The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Opposition - Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon
September 9, 2007
East Garden
Notes: Michael Jenkins
Translation: Hee Hun Standard, T. Cromwell
Editors L. Strait and J. Flynn

Note: These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translatorís ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moonís words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.
Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt read the 13th Peace Message on the Pacific Rim Era.


Many have opposed me. However, that opposition cannot stand. We have entered an age when no one race can stand alone. The white people need the people of all races to join together with them in harmony: people from North and South America, from Asia, Eurasia, Europe, Africa, Hispanic and native peoples to build a world of peace.

God is deeply concerned about the situation right now. The world could be destroyed by atomic weapons. We cannot resolve this by force; we can resolve it only with Godís love and through serving humanity.

If we go on as we have been, we may be heading for destruction. Even if we are opposed, we must come up with a way to peacefully resolve this crisis. However, if America allows promiscuity, immorality and free sex, then how can it stand for what is right? Some states have supported homosexual marriage; this is not correct. How about wife swapping and sexual immorality? They destroy the family and the nation.

We have spent billions of dollars to educate and protect America and the free world. God gave me the way to guide you by making indemnity conditions. Who understands what I am doing? Why do I do this? Because I know the secrets of Godís love.

We must cover all of Godís senses. God does not want to lose America. I invested myself in America for 34 years. I even was imprisoned in America, yet there was nothing I did wrong. (The Senate Judiciary Committee chairman at that time said that injustice rather than justice was done in my case.)

One must be able to bring harmony; to do this, your mind and body and all aspects must be in harmony. The intelligence community and the academic world cannot do what I am trying to do because I am bringing Godís principle from the family to the nation and to the world. Many tried to eliminate me but they couldnít do it because I had Godís protection.

Through intercultural and interracial marriage we can achieve the end of enmity between races and nations. No one can oppose this great truth. America is indebted to me because of the education I have given concerning the blessing of marriage, the reconciliation of races, and other ways I educated American leaders and defended the providential mission of America in the face of communism.

One hundred and fifty million people were killed directly by communism. Many organizations tried to destroy me but they couldnít do it. Why? Because God protected me. If I could work with young people for three years, they would completely change.

Here are Michael Jenkins, Tyler Hendricks (the president of the seminary), Bishop Kim, Mr. Joo. Does America need you? You must tell the American leaders when they are right and when they are wrong. America needs you because you represent me. America needs me because God speaks through me to guide America according to its religious heritage.

Do you know the meaning of blood lineage? Do you know that lineage is the most important thing of all? More important than love or life? In the future there will be heads of state that have a great desire to see me or even my family but they wonít be able to. Many Americans are not ashamed of what they did to me. Because of me, even Korea could be protected. Many foreign powers tried to manipulate Korea in one way or another or even abandon Korea but because of God it couldnít happen.

You havenít learned Japanese or Korean even though your wives are from those countries; this shows how arrogant you are. I learned English. When I learned English, many times I had to repeat a word twenty times, again and again. I donít want people to defeat me. I learned English; why didnít you learn Korean?

I donít know when I will leave Korea or go anywhere. There may come a time when I am not so visible. What will you do? I understand obedience.

Michael Jenkins, we are now in an age when if people are not doing the right thing, you can be very strict with them. You must guide them. You must really educate your children well. I am trying to save the world. If we cannot move a nation and a state to do Godís will, we will not succeed.

I love my children; Hyun Jin Nim, Kook Jin Nim, and Hyung Jin Nim are doing so many things. When Hyun Jin Nim started working, he said the foundation created by True Parents is so vast and shining. Now if we correctly work on that foundation, so many miraculous developments will occur. So many Christians opposed me, but I overcame.

Today the situation is much better than before. I am not so deeply worried because we have an eternal foundation that will never falter or go the wrong way. The will of God will now be accomplished.

What nation am I from? (Cheon Il Guk). I was sent by God, yet does God have a nation? Now with our seriousness and hard work we can be recognized. We have a story in Korea of a filial daughter who is called Shin Chung. How about the story of the filial son? We need that kind of story, too! My grandparents were incredibly patriotic. Ol San high school was started and supported by my grandparents.

Well, have I given you good things or bad things this morning? (Good things.) Letís have someone sing. How about Rev. Man Ho Kim?

Rev. Kim sang, and then Won Ju.
Won Ju then read Fatherís message for the UPF Abel UN conference in September.
Father then asked Won Ju to read the first peace message.


What we read is good for all humanity. We have to now offer our flesh and bones to this planet Earth as the sons and daughters of God. We must have this kind of resolution in our hearts. Then when we go to the spirit world we will have that kind of parent-child relationship with God. We will live forever in peace. This is what we want -- this is what God wants.

We should wrap these words in beautiful cloth and bequeath it to our generations to come. This is what God wants, this is what True Parents want, this is what we should desire.

Won Ju prayed:

Heavenly Father, we are so grateful for America and the fact that True Parents have never stopped loving this nation. This is something truly amazing. We are grateful that True Parents could be so healthy and that they could be protected for the sake of America and the world.

Let us not miss even one moment or place in the providence. Our True Parents are so concerned about our members and how we are doing. Let us fulfill our responsibility so that we might prosper and bring joy to our True Parents. By so doing, let us become filial children who can allow our True Parents to rest.

We are deeply grateful for our True Parentsí visit to this land. Hyun Jin Nim is now working hard in England and Germany with the example of our True Parentsí service. Please be with Hyo Jin Nim and all True Children.


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