The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Korea possesses the essence of culture

Sun Myung Moon
September 16, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
East Garden

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han January 23, 2012

It is important to study Korean culture, language and history.

Korea possesses some core essence of culture; even Korean food has 360 varieties.

You can understand that Koreans are peaceful nation even by looking at history of Koguryo dynasty.

We can understand that God is real even by observing mysteries of human body.

When we look at our face we can feel something mysterious and marvelous.

We cannot deny that God foreknew and designed everything.

Even by looking at our eyebrows we can understand the scientific nature of all nervous impulses and self-regulation of our body.

We can discover spirit and idea of the Creator contained in all created things.

With this logic we can win debates with materialists.

We can understand that human body is very scientific; it is built in accordance with the design of God, who knew everything about our environment.

You can tell a person's character and fortune even by the shape of his eyebrows and face.

Materialists don't understand the spirit world and don't know God's design for the creation of heaven and earth.

In the future Koreans will play an important role in the world.

This is also true for the world of science. Korean is the language of revelation. All religions bore fruit in Korea.

The Heavenly fortune passed consecutively from Buddhism to Confucianism, Christianity and the Unification Church.

You cannot stop the rushing flow of the Heavenly fortune. Korea's measure is already full.

Even from the viewpoint of physiognomy Koreans are endowed with the greatest treasure.

Individualism will disappear. Beings without a partner will disappear.

Such people will disappear also. Ideal partner' is an important concept. Ideal' means the best'.

Ideal partner' is the best one'. It's the person who can go and be liked by people anywhere.

You should know that if your lineage does not get connected to my tribe within the lifespan of several generations, you will remain a fallen seed for eternity.

Ideal partner' refers to meeting the person you dislike the most and becoming most united with that person.

Work harder that my children. As younger siblings you should become one with Abel in your family.

Everything should be done on the basis of family. Now it is time for us to complete our investment and pass it over to others.

This is necessary in order to go to the same Kingdom of Heaven. Intercultural marriage is important.

Whites should marry blacks. White women don't want to marry Asian men, but that's exactly what they should do.

We have to stop family breakdown in America. Homosexuality and lesbianism must disappear.

Americans should not be too proud of themselves! Follow me on this road and bring victory.

All great ideologies came from Asia.

Repent and go forward. 

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