The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Homeland starts from God-centered marriage

Sun Myung Moon
August 5, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Peace Palace, Chung Pyung

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han February 4, 2011

The homeland starts from God-centered marriage. The very origin was wrong – we took the wrong path. What was that? Sexual organs. So we have to get over that ridge. Your hometown is not a village somewhere in Jeolla Province, do you understand? Human sexuality that was supposed to be absolute became a mess – that's what you should know. By receiving God's Blessing we build a homeland of the first love. The homeland in essence is the place of your first love, so the fundamental origin of the homeland is sexual organs, do you understand? Remember that clearly. Sons are daughters are multiplied naturally and the family grows to become a tribe, a nation and the world – it's only a matter of time, but the fundamental core is already determined. Do you understand?

This world doesn't have ancestors, so we must make ones. Those wounded bodies of our ancestors are the source. What are sexual organs? They are the source of life, main palace of love, life and lineage, isn't that right? The hometown where you live is not the palace. This issue is so serious! All contents of my words boil down to the absolute sex. When you receive Blessing and have kids, that's the beginning of the tribe of the homeland. Tribe, people, nation and the world have to be denied, because the standard upon which each family starts was not established properly.

The ancestral origin should be established in your family; you need to receive Blessing from Heaven and resolve the problem caused by the collapse of the internal and external homeland. You cannot abandon your tribe and nation. You must take responsibility for them. Tribe and nation are formed on the foundation of completed love. That is what I am telling you to do recently. To take responsibility for a nation and assume some public position a person should be selected by the council of leaders of tribes. He cannot pursue the position just as he pleases or he'll ruin his family. You cannot plunge your family into chaos. Only those who are respected in their family which is the core should be established in public positions. Once such a person is established, leaders of tribes must be able to support him so that he can reach the highest level. Is it easy or difficult?

I can tell you about these things on the basis of my own toils – when I left my hometown everyone opposed me: my parents, relatives, friends and the nation. Nevertheless I was able to cut all those affinities and overcome everything. So, this position has to be restored from the satanic world. You must fight in order to restore it. Fight to go over numbers 7, 8, and 9 to reach number 10. You should know that number 9 is the final milestone of Satan.

Do you understand what the original homeland is? It's the original position which human ancestors could never experience because they never received the Blessing of love. They were supposed to reach oneness with God and become a stepping stone for God to enter the universe. And that great foundation has only one focal point. You should take that position and prepare your sexual organs so that they would belong to original people who have not fallen. You got inspired by God's Word and made all kinds of pledges, but as a time goes by you turn to your old ways. In 3 months, your faith that used to be 100% drops to 70%. After listening my speeches people say, "Rev. Moon! Rev. Moon!" but 10 or 20 years later when I go to the spirit world they may all fall away. You should think about it. To prevent this, you should be firm like steel or stone.

You must be burning with determination to achieve the standard True Parents are hoping for, so that numerous tribes of this nation could follow the Unification Church. Figuratively speaking you should set your neighborhood on fire. Can you go to a dark place? People are not yet educated to reach a horizontal line. How many years will it take me to really build UN? That's a serious issue! There is one thing I think of with gratitude. So far I had to virtually abandon my sons and daughters; I couldn't even hold their hands. But even though I come home late, at 10 or 12 a. m., or even at 2 or 3 a. m., I always pray for them. I pray and I give a kiss to every one of them – from the eldest to the youngest. You don't know this, do you? Have you seen me pray? Since I raised them in this way, when my plans are fulfilled they will surpass you. They should be better than you.

From the time I was young, from the time I started on this way I thought that I should not change blood lineage. My children worry even more than I do. They are determined to do things even if I tell them that it's okay not to do them. Even Hyo-jin. I virtually abandoned my children, but even though people from the satanic world and members of the Unification Church do whatever they please, Hyo-jin won't perish as long as the Unification Church doesn't perish. People from satanic world guided them in bad direction, but I didn't even tell them not to mix with those scoundrels. I just let them do as they please. Heung-jin passed away and so did Young-jin. Young-jin wasn't supposed to die. Once I established someone, once someone is recognized in the family, I'm supposed to trust that person. So I believed 100%. But you decided on things and did all kinds of things before I made my decision.

My maternal grandmother is from Heo clan. She really loved me. Grandmother's spirit is with me. And my mom was her beloved elder daughter. My mother lived in a quite well-off family like in a dream, so in her dreams she would often see visions. I don't talk about this usually, because I'm worried that people would say that Rev. Moon digs out even his ancestors. My family is much better than Jesus' family. There is such a background.

So, I don't talk about my mother, I keep this knowledge to myself. She saw things spiritually and received help from the spirit world, so she knew its reality. She received instructions from her grandfathers and other ancestors and followed these instructions even in matters like a sale of land. People couldn't grasp why she does things, but she actually knew spiritual reality. My mother was spiritually open person. She would know few months beforehand if some family in our neighborhood was going to face some misfortune. Everything she said came true. So, sometimes my mom asked me to help people who were going through troubles, even though my grandfather, father and elder brother didn't know about this. I helped many times. Such is the history. So, when I was a kid I learned such things not even through mother's words, but by seeing the reality. Do you see what I mean?

I like Geomundo island. If you read Chinese characters for "island" and "way" they sound the same. So, we are going to build a palace on Geomundo island. We already built one here. 2nd character in the name of the island is the same as my family name. So, it's going to be a kingdom on the "Moon island". "Moondo" means "Moon island" is it not? Moon tribe including 5 of my great ancestors made a great contribution in the field of religion. A person who wasn't raised by grandfathers and grandmothers, connected to Moon tribe cannot become a religious leader. You can make a research. Grandmother of abbot Baek-moon Kim was also from Moon clan. It's no wonder that a man like me was born to Moon clan. I don't usually talk about these things, but since you are people close to me I mentioned about it. If it seems like a dream to you, you don't have to believe. But even if you believe this as fact you will bear no harm.

The time will come when I will teach you the most precious words, so remember them and don't spare time to put them to practice. Do you understand? Then, the world that did not appear yet, will open its doors through your families and welcome you. It's not going to be the other way around. Individual angel, Lucifer, has destroyed everything, but thousands of angels in the spirit world will gather to protect your family. Can you stand still if you know this? You need to feel new determination. And if your descendants become special young people with determination even greater than yours, there will be no greater day for you to celebrate. Think about it and make up your mind to become my representatives. Go back to your places and work hard to achieve that result. Commit yourselves to that. Aju. 

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