The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Receive True Linage - Ahn Shi Il and Hoon Dok Hae at North Garden, Kodiak Alaska

Sun Myung Moon
August 26, 2007
FFWPU International

Summary of Father's words:

Receive true love, true life, and true lineage as your own. Worldly people don't understand the importance of lineage. European (western) people didn't know how important the blood lineage is. The blood lineage is most important. It connects fathers, ancestors in one line forever. It's impossible to cut it away. The Fall cut everything away. God and human parents, ancestors became separated. Who made it? Satan, not God.

Without the blood lineage you cannot connect to the original viewpoint, perspective. Do you understand?

Blood lineage! Say it. You don't know what blood lineage is, do you? Father and children cannot be separated from each other as parts of one tree. The tree stands tall even though the ages pass by. If the human seed were God-centered we would be one for ages, but what is it that we see now?

The world is split into 200 nations that are fighting with one another in the UN, each one having its own culture. Even neighborhoods are separated from each other. God doesn't want that. We need to unify people, that's what you should know. That's an incredible task.

America doesn't know how to do it, neither do communists. If only we complete this task America will have to follow us. People from the communist realm will have to follow us no matter how great they are. If we don't set this right now, it can cause nuclear catastrophe in the future. If the nuclear storage goes off, the explosion covers area hundreds or even thousands kilometers around it.

If this happens in 2 or 3 nations, the whole world will be blown up.

People don't realize how dangerous it is. Young people in this country may think that America is the greatest nation, that it represents the whole world. But look, America's families are on decline. You're saying, "One family under God," "One nation under God." You have to go through 5 stages starting from individual, family and tribe. Everything stars here from 'one family,' then 'one tribe,' then 'one nation.'

You first need representatives, after that you form one nation. You have to go through 5 dimensions. When you reach that place, you can build a nation, a country. That's why people cannot achieve unity in the world and in their nations. They should unite mind and body within an individual first and then unify their families.

This is the original formula. You should know this. Without this formula people cannot resolve problems and find answers. You should learn this formula. Only then can you solve problems. Maybe there are already 1200 volumes of my speeches or even several thousands.

I extracted the quintessence of all my words for you, I summarized it.

Peace Messages enable the heavenly world to unite and a family to be complete. So you should study Korean. If you, young folks, don't know Korean, you'll be speechless in the Kingdom of Heaven. Korean is an amazing language and it has an amazing writing system. From the religious perspective Korean has qualities that no other language of any other nations has.

Korea is just a small nation in Asia, but if only it became one with me following God's Will, the whole Asia would be moved and the world could not but became united. That's how it was supposed to be. Traditional churches have different foundation. I experienced this. There's no need to argue about the existence of God, because He always lives with us.

He knows everything. We need to do things right. Why did America oppose the Unification Church? Religious circles in the USA even now are disunited.

They should be unified and this is the task of the Unification Church. So, even America is somewhat scared of us. And so is the KGB, the Soviet Union. The CIA and KGB united in opposing the Unification Church. We must build even greater foundation.

The purpose of God's providence is to build a royal palace, a kingdom, not a democracy. But people don't understand the way they must go. To understand the faith of the Unification Church you need to go to a university or even postgraduate school.

You, high-schoolers don't know things they teach in universities, and don't understand changes in the world situation. So, when you sit here you probably don't understand well what I'm talking about. So, you have to learn, memorize things. You probably hate to just follow someone. You do many things just because you follow your parents. So, memorizing is the same. If you talk about this every day of your life, you start to understand.

Every day, at 5 o'clock Unificationists throughout the world read this Peace Bible. My words form a scripture of heaven and earth. This is the Bible of the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven and on earth. This is the Bible of the 2 worlds. The Cheon Seong Gyeong. It's a textbook containing all formulas needed to give right answers. That's the significance of these books. You must know it. Without knowing it you'll be stupid. You don't know how famous I am because you see me often.

You may say, "Well, Father comes to Kodiak now and then." Kodiak is a northern part of the ocean realm. It's a borderline between America and Russia. Through this place these 2 nations must be connected.

So, you should understand that this is an annual event. Russian and USA should not be divided by border. The Bering Strait project is meant to bring about unity, is it not? So, don't hold on to the American lifestyle which you think is your historical tradition. Families in America are in total mess. There's no blood lineage. Brethren, branches and flowers coming from the same blood, kinsmen are fighting amongst themselves.

Look at this lily. It has 6 petals. It symbolizes the family of Adam and Eve. This connection represents bond between parents and children. Parts of the flower represent several stages. The stamen is connected to the root. If you count these (parts of the flower) together, you'll number 13. People think that number 13 is the worst. Jesus couldn't complete number 13, couldn't become a center among his 12 disciples.

The stem and the flower here are completely united. Before the flower opens, the bud is completely one with the stem and then this part starts whitening. Buds should open together with God, when the sun rises. In Christianity a maiden represents a bride. Half among 1.3 billion Christians are women. God lost Adam and Eve. God is the absolute Person, but He has no woman. God has no woman. Through the Fall Satan stole Eve and Adam's body.

Until the time after the World War I, America represented the nation of bride. That's the path Christianity should have taken. From that time on women started gaining power. Even now in many families in America women play central role instead of men.

That's why some men even organize demonstrations demanding emancipation from women. When children see this... Mothers have all authority to manage family's budget. Fathers spend most of the time at work and come home only to sleep. So family becomes mother-centered, since mothers are closer to family. That's a trend of the satanic world which inherited Satan's lineage.

The fashion of this world is totally opposite to the original way. The so-called 'fashion' becomes a tool with which Satan destroys the Kingdom of Heaven. Once people chase after what's fashionable they get stuck on music, dancing, alcohol and drugs... Am I not right?

At dancing parties women are lured by men. Women don't know how to protect their body. They make up to look pretty and play coquette with men, but end up doing whatever men tell them to. Had God's Will been realized, He'd be the Master of this world and would stand in the highest position.

But now men related by blood to Satan, belonging to his house, are ruling the world from top positions, so women have to follow them and live with them. Throughout the history after the Fall of Adam and Eve and until now women had to sacrifice. Those sacrifices are related to true love. A wife's love for a husband, mother's love for a child - all types of original love were lost.

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