The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Meeting After True Parents' Arrival to Kodiak

Sun Myung Moon
August 25, 2007

Testimony of Mr. Bu-tae Kim, Chief of True Parents' Security

Parents never sleep enough, they're up on their feet from dawn to late night every single day of the year. They are guiding all events to complete God's providence on the earth. For example, on August 28th there's going to be the inauguration ceremony of the Family House for Peace and Unification.

It will be held in Seoul. So, Father continuously prays and makes conditions for the success of that event. True Parents always make conditions in the ocean - in Hawaii, Alaska or Komundo Island.

As far as I know the purpose of current Father's visit to Kodiak is also to make conditions for the inauguration of the Family House and foundation of Abel UN in the United States. So, please, brothers and sisters, follow the step of True Parents and pray a lot for these events.

Father's words:

Actually we don't need so much fish. One fish is enough to eat for a week. So, it's better not to catch too much. I catch one, two or three fishes as a hobby. Some famous people fish here until dawn. You need to know a point. Places where fish stay differ depending on a season. Water temperature is different in every place, so to be an expert you need to know these things. You need to spend a lot of time on this.

Recently I tried fishing for grey mullet and sea bass in Yeosu and Sooncheon. There are outstanding places there. But you can't imagine how sensitive the fish is. Big fish and small ones don't mix. In some places you can catch big ones, but move one foot away, and you'll be catching only small ones. So we need to follow a clear order and invest a lot of time.

You think you know everything, but then when you get on the boat and get going, and suddenly the boat breaks down. You should also know the topography and differences of temperature. You have to research everything from the morning when you leave until the evening when you come back. Then you can teach it to others.

Fish are so smart. We are preparing 10 boats for August 28. Some 80 people will go fishing. On the first day of the 2-day program there will be river fishing. Now that I've seen your faces, I know you. So go to sea and discover you new hobby. I wonder what fish you'll catch.

Take pictures of them and remember where you caught the first one, the second one and so forth. Take notes, you will need them if you're going to work in the fishing industry. You'll need such documents. Kamiyaka and Tae-geun Yoon here, fish, right? With this knowledge you can even be professors at some schools. You will be able to teach.

Fishermen are often regarded as a people of a lower class, some people hate the fishy smell of the ocean. But such a time is passing. Now fishermen can be gentlemen. The ocean is mysterious. Also, imagine nature - high mountains with snow lying on them, forests with flowers blooming and you are fishing in such an environment.

That's the land of magic and people who live there are sages. You can catch birds and other animals which you like and raise them in your home. For example you can catch a bear cub, raise it and then take it around your neighborhood, so you'll become famous. You can make these creatures your pets.

By loving animals and nature you can understand how God created and raised everything for human beings, for His children. So try raising animals. You should be able to love animals and plants.

You need to nurture your love. That's why you need to know how to raise animals, how to farm, fish and things like that. There are so many insects. We need to make a museum of insects, a museum of birds and a museum of fish.

Here in Alaska you can make such a museum or raise animals and live on that without doing anything else. You can earn your living just by guiding tourists. So, you need to invest a lot of time in this - that's the attitude to life you should have.

Only then you can leave something behind. If you're just busy every day to earn your living you won't be able to leave a legacy behind. Didn't people from all over the world gather in Alaska? If you get good training here, you can go out to the world.

Here you can learn everything about the soil. You can do farming. Despite the permafrost you can grow vegetables here. You can catch various types of fish here, especially halibut and. What tooth?

(Arrow-tooth flounder.) That' s right. You should catch it and research it. (This year there's lots of arrow-tooth flounder.) But they don't give out permits to catch that fish. Actually it's the tastiest. The sea is full of hope. People can live happily together with nature, but they don't know how. So we need to pave the way.

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