The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

We Are All One Family - Hoon Dok Hae in Kodiak, AK

Sun Myung Moon
August 27, 2007
North Garden

We are all one family. You can't do things alone. Individualism denies everything. Everything in this world is based on the unity of two entities. So, your husband is a way for you to find an eternal Parent of the Heavenly Kingdom -- Parent of the humankind.

Without your husband you won't find Him. Whatever you say, to build Heavenly Kingdom you need to form a couple -- a couple of individuals, a couple of families, couple of tribes, couple of peoples or nations.

And God becomes a core of everything starting from individual and family level. Everything can get on this line -- family, nation, world, heaven and earth. There must be two -- subject and object. But you must be on the horizontal line, then the center appears.

If your line is slanted like this, the center cannot be established. It's very simple. We don't need to think about it in a complicated manner. Heavenly Father is the central model for everything in the universe. Everything starts from the Father.

The Parents of heaven and earth are incorporeal and at the same time they have corporeal body. If there were no incorporeal substance, the corporeal substance would not have appeared. The incorporeal and the corporeal become counterparts. That's expressed in relationship between parents and children, spouses and siblings.

All 360 directions in the universe start from one core. God becomes the standard for an individual. All people should align their families to God. God must enter our family, so that it can exist with something greater, with Heaven as its center.

In your relationships one side becomes plus and another becomes minus. These two become one and stand on the horizontal line. Plus, the right side is the center. Everything exists in relations of subject and object. But there's not subject and object counterparts in structure of the mouth because it represents relationship of top and bottom.

Water and nutrients are in subject and object relationships with the mouth. The nose interacts with air, eyes -- with sunlight, ears -- with sound and mouth -- with water and food. The mouth doesn't have a subject-type shape, therefore it works on the basis of interaction with water and food.

We are an embodiment of life. 60-70% of your bodies consist of water and the other 30% are made of the nutrition you get. Since we have only one mouth it must be aligned to two elements. At home you have father and mother, so you have to adjust to both of them.

Also why is the mouth so big? Because we need to drink water. When we eat we stuff our mouth with all kinds of things. Look at our face, ears or eyes have counterpart, why then mouth is one? Because it has to receive 2 kinds of elements. The mouth represents young age, formation stage or Adam's family and the nose represents Jesus' family.

Everything exists in subject and object relationships centered on true love. Your husband represents to you all men. You should know this. Do you understand? Man and woman are each other's companions forever. You can't go to Heavenly Kingdom on one leg. You must walk with both legs.

You may walk horizontally without particular difficulties, but to move vertically you need to go through the stages of formation, growth and completion. We are talking about the age of four directions.

Our neck moves because of our eyes. When our eyes see something nice and tasty we move in that direction; we go where there is water and food. Here (in our nose) we have plus and minus, and our eyes also represent plus and minus. But there's no plus and minus in the structure of our mouth. It's horizontal.

Water and nutrients form that pair, so these 2 elements are complementary to the positive realm of our life. Next, what is man needed for? Man is to complete the woman. And what the woman is born for? To complete the man.

Perfection means unity of mind and body. For example, if man is slanted on the right side, woman should nurture him, so that he can shift to the left. If a man has certain shortcoming, woman can raise or teach her partner. So, together they can go up and reach the horizontal line. You have to go through points X and O. If you remain still, you will be in the realm of O. This side is O.

This is a straight line. But to pass through X, your hands and feet need to move in opposite direction. Someone must push you. Simply speaking, that's how the universe is formed. This is the place of the universal love dwells, so if you are in the original family of True Parents, you have heavenly love there, you have grandfather, father, your wife, children and grandchildren; 3 or even 7 generations live in such a family.

7 generations together become one category. You cannot tear them apart. Numbers 7 and 8 signify completion. Therefore, grandfather in a family should treat his little grandson as a little God. Well, now he's just a member of this family, but in the future he may become a central figure in the nation. Raise children with this kind of hope.

Have the same attitude toward your wife. The four-position foundation starts from the highest position. So adjust it properly. Then invisible God will descend and become one with you. If you become one with this center you will be able to move in all directions and take all shapes.

All things need certain model. When two become one through love they form a seed, all their cells unite and development automatically starts from here. If that is established, everything will follow. God and come and dwell in the unity of subject and object.

Individualism or family-centered ideologies are not correct. The cosmic ideology is. Say it: cosmic ideology. Everything is harmonized according to this cosmic ideology, even our eyes and nose. There is nothing self-centered. This is the essence and the core point. Everything should be adjusted to the essence. Then everything will be one with you, so you'll be able to go anywhere.

Personal perfection leads to the perfection of the universe. In the Unification Church you can find the total essence and the core point, which you won't find anywhere in heaven and on earth. This is the so called Unification Church.

If you look at Chinese characters constituting Korean word for "church" you can see that a church is a place where a dutiful son lives together with his father. That's how it should be. Without it you have not other place to go. There are your brothers representing father. In America you have a president who represents father. In Heavenly Kingdom God is the center.

America is supposed to be a model of a world nation, because you have everyone in this nation. People unable to maintain subject-object relationship and adjust to the environment of the eternal world fall down to hell. They go to the darkest place.

That's very logical; it's not just a fantasy. This place (head) is a headquarters of the cosmic ideology. All blessed families should be able to live up to the ideal of the cosmic ideology. That's the same for everyone. Don't be proud because you've graduated from Seoul University. What matters is what you do after you graduate.

There are all kinds of thieves even among graduates. The universe would rather press this type of people down by the rocks for them not to get out at all. If you graduated from Seoul University, you should live for the sake of the world.

Then the Seoul University can become a model, a university of Heavenly Kingdom which cannot be compared with any universities of the world. For that you need absolute sex, absolute love and absolute obedience. That means -- no ego.

You should be able to become an object of many various centers in order to develop. That's why obedience and sacrifice are necessary.

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