The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

These words of truth are good material

Sun Myung Moon
September 11, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae on Ahn Shi Il
East Garden

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han August 8, 2010

Rev. Chung-hwan Kwak's Report:

Tomorrow is September 12th, 2nd anniversary of the UPF which was founded by True Parents on September 12th, 2005. This is a historical day.


This is 2nd time we celebrate this day, means one full year has passed, right?

Chung-hwan Kwak:

No, two full years have passed. To commemorate this 2nd anniversary we had the ILC yesterday with 144 participants from 44 nations. That was just a beginning. There are several commemorative events, among them official banquet that will be held tomorrow under the auspices of True Parents. Then, on 17th there will be preparatory meetings. Now that the UN General Assembly opens, outside organizations cannot use UN facilities. Nevertheless, even though we won't be able to use that big facility, we're still going to have a commemorative event, a seminar in the UN together with UPF representatives and ambassadors to the UN.

On March 17, this year Father proclaimed in Hawaii that 2007, the jubilee year in God's providence, which comes only once in history, will witness the realization of the ideal of Cheon Il Guk, the God-centered civilization of the Pacific Rim. Father intends to connect Hawaii and Norfolk and all the oceans in the North, South, East and West. Life and civilization started from water, to indemnify that the history must now return to the Pacific Rim; it should pass through Japan and find its conclusion on the Korean peninsula. Father made this proclamation and every month since then held various historical events – on April 17th, May 17th, June 17th, July 17th and August 17th. So the seminar to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the UPF is also going to be held on September 17th. This event is also connected to the UN and will be held in the UN. Father's idea is to use this celebration of the UPF's 2nd anniversary to announce to the whole world and to the history the creation of the Abel-type UN. Actually, there wasn't a plan to make a separate Abel UN. The existing UN should have taken the responsibility, but it didn't. It's still so far from Heaven's expectations, it still appears to have its limitations.

In 1998-1999 Father was trying to renew the UN. Everything would have gone fine, had only the UN listened to Father. But it didn't, so now Father has to create the Abel-type UN. Its foundation will be announced on the 23rd. The New Yorker Hotel will become the headquarters of the Abel UN and Manhattan Center will be used for official assemblies like General Assembly of the United Nations. So, foreign guests arriving for the event will stay in the New Yorker Hotel, but since there are not enough free rooms in the New Yorker now, some of the participants will have to stay in other near-by hotels. Guests for the main event will arrive on the 21st and leave on 25 or 26th. Their level should be even higher than the level of delegates sent to the existing Cain-type UN, should it not? So, the status of participants should be higher than that of ambassadors dispatched by the government of each nation to the UN. Members of Global Peace Council from all continents and nations will come on the 21st and these should be people on the level of Prime-Ministers, Deputy Prime-Ministers, Presidents and Parliament Speakers. Otherwise, leaders of this level should officially appoint and send here their representatives.

Some 350 people are expected to come from all nations. Not only these people are coming, some participants of the General Assembly of the UN – that is external UN – will also visit our event. Even though they won't be able to participate in it all through the end, some of them including high-ranking officials and even heads of states will come to the UPF sponsored meeting and make presentations or share their impressions during the period from 21st through 25th. So, it will be a meaningful event. I know that you all are praying and doing your best to support this event. I am going to read the speech which Father will give tomorrow at the memorial banquet. The title of the speech is God's Ideal Family and the Kingdom of Ideal Peaceful World. Not only we, but all world leaders should read this speech many times and make its message a guideline for their lives. Then, all problems of the world and humankind can be resolved. Please, remember this, read this speech with such an attitude and use it as a guideline. Now, I'm going to read the text of speech which Father will give tomorrow.


This speech is connected to all volumes of my speeches, but since people don't know the contents of all my speeches, I took only some representative parts, combined them in the manner that fits this age and made into a book. There are 15 messages. Their contents are sufficient to introduce me, though of course they don't contain something I am yet to say. Since I selected the core content for these messages, they can be applied to any field; you just need to set a subtitle. These words of truth are a good material, so use them as a basis for your activities and be grateful that you have them.

The more you read them – 10 times, 100 times, 1000 times – the more your knowledge broadens. So you won't be overpowered by anyone, even if you will have to deal with people of highest authority. The greatest truth is summarized in these messages, so you have to memorize them and become expert in them. People may adore Europe or America, but America which is in the object position and other countries will compete with each other and study these messages more than you. You may read it hundred and thousands of times, but if you cannot give answers to America, what will happen? It is going to be a problem. These messages are a textbook for your training.

All main concepts are summarized in the Peace Scriptures. They are the Bible of Peace. The 1st message is most important. Its content is most important for the era of opening the peace kingdom. This is a record-making time; we are going to found the Abel-type UN and this trend will influence the whole world, so we need to use the 1st Message of Peace Again.

Chung-hwan Kwak:

So, I'm going to read.

What do you think is God's ultimate purpose for creating human beings? Simply put, it is to experience joy through relating with ideal families filled with true love. What does an ideal family look like? First, each person in the family is an owner of true love. When God first created human beings, He made Adam representing all men, and Eve representing all women, with the intention that they become owners of true love. The quickest way for them to cultivate a character of true love was to secure a parent-child relationship with God, whereby they could live in attendance to God as their Father.

They were to have followed the path of living as one family with God. I invite you to enter into a mystical state and prayerfully ask God, What is the center of the universe? The answer you hear will undoubtedly be, the parent-child relationship. Nothing is more important or more precious than the relationship between parent and child. This is because it defines the fundamental relationship between the Creator God and human beings.

Then, what defines the parent-child relationship? Three things: love, life and lineage. The first is love. We can love with true love because God, our True Parent, first loved us with true love. God created human beings out of His absolute love, to be His partners in love. This relationship forms an axis of love, linking God the Father with human beings as His sons and daughters. Is there anything higher or more precious than to be a son or daughter of God? If anything were higher, then surely human beings would aspire to attain it. But there is nothing higher.

Do you think that when the omniscient and omnipotent God created Adam and Eve, He secretly reserved the highest position for Himself and made Adam and Eve to be only second best? We cannot imagine that God would do that to His children, to His partners who share absolute love with Him. As our eternal True Parent, God invested Himself 100 percent into the creation of human beings and endowed us with the right to have equal status with Him, to participate in His work as equals, to live with Him, and to inherit from Him.


The two should stick together, that is the way for them to survive. In this way they will be able to overcome those who persecute and drive them away. This can be the driving force for their unity. That is why people should marry across national borders, they should marry internationally. Intermarriage! If you look at Koran history and tradition you will understand that you cannot even dream of uniting Koreans and Japanese by any other means except for marriage. There will be no way for them to become one for eternity.

Japan opposed to the Unification Church, did it not? Korea also opposed and chastised the Unification Church. America gathered all people betrayed by the world; there are people who were driven away by the whole world. Christianity talks about the banquet on the clouds together with the returning Lord.

We need to overcome enmity towards our enemies and become close to them than even to our siblings. So we ignored borders, our family background, culture, tradition and education, and intermingled with each other following our new philosophy. As a result in the history of the Unification Church we had weddings between Koreans and Japanese, which are actually something impossible to do. There is no way to unite, unless we put things other way around. Was it 2516 couples Blessing? (2616 couples in 1988.) At that time Koreans and Japanese completely intermarried. Japanese men got married to Korean women, and Korean men – to Japanese women. They became completely interwoven. When this happens men go up and women go down.

The Blessing is so great. You can't deny the lineage. We bring the lineage into order on all levels – individual, family, tribe, people and nation. Members of the Unification Church that was persecuted in Japan live all over the world like in one house; in society divided into classes they are close to each other than brothers and sisters because they are united around the Parents, around me. So they are up in the air, higher than anyone. In this sense they are participating in the feast on the clouds, like Christians believe. It looks just like a feast on the clouds. We faced severe opposition and were cut off from this nation, so the intermarriage of the first generation of the Unification Church was a great historical revolution. Aju. Aju.

So, people who truly embody the Unificationist tradition are not those who are married to people of the same nationality, but those who are married to someone who was like an enemy to them. 36 couples shed their blood and so did 430 couples. 430 couples also got married under such circumstances before Korea was restored. To participate in their ranks one had to be cut off from society by Satan. That became one of indemnity conditions. So, from that time on Koreans were able to go out to the world and start missionary activities. Nations of the world have to accept such a victorious authority. They opposed us, but we served and so were able to resurrect. We were gradually going up all the way from position of servant of servants. Then we reached position of servant, adopted son, illegitimate son, direct son, father and mother, Adam, and God – 8 stages.

Until we reached national level we were growing as an underground movement. Until UN turned more Abel-type we were persecuted by nations and the world. People thought that Rev. Moon would disappear, but instead he was crowned as a king of peace in Korean parliament and American Congress. If only we establish Abel-type UN the whole world can turn around in 3 years. The time has come so if you don't handle it… The world is coming that will be based on law. Such nations will appear. Such peoples, tribes and families will appear. If in such world there are individuals whose mind and body struggle with one another, if there are families whose members are struggling with each other, such individuals and families will be spat out by the world! We would need to burn all such elements.

I'm in charge that is why I'm pushing you so hard. Folks that used to always endure persecutions like little birds can become eagles, tigers and lions. Those who lacked in strength were always gobbled up by Satan. But now God can grab Satan and cook him instead. God can make you His people; now people and things belonging to God's world are to appear. Without having received persecutions you wouldn't have understood it.

If you write down the word Aju in Chinese characters and interpret them, you will get the meaning I can become an owner. Before when you prayed, you used to say Amen or Let it be according to Jehovah's words, but now you say Aju instead. This is best word in Korea. Say it, Aju! Aju means I'm really the owner. I rose to God's position.

Phrase very good in Korean sounds like aju chota. What does chota mean? It means ride the wild geese to get to the land in the clouds. Cho is Chinese character for bird and ta in Korean means ride. So, the word good -- chota in Korean can be interpreted as ride the bird. Isn't that right? Fly to the clouds on the wild geese backs. Ride the clouds.

Next, when you say bad in Korean – nappeuda, it sounds like na – I, pooh – sound of blowing, and da – everything. This can be interpreted like I will blow away everything evil! Pooh! So, Korean is a language of revelation.

Old name of Korean alphabet is Hoon Min Jeong Eum which means Correct Sounds for the Instruction of People. So, True Parents pronounce correct sounds, and those who cannot pronounce these sounds (speak this language) are heretics. Does that not sound right? Without parents people cannot learn right things. You have to learn tradition of your motherland from your parents. However all parents are different. People were driven out from the garden, so they can't even speak the same language. So, True Parents come and teach them in right language. People of the world will come to use it.

The Parents have to use the language of their nation. It will not disappear and that nation will not be ruined. God prepared this language and gives it to you, so you have to know Korean. Its phonetics is better than that of English. In Korean you can pronounce any kind of sound. You can write down in Korean words of people from 120 nations in their languages and when you read these words again to them they will understand. God whispered all secrets through True Parents in this language, so it will remain in this world. This nation will not perish. Aju. 

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