The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Fleeing Pyongyang - Hoon Dok Hae at Cheon Jeong Gung

Sun Myung Moon
August 14, 2007
FFWPU International
Translation of notes taken by the UC History Compilation Committee

Summary of Father's words:

Even when we fled for safety, though others all went on the expressway, I left my sheep food and biscuits as their owner, so that they could feed on them together since I did not know when they would die. Then I was the last to flee from Pyongyang, taking with me one who had sworn to become my follower, who had a broken leg, and who had been forsaken by his own parents, on the very last bicycle to leave the city. He was a well known man in North Korea, a very prominent man, and he found himself before the fury of the Communist Chinese army. The Chinese Communists are the Satan that denies God in the satanic world.

Others had fled to South Korea, traveling on the national highway and village roads, and I was estranged from others, for I was the last one. People even had to travel on the roughest roads over mountains with their babies. The Communist Chinese army was coming after them, and so they could not travel the whole way on the national highway. I had the man, who looked like the leader, sit on the bicycle, and I pulled it as we traveled along, not country roads, but rice paddy levees. There are many things I cannot even say.

He tried to commit suicide two, three times, because he saw that he may be the death of me, and each time I forcibly stopped him and dragged him along. He was a principled man. He had been ready to die, but I had saved him. His surname was Park.

In order to save such a person, I left Pyongyang, after notifying his sons and daughters and his old father. At the time of fleeing, those who did good acts were the last to leave the city.

When a member of the family is imprisoned, the rest of the family cannot flee south, leaving the imprisoned man behind. Therefore, those who fled first from prison left their families in peril, for since the war does not end quickly, their families were in danger of being caught and killed.

While I was in prison, all ran away from me, including the person who was in charge of our church, and she was a woman dressed in white. "Teacher, we've been persecuted so much that my sons and daughters are on the verge of being killed, and so, though I am dying inside, I cannot even build the Unification Church in the grave within my heart. Since the world is like this, I too must leave you." She, dressed in white, bowed to me and bid me farewell. Who could ever know of such a thing?

Jesus lost his twelve disciples in prison, and they must be found again.

Can the Communists do it? What should be done is shown by the spirit world. Isn't that so? Up to the era of the form spirit, the spirit world must follow me absolutely.

Though the environment I am in is one in which I could easily die, I am still alive, not because I am capable, but because I have walked the path God desired. Without understanding what the era of the new civilization and the coming of heaven in the Pacific Rim are, how could you know about this even if thousands of years were to pass?

In order to solve such a problem, I have stood at the forefront. You from Gyeongsang Province, what have you come to attain? Have you come to find something? To ask for something? Or to give something? Gyeongsang Province. You owe the nation and the world, and where have you come now?

If you are to come, repent. Wasn't that how it was when Jesus was born? As John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus, he lived on locusts in the wilderness and cried out, the messiah is coming, so repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. What should you repent? How many sins have you committed? It is the same. Was Jesus a success, or a failure? What has been done for the last 2000 years? The United States has become the Kingdom of Christianity. They have tried everything possible to kill Rev. Moon.

The eight great regimes tried to kill me. What the CIA considers to be the encumbrance in achieving world peace is not the Soviet Union, but Rev. Moon. Why? The roots of Christianity are bound to be uprooted completely. When those with sense listen to the words in the Bible, they will uproot it completely down at the roots. People will blame me for it, and catch and do away with me, which is what Satan wants. Well, try catching and doing away with me. Even when I am gone, they will not go over 74%. They are bound to submit voluntarily before that.

At the time of World War II, at the last, not more than two thirds went over to the side of Communism, did they? They are all bound to come to ruin. I am the owner of the era of the perfection of the three stages. I am the one who stopped it. It was I who went to the Soviet Union and met with Gorbachev and instructed him to bring down the statues of Marx and Lenin. I persuaded him to do so. The people who were there before Gorbachev's death should testify to this history, which they are already doing.

Such people are now saying that Rev. Moon is a very great man in Korea, but what kind of people are they? They have opposed me till now and lived as they pleased. Are they great people? Do they stand above great men? They have opposed following great men.

Grandfather and father have opposed for the last 40 years. You have read the first chapter, so based on it, what is the relationship referred to when we talk about the three-sided relationship between you and I? I don't feel the need to gather you around me and teach you these things. Everything is over for me now.

I even hate the term True Parents. I am sick and tired of it, just as much as I am sick and tired of the word Savior. I said one term, Lord of the Second Coming, and for my whole life all kinds of walls have been built to oppose me.

Who built them? It was my relatives, my mother, and my father. I left such a place. When they called me back, I went to them and bid them farewell, from such a standpoint, telling them I didn't know if I would come back even after 50 years or a hundred years. My mother, father and siblings all held on to me. If you had been there, not one of you would have failed to sympathize with them.

From such a place, I tore myself away mercilessly and turned and walked away. I had gone about 500 meters from my house. As I left the place where I had done all kinds of things every single day, I thought even the ground would reach up and hold on to me, and not let me go, but they opened up the way.

You don't know what this means, do you? A baby gains cognition when it is one and a half years old. At one look, he can tell you that a certain person is bad.

That's how we grew up in my home. We were taught by our grandfather that, as we can go further, we will find out whether we can meet people who are so evil it would be almost impossible to come across such people ever again. If such a person were to go out, he would collapse after crossing a few passes.

There have been many, such instances in my history. My mother and father were afraid of me. My famous great-grandfather was also a minister, at the time of the Japanese administration when there were only a few ministers. I've heard that he played a leading role in writing the Declaration of Independence, in such matters as writing out the sentences and the like, as a representative of the five provinces.

[Hoon Dok Hae ends at 8:50 a.m.]

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