The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Peace Message Two And Mother - Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon
September 10, 2007
East Garden
Notes: Michael Jenkins
Translation: Hee Hun Standard and T. Cromwell
Editor: L. Strait

NOTE: These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.

Peace Message Number 2 centers on how True Mother being victorious by bringing Cain and Abel together. Peace Message Number 3 has to do with the three objective purposes. Peace Messages 1-3 are really like one address. God has given these Peace Messages so that all could become clear.

I was persecuted for 34 years in America. Basically all the people of this nation were originally immigrants. Because Jesus couldn't complete the foundation for the family, someone had to come representing him and fulfill through the Word. No one can deny this; the world of denial must disappear. We have to expand from the family to the society, to the nation, and to the world. This is how we can bear fruit here on earth.

Upon the entrance of the Chung Jeong Goong, the vertical and horizontal True Parents became one. The founding of the Universal Peace Federation took a long course. It began in 2005. The rejection of Jesus was a tragedy that must be restored. Through this foundation we are building all that was lost from the time of Jesus.

That is how we can be liberated and freed from bondage. The way humanity was divided was that we lost our lineage. Through the establishment of one lineage through the Blessing and holy wine ceremony, we can reunify everything.

Satan has turned everything upside down. Now all things must be restored. I could not go from the top; I had to start at the dungeons of hell and then rise up from there. I had to go up through the eight stages.

These two-vertical and horizontal-on eight stages had to be restored. When they were restored, we could proclaim Pal Jeong Shik. We have to restore the individual, family, clan, tribe, nation, world, cosmos and Heaven: That is the horizontal. The vertical is the servant of servant, servant, adopted child, stepchild, begotten child, husband/wife, father/mother, True Parent.

Cain and Abel must now unite as brothers. The only way we can be united is through the realm of heart. Adam and Eve were to be the begotten son and the begotten daughter. You must understand how serious it is to be one lineage of Heaven. Americans don't really understand lineage. If you destroy your lineage, then you lose your family, your parents, your inheritance, and even God.

Our course is the path to perfect our love and heart and become perfected sons and daughters and then a perfected family of true love. The purpose of woman is to live for the children; her body is for her children. She should realize how important the womb is, and the womb should be strong and big.

Father and Mother initially came from the fallen blood lineage. Father and Mother were opposed on each level as they came to bring the lineage of Heaven. I was opposed by my family, the community, the tribe, the nation, and the world.

How do you overcome and go through each of the eight stages? You must go through them by bringing harmony and love, just like when your four fingers from each hand interlock and they become strong and inseparable. Therefore the eight stages times 2 also gives perfect internal strength for the True Family and will never be broken.

It is better to give birth to more than two children. If you give birth to only two, then you just created Adam and Eve; however, if you go beyond, then you match God's creation of Adam and Eve and then go beyond. It was so critical that Mother could have more than two children. I could not adopt children to fulfill my role because they had to come from one lineage.

Through the eight stages on the vertical and horizontal levels we can perfect the family. The perfection of love has to do with the husband and wife coming together centering on God's true lineage. Through having children you establish the realm of True Family and establish the place where God can dwell.

The family with all the dimensions of relations cannot hurt or kill each other. It is impossible. If a woman doesn't want to have children then she doesn't need breasts and big hips. The true purpose for those things is to have children and nurture them.

The motion of all the relations of the family-husband and wife (horizontal), parents and children (God and humans - vertical), front and back, left and right-creates a circular motion but also a spherical one.

When the evergreen tree grows in Kodiak, it grows vertically, even when it is on the side of a hill. It never loses its direction. Those kinds of trees can be used to make a piano because they are so strong and grow in cold weather. It makes the wood a particularly strong quality with deep resonance. Still, no matter what, it grows straight. Its root also grows straight and downward. Blessed couples must be like this.

Who is the owner of the world? It is not the lion; it is the bear. The bear is so patient. We went fishing, and we could see the bears. If you upset a bear, he will attack. It is like Korean mythology. The tiger responds very quickly. However, Korean people are more like bears. They have the capacity to endure incredible hardship and sacrifice. They are patient. They were invaded 480 times but never invaded another country and never lost their nation.

Rev. Kwak was asked to sing. Father was incredibly joyful.

When we go out to the fields, we learn songs from the birds and add lyrics and can see the beauty. When I was young, I would go out to the well in my village because I knew the birds would come there. I could listen to them and learn their beautiful sounds, from which I could make songs.

The correct sounds should be taught. Whenever we speak, we must act, talk and work according to nature. It is fun to chase after a rabbit. Not to catch it, but to follow it and track it. They jump; they run. Rabbits make good friends with people.

Won Ju, please sing "Millennium Rock." This song reminds me of Danbury. Especially when I was released this song was close to me. (When a new dawn comes, all will be resolved. The place where I can dwell with my whole heart - I will be like a gypsy until I find that place. In the West far away when the sun sets [like Western civilization], I will fold my wings and go to the place where my beloved lives. What is life all about? Should I live? I will build the Millennial Kingdom.")

Then Father had us read the third peace message and the message from the presidents.

The Blessed Central Families must see themselves in America as the representatives of these representatives [the presidents].

Rev. Kwak concluded with prayer.

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