The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Importance Of Lineage - Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon
September 28, 2007
East Garden
Notes: Michael Jenkins
Translation: Hee Hun Standard and T. Cromwell
Editors: L. Strait and J. Flynn

Note: These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translatorís ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moonís words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.

Westerners donít understand the importance of lineage.

Won Ju read the 9th peace message.

We have to understand that this is the central time in history. The central moment. The most important thing is to inherit the lineage from heaven. I have taught you everything in great detail. The question is, will you fulfill your responsibility? Now is the time and the moment in history.

So today I will leave for Korea. Then later I will have to come back, but I donít know when. Dr. Yang should read now. Mother likes Dr. Yangís reading. His pronunciation is excellent. You all have to learn Korean. If you donít, you will have a problem in the spirit world. As Unification members, you have to learn Korean. You donít know all the things I had to go through. Only through Korean can you understand me deeply.

Father refers to the content of the 10th Peace Message.

In America there should not be free sex or sexual immorality or homosexuality. God has an absolute purpose of creation. We have to have absolute peace. This is to be achieved through absolute sexual morality. This is not a concept; this is an absolute reality that must be practiced.

Here in America so many people have stepfathers and stepmothers. People divorce so easily. I suffered greatly to teach you a correct way of life. How much I have had to pay! Think how different things would be if America and the world had accepted me. America has 300 million people. Compared to the worldís population, that is a small percentage. You should really understand how important this nation is and how critical it is, that you live like I do and inherit my way.

God is beyond freedom. However, because of the Fall there is no environment of true freedom. We talk about God, and we talk about absolute sexual morality (absolute sex). What is that? It is love that can be achieved only through true love. When you have true love, even God is attracted to it. Male and female must come together as one. Through my study of science, I came to understand how God works through numbers. I have struggled greatly to understand God. Though Americans may think that they helped Korea, this one Korean man sent by God changed the direction of America. Some people are afraid of us. However, they are fearful because they donít understand that I have true love and am working only for the benefit of this nation.

Someday all will be revealed. Whether you went to Harvard or not is not really the issue. Are you living according to Godís teaching and principle? You have to fulfill your responsibility.

I started on this path from the age of 16. When there were people in the village who were wrong or evil, I corrected their path and helped them go the right way. The most important thing is how to deal with the sickness of lineage. Even God couldnít do anything about it.

America is in the position of the Second Israel; however, it is plagued by free sex. How can America deal with this? We must practice absolute sexual morality. Whether you are leaders or not, you must remember that you must not be ashamed of yourself before Heaven and earth. Peace Message 10 talks about the idea of absolute sex. Sex must be absolute and centered on Godís pure lineage, with no blemish and no connection to the Fall.

You must not violate this teaching. However, you are proud of yourself to be the number one nation in the world. I am very concerned about you. Look at you white people. You look down upon other races, donít you? You look down upon black people. God cannot tolerate this. I am very sensitive. You must understand this. You have to transform America into a nation of absolute sexual morality and total harmony through exchange marriage and the love and harmony of all races.

I know this truth (the 10th Peace Message) is absolutely true. However, if you donít really accept this truth, this will come between us. I am trying to bring people to the Abel UN, and they donít understand it. So you must fulfill the uncompleted responsibility. God wants certain things to happen. Today 700 people are here. You should not be proud of yourself. Does your conscience tell you that you are doing everything right? When you go to the spirit world everything will be revealed. Does your conscience approve of all that you are doing?

I am very persistent in everything. I spent 34 years here in America. I am not interested in secular success. Why did I give so much here in America? We sacrificed so much for this nation. The spirit world will reveal the truth. America did something very wrong when it put me on trial. The spirit world and many righteous Americans know I am totally innocent. It will all be revealed. America is a most advanced nation. This nation must be responsible to save underdeveloped nations. We have to mobilize good ancestors who have to return to earth and begin an incredible revolution. So many saints are pouring down from the spirit world.

Now that the Abel UN has been established, you will see that many things will completely change in the next three years. Still many people do not know about the Abel UN; we must educate them directly. God is the vertical True Parent and the True Parents are the horizontal True Parents. On earth are 6.5 billion people; there are many more in the spirit world. What would happen without me here on earth? Something terrible could happen without me here.

Father has mentioned many times recently that a global nuclear holocaust is possible.

What about AIDS? That is the most fearful disease. Americans should know what the right thing to do is. The spirit world is totally supporting us. Once people go to the spirit world, their attitude will change and they will realize the truth.

So many are involved with this terrible problem of atomic weapons and bombs. We must bring a realization that what they are doing is wrong. In a few years, this will all be revealed. Many important and powerful industrial developments are in America and Russia. However, they should realize that they shouldnít look down on or misjudge Korea. America did not complete its responsibility in Korea during the Korean War. We donít want to follow this pattern of America. You made a decision to leave. Who came up with the idea of a truce? President Truman. President Eisenhower should have understood.

I have wanted you to do witnessing but you didnít understand how important this is. Bishop Kim, do you like America? (Yes). All Koreans have graduated. Three Koreans here remained with Dr. Yang. I may bring them to Korea, or I may bring Koreans back to America.

Eve felt lonely, and Adam was interested in other things. Were they naked or wearing clothes? After the Fall, they covered their private parts with fig leaves. When Adam was doing his own thing, Eve would be crying and then the Archangel would come and comfort her.

There was only one female there. The male figures were God, three archangels, and Adam. Number three and eight should come this way, making a ninety-degree angle. When we talk about the Seung Hap Ship Sang Il, it makes 10, then 12 appears. Then two times 12 make 24.

100 billion solar systems can fit inside the universe. What about the universe? It is floating in space. When you look at a soccer ball, it represents the universe. The Korean Il Hwa team is now winning the Asia Cup championship. Il Hwa has won eight championships in Korea. When I guide them, they win. The key is following my advice. If you do that, you will win. Also we have our championship teams in Brazil.

Also we have the Little Angels School and the Universal Ballet. Now Koreans are mastering classical ballet. Their legs have been short, which is a disadvantage for ballet. Now the diet has changed, and their legs are getting longer.

I know all aspects of different cultures. I am even good at swearing! My hands are not that big, but they are strong. I am very strong. Before Hoon Dok Hae, I exercised for 1 Ĺ hours. I slept only 30 minutes last night! I have so many complicated things that are going on. There are many troubles and huge needs for money for many dispensations.

The fishing industry has been tough. When men are out on the sea for three months there are problems with their wives going with other men. America has three of the major fishing grounds of the world. Americans have enormous rights over fishing; major conflicts could arise over these fishing grounds. Fish farming is very important. Salmon and other fish are being cultivated on our fish farms. I did so many things in Alaska. There has been persecution, but we overcame.

We have a truth that is more powerful than any weapons or bombs. My words and True Parentsí picture and even my handkerchief have more power than any secular book.

You should have a Family Flag (FFWPU Flag) and picture of True Parents, and then you will be protected. People who are trained in the Divine Principle gain spiritual energy and healing power. Sumo wrestlers fight through chíi. Even business has to do with chíi. Our members who are connected with True Parents have very powerful energy. If they are connected with True Parents they have an amazing amount of energy. You have to use this for a public purpose to witness to people.

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