The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Create God's Homeland - Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon
August 29, 2007
North Garden
Kodiak, Alaska
Notes: Michael Jenkins
Translation: Tossa Cromwell
Editors: L. Strait and J. Flynn.

Note: These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translatorís ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moonís words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.

True Parents arrived, and we did a traditional greeting with the Ambassadors for Peace. Father asked Dr. Yang to give an overview of the providence especially centering on the Middle East Peace Initiative.

This MEPI was particularly successful as Dr. Preston (Hyun Jin) Moon was able to meet many of the key religious leaders and greatly advance the theme of "One Family Under God." Also the Global Peace Festival at the Jerusalem Pavilion was a beautiful event.

Father mentioned that the situation in Palestine is very difficult. (By the way, Father looks so strong, tan and healthy. He looks better than ever.)


Welcome to the Ambassadors for Peace here.

We must create Godís homeland. We cannot do this with fists and guns; we need to do this with the core principles and education. When people understand, they can go the right way. We must create a family -- one family under God with the same lineage as Heaven. You must overcome the fight between the mind and body. This is a spiritual war between God and Satan.

I created conferences for education for America, England, and France, and for Germany, Italy, and Japan. No other organization could do this. We have been sacrificing and going forward. Why did I leave Korea to work to unify America and the United Nations? We can bring America and Russia together. We can realize peace on all levels. You have to feel the true love of God, which is like honey, and then you can organize your environment. I created a foundation that could expand on the earth through the lineage of heaven. I had Japanese and Koreans marry each other in 1988; they were total enemies. Japan and Korea both cried out with total protest.

Everyone from kindergarten to the highest levels of the adult world should rise to the standard of the Ambassadors for Peace and beyond. We should have Ambassadors for Peace for each age group. There are many conscientious people in the world. We must make a peaceful environment that will not change. I am not just playing around -- we are going to overcome evil. Evil is like a castle created in the sand. If we walk forward, it will come tumbling down.

Because the Ambassadors for Peace and members of our movement are not afraid, there will be a huge change in Jerusalem as we continue to march forward. The media must be educated the right way to promote peace and understanding. Many Ambassadors for Peace donít know what I am doing and how I am working. If you really believe that I am a good man, please raise your hand (all Ambassadors for Peace raised their hands). Then please work with me to create a new nation and world of goodness. We have to go back to the realm before the Fall.

Do you believe in the spirit world? All of the spirit world and the billions of ancestors are attending this Hoon Dok Hae with you. You are here to attend God and fulfill the things that your ancestors could not. We are running out of time. Your ancestors are watching your lives, and they are waiting to see your results. They are fully active and working to help you.

Their conference is designed to create leaders who can be owners of the land and the sea. After you are born, you are in the world of land and air. The first world in the womb is the area of water, and the final stage in the spirit world is the era in which we live in love. You need to know that in this age you are in the positions of archangels, sons and daughters, and owners of Cheon Il Guk. You can achieve this through the Peace Messages.

Many billions of people of the world are suffering, and many of you donít know much about it. We have to change this situation. If I call upon the saints, Buddha, Confucius and so on, they all completely respond to me. You need to inherit the model of Adam and Eve; you need to become part of the royal family; you need to open doors. There are 26 nations represented here, but you should feel that you are as one nation. All the past can be forgiven with True Parents. If you look at True Parentsí results there are so many things that you cannot believe.

The sun comes up from the east. Therefore heaven is seeking to establish goodness rising from the east. God is the absolute being of creation.

There were many situations in which I could have died, but God protected me. I had to work hard to fulfill the human portion of responsibility. On that foundation, God could come to the forefront. You donít have to follow me, you have to follow God, the Peace Messages and your conscience as a blessed couple of Heavenís lineage... The lineage of all your ancestors is totally different. You need to be the elder to lead the archangelic world. If Lucifer had an elder brother, he would not have fallen. When this foundation was established nothing could destroy the Unification Church.

Even if the parents have a child who goes to hell, the parents lament until the child comes out. Think about True Parentsí suffering from that perspective. God and True Parents cannot be happy or rest when people from all nations are trapped in hell.

There is only one Unification Church, not two. Think about my position. You need to become inheritors and make it a way for all humanity. We have gone to the Middle East 31 times now. When we complete the 33rd trip, incredible breakthroughs will occur and peace will appear visibly. I am also completing the 33rd time of fishing in Alaska. This is all God's providence.

I am now in the position of the Peace King. I donít need to meet any more heads of state. I may not meet any ever again. The path is set. What strength did I work with? Godís strength. When I needed money, God always gave it to me. We have to inspire the governments of the world to work for peace. Many things that I did at first looked like failures but now it is coming out that they are successful. For this to happen, God had to bless our effort.

Ambassadors for Peace, I prepared extensively for this meeting for the last three days. I went out in the cold, the rain, and the wind. The weather was cold, wet, and difficult; still, I completely focused on preparing for you to come.

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