brothers and in this way go to Heaven.

All those in the position of archangels also need partners. How do we re-create partners? I have a special authority to find them partners from among spirits who were previously driven into hell and now are wandering in between.

So everybody now should attain perfection on earth through the True Parents and reach the position where indemnity is not needed anymore. Children of universal Parent and Parents of heaven and earth should be able to serve nation and the world and take the original position within Adam's family. So far, the Kingdom of Heaven was not filled with members of one family.

The history of indemnity lasted for millennia. Earthly satanic world could not enter Heaven, it became hell instead, but now we need to reverse this.

Through the Abel UN elder brother should step down to the position of a younger brother and attend his younger brother as representative of the True Parents. Elder brother was supposed to leave behind a tradition, but he killed the younger one, so the tradition wasn't established. There are not pious children and loyal citizens in a true sense.

We should educate people whom we raised through Abel UN. We should raise them as Cain, teach them so that they could fulfill their responsibility as elder brothers. Elder and younger brothers switch their places; father takes position of a son, and grandfather that of a grandson. We can't reach the original standard without this kind of reversal.

Such is the formula. So far, CARP members, you received Blessing with whoever you pleased. But you can't do it from now on.

Now that we entered the inter-religious and international era of Abel UN, we all became like one family of brothers and sisters. Your country is the whole globe. So, your marriage partner can be from any part of the globe. So, if there are, let's say, 12 siblings in this human family, the eldest one should get married to the youngest, not to the second one.

Head should meet tail. Marriage should be arranged according to this principle. If you are in the highest position and you want to embrace the whole world, you should get married to the person in the lowest position.

The age of communism has passed away when proletarians tried to rip off rich bourgeois in order to live well. Now the rich should get married to the poor because it's time for the North and South pole to interact with each other.

Also, people from the most distant points of the East and West should be connected to one another. We need examples of such connection, so that's where the marriage comes in. Marriages are supposed to connect East and West, North and South.

They are supposed to unity extremes: good and bad, beautiful and unseemly. Marriage should be dedicated to Heaven. You should invest and create to achieve perfection, So the person who's higher should make efforts to raise his or her partner to his or her level, then their children will revive both worlds.

If you are on the top you have nowhere else to go except for going down. And if you're on the bottom you must go up. So, the place where such people meet is inter-cultural marriage; it connects everything.

Exchange takes place in the center, it represents cosmic indemnity. Once you achieve a position of supreme victorious authority, you'll go through all this and understand this.

People from East and West! If this side is a day, that that side is a night. If this side becomes a night, then this side is supposed to become a day. There should be mutual equalization.

Life is this kind of rotation. Such people will live in the individual era, in the family era; they will grow bigger and continue their movement with the same speed. They will continue to exist on the same line. Aju!

If a pretty girl marries a handsome boy, it's the end of it. They may give birth to the ugliest children. So, if you don't go down, you may perish and disappear.

You will be deprived of everything. Do you understand? You are CARP members, but actually it's not so important what university you graduate and what doctorate degree you obtain. People in the fallen world like to compete with each other in this, be such a competition has not a little effect.

What matters is the level of your heart. All external things you learn on this earth are only additional conditions; they cannot be main conditions for you. These things can help you, but they cannot become your basis or principles.

To reach harmonious unification and peace, to form one horizontal line this side should go in that direction and that side should move outwards. Two sides should swap their positions.

This side should go this way and then turn to opposite direction, and that side too should turn to the opposite direction. First, there is a up and down movement, then everything turns around and thus spherical movement begins. Sphere doesn't occur on a horizontal plane. For a sphere to appear you need to reach a 3-dimensional standard.

Horizontal and vertical lines need to interact in one cardinal point. The give and take action in the eternal settlement point forms a sort of power plant, producing an electricity of tens of thousands volts.

If you don't settle, then secondary force comes into action. If you start wandering about the place, you lose power and disappear.

Construction workers when they build a house also first check that walls are strictly perpendicular. No one build houses just on the basis of rough estimate. Builders see that the walls are strictly perpendicular, that the angle between the walls and ground is 90 degrees. Everything should be aligned to the horizontal line at proper angles. Even a little discrepancy somewhere can later ruin the whole building.

So man and woman should be vertical. Man is bigger in all respects. He's taller, heavier, he's more active. Can woman set better records than men in Olympic Games? Men are first in all types of competitions.

So, who's vertical – man or woman? Answer me. (Men are vertical.) Are you sure? Are men vertical? The vertical is eternal. Vertical line starts from God, but later this lineage multiplies into hundreds and thousands which are interconnected.

When God created Adam and Eve He made the man a vertical representative and the woman the horizontal representative. The vertical representative is born first. Why? Because the vertical is a source of life.

It becomes a root, then the trunk and later shoots off the sprouts. Central root, central stem and central sprout are vertical.

You can compare this vertical to a computer. Once you install some program, all its components are preserved. You can just press a button and see things that were input thousand years ago.

You can store whole library with thousand volumes in your computer. Just press the button and you can see the content you need. It is interesting that people still use texts written thousands of years ago in Chinese characters. These things are still alive.

You should just press the button for the corresponding data to appear. Whenever man's spermatozoon and woman's egg cell meet they produce either a man or a woman.

To produce a male the sperm should be particularly strong and contain certain vertical elements, to produce a female, woman's ovum should be stronger.

So, the spermatozoon is like a bone, and an ovum is like a flesh. The bone is internal. So, male sexual organ goes deep into woman's body, to plant a seed in her womb.

Women have a period of ovulation, while men don't have an exclusive period when they can impregnate women. However they have periods especially good for breeding – periods when they are most healthy and powerful.

Procreative ability may depend on the change of climate and season, one's personal life, nutrition and so forth. It may go up and down.

Why does it have such waves? Why can't it be stable? There's vertical and horizontal source of energy that creates big waves. 

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