The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Hoon Dok Hae at Cheon Jeong Gung

Sun Myung Moon
August 9, 2007
FFWPU International
Translation of notes taken by the UC History Compilation Committee

Summary of Father's words:

Those of you who went to North Korea raise your hand. What you learned through your visit to the North is that you have to go beyond that level where you can do more than what Kim Il Sung, the fake, has done. Those of you who went to North Korea recently must be meticulous.

The Pyunghwa Hoonkyokyung is alive; I have read it thousands of times and have conferred it to you. If you don't do [what it says] those who are in hell with Satan will accuse you saying, "How can members of the Unification Church be able to lead their own lives? We opposed you but you must even save us. Why have you become the sorry state that you are now?" How will you evade those accusations? Do you understand? I see that we have people from Kyungsangdo today.

I don't walk around with a signboard but you should know that with my base of influence I am involved in areas that are well beyond the limits of your imagination. I am dealing with Japan's future, with America's future, and with Europe's future. Who has to lay that cornerstone? If I don't do it everything will be lost. Recently I talked about the revolutionary era of a new civilization of the Pacific Rim. Yet, do you think that it's done by holding one single rally?

You have to have all the oceans involved in this. That is why I immediately went on a twelve city tour, then in Japan, and then in America and the fifty states. With four nations for each state that I spoke in I educated 200 teams and to those nations I instructed for 120 ministers, 1,200 people and 12,000 to be educated.

I gave that order but the Koreans did not understand. 286 family clans should have understood and be excited and motivated to be the first to complete that. Nobody even thought about doing it; they just kept quiet.

There should have been fights between people vying to bless their clan first. Gangwondo is a small province; they would be able to occupy the northern part of Gyeonggido. After the people in Gangwondo are done [blessing] they would have started a fight to expand their territory into Gyeonggido. But we do not hear any news of that.

I built a university along the border area. It's a historical fact. It brings shame to China in the communist world. That university is quite famous in raising engineers. I did it sixty years ago. It's been three generations now and the technology should now be quite useful. That is why the people who can teach will aid China.

Wasn't I the one who introduced 41 scientists and engineers from Germany to China? China must not perish. When it becomes one nation which nation is going to take the lead? Is it going to be Japan? Is it going to be Korea? When that happens one's capability is going to be the issue not territory.

Which group can guide and lead a global ideology? I trust you. People from Kyungsangdo, in both provinces of Kyungsangdo, don't know about Christianity and the Unification Church. Why? They had a president and they were closer to power. They were more intent on saving themselves rather than the refugees. They didn't even care about what happened to the North, or to Hamkyung south province, or how a communist party was formed and that it was occupied by Kim Il Sung.

Everything was taken away. I don't need to be saying these things. Today is the ninth. It is August 9. Eight, nine, and ten. Eleven is beyond the satanic world. Twenty-one.

Everything must be emptied again. In that sense, the Unification Church must go beyond the era of the individual, family, tribe and all eight stages. Eight is sixty-four. True Mother is sixty-four years old.

Mother's perfection must be to complete indemnity -- to set off the history of my failure. That's the conclusion that must be reached. Who made it possible for the victory of the 1988 Olympics? Nobody knows that it was because of the Unification Church. What place did we take? Would Korea have been able to take fourth place?

I stayed up all night watching three televisions. The 1988 Olympics and Cold War were frozen solid. Nationalism, democracy and even religion were completely frozen. Liberation was completely iced. Didn't Korea defreeze the Olympics which was frozen?

I was behind bringing an end to the Cold War. What made it possible for the Little Angels to make that performance? Do you even know? They fill their bellies and think that they are supreme in the universe. None of them knew who it was that was suffering at the very bottom.

I think none of them should remain; all of their heads should be cut off. Why? The officials in the Korean government are from certain universities and are sending their children to the same school. Why? Children of the Unification Church with doctorates end up corrupting the Unification Church after coming back from university. [My children] were abandoned and suffered yet all enrolled into prestigious universities.

Kook Jin was first enrolled in a third rate school but entered Harvard against 63 to 1 odds. One out of three fought their way in. He probably read all the books on economy. He told me 'the books I read are much better than the books that you, Father, published.'

So I told him 'well, show me what you got.' They aren't intimidated even when they meet the president of a newspaper company in America or the president of the Washington Times. They are smart kids.

They don't let things pass by them. Hyun Jin is on the attack, working with the mega-churches [in America]. He's meeting the ministers and their children. He's educating the second-in-lines and is planning to use them as his base.

How many famous ministers came this time from England, America and France? 300 were set on fire by Hyun Jin. They were many who said that they have been around the world, invited to events in different nations, but never had they been so touched and inspired in the way they were that day.

All 300 know Hyun Jin. He can go anywhere, call them up, and doors will be opened welcoming him in. They said that he speaks exactly the same way Rev. Moon did in the past. Can that be bought with money?

Not in Korea, Japan, Germany and Italy. These nations are a bunch of thieves. What is Rev. Moon trying to do by bringing the democratic world and America, and Japan, Germany and Italy, these three nations together?

They were against the UN. People may think I am doing this to raise the opposition.

Should I strike them down? Or should I leave them alone? My script takes 27 minutes to read. Would they be impressed if I just read according to the script?

The reason they are moved by the contents in chapters one, two and three is because it allows you to carry out your responsibilities in each field recognized by God. How serious this is! How serious is it to proclaim the abolishment of border lines in heaven and earth?!

I gave the speech in chapter four after making all preparations in attending the kingship in the era of kingship after blessing all seventy million people of this nation. How can you build an ideal future kingship without having a people who can follow after you while showing that they fulfilled their responsibilities which you cannot shoulder? That would be thievery and out of desire. That's how it is.

Didn't we read chapters two and three? You might not remember but I do. Read chapter four. Chapter four will be needed until the blessing is completed centering on the Mongolian peoples. Three rallies were brought to an end by the fourth rally in that speech.

Originally we should be reading a chapter and then hear people's reflection, by which they can precisely criticize the good and bad in their current position before moving on. This is a kind of measure.

This should be made a standard and used to measure to see whether you fit or to what percent you are in conformity to this. You have to be beyond 100%. This book is an extract from my speeches which now are over 1200 volumes.

It's a small book but you must remember that there are many fields that can take reference from this book. Do not fear the vastness of your field, which you must work on. You must have the ambition and resolution that you will not lose to any person who is intent on accruing his possessions. Please do not forget your calling and responsibility to build that tower of victory through your daily struggles is a responsibility that is for the sake of the greater good.

Then you can appreciate listening to my words.

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