The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

ILC For Axis Powers - Hoon Dok Hae at Cheon Jeong Gung

Sun Myung Moon and Chung Hwan Kwak
August 19, 2007
FFWPU International
Translation of notes taken by the UC History Compilation Committee

Summary of Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak's report:

I would like to talk about three directions that I recently received from True Parents. True Parents invited leaders from Japan, Germany and Italy, the Axis Nations during World War II that represent the Cain-side realm, to guide them, awaken them to the providence being carried out in this age and have them take part in it. We are currently holding a seminar in Seoul for having these leaders become the central members who can take part in the UPF assembly come September where the establishment of the Abel-type UN will be proclaimed.

The seminar began the day before yesterday. Father asked the three nations to bring 100 people each. We have 105 from Japan, 102 from Germany and 102 from Italy making it a total of 309 leaders. They have been invited to Cheon Jeong Gung today for a banquet to begin at noon.

The participants consist of diplomats, ambassadors and consul generals. We invited people from these three nations but actually the participants come from 24 nations. We have thirty diplomats, and many former and current members of the parliament, politicians, leaders in the educational and religious circles, and prominent leaders of NGOs.

We also had gathered and educated representatives of the Allied Forces who are the Abel-side realm. There is a great difference in the ambience of the seminars between the previous seminar and the one we are doing this time. It has been 62 years since the end of World War II. Yet, there is a difference. When we talk about God, True Parents and our Principle, the Japanese participants were much slower in catching on to the content than the participants from America and England. Italy is a Catholic nation but ethics and morals are virtually dead in that country. Italians are of course known to be orderly and principled when it comes to work but Italy has become so distant and has a hard time in understanding God's will.

We began to strengthen the International Leadership Conferences (ILC) after the Hawaii event on March 17. In March True Parents declared that the Pacific Rim era would begin in earnest. They declared the beginning of a revolutionary era of a new civilization.

In the beginning of this month we held an ILC in Sri Lanka. It set a very important and new pattern. The ILC was co-hosted by UPF and the Sri Lankan government. We invited the leaders in Sri Lanka and educated them under the theme "Leadership and Good Governance." It was the first time for us to host an ILC with a nation's government. Cabinet ministers and governors participated in the conference. It was funded by the national budget so it did not cost us much and the conference was held at the national assembly building.

For a couple of years now Father has been saying that there are no more barriers between Cain and Abel. Father talks about the same thing he does to us to any ambassador for peace that comes to our events. Regardless of who they are True Parents embraces them and treats them as if they were their children.

The ILC in Sri Lanka was proposed and organized by a number of leaders from Sri Lanka who were deeply impressed and moved after taking part in one of our events. They too were very happy in the success of this ILC.

Sri Lanka is a Buddhist nation but also have a Hindu population. The Speaker of the House of Sri Lanka took part in the opening ceremony of Cheon Jeong Gung last year. We were told that the First Lady will be able to participate in the assembly that will be held in America this September.

For the conference in Sri Lanka this time we invited parliament members from India and Nepal so that they too can be inspired. The a parliament member who was the daughter of the king of Nepal came and also expressed her desire to hold an ILC in Nepal as well.

Recently Father instructed me to found the Family Party and to do it within... We had already formed the Family Party in 2003 but it was dissolved a while ago because of a law stating that a political party must produce a candidate for the elections. We were focused on education and had not produced a candidate.

This time Father said that we should form a party again. The leaders in Korea fear Father even though he is not yet involved in politics. They will fear him even more when he does. The reason Father is telling us to form a political party is because now we must get into politics.

It takes at least 45 days to officially form a party. Yet, Father told us to do it withinů I had to explain to our church leaders why we had to form a political party.

The political parties are all secularized and are only intent on getting power. They forget about God and seek power. We are trying to create a political party and authority centered on God. The Family Party for Peace and Unity must become a political party as it was meant to be.

Political parties today will do use any means or method in gaining power. They falsely incriminate their opponents and are constantly fighting.

When we enter politics we must become a party that promotes harmony; that lives for the sake of the other; that gives and practices true love; that educates and serves the people. The Family Party for Peace and Unity will be supported by the families. Young and old people are all a member of a family. Our representative foundation will be blessed families. Families that have been blessed will become our core foundation.

Yet are we to do this in Korea alone? This must also be done in Japan. Father is not just creating a political party. He has explained that the ruling party is the father and the opposition party is the mother. A father and mother must be in accord if they wish to get anything done. The ruling and opposition parties today are constantly fighting amongst each other.

Summary of Father's words:

If we form a party we must educate the people. You have to educate them beyond the political parties and for the sake of heaven and earth.

The Family Party indicates that we are all brothers and sisters. In that case, there is no 'you' and 'I.' We are all basically like relatives; thus there will not be any quarrels. We are not here to fight; we are here to assist.

Once God takes the forefront, heaven, a peaceful nation, would be created in an instant. Can you deny the contents of the messages from the spirit world? I appointed Heung-jin to be the commander-in-chief of the spirit world.

If there are two people and one does not think of the other and only of himself, he is a thief.

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